Monday, June 25, 2018

Three Homicides Last Night

JPD issued the following statements this morning. 

Riverwood Drive 

Jackson Police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in the 1600 block of Riverwood Drive. 

Shortly before 12:00am, officers responded to the area and found a black male suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The 19-year-old victim was transported to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. 

The suspect was possibly in a small dark colored sedan.  A motive remains unknown. 

The victim’s identity has not yet been released, pending family notification.

Update: Jackson Police have identified the victim fatally shot on Riverwood Drive late last night. He is 19-year-old, Caleb Kinnard. No suspect has yet been identified in this case and motive remains unknown.

Robinson Street

Jackson Police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred at the Addison Place apartments in the 3100 block of Robinson Street. 

Shortly before 1:30am, officers responded to a shooting. There they found a black male in the lot suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.  The 19-year-old victim was transported to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injury. 

It is not known what lead to the shooting and there is no suspect information available at this time. 

The identity of the victim is not yet being released, pending family notification.

Update: Jackson Police have identified the victim fatally shot at the Addison Place apartments on Robinson Street earlier this morning.   He is 19-year-old, JDarrien McClendon. Investigators are currently working on a possible lead in this case but a suspect had not yet been identified.  Motive still remains unknown.

Meadowview Drive

Jackson Police are investigating a fatal shooting after male arrived at a local hospital by private vehicle. 

Officers responded to the 500 block of Meadowview Drive shortly after 11:00pm for a shooting. They were then told that a black male had already been driven to the hospital and later learned that the victim had been shot multiple times. 

The 39-year-old victim had succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving.  His identity is not yet being released, pending family notification.

Meadow Ridge (Shooting)

Jackson Police are investigating a shooting that occurred in the 4600 block of Meadow Ridge Drive.  

Officers responded to the area shortly before 4:00am, where they found a black male suffering from an injury to the leg and hand. The 30-year-old victim told officers he was shot by an unknown suspect while he sat inside his vehicle.  he incident originally occurred in the 500 block of Belvedere Road. The victim traveled to the nearby vicinity of Meadow Ridge Drive where Police was notified.

The victim was transported to a local hospital and is listed in stable condition. 

There is no suspect information available and motive remains unknown. 

Kingfish note: There are 48 homicides in 2018 in Jackson.  Keep in mind that not all homicides are murders.  The homicides number includes justifiable homicides whether they are committed by police or civilians.   It is probably safe to say that Jackson has probably suffered at least 40-42 murders this year. 


Anonymous said...

Teach your children well, control what they watch on TV and the internet, try to keep them away from violent rap music. Don’t let them roam the streets unattented. It all starts at home.

Anonymous said...

Interesting admonitions , 8:07. But, surely you know those four included in the report above were more than likely never members of a household where parents gave thought to TV, Internet and Music controls. In fact they probably grew up drinking beer on the front porch at age 15.

And if you think a single Jackson 'parent' is wondering "How can I keep this from being my son in a few years", you're deep into the loco weed.

Anonymous said...


This is Jackson we are talking about. They have no home life. As taxpayers, we are likely better off with all these thugs dying. We should start handing out ammunition for free, and teach them to shoot better. With them killing each other off at such a slow rate, the city will never be a nice place again. We need to do our part and provide supplies and training.

Anonymous said...

And the Freds parking lot at Northside/Northstate was the staging area for about 100 plus cars drag racing in the Fondren area last night. It took repeated calls to 911 to get a single police car out there. I have no idea how law enforcement could have failed to notice this.

Anonymous said...

Treat your children with respect. Angry children become angry adults.

Anonymous said...

sooooo--pls tell me why I shud give a damn about these heathen SOBs killing each other--give them MORE ammunition!!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get crime stats from the city? I notice that the information they have online hasn't been updated since November.

Anonymous said...

Even the most ardent Jackson cheerleader has to admit that we have a problem in the city. The City With Soul is on track for 100 homicides, which is 1 out of every 1800 residents getting MURDERED.

If that rate were occurring in Chicago, they would see 1500 murders this year. Los Angeles would have 2230, Houston would have 1300, and New York would have 4730.

Is this what was meant by "The Big Payback" and "The Most Radical City on Earth"?

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine with ties to LE told me the JPD has pretty much stopped arresting people for pot possession and use. I know it's not as harsh a crime as homicide, assault, or even drag racing, but it appears that the city has just given up on certain aspects of enforcing the law.

Give 'em an inch...

Anonymous said...

Moon is out, and its the end of the month, they are restless. I’m sure there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

In Madison last month about 50 cars low rider trucks etc were at parking lot of colony crossing and police showed up and smashed it in 20 min. Not been back.

