Thursday, April 30, 2015

McDaniel opposes road grants for Jackson.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. There is nothing wrong at all with his position on this. Alternatively, if the rest of the state has to be taxed because of malfeasance by Jackson's elected officials, then the rest of the state should get a say in how they are governed. To prevent further embarassment of the whole state by those that vote in and run the capital city, the Legislature should just take it over, dispense with the mayor and board and run the city itself. That's what Michigan finally had to do wit Detroit.

Anonymous said...

He has no idea ( or anybody else for that matter) as to why we spend so much money. It's called a mixed economy. We have socialized programs to support a HUGE global enterprise called 'free trade' and a standing army to protect that trade. This is what was meant by the new world order, you nincompoop.

It's silly. I don't too much like it either but I gave up on idealism a long long time ago. Let the libertarians or misinformed conservatives come and attack away.

He appeals to old people with too much money to spend on elections ( and are being screwed). Oh well. Somehow that's part of the GDP too. Thanks for supporting the economy, chris. Your country loves you!

Saltwaterpappy said...

I'm thankful that I was able to escape Jackson in 1980.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what this loser thinks?

Anonymous said...

I hear that Jackson currently has Federal money for paving streets that may be taken back since have not been spend in the allotted time. It has never been about Jackson not having funds but what they do with them.

Anonymous said...

He opposes helping kids with autism, people with cancer and lots of other important things. I don't know what he's for. All I've ever heard is what he's against.

Three termer for two terms.. said...

The federal government is going to give $500 million in grant money to be spent on infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) If there is one function of government that this conservative would agree with is the country's (that includes cities, counties, states as well as the feds) infrastructure. That is one of the appropriate uses of our tax dollars.

Does Chris not support using federal dollars for the construction of interstates? What about interstates around Jackson? Are those different from straightening out the dead-mans curve on the Interstate in Jones County?

Did Chris vote for State Aid road dollars on any of those few days he was present in the Senate? Those dollars are given to counties throughout MS, and not dependent on which county they came from. Same is true with state gas tax for highways. Wonder why he sees this one differently because it happens to be federal dollars - does the federal government not have any interest in the country's infrastructure. (Hint: Go check the history of the creation of the interstate system in the 50's.)

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful I was able to vote against this loon twice.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell me what business this is of Chris McDaniel's. Does he oppose federal road grants for Ellisviille?
This is not state money. This is federal money. I guess he'd rather it be spent in North Carolina, Utah, or California. No one actually believes those road grants would go back into the general fund just because self righteous McDaniel refuses them.

Anonymous said...

I am sure many will not like this, but the Legislature in its ignorance located Jackson smack dab in the middle of Yazoo Clay. That is one reason for the problem.

Another Legislative action, raising the weight limits on trucks has contributed greatly to Jackson's street problems. You can look at where the trucks change gears delivering all over the city and see how it is ruining

Jackson, even with over 40% of it's land in non-taxable use, like state, county, and federal building, has to furnish all these workers with water, police, and fire protection. No one is trying to "steal" from others in our state. Jackson still sends more tax dollars to the state than any other city.

When Jackson gets better, the whole state will get better. Mississippi needs to "hitch up their britches" and help Jackson, just a little. It will more than repay in increased tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liberal Father in Heaven,

Please let torrential rain fall in Jones county near Piss McDummy's house;specifically, only on the road to his house and then let the ground open as he's driving and permit him to enter into his destined eternal resting place😈😈😈

Anonymous said...

Hold on a sec. The roads and pipes didn't get that bad from mismanagement in the last 5 to 10 years, more like the last 40. And a lot of the culprits now live outside of Jackson. It's time to enforce term limits on this Jones County Klucker.

Anonymous said...

But it's perfectly great for the Feds to pay to widen lake harbor, not to mention highway 84 through that ghost town called Laurel.

Anonymous said...

Reading over the comments, it's interesting to note the politics of those who are doing the name calling.

McDaniel makes solid points and even if he didn't, why not just show where he is wrong rather than resort to silly name calling? Here's why - you can't.

Anonymous said...

