Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bill Crawford: Who will challenge Tate?

Rumors that Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves will get a serious primary challenger for Governor intensify.
There’s the rumor he can’t beat Attorney General Jim Hood so politicos and money men are looking to recruit a strong challenger who can.
There are rumors of growing concerns by Republican leaders that Democrats could win three races, Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General if Reeves is at the top of the ticket.
And there are rumors that potentially strong candidates are stirring in case there really is something to all these rumors.
Discontent with Reeves’ leadership – lack thereof, style, tone, etc. – seem behind the rumors. One longtime Republican leader told me he will oppose Reeves even if it means voting for a Democrat. Another said the state needs a governor who can actually lead, not one limited by what’s politically popular. (Are there still candidates like that who can win a primary?)

There's also rumor of a survey showing Hood ahead of Reeves.
All this points to Reeves needing a strong showing in the upcoming budget committee sessions and next year’s legislative session. How he comes through all that may dictate Hood’s chances to upset him and, consequently, chances he gets a strong primary opponent.
Among the many names tossed about as primary challengers, the most intriguing are two Mississippi Supreme Court justices, Chief Justice Bill Waller and Presiding Justice Mike Randolph. Both come with substantive resumes and could mount strong primary campaigns.
Both have military pedigrees, a positive in military friendly Mississippi.
Waller spent 30 years in the Army guard and reserves, rising to Brigadier General. He was awarded the Legion of Merit and is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College.
Randolph is a decorated Vietnam war veteran who served with the Army “Big Red One” 1st Infantry Division. He later served as a reserve officer in the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and is a graduate of the Naval Justice School.
Both got their law degrees from Ole Miss, had successful legal practices before entering the judiciary, and are considered conservative judges.
Both are married, attend Baptist churches, and have children and grandchildren.
They aren’t clones, though.
Waller, of course, is the son of popular former Governor Bill Waller (1972-76). Randolph is the son of a construction worker with a third-grade education.
Waller has never been highly visible in party politics (judicial races are non-partisan). He was first elected to the Supreme Court in 1996, rising to the position of Chief Justice in 2009. A Mississippi State University graduate, his political base lies in Jackson and central Mississippi.
Randolph, on the other hand, was a highly visible Republican before Gov. Haley Barbour appointed him in 2004 to serve out former Chief Justice Ed Pittman’s unexpired term. He also received an appointment by President Ronald Reagan to the National Coal Council. His political base lies in Hattiesburg and south Mississippi.
While Reeves is the clear favorite with a substantial war chest and statewide base, his performance over the next eight months will likely determine if Waller, Randolph, or others take him on.
Crawford is syndicated columnist from Meridian (


Anonymous said...

Nothing burger column.

Anonymous said...

Crawford somehow manages to get worse with each passing week. He's headed for Bill Minor-land as fast as he can go. It's writing like this that makes one look forward to a Rick Cleveland column about the 1948 Lamar County pinochle championship and how the winner's cousin by marriage went on to play right guard for Southern Miss. Please, KF, stop encouraging this guy.

Anonymous said...

The Hood v. Reeves poll is no rumor. 60/40 in Hood's favor. The Gov. Race is a long way off and Hood running for Gov. instead of AG is a different dynamic. There is NO guarantee Hood will even run, though it's likely. Also there is NO guarantee that Hood could win a primary. Last Democratic gubernatorial primary had a truck driver win over the establishment candidate. What's more interesting is who will challenge Delbert for Lt Guv? Chaney and Dick Hall have been mentioned. Joel Bomgar, of Make Marijuana Fun For All fame, is looking hard at it but he is also looking at other offices like Sec. Of State. Brandon Presley from Nettleton, MS and PSC for the Northen District will be the democrats establishment pic to run for Lt. Guv. Bobby Moak, former House member from Lincoln Co. and new State Party Chairman for the Democratic Party is working to assemble a slate of candidates to challenge the Republicans. Make no mistake, Moak is a seasoned politico and the best fundraiser the democrats have had in some time. Of course the Republicans have the numbers in their favor, but the 2019 election won't be the usual cake walk with Moak conducting the Dem ticket.

Anonymous said...

I have no axe to grind w ANY of these candidates BUT from a distance it APPEARS this Tate guy has been running for governor since the third grade---what are his ACHIEVEMENTS? I've seen WAAAAY too many of these dudes in Mississippi--all hat and no cattle!!