Cynical Sam said...

8:54 AM If the stats aren't available or are otherwise inaccurate, crime does not exist, and Baby Chock looks good.

Anonymous said...

Can any western historians on JJ please advise the average number of homicides/day in Dodge City back in the wild west times?

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...

"And the Freds parking lot at Northside/Northstate was the staging area for about 100 plus cars drag racing in the Fondren area last night. It took repeated calls to 911 to get a single police car out there. I have no idea how law enforcement could have failed to notice this."

So the event you're talking about has been going on for damn near 20 years in Jackson and no one was drag racing.

Anonymous said...

How many murders in *all* the "wild" Kansas cattle towns from
1870-1885? 45 in those 15 years, for an average of 3 murders per year. Dodge City had 15 murders in the 10 years between 1876-1885; a
rate of 1.5 murders per year on the average. 'Deadwood' fans? - the total of murders in Deadwood, SD during its *worst* year of violence saw 4 murders! Tombstone, AZ ("Gunfight at the O.K. Corral") saw its worst violent year suffer 5 murders. You see, these cowboys & gunslingers had to take time off to make enough money to feed themselves & their horses, buy new boots, pay to get a tooth pulled and generally support themselves. They could not thug full time.

Anonymous said...

Hey - 10:50 a.m., you need to look at the wheelie marks all over North State street after last night's "event." You jerks need to be doing that crap on the streets that YOU LIVE ON. I know for a fact that cars were careening at high rates of speed down my street last night. How is that legal?

Anonymous said...

u guys GOT to be kidding me--u can't see the obvious? JPD WILL NOT confront these heathen sobs--why? cause when they do the heathens gonna say #^^# YOU to cops and THEN what are cops gonna do when they're standing there holdin herman and HOPELESSLY outnumbered AND OUTGUNNED?

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...


Just because someone is driving fast, does not mean they are drag racing. Also, we DO live on these streets. Enjoy yourself.

Cynical Sam said...

Crime in Fondren? Tell me it's not so.

Anonymous said...

But I just read in the Clarion Ledger yesterday that Jackson is safe and I only have to worry about my car being broken into at worst

Anonymous said...

Folks you need to know that JPD is down to below 300 officers. Take into account how many are Detectives and in the Admin that does not leave alot for the street. With this Mayor it is only going to get worse. Nobody wants to work for JPD right now. If the thugs go around and are not held accountable for the small things they do they will start shooting and killing.

Anonymous said...

I am sad for the victims and their families.

Anonymous said...

Baby Chokwe is not supportive of the police and it is showing. He better wake his a$$ up quickly and get away from the radicals of co-op Jackson.

Anonymous said...

If "Cruising Jackson" or "Cruising Sunday" is legal, why did you guys drive like demons to get out of there when the cops finally showed up last night? Answer that, asshole-who-is-just-one-of-the-reasons-Jackson-is-a-shithole.

Anonymous said...

JPD has only 300 officers? Mexico just added 600 new police officers in Cancun, Quintana Roo area, an area that sees about 5 murders per year. I am safer traveling in Mexico than in Jackson, MS.

The Ghost of Frank Melton said...

JPS wants 65 million but can only account for needing 30 million. The excess 35 million could go a long way at Cowboy Maloneys for window unit air conditioners so these thugs could smoke some dope chill out and murder numerous bags of Cheetos instead of themselves. And that my friends is the bottom line.

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...

Also I wish you guys would find a new joke outside of the radical thing. Every other comment it's "Yanno, this is the new RADICAL city. I know you guys don't read much outside of Jackson Jambalaya and Y'all Politics but's it's easy, really. Just new jokes. It's like you can't think for yourselves.... Oh wait... Lol

Anonymous said...

Theca Jones = YYaaaawwwwnnnn, SSSnnnoooorrrreeee, ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kingfish said...

Oh I dunno Theca, considering all you do is defend criminals and make fun of law enforcement, I would say both of you stay in the rhetorical rut.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Melvin, it's not a joke. This incendiary statement was one of Lumumba's campaign rallying cries. It was well documented and oft-repeated, and could very easily be designated as one of those "dog whistle" phrases that the left so loves to hang on conservative talking points.

The phrase, at best, is open to interpretation, and given Lumumba's positions on social justice and "taking back power", the assumption of intent is quite easily determined.

The fact that you don't like it when people call it out is of no consequence, particularly when we see things like escalating murder rates under his watch. It's not a great strategy to alienate a portion of your tax base with what can fairly be interpreted as a threat, and you have no grounds to complain when that rhetoric comes back to haunt he who proudly trumpeted it.

Kingfish said...

