Thursday, July 11, 2019

Poll: Spend More on Education

A Chism Strategies/Millsaps College poll states education is the top priority of voters this year.  The respondents were even split on whether the state is heading in the right direction.  The legislature received low marks but the respondents gave their own legislators higher grades.  The sample size was 614 voters.   Landlines and cellphones were divided evenly.   The poll is posted below. 


Anonymous said...

Chism, the pollster paid by Jim Hood -- and generally not paid to provide internal information so that he can make prudent campaign decisions, but paid by him to issue "public release" polls. Chism's polls are about as accurate as Mike Chaney's "put your hands up" polls he takes a trade association meetings.

Anonymous said...

Another Brad Chism poll - designed to get results that promote his paying clientele's interest, I'm sure.

Since every political candidate that Brad represents or works for is a Democrat, is anyone surprised that his poll says we aren't spending enough on efucation? Of course it didn't ask where this 'more money' should come from (but I'm sure if it offered suggestions it would have included "raising taxes on the rich").

And for him to 'find' that people think we are on the wrong track is a shocker! What else would he want to say when all his candidates are challengers.

Thanks for giving us this insightful political news, KF. Chism/Millsaps -the epitome of unbiased political analysis.

Anonymous said...

If anything, the education budget should be FROZEN until a complete audit of all of the school districts can be completed. Taxpayers need to know how their money is being/has been spent and how much is squirreled away in surplus accounts. Going forward each budget should be accompanied by a strategy which clearly outlines the goals and objectives of each dollar spent - and not some bullshit vision statement; a real strategy with objectives, associated tasks, metrics and consequences for non-performance.

I'm tired of so-called educators screaming for money only to find out that so much is spent on consultants, administration and bullshit programs that don't have anything to do with teaching our children how to function in the real world.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for me to believe you can poll one out of every 4800 people in Mississippi and get a representative opinion. I wasn't sure Millsaps was still open.

Anonymous said...

Jackson Public Schools is the highest spending district in the state. How is that working out for them? Will more money somehow magically get the disruptive and disrespectful students to sit down, shut up and learn? I doubt it.

Imagine the street fight video from earlier today being a daily occurrence in your class. That's JPS. Thats not a learning environment that's a daycare for teenagers.

Pearls before swine and all that.

Anonymous said...

Chism is as credible as Nancy Looomatic.

Unknown said...

Money is not going to fix that which is wrong with the education system. What's wrong with the education system is the broken family system. And I wish someone would tell me in exactly what year did we start blaming schools and teachers for kids that could not pass tests? Why are we not blaming the kid and their parents?

Anonymous said...

here is my unscientific survey:

HAS ANYONE THAT IS A READER OF JJ EVER *EVER* ever EEEEEEEVER been surveyed by Chisolm/Hood/Milsaps Pollsters????

Please respond below ... Results will be skewed to mean whatever I am paid to make them mean...


Anonymous said...

Mississippi spends way too much on education. Tater for Gov!

Anonymous said...

poll really means nothing, b/c as Mississippians, we need to do more with less (unfortunately). I do strongly feel, though, that we would do better in education if we saw the streamlining of the administrative arms of the school systems. What I have read through the years leads me to believe that teachers and parents are being failed by the mis-guided decisions made at the admin level

Anonymous said...

We spend too much on education as it is! Cut down on all the administrators if teachers want a raise!

Anonymous said...

A common refrain: Legislature sucks but not MY legislator; My representative is a saint.

Anonymous said...

As a concerted parent in Mississippi i just need to no. Is are kids learning? I dont thank so.

Anonymous said...

You want more money for education? Fire 50% of the administrators, give the teachers a raise, and invest the rest in educational tools. You want to raise taxes? Prove that you're making the best use of what you already have.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all the other posters, Mississippians DO NOT CARE about education. Never have, never will. We would be better off just cutting off education funding and letting rich kids go to school and let the poor kids work.

Anonymous said...

Seems that we test the hell out of students, how about we test teachers to see if they actually know what they're doing? I've heard stories about teachers who don't even have a decent command of the English language, much less the subject matter they're responsible for teaching .