Do you think any of those road projects in madison could happen without federal money? Why should federal tax dollars subsidize white flight? I'm sure when Laurel goes bankrupt due to oil prices Chris will scream for federal road widening.

Anonymous said...

Funny to see all of the white trash doll house dwellers in ridgeland and pearl continue to bash the city they abandoned. You were bashing mcdaniel 3 months ago. Nooto

toejangle said...

To 10:10 pm----Good Post---Glad I found it in a sea of Chris bashing.

Danny said...

The Federal government should aid in improving infrastructure in probably 100 of the oldest and largest cities in the country. Water pipes are 100-a50 years old in many of them. Mississippi should invest in Jackson, our capital, without reservation. McDaniels' ideas are not conservative, they are penurious. It also goes without saying that he is racist to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact that there would be NO highways or bridges in Mississippi if it weren't for federal and State tax dollars, Jackson is the capitol of Mississippi.

Detroit is not the capitol of Michigan. That would be Lansing.

Jackson is where corporations looking to invest most often get the first impression of our State. It's where they meet with our Governor and State officials.

If racism isn't driving this anti-Jackson attitude, then colossal ignorance is.

And, the ignorance starts with not just geology of the State but how roads and highways were built ,who built them and why they are in such bad shape. If you are going to start slinging blame around, Jackson's leadership in the last 3 1/2 decades would be at the bottom of the blame list!!!! Our highway commission and legislature ( for not addressing the corruption in State contracting) would be at the top!!!!!

First of all, not all of the roads in Jackson that are bad are on Yazoo clay! IF the roads, even on Yazoo clay, had been dug out deeply enough and the right prep work done, and the materials of the right quality were used, there would not be as great a problem!

If getting to football games and condos on the coast is the priority for how highways are built , our roads are great. If commerce and traffic use is the priority, it's tragically awful!

McDaniel is either deliberately ignorant and doesn't bother to learn anything about subjects with which he is unfamiliar or does know better and is playing to ignorance and racism deliberately. There are no other choices! So he's either intellectually lazy and irresponsible or a sociopathic crook!

Anyone who'd listen to him or support him is a fool!

Anonymous said...

RINOs are spending addicts. Botton line.

Shaking My Head At Whacks said...

All you Millsaps rejects, Tougaloo grads and other democrats who are anxious to attack and oppose McDaniel don't have the good sense to realize he is dead-on-right with his position on Jackson streets.

What's next? Do we have a state tax on everybody to support 'The Blues Trail'? Do we levee a tax on ourselves to maintain highway 90 on the coast since it's the coastal gateway to our casinos and sewage-lagoon beach?

Do we each pay a pro rata share of upkeep on Highway 61 since it's historical and draws so many Europeans and yankees down into the Delta and southward?

Do you same McDaniel haters support the idea that all Mississippians should kick in and pay an extra tax to support the tarmac at the Evers-Wiley airport?

What about a tax on ourselves to make additions to Elvis' birthplace?

Anonymous said...

Nice try 7:39. I'm as Republican as they come, and I oppose McDaniel and all candidates supported by McDaniel. Why? He dwells on the past, not the future. He has no new ideas. He's racist, and Mississippi doesn't need people like Him in office.

Anonymous said...

Funny how tens of millions of dollars of Federal funding for roads go to Jones County, and especially to his alma mater and Dad's employer, Jones County Junior College. "State Representative Bobby Shows explained that when Waldrup was the VP of Student Affairs at JCJC, he and the former president, Dr. Ronald Whitehead went to Washington seeking funds for the project. Former Congressman Gene Taylor was able to grant them $3.5 million for the project, but it never took off.

“When Tom King ran for Highway Commissioner he said ‘I will get it done,’ so I said, ‘You will be my man,” Shows told the crowd.

“I see more than a road out here,” King said. “I see economic development.”

His promise was fulfilled as officials cut the ribbon to the new roadway that also provides another main entrance onto JCJC’s campus."

So thats the SECOND set of Federal funds to JCJC that big ole bad 9ole "Big GubMint" provided, to no objection.

Anonymous said...

It all comes back to common core.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the ONLY thing McD and I agree on! Jacktown doesn't deserve a handout just because they keep electing incompetent city officials.

Kingfish said...

