Friday, April 17, 2015

Carl Ray strikes it rich.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality approved an application to build a wastewater treatment facility submitted by the West Rankin Utility Authority.  The Clarion-Ledger reported:

Despite strong opposition from city of Jackson officials, the Mississippi Environmental Quality Board voted unanimously to award a permit to the West Rankin Utility Authority (WRUA) allowing it to construct a new wastewater treatment plant.

The WRUA, which provides water and sewer service to 100,000 customers in Rankin County, currently pays the city of Jackson an average of $5 million per year for the cost of treating its wastewater at its Savanna Street plant. However, the utility is citing concerns with management by the city of Jackson, a consent decree imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency and increasing growth in the county as reasons to construct its own facility.

The city of Jackson had representatives at the public hearing and board meeting, saying the new plant would result in rate increases for their remaining customers.

The city of Jackson will appeal the decision, spokeswoman Shelia Byrd said, adding that the new plant would "likely require an estimated offsetting rate increase of 25 percent to cover the costs of the operation and maintenance" of the Savanna Street plant.

Byrd also said WRUA's withdrawl "could eventually result in reduction in the flows allowed under the City's permit ... leaving the City's plant with 'stranded capacity' that it would no longer be permitted to use."

Turner, however, said a new plant is the best option for WRUA's customers.

Turner said the city of Jackson has cited several different figures, ranging from $100 million to $250 million, as the estimated cost of fixing problems at the Savanna Street plant.

The plant was built in the 1960s and designed originally to service the city of Jackson.

"We don't have a lot of faith in their ability to do cost estimates," Turner said, also noting concerns about "inefficiencies" at the plant....

 Turner said construction of a new plant will cost around $125 million.   Rest of article.


Anonymous said...

Copious amounts of Jackson ineptitude made this possible. Now there will be enough unused capacity at Savanna St. to handle the increased crap flows from the hordes moving into downtown Jackson. Don't you love it when the Prophet's plans come together!

Anonymous said...

This is evidence of the vast intelligence of those in Rankin County. They would spend $125 million (or more) to construct a new plant. They would pay the annual operating costs of that plant (couple of million a year). They would do this rather than spend the $5 million a year they currently pay to treat their crap at Savanna Street. Even if they don't like the fact that Jackson operates the current system. If they go forward, those on that side of the river will be paying these increased costs while at the same time raising the costs for Jackson and Madison County.

Sounds like voodoo economics to me.

Anonymous said...

The citizens and businesses of Rankin County should be terrified of what their costs are going to be!

Of all the lame brained, poorly thought out, incompetent moves by government in Mississippi, this one takes the cake!

They are relying on their constituents to hate Jackson so much and/or be so stupid they won't " get it" until the money is pocketed!

Anonymous said...

The only VooDoo economics happening here is the 50% jump (or more) we all experienced with our water bills last year. Thanks to the wack-a-doodles in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Is it voodoo economics or a prudent "Buy vs. Rent" analysis by Rankin County leadership? It appears Rankin County is growing and probably in a safe long-term fiscal situation. They are counting on a city...chalk full of "technical professionals" (not to mention elected leadership) so far in over their heads they don't know which end is effectively recover a 50-plus year old waste water treatment system to meet EPA standards ($400M estimated to make this happen)

Anonymous said...

Who is Carl Ray?

Anonymous said...

Jackson may the worst run City in America.

Anonymous said...

I don't pretend to know the long-term net impact on costs for Rankin County, but ...

"We don't have a lot of faith in their ability to do cost estimates."

It's hard to argue with that.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's Plant was NOT designed to serve only Jackson. It was, in alignment with EPA's thought, designed and designated as a Regional Wastewater Treatment facility. The result of West Rankin splitting off from Jackson will cost all customers, both in Jackson and in West Rankin a great deal of money. Bills will increase for all around $25.00 to $30.00 per month. The EPA wants various Basins to be regional. Not sure what MDEQ does not understand about basins.

Courtesy Flush said...

Ben Allen and his leagion of faithful followers have posted about six times, above.

What this tells me is Rankin and Madison counties are paying the lions share of the costs of the system. So, if Rankin pulls out and no longers pays for the treatment of Jackson crap, Jackson rates will go up. OK. Fair enough.

Likewise, if everybody in the Metro stops shopping at Jackson Sam's (which they have), Sam's should have had to double prices on the remaining Hinds shoppers to keep the place open. Didn't happen. And the store is closing.

Taxpayers in the burbs are damned tired of totin' the note for Jackson. But, I'm sure this will be painted (by Ben's Legions) as just another example of Metronians not wanting to contribute and save the bold city.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news for Rankin County.
Our S**t don't stink. 5 million less going to Jacktown. Now, if Rankin county could get a handle on all the litter (beer cans, cigarette packages, Mcdonald's trash, bong pipes and beer bottles. I apologize for the crude attempt of humor. Did I mention long neck bottles littering every street. I do have a weird sense of humor. I was watching the Vikings series on the History Channel and Ragnar brother was about to get his head cut off. He I don't mind getting my dying but hold my long blond hair out of the way. So they did & when the Ax was coming down Ragnar brother pulled back and the Ax came down on the soldier hands. It was a riot. Well, I digress. Go Carl.