How about this:

1. Form strategic partnerships with suppliers and purchase commodities in bulk;
2. Conduct an analysis of all of the consulting, transportation, and food service contracts;
3. Examine the roles and responsibilities of all school employees, teachers and administrative staff alike;
4. Perform skills and drug tests on all school staff, and pull fresh background checks.
5. Conduct performance audits for every function of every school district - and not some bullshit PEER review, a real expert audit.

We continue to spend record amounts of money on ineffective teachers and worthless layers of administrative bureaucracy, only to have some of the worst results in the country, it's time to start asking hard questions.

Anonymous said...

Education? Bah Humbug! Tater for Gov!

Anonymous said...

In 67 years I have lived in six different states at one time or another. Mississippi is the only one where funding for education is taken as optional. In all the other places education funding seems to be inevitable, like the weather or death. Not in Mississippi. Seriously, I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

2:48, just what in the hell do you think is 'optional' about funding for education in MS. Right now, 63% of the state's general fund budget is spent on K-12 education. The only thing "optional" is that the education lobby is never satisfied and wants more. Frankly, that's no different from all the other lobbing agencies, except that the education lobby uses the state's large teacher network to push their cause.

Yes, education is extremely important. And it is shown by the almost 2/3 commitment of the state's funds. (This in addition to the local funds that go into the public school system - which in some areas such as Jackson is almost equal to the state's contribution.)

There is nothing 'optional' about funding education - except that the bureaucracy would not be satisfied if it were receiving 100% of the state's total budget.

Anonymous said...

We absolutely do not need more money pumped into education. School Districts need to trim the fat. There’s so many admin positions now and they’re all making 65k+ a year. I don’t understand why one school needs 5 principals and why one school district needs 6 assistant superintendents. Apple computers for every student. There are high schools in this state with way nicer athletic facilities than many colleges. It’s utterly ridiculous. Really.

As far as the current political leaders- many of them need to go home. It baffles me why people continually vote for the same jerks over and over again. Tate Reeves has been one of the worst things to ever happen to this state but I guarantee he’ll win Governor b/c that’s just Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Tater has been in the most powerful position in Mississippi Government for many years and the cost of education rose each of those years. Why would he actually try to do something about it as Governor whose office has far less control over the legislature. I love these people who keep doing nothing but claiming that they will. Vote tater for more of the same.

Anonymous said...

How do you get a good physics, calculus, chemistry, etc. teacher to live and teach in schools in Itta Bena, Mound Bayou, Tchula, and all the other dying towns/cities in Mississippi?

Anonymous said...

Public education is mostly leftist indoctrination these days. My grandchildren don't know anything about Napoleon, John Locke or Gen. Santa Anna. My 13 year old grandson can't hammer a nail and my 15 year old grandaughter has never and will never sew a stitch.

What they do know is that global warming is killing polar bears and endangered gay penguins and it is all because we have SUVS and air conditioning. But the irony is fheir school buses have AC and their parents bus didn't in the 90's.

So my point is if they cant evem teach them anything useful then what is school except a day care and indoctrination center?

Anonymous said...

Sheesh....Jim Hood paid for a poll to pander to the useful idiots that always vote for more "funding" of education.....i.e. teachers, etc. The teachers had an opportunity to STRIKE a few months back this year, and perhaps get what they're ARE worth, and should have, but that ship sailed and they missed that window of opportunity take back their power.....they're all just too poor, so beggars can't be choosers....and the elite know it. If you settle for crumbs, that's what you're always going to get, and often not even that, because you'll NEVER get respect if you're not willing to walk......too much fat in MDE and most are chasing riding the train to a pension.....

Anonymous said...

Do the Board of Superintendents still get to keep
the "rebates" from items purchased by the school districts
instead of the money going back to the schools

Anonymous said...

You could throw the "whole" state budget into the education system and it wouldn't make any difference at all.

What is a passing grade in Jackson Public Schools now 60%? Laughable, but true.


Anonymous said...

Last week I couldn't even spell "school administrator." Today I are one.

Anonymous said...

I have to deal with the Mississippi High School Activities Association in my work. I do not believe I have ever received an email that contained correct grammar. Sentences routinely lack verbs and when verbs are included there is no subject-verb agreement. The MHSAA had a Millsaps alum employee once tell me. "the roads was froze."

Anonymous said...

School Districts are audited to GASB standards every. Single. Year.

Try again.

Rod Knox said...