Vance was told to demote Deputy Chief White, who could be um, abrasive, and replace him with Anthony Moore, who was butterbar and had never supervised anything.

Anonymous said...

The number one thing that keeps the human race from killing other humans is that there are laws against it. If the fear of law is taken away, then what do we expect?

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...

1:14 PM

Oh no, I don't care about you guys making fun of it, y'all just don't really have anything that you can come up with on your own because.. Well, you guys just aren't that funny.

Anonymous said...

@ June 25, 2018 at 8:57 AM

"Even the most ardent Jackson cheerleader has to admit that we have a problem in the city. The City With Soul is on track for 100 homicides, which is 1 out of every 1800 residents getting MURDERED."

Well, we are not delusional. However, 90% of these crimes are drug-related.

Random murders are another story.

Mississippi is enthralled with gun culture and why is it even a surprise to anyone the number of people who are shot or killed by guns in this state

Our governor and state legislators make it easier for anyone to carry a pistol and the residents of this state feel so compelled to use them against other human beings so freely, so I am not surprised by the activity nor statistics.

Additionally, a majority of these crimes are committed by familiar assailants. So you don't have to hide and long as you are not dealing in vice, you should be o.k.. However, if you are looking for prostitutes, weed, crack, heroin, meth, illegal firearms, or other stolen goods then travel at your own risk.

Kingfish said...

Not approving your comment, Theca. Once again, you broke a rule and can't get it through your thick head to stop breaking it.

Anonymous said...

Just a few facts for the anti-drag racing, hot rod, whatever you want to call it:

Wheelie Marks. I bet you a hunnert those are not from doing wheelies. I'll double down and bet you 2-hunnert there are not but a few cars in the metro area that can do a wheelie. And those are not driven on the street much. Which brings me to fact #2.

Racing down State Street(or and JXN street for that matter). State Street isn't flat enough or in good enough shape to do more than 35mph, if not less in many parts, and for damn sure not drag race.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an issue with the kids hanging out on Friday and Saturday night in the summertime. Hell, I did it my high school days back in the early 1990's

I heard all the current Madison residents hung out at Westland Plaza @ the Shoney's back in the day, and now they want to talk about these kids hanging out.

Cruising is an American tradition. Damn shame people don't want better roads to carry it on.

Anonymous said...

Racing down any of the NE Jxn thoroughfare streets (N. State St; Northside Dr; Briarwood Dr.; Wayneland Dr.; Meadowbrook Rd., Beasley Rd.; etc) can easily be stopped by adding a few speed bumps on each road -- maybe about two per block.

Kingfish said...

Many of the homicides are retaliations. Victims won't give the cops any info and then a few days or weeks later, a suspect is killed.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I drove State Street from Fondren to Jackson Street in Ridgeland. Hadn't been that way in years. What a cesspool! State Street is a disaster, most of the homes & businesses are vacant/abandoned/boarded, area looks like a true ghetto.

Guess baby Choke can use the area to take back power & establish social justice.

Anonymous said...

-90% of murders are drug related? I am calling your bluff! Reference? Source?

-Speed bumps => They are called pot holes and they don't cost a penny.

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ June 25, 2018 at 2:13 PM

No can do.

When Jeff Weil was the councilman for Ward 1, he tried to have some implemented on Adkins Blvd. and Colonial Circle. However, it was a no-go because it was slow down the fire truck and other emergency responders in the section of town.

Safe to assume, that would be said of the aforementioned streets you named.

Anonymous said...

@1;42....Please tell me you don't think these thugs got their guns through LEGAL channels. Please tell me you are not THAT stupid. Please tell me that you don't believe for one second that just one more "gun control law" is the answer to stopping these shootings. Please. (Lordy! I'm hyperventilating over here thinking there is actually a living, breathing human being THAT naive.)

Anonymous said...

3:25 PM - the naive are out there. They come by different names, including progressives, democrats, liberals, bleeding hearts, sob-sisters, social-justice-warriors, and generally just plain ol' libtards.

Anonymous said...

2:13. the kids of yesteryear are not the kids of today! No one cruising Westland Plaza or other places would have, even in their wildest nightmare - considered pulling a gun and shooting another cruiser! Now, it's more of a probability than a possibility (and certainly not an impossibility)

Also, it looks like Baby Chok has implemented sort of a negative broken window theory. Guess the evidence shows it's working pretty good for him, huh?

Anonymous said...

3:25 and 3:53, So where do you stupid, white trash-rednecks think these guns came from originally? Obviously they were originally bought legally and then passed down. Would you not agree? It takes a true Mississippi-raised moron to think more guns are the answer. Now who's naive?

Antard said...