Anonymous said...

No offense to his contenders, but I feel that the MSGOP has nary a clue as to why Reeves is being looked at with scorn. It's everything his party has done or not done in the last 4-8 years. Considering Hood for governor is simply a repudiation of their ideas and implementation thereof. I come from a highly Republican family-----that has donated ALOT of money, both nationally and locally. If it were up to me, they [republicans] wouldn't get a penny more, but it's not my money.

There is nothing wrong with being baptist, a judge, or a bank teller. We need people who can pull us into modernity WITHOUT plundering the whole state and it's limited assets while hiding behind the Bible, what passes for fiscal conservatism here, Yada Yada.

I have no idea who controls the dems, but the repubs are owned by B.S. and their reign needs to come to an end. Go look a Kemper County and look on google maps; You can see a multi-billion dollar "clean coal" facility that doesn't work as intended. Yeah, that kind of stuff needs to come to a screeching hault. Our state, as poor as it is, does not need to be the gineua pig for far flung hoodoo projects or enact tax policies dreamed up by Rockefeller Republican think tanks that hurt everyone but them.

Anonymous said...

Joe Frank may get sick and tired of little Hitler and run in a republican primary against him and Tate's "war chest" will look like a 3 year old's piggy bank compared to what Sanderson could bring to the dance.

Also, good to see Tate is up reading and commenting 9:48! Or it's Rebecca handling the juice for her 10 K a month job!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fish, IMHO it will be the man you commonly refer to as "GILBERT"!

Kim Wade said...

Hmmm, who would float such silliness? Delbert??

I bet Tate will be the nominee and the next governor.

Jim Hood has torn his draws in Hinds County with many Democrats. Particularly after 3 attempts at convicting Hinds County D.A RSS.

If RSS is convicted in Rankin County this fall it will go against Hood in "Da Hood".
If RSS walks, it will go against Hood in "Da Hood" also!

Hood is picking the wrong year to run for governor in my opinion.

Plus having the name "Hood" in this racially charged era of racist bananas will go over like a lead balloon, despite his 4 terms as AG.

All smart money is the "Tater"!

Anonymous said...

New hashtag: #nevertate

Never voted D for guv but I will if TR is the R nom. NeverTater

Anonymous said...

I think Hosemann will run for Governor. This is his last chance to make a viable run for the top office. Reeves is a weak candidate he can be beat in the primary or in the general.

Anonymous said...

1038.. Republicans aren't going to vote for Tate because he's a weezle; the kind that got picked on in school and wants the power now. Your disdain for the principles taught by the Bible are not something to hide behind. Does a soldier hide behind his shield?

Anonymous said...

Hood, Reeves, Randolph, Waller, Dilbert...along with Bryant and about 9/10s of the rest of the elected or appointed officials in MS aren't qualified to shovel manure from stall to barrow. And many are so crooked they'd try to steal a few handfuls just because that's how they roll. There are many smart people born and bred in Mississippi, but many leave long before they would be electable to anything - college freshman aren't really Guv material yet anyway - and the ones that remain are too smart to get anywhere near the quagmire of MS politics.

Here's a test for readers: name one current official whose running for election or appointment wasn't, 1) a pretty good "step up" financially (mostly all of them, save for some appellate court justices), and/or, 2) what they see as "socially" or big step up on the respectability scale (a whole lot of them, but the big draw to the appellate court for MSGOP shysters).

I can only think of one current and a couple of former appellate court justices and one former US Congressman that I would consider qualified, competent and honest...and that's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Dorsey for Gov. The time is now!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a disdain for [Judeo-Christian] principles taught by the Bible. I have disdain for wolves in sheeps clothing, something the bible warns people to be wary of.

You can try to twist that however you want, but what you think I believe and what I truly do are to different things, apparently.

Anonymous said...

6:14 am Cecil Brown is the only one that I can name.

9:52 pm Dick Hall has too much baggage with people outside his district. He made a lot of enemies in north and south Mississippi while with MMA and later as a legislator. It was not so much his support of proposed nuclear and hazardous waste sites in those areas but how he exercised that support. And, generally, he is not a " fellow well met" sorta guy and "average joe" picks up on that right away. His wivives ( first and second) have been his greatest asset campaigning as they are friendly and outgoing.