The privileged in Mississippi are entitled to all they have accumulated and all the benefits they can wrangle out of local and state government while the entitled poor deserve nothing more than the privileged feel generous enough to give them. Political financial shell games are continue to be the MO of this state's budgeting and spending.

Nothing is "too good" for the children of Madison county while Holmes county schools must learn to live within their means and the school budgets beyond the state's funding is carved out of county and local funds based on local wealth so it's obvious who gets the gold mine and who gets the shaft. It's really that simple.

It's really tough lifting yourself up by your flip flop straps, dontchaknow.

Anonymous said...

I apparently was called for this poll.
The questions ( unlike many polls) were not biased. The list of issues included conservative issues like abortion.

I did pick education and those of you posting against that are poster children for why I did.

4:24 pm You might be the worse. If your grandson doesn't know about the Alamo or Napoleon, it's because he's not paying attention. As for John Locke, at 13, he would have heard about The Enlightenment but not necessarily the individual philosophers. And, if you had studied John Locke in depth, you would not like all he said. You've probably just gotten a few convenient quotes where he argued that science didn't have to be incompatible with or a threat to religion. Locke was advocating science in a time when religions were feeling threatened or did you think there was no context of time and place? Did you miss the history lesson that day?

My grandson is 12. He's reading, writing and doing math at college level but he doesn't go to school in this State. He is in a public school ,by the way. He is taught by teachers with masters degrees and PhDs at his elementary school. He also is fluent in a foreign language.

Decades ago, the State in which he lives granted an automatic teachers license to those who had a master's degree or PhD in the subject they would teach with pay at the top level. It was a struggling Southern state as well. It worked. They had many women with advanced degrees with school age children and retirees come into their public schools.

You were likely indoctrinated by the Sovereignty Commission approved curriculum so you assume those with different points of view would do the same. It would never occur to you that for truly educated people, knowledge means learning about every point of view and how to evaluate whether the facts support one position over another or theory vs established facts. It's a shame you don't think your grandson is so weak minded that if given two points of view to read, he couldn't make a good decision.

If you grandson can't drive a nail, why don't show him. I showed mine. If he can't sew, my daughter showed mine how to sew on buttons and do simple mending already.

You know, paranoid, conspiratorial, and religious ideations can be symptoms of dementia. Maybe you should get a brain scan.

Anonymous said...

July 12, 2019 at 9:58 AM = YYYaaaawwwnnnn, Ssssnnoooorrreee, ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

9:58..."conservative issues like abortion??" Really?

Abortion is not a conservative or progressive issue, it is just a singular issue, albeit one that the left has morphed into some sort of twisted religion.

And all the teachers who hold PhD and Master's degrees you are so proud of who are teaching your child are probably indoctrinating him with hateful blame America first rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

You are completely delusional if you cant look at the state of our education system today and still think that the leaders 60 years ago were just hate filled bigots who just didn't like the thought of black boys going to school with white girls. That's the revisionist leftist narrative.

Too many Mississippi schools are not learning environments anymore.

Anonymous said...

This poll is a good read, very accurate and professional presentation. The data seemed to be diverse and in line with Mississippi demographics. If carefully read by an unbias mind, it reveals much insight. The people of Mississippi are much more intelligent than the republican establishment give them credit for. If the democrat party would embrace our history and stand with our flag, they could turn the tide on their fate.

Rod Knox said...

Your flag is a hateful taunt to those you think are inferior to you. Mississippi will see some changes in the near term and the flag will be one of them. I'm hanging around to watch.

Anonymous said... lost me at "stand with our flag". Sheesh are you can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

So there is a critical teacher shortage. The number of new teachers entering the profession has decreased by 95% the last five years. There were 2000 unfilled positions last year. So how do all you educational gurus suggest we fix that? I know cut administration cost will be your answer. My district has 200 teachers, giving them a 5000 raise would be one million dollars a year. Our district level staff is thin as it can be with the mandates and regulations that are pushed down. But I’m sure most of you don’t care, Rankin County is in good shape, so why worry with anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Rob the Mississippi State flag is not hateful. The Mississippi State flag represents our forefathers oath of loyalty to the United States of America. It is the fabric of that oath that has transcended through time to progress us into one of the most diverse states in the USA. To take that away is hateful.

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