What Jackson needs is a forensic audit.

Anonymous said...

FEDERAL pass thru grant funds received by the Mississippi Dept of Transportation, sub-granted to and expended by Metro Jackson Cities in FY 2013:

Source: FY13 Audit Reports

Brandon - $444,237
Clinton - $4,475,505
Jackson - $5,670,784
Madison - $457,075
Pearl - $586,068
Ridgeland- $3,441,353

This is, of course, just MDOT funds.

Anonymous said...

Chris loves him some Federal money when it helps his family or neighbors, though.

"Senator McDaniel, like Madison, holds a strict view of the Constitution, meaning he actually believes in doing what it says rather than what it does not. "

Chris's words: “The word ‘education’ is not in the Constitution,” he said in a speech in Jackson on his education policy. “Because the word is not in the Constitution, it’s none of their business. The Department of Education is not constitutional,” a remark that drew applause.

Chris' wife and MIL are public school teachers or were:
{JONES COUNTY, MS. (WDAM) - Ten Mississippi schools have been selected to participate in a nationwide pilot program that gives teachers a financial incentive if their class is proven to be successful.

Two Pine Belt schools including North Jones Elementary are part of the teacher incentive fund grant. The Mississippi Department of Education determined the ten schools that are partaking in the state's over ten million dollar share of the federal funds."

Just give Chris a "block grant" so he can steer it to Laurel. Big Gubmint can't stop our Tea Party from cutting others and cutting a bigger slice for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your insolvency RINOs.

Anonymous said...

Grant Awarded For Fence & Landscaping Project

Posted July 10th, 2014

Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King was in Laurel Friday morning, June 27, to present a check to the Jones County Board of Supervisors.

The county was awarded $322,262.00 in Federal Transportation Alternative Funds after previously applying for the beautification grant money. According to Jones County Board of Supervisors President Andy Dial, the funds will be used for a fence and landscaping project behind South Central Regional Medical Center along Interstate 59. Dial said the project will enhance the view of the hospital from the interstate and the gateway into the city.

King said the federal funds were available to government entities across the state to be specifically used on beautification projects within their communities.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of McDaniel, but I have about decided that McDaniel's enemies are bigger nutjobs than McDaniel.

This blog used to be insightful and interesting. Its boring now.

Anonymous said...

Shaking your head at Whacks. You best stop as it's obviously rattled your brains!

I'm all for cutting federal spending and taxes but if you don't think spending money on our deteriorating infrastructure is legitimate, you lost quite a few marbles out of your ears while shaking that empty head of yours!

I suspect you, along with the other idiots, think only blacks drive on the roads or drink the water in Jackson!

Oh wait, you resent smart people as well apparently!

Did you not notice Jackson is the center of State government and the judiciary as well as colleges and hospitals that serve the entire State!

And, pray tell, do you want your children to have low IQs so they won't possibly be able to go to the best colleges and universities? You somehow believe being " smart" is a bad thing.

What I think is that you have a huge chip on your shoulder and you resent anybody that you think might be smarter and more successful than you !

It can't possibly be that you aren't that smart and didn't work as hard as you should have as a young person. It has to be the " fault" of others!

God save us from the new cult that worships ignorance!

Anonymous said...

Liberal con

You deny a society of funds and then complain about society.

liberal pro

You revived the U.S. Constitution- thanks be to God. Now, we can repeal that horrible awful law that Trent Lott praised- The "Patriot Act".

Anonymous said...

If only the Stephenses Urban Eggs were available at Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

10:10 am Those criticizing McDaniel have shown that he is wrong...over and over and over.

When it comes to education and tax money used for education and building cities, consider the following:

George Washington laid out the plans for Washington , DC and it had paved roads. Who do you think paid for them and the buildings?

The Puritans had a public school and the first public high school ( rather than one for all grades) was in Boston in 1820.

Not only was James Madison ( who knew more about The Constitution that Chris McDaniel) was still alive in 1820 so were many Patriots and Founding Fathers. Gerry of Massachusetts is one of note. I mention him since he supported public education specifically.

I expect those who had a part in creating our Constitution would have spoken up if building roads and creating publics schools with tax money was unconstitutional!