Anonymous said...

Any campaign can hire a 2bit PI and find lots of dirt. The landmines are there and everyone knows. The whisper campaign is underway.

Anonymous said...

Bill Crawford is about as connected to Republican politics as Hugh Freeze is to Ole Miss football these days. He is the new Bill Minor. Misinformed and cantankerous.

Anonymous said...

The same people said the same things before Reeves ran for LG in 2011.

These same people recruited Billy Hewes to run against Reeves in the GOP primary.

They raised Hewes $3 million - most of which he spent attacking Reeves.

Reeves won 80 out of 82 counties.

Anonymous said...

"Chip off the old block" won every election by a wide margin and also got a 100% rating from Focus on the Family. How'd that turn out?

Anonymous said...

Find out who the Barbours are backing. That is who will win and there is nothing they won't do to make it so. Senator Geritol is all the proof you need.

As for a poll showing Hood up 60-40. Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The Barber's (and B.S.) are backing Tate.

Two can play this game said...

Are you a tea partier who seeks freedom from the evil liberal ways of Massah Bahbuh and his satanic B.S. Shadow government organization? Do you pine for less government and freedom from government tyranny forged with government bonds? Does the AFL-CIO creep you out?

Vote Hood!

Anonymous said...

"Nothing burger" sounds like a familiar comment by Gunn's highly overpaid lackey (hack). Does part of the job entail trolling JJ to repel any and all (even if only slight) opposition to the current republic "leadership"?

YEE HAW... said...

Why the hell would Jim Hood want a job that requires him to show up most days, if only for waves and glad-handing? He has a job now where he can stay holed up in his house in northeast Mississippi for days on end. All he has to do is call in and get 'the girl' to write an occasional press release with his name on it.

Besides; can you see Jim Hood in argyle socks and silk britches, an alligator logo shirt and button-down cap, riding in the back of a red Dodge Dually, hauling ass across the Coliseum floor, waving, at the Dixie National?

Anonymous said...

Tate's done and everyone knows it,he could salvage his deal if he audibles and runs for Thads seat in 2020. State government is over for him, really, what's he actually accomplished?? Not that the bar has ever been high

Anonymous said...

Tater has as much chance of being governor as Trump has getting money from Congress to bill a Wall, Or getting Mexico to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

10:38, there is obviously a reason why its not 'your money' that has been donated. You are too stupid to understand basic government and process, besides falling into the TP rhetoric blaming BS for each and every action of the current governing of the state. A blame, which BTW, is nothing but b/s - but that's another story for another day.

Your example of the current state of governing follows the typical TP model - lets throw out Kemper and talk like we know something. Kemper is not, never was, a state project. The State of Mississippi has ZERO dollars of state taxpayer money invested in Kemper. The State PSC will eventually decided if Southern Company can recoup any of their expenditure through rates, but that too is not state money.

To try to blame any governing leadership on Kemper is as stupid as Delbert's trying to reflow the MS river so that the leading advocate against Kemper - Kelly Williams - can keep his land located inside the river levee dry. That could be a good story to question and I guess it has a minor Kemper connection since Mr. Williams has complained about Kemper weekly (of course, he is highly invested in natural gas, so he did have a financial interest) - but the connection stops there. But it is still more connection to the state and Kemper than anything you or anybody else can make.

The interesting question is whether Delbert's federal legislation (he forgets he is a state official, not a US Senator) will be to make the river flow north. Looking at some of his other proposals, wouldn't put it past him.

Anonymous said...

6:14 AM

(1) Haley Barbour - certainly not financially or as you refer to it, socially
(2) Mike Randolph - absolutely not financially, and I can't imagine any way it was socially
(3) Ray Mabus - not financially
(4) Dick Molpus - not close financially, and don't see how SOS could be socially
(5) Dilbert - not financially, but it does help satisfy his ego
(6) Tate Reeves - not financially
(7) Philip Gunn - not financially
(8) Mike Chaney - not financially or socially

Need I continue?

Anonymous said...

Their rates hurt customers, their customers were not only citizens, but businesses. It hurt the local economy. Case closed.
I'm not actually more of a libertarian than a tea party blowhard. I could mention other crash projects that the state does need to recover funds from, but you'll just obfuscate and insinuate that I'm a myopic dumbass that doesn't see the whole picture of the issue.