Anonymous said...

$125,000,000 divided by 100,000 customers is $1250.00 per customer. If rates go up as stated $25.00 a month, this will be paid of in 50 months (not including interest) Not such a bad deal, while getting out from the Jackson incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Still dont know who Carl Ray is........

Anonymous said...

Yes, @12:52, bong pipes and beer bottles, you say. We will stipulate to your identification of those items because, based on the quality of your post, it appears you are presently-acquainted with both.

Anonymous said...

Why does nobody refer to the wastewater plant by it's proper name anymore?

I remember when it was renamed the "Chuck McRae Memorial Processing Plant".

Anonymous said...

Carl Ray Furr. Consulting engineer who trained Rudy of Madison county fame. You must all now by now that the engineers are the ones that promote all the construction projects, needed or not for a lot of money is to be made on no bid contracts.

Anonymous said...

Carl Ray is the engineer who will make a boat load of money building a Rankin County Treatment Plant.

Anonymous said...

11:45am and 1:24 pm

Need to google Furr the answer!

Anonymous said...

Let me point out something that should have been obvious: The utility authority is called "WEST Rankin Utility Authority" for a reason. Not ALL of the citizens of Rankin County are burdened with costly, hair-brained decisions being made by the WRUA Board of Directors; only the citizens of the participating municipalities. To be sure, most of the municipalities in Stankin Rankin are participating municipalities, but not all of them.

west rankin sh**ter said...

2:02 - idiot. There is no possible way that this new treatment plant, if it was ever built, could be done by a "no-bid" construction project. Nice try, but not even reasonable.

2:09 - engineers would make (gross) around 6% of the construction cost which would be a nice payday, but not a 'boatload' of money.

12:44 - not only am I not a "Ben Allen legion", I don't even like him. I don't have to be a stoogie of someone else to have some idea of what is going on in the world.

12:57 - interesting math; but too bad that West Rankin doesn't have 100,000 sewer customers. And if it did, would like to see you go collect the "extra" $1250 from each one of them to pay for this cost - while they are still paying the treatment cost for their sewage. Don't care how much you hate Jackson (and its incompetent leadership) I don't want to write this extra check. Just let me flush and send it across the river to the regional plant.

This is all a power play - and probably and worthwhile one - to let Rankin have some say-so in the management of Jackson's plant.

Mid-Life Lawyer said...

Generally speaking, if a group of people can get off an obviously sinking ship and onto a sea-worthy ship, it is wise to do so.

Anonymous said...

"Who is Carl Ray?"

An alchemist who can turn shit into gold, apparently.

Anonymous said...

FYI haters: the city of Jackson is in huge trouble with the EPA and thus, the MDEQ. Rather than pay millions more in additional costs and have nothing to show for it, they are owning their own destiny.

Good for them cutting the ties that bind from a dying behemoth

Anonymous said...

Maybe you intellectuals have not thought about this but the city of Jackson is controlling the growth in Rankin county. If Rankin County or a municipality wants to put in a big development who has the final say? Jackson, because the flow goes into that plant that they have let go to shit, no pun intended.

Good move and I would rather pay higher cost and it go to my own new system then to keep greeting the skids over in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

What I hope some in NEJ are thinking is what suburbs in Atlanta finally did when they got little service(water and sewer were one of the issues) and the schools were a disgrace(a number of educators in Atlanta have been sentenced to the pen for cheating scandal) - they pulled out of Atlanta and incorporated themselves:

It can be done. Only requires enough people fed-up with Jackson City Government.

Anonymous said...

NEJ could join Ridgeland. It can be done legally but would take while to get it through the courts.

Anonymous said...

NEJ can't join Ridgeland - without the rest of Jackson agreeing. Check the law before you type.

and 5:14 - the City of Jackson is not in "HUGE" trouble with EPA (and therefore by your terms, with DEQ). Yes, they are under a consent decree which is true of most every major city in the country. And they have several years to comply with the terms of the decree. And if it takes longer, generally the EPA allows for it as long as attempts are being made.

To call that "huge" problems is nothing but showing your ignorance. In fact, DEQ and EPA are working 'with' the city. And I am not a sychophant for the city - but I do understand DEQ, EPA and 'consent decrees'.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the City of Jackson simply transfer the Savannah plant to a new "regional" entity made up of all those areas that use it (Jackson, Rankin, Ridgeland etc.), and that regional entity be governed by a Board made up of elected members from each area? Why is that such a bad thing, or hard thing to do? If these other areas are using it and paying to do so, let them have a say in managing it. Boom, everyone wins and it saves ALL users money in the long run.

Anonymous said...

7:54 - yes and a very good option. Staying part of Jackson is a long term loser. It is like staying part of Detroit. Detroit will never rebuild. No leadership, therefore no industry will locate there because there is no leadership. Same issue with Jackson.

Anonymous said...