They understood the need for an educated public and they understood that building communities couldn't be done by charitable donations or volunteerism.

Their objection was to taxation without representation, not to taxation in all forms!

Do you think you'd have electricity without federal taxes? That's not mentioned in the Constitution or getting gas from the source of origin to homes across the country. Do you really believe those electrical lines and pipelines were done commercially and without federal monies and intervention?

McDaniel is counting on your
historical and institutional ignorance and inability to ask yourself how things came to be.

Anonymous said...

look back 25 years or so and see what Jackson spent on road maintenance from its general fund. Somewhere around $8-10 million a year. Not a lot and not enough, but how much is allocated from the general fund now, not counting the new 1% tax? Less than $1 million! But guess what, the number of employees in public works hasn't gone down.

Agrees With Whack's Headshake said...

Obviously all socialists and a few who call themselves 'republicans' believe society should put their collective resources together and contribute to the maintenance of the trails leading to the throne in the head city of the empire. I don't. If we fall for that ignorance, where do we draw the line?

Do we tax ourselves and repave highway 61 in order to draw more tourists to the Delta?

Do we tax ourselves to maintain highway 90 since it draws so many gamblers to our state?

Do we use our collective taxing mechanism to put an international airport in Tupelo since it's Elvis' birthplace?

How many other infracture failures do we bail out and why or why not?

Oh, and, what's the Kapitul of penurious?

Anonymous said...

Yup, Number 4 socialist state in America.

The rednecks in chief won't tell you that either.

Oh, and we ask you not to use our socialist public roads OR the interstate- any thing public for that matter. Also, you must denounce the army too because that's the biggest socialist program in America- and while you're at it, you can renounce your patriotism as well. Might as well renounce your citizenship, too.

Anonymous said...

May 2, 8:33pm should spend a little more time on education and less time trying to appear educated.

To be plain.... learn what socialism is.

Community Organizer said...

"May 2, 8:33pm should spend a little more time on education and less time trying to appear educated.

To be plain.... learn what socialism is."

Oh Dear Gawd, I've been caught!

(You need to learn to recognize satire/mockery when you see it; I guess I need to label such utterances as their isn't a voice inflection to indicate sarcasm from seriousness).

With that said, it's time to call for another "socialistic" mandate on the internet to label sarcasm. We need more Government control to help the ignant peepul's- ya with me? (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to drive Highway 51 in Ridgeland. It comes right to the City of Jackson line with every extra. All paid for by MDOT and gasoline taxes. If the legislature had passed the pump head tax a decade or so ago, Jackson roads would be much better. This tax would have remained in the City or County where it was pumped. If, in rural areas, they had a tax available to them instead of MDOT, then they could repave their own roads instead of using CDBG and other grants to pave roads. Jackson could have repaired their own road well.

Anonymous said...

Jackustanis have nobody to blame but the dwindling tribe of Jackustanis.

Anonymous said...

Hey yo, GED graduate - May 1 @ 7:39

Do we each pay a pro rata share of upkeep on Highway 61 since it's historical and draws so many Europeans and yankees down into the Delta and southward?

Do you same McDaniel haters support the idea that all Mississippians should kick in and pay an extra tax to support the tarmac at the Evers-Wiley airport?

What about a tax on ourselves to make additions to Elvis' birthplace?

Fact is, yes we do, and McD voted for it while in the Senate.

Do we levee a tax on ourselves to maintain highway 90 on the coast since it's the coastal gateway to our casinos and sewage-lagoon beach?

Fact is, yes we do and in addition have the seawall tax added to those gas taxes.

Do we each pay a pro rata share of upkeep on Highway 61 since it's historical and draws so many Europeans and yankees down into the Delta and southward?

Yes, drivers do whenever the buy gasoline, whether it is in Alcorn County or Hancock County - or in the delta itself.

What about a tax on ourselves to make additions to Elvis' birthplace?

Well, as a matter of fact, we have passed bond bills that have included additions for Elvis' birthplace. A couple of them I believe. And McD voted for them as well.

Thanks for playing, though. Now go back to refolding your tin foil into a better fitting cap.

Anonymous said...

Also applies to the same list, May 2 @3:28.

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