It was a state law that allowed the thing to be financed by rate payers, so yes, there is some state involvement there---not to mention the friendly regulators.

Do you want to keep coming round an' round?

Anonymous said...

10:58 pm You are the pot calling the kettle black.

It is a function of government to keep utilities rates as low as possible and not to allow the taxpaying citizens to being unwilling investors with legitimate expectations on value on their investment. The Public Service Commission is not the legislature but they are elected on a party ticket. Do you claim that party leadership has no role to play in trying encourage their members on a commissioner to make decisions in the best interest of the State?

And, I noted that you didn't mention the meat packing plant nor mention this legislature's attempts at " federal legislation" that cause us taxpayers to pay to legally defend their actions.

And, I would point out to you that it was Delbert's careful implementation of Voter ID that kept us from having the feds down our throat like North Carolina has down theirs! Of course, those risks occur when our legislature just follows in goose step and passes legislation handed to them by the alt right and TP. God forbid they should actually think for themselves and do their own work.

Anonymous said...

Tate's most formidable challenger is Tate, himself. He's made more R enemies than any potential candidate for governor in modern times. Hood has the black vote nailed down and needs approximately 28% of the white vote to win (assuming a relatively equal turnout of blacks and whites). I'm afraid Tate's legacy may be returning a D to the mansion because of arrogance and pandering to the far right. In a Tate vs Tate race he loses. And that is what is shaping up.

Anonymous said...

"Does the AFL-CIO creep you out? Vote Hood!"

Who you shittin', Willis? Hood and every other democrat covets union donations. But you wuz just kiddin', right?

Anonymous said...

If you can't tell what part(s) of the screed was tom-foolery and what wasn't, then I can't help you.

Anonymous said...

September 3, 2017 at 11:03 PM wrote:

"6:14 AM

>>(1) Haley Barbour - certainly not financially or as you refer to it, >>socially

Barbour is, was and always will be greedy redneck white trash and he wanted to be Guv for money and status. Argue away - a person is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts, and those are the facts.

>>(2) Mike Randolph - absolutely not financially, and I can't imagine any >>way it was socially

More redneck white trash, but at least Barbour is smart in a cunning, piggish way. Randolph is a buffoon and a laughingstock in knowledgeable legal circles, both in MS and around the country. However, you are right about money with him, but wrong about social status (or his idea of it).

>>(3) Ray Mabus - not financially
>>(4) Dick Molpus - not close financially, and don't see how SOS could be >>socially

You're confusing "socially" with a self-perceived increase in social status.

>>(5) Dilbert - not financially, but it does help satisfy his ego

Another wannabe.

>>(6) Tate Reeves - not financially

AHAHAHAHAHA! OK, you're just funnin' us now, right? I'm surprised you didn't name one or more Pickerings, too!

>>(7) Philip Gunn - not financially

Right, sure, anything you say.

>>(8) Mike Chaney - not financially or socially

Yeah, he and Georgie Boy never took a dime from insurance interests, no sir, not them...and of course, both were the creme de la creme of the jet-setting glitterati, and with their family's huge aristocratic old money bankrolls, they needed nothing but the anonymous satisfaction of a job well done - noblesse oblige, pro bono publico and all that! See, I can come up with outlandish bullshit, too!

In all fairness, Chaney doesn't seem to be as bad as most MS pols, but frankly, I don't know a lot about him (Dale, OTOH, was a real piece of work).

>>Need I continue?

I have no idea - how wrong and uninformed do you want to look?

Anonymous said...

"All this points to Reeves needing a strong showing in the upcoming budget committee sessions and next year’s legislative session. How he comes through all that may dictate Hood’s chances to upset him and, consequently, chances he gets a strong primary opponent. "

I think it is hilarious that people think any of this is going to actually matter to Mississippi voters. It's really simple in my estimation: Tate doesn't stand a chance because he gives off the impression of being weak and Jim Hood has people fooled into thinking he's not anti-gun/and that he isn't too far left.

Anonymous said...

Randolph has Republican connections. But curious on why Crawford would assume Waller is a Republican. I don't know his résumé right off, but I don't think he's run for a partisan office. Either way, anyone would be better than Tate.

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