So how is that conflict resolution training going?

Anonymous said...

As a native of El Paso texas... I can tell you that a massive number of illegal guns come across the southern border each day. These a called throw aways. No traceable information on them. Ban guns and you will only have these. Don't be an idiot.

Smith loves Wesson said...

at 6:01 PM|
Why is it O.K. for YOU to find it acceptable to use the offensive term "white trash-rednecks" when speaking of a certain group you do not agree with, but really get offended if or when the same group you slam uses the a descriptive term for you?
You ask where did guns come from?
Well, mommy gun and daddy gun formed a perfect union and created more guns. Then along came your type and stole the guns that were legally owned and then used them for illegal activity.
Now concentrate on getting your house in order.

Anonymous said...

I think the real issue with gun violence is we have a nation of cowards. Just look at our draft dodging president, Cadet Bone Spurs. All these gun nuts have to be in their safe place surrounded by an arsenal because they are too scared to face the world like a man. What they should be scared of is saturated fat and sugar. 90% of these gun worshippers are 80 pounds overweight. Diabetes and heart disease are the real issues you need to worry about, not some black kid in line behind you at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Ah... let's not forget Bill Clinton the poster child for draft dodger... this issue has nothing to do with our president. Look at honduras... gun laws galore and leading the world in murders. The problem here is people don't look to other places where guns are restricted and ignore the facts. Switzerland leads world in % of households with guns and has lowest crime rate in Europe. Unlike the UK. Look at Sweden of course they're using grenade launchers in malmo and Stockholm

Kingfish said...

I bet you people calling Trump a draft dodger said nothing when Clinton was called one over and over or did you forget about those bumper stickers?

Anonymous said...

@ June 25, 2018 at 3:25 PM

".Please tell me you don't think these thugs got their guns through LEGAL channels."

Well, how the hell else do you think they make it to the streets? Because someone purchases them "legally" and then turns around and sells them via gun shows, private sales, or they claim they were stolen? Who the hell is tracking them?

So geniuses like yourself, automatically assume the "thugs" are always stealing them?

That was the key to the original point, just because you wouldn't sell a gun to a "thug", there are ten others that would at excellent mark up too.

The point remains, our society, especially in Mississipi is very lax when it comes to handling guns, selling guns, and the dangers of them.

The facts remain, as a STATE, Mississippi is in the top 5 when it comes to gun homicides and injuries.

So whether they are obtained, illegally or legally, we have a problem with people using guns for the wrong reasons in this state.

Anonymous said...

6:01 AM Get back on your meds, please.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, are you willing to call out Captain Bone Spurs or only Clinton?

Anonymous said...

I served on active duty in the Army during the Vietnam War, but did not see combat. Lots of people, including Trump, Clinton, and Bush 41,
managed to avoid service. But that has nothing to do with the current gun control debate. The cowards are not gun owners. The cowards are the MS and federal politicians who do not have the courage to legislate reasonable restrictions on gun ownership.

Anonymous said...

I'll give up my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers off of it. NEVER before! Old Marine.

War on Guns said...

I can't believe people are suggesting here that these guns were legally purchased and handed down. Hell, they were (1)legally purchased and then fucking STOLEN, (2) stolen from stores and dealers, (3) smuggled in here and sold like dope, (4) bought with drug money by someone who could pass the background test and then handed off to a criminal in exchange for a little weed or maybe a set of rims.

Anonymous said...

Bush 41 did see service. He was a fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard. To say this was not service is demeaning to the millions of veterans who have proudly served in our states' national guard units.

At least 41 didn't run off to Moscow during 'nam, the capital of a country that was supplying the missiles and bullets that killed tens of thousands of Americans.

Anonymous said...

What branch of the military was Phil Bryant in? Or for that matter, what was the branch of service for each member of the Jxn City Council and Hinds Board of Supervisors...those who will be arguing the disposition of the library? Or does it matter?

Anonymous said...

My mistake at 1:50 pm. It was Bush 43 who avoided active duty by using his family connections to join the Air Guard. He committed to six years, served two and never completed his service. In fact, since there were only scattered records of service during the last four years of his commitment, he allegedly was AWOL. Bush, not I, was an insult to the real veterans of the Air Guard. By the way 5:47 pm, when and where did you serve?

Anonymous said...

It's absurd to suggest somebody buys a gun legally, then turns around and claims it was stolen. Or that people buy a gun legally and then sell it at a gun show. Nobody could make a dime in such a transaction.

And to the several Johnny-War-Heroes on here, what the hell has military service got to do with the subject of this thread? Here, let me help you. NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

6:10 obviously never served in the military. Vets do not insult other vets.

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