11:25, that was the original plan. Many, many ago when the concept of regional waste water came to this area, The areawide authority was the long term solution.Jackson was made the lead city to get the grant money and serve the area until the authority was created which would be a few years later. Much like the zoo, mass transit and others, Jackson did not then or now want to give it up.Regional services may cost the city of Jackson money but they will not give them up because of power and control. Picking contractors and consultants is the main matter and they control all of this for personal gain.

All Shat Stanks said...

3:46 ~ Notwithstanding your clever rebuttal, hello legionnaire.

The wastewater treatment plant in Jacktown is nothing but a toll-bridge and all of us in portions of Rankin and Madison Counties are forced to pay the toll at that bridge. And if you Jacksonians could construct one of those at the city limits, you'd do that too.

Anonymous said...

So, a regional board is the answer? Like the Metropolitian Transportation Board that some members laugh about how they screwed Jackson? Or the Greater Jackson Chamber of Commerce that had a Board all about the suburbs and neglected Jackson? Or how about Hinds County 911 where the law gives Utica the same number of votes as Jackson? Get real, the flood was in 1979 and with the Levee Board and Corp of Engineers we maybe are on the verge of getting some relief from fear of flooding after a private citizen paid to push through a solution. Guess Rankin will go their own way but don't count on the estimates of cost and population being within 20% of the final tab.

Anonymous said...

6:18 am If you are going to use Atlanta as an example, you might should know something about Atlanta and how the incorporated areas are doing vs how Atlanta is doing.
I heard the arguments you are making now in real time.
And, for a short period, Atlanta did have to struggle to adjust, but now it is thriving for the same reason Jackson will thrive.

I keep saying it but y'all are too closed minded to actually look at other capitol cities in the Nation.

The capitol is not going to move or be changed. The hospitals and colleges are not going to relocate. Traffic will become an increasing cost and inconvenience.

And, one day in the next 3 decades, you will be stuck in the suburbs because you can't afford a dwelling, any dwelling inside the city limits!

Anonymous said...

12:57 am Your math formula is horrendously flawed. It's worthy of a junior high student.

You've not noticed the costs associated with running the treatment plant aren't included in the cost you cited.

How did you overlook that you are creating a new bureaucracy? Or, that building costs for such facilities have a history of exceeding initial estimates?

You are going to need ALL the operational water sewer personnel Jackson has, all the chemical costs, all the costs associated with administration and billing but now you'll be dividing those costs yearly by only 100000 people.

That you believe costs will go down in 5 years is ludicrous. What you will be doing is paying more per gallon of water than you currently pay forever!

It never ceases to amaze me how little those who post on this site know about how government, systems, institutions, organizations and corporations actually function!

The devil is in the details, people and the world is complex not simple!

Anonymous said...

I want whatever 8:11 is smoking.

Until there is a massive regime change at many levels of government in Jackson, that will not happen.

Anonymous said...

No one has screwed Jackson but Jackson and Jackson dies more each day.

Anonymous said...

5:32, certainly hope you are not in any kind of decision making position in Rankin County, because you certainly don't know what you are talking about with this subject. If Rankin wanted to put in a new, big development they can certainly do so - at least as far as the treatment of their s**t goes. The Savanna Street plant has plenty of capacity and if Rankin's "big new development" was going to send more s**t across the river, it would be more revenue to the plant's operation. Good for everybody.

The "toll bridge" question is not quite accurate - Rankin and Madison pay a fee for having their waste treatment done. This fee is in accordance with rates that have been negotiated between the two. Years ago they decided to pay this fee (your toll) rather than incur the cost of building and managing their own plant. You don't have to cross the bridge, but you do have to treat your crap. And when the "leadership" of Rankin and Madison made the decision decades ago that they didn't want to build their own plant, Savanna was built to a capacity that would handle all three areas.

The question about the EPA consent decree has very little to do with the treatment plant - the problem is with the collection system and its innundation with storm water causing overflows. The pumping issue at Savanna has been fixed so the "big problems with EPA" comment is a "big red herring". Try again with some other dead fish.

Anonymous said...

8:28 Why don't you run for public office, you seem to know all there is about running these businesses. BTW, the new facility will also forgo $5,000,000.00 a year it is paying to Jackson. Remember, run for public office, or run for the Rankin county line and leave the burden of the sewage fees to your Hinds county neighbors.

Some Turds Float said...

If the City of Jackson is up in arms over a proposal from an adjoining community, survey reveals it must be a pretty damned good plan.

Anonymous said...

If you are one of the poor souls that owns a home in Jackson or Hinds county,it close to too late to get out; but there is still time. By this time next year there will be great tax increase, the City will borrow much money, fees for services will be sky high and the utilities and streets will be unusable. Do not worry about taking a loss on your home it will a greater loss in a year. I am just talking money and health and safety could also take a big hit during that time.

An Island Among Us said...

Who gonna play Frank, Chokwe and Harvey in this movie? And since the movie is based entirely on racism and holdin' folk back, somebody gotta play Bill Minor and Jerry Mitchell.

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