Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ali Shamsid-Deen: Let the white folks leave Jackon

A Circuit Judge doesn't just handle criminal cases, he must also adjudicate those of an economic nature.  Hinds County Circuit Judge candidate Ali Shamsid-Deen penned quite a few racially inflammatory columns in the  Jackson Advocate back in the 1990's.  Here are some choice quotes from a column he wrote on August 6, 1992 that delve more into the economic realm. Enjoy.

"Now about this business of the white folks leaving Jackson if it gets too Black and notice it only gets too Black when they start talking about African-Americans having power. Where would that put us as African-Americans? Will the white folks take the jobs with them if they move? Most of the better paying jobs that are in this city are city jobs, or they are all at the state office buildings dowtown, or the Hinds County administrative offices which are also downtown. There is a city ordinance, which islaw, that requires that a city employee must live in Hinds County. That also includes the police and fire departments. So if the white folks leave and the jobs stay, how will that hurt Jackson's tax base? Will the state legislature move the state capitol, which is Jackson? I don't think so. Jackson is the county seat so the county administrative offices are going to remain in Jackson.

So with the better paying jobs staying in Jackson and the majority of taxes coming from African Americans now, where will this big tax base loss come from?"


Anonymous said...

A good reminder for everyone to get out and vote this Tuesday Nov. 4 for Jeff Weill. No excuses! Get out and vote! Better make a real point of it this Tuesday. Please no one forget! Otherwise this is what you'll get.

Anonymous said...

Flash forward to today and I guess he got his answer.

Anonymous said...

And this former bankrupt wants to be a Circuit Judge. Unbelievable. We can't for heaven's sake let it happen. Especially for the sake of those of us who practice law in Hinds County and would have to appear there and put up with this. A real potential disaster.

Anonymous said...

Jackon! I see what you did.

Anonymous said...

I guess this shows that a black racist is just as illogical as a white racist.

The scary part is that a racist of any color is working as a judge.

Anonymous said...

When will African Americans figure out that politicians are politicians regardless of color. Tell you one thing while they're driving a knife in your back. Vote conservative, don't worry about the color.

Anonymous said...

OK already. Both candidates suck.

Anonymous said...

JJ, I've been reading your recent posts on Ali Shamsid-Deen and had to finally say something - the thought of electing as judge someone with 2 decades of those unbeleiveably radical thoughts floating around in his head should scare everybody to death! Go to the polls Tuesday folks and vote Weill back on the bench - the LAST thing Jackson needs is the junk Shamsid-Deen is selling!

Anonymous said...

No, 2:18
Weill does not suck.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:36 - Seems to be the case isn't it. I suppose that's one way to build your very own Kush nation.

Anonymous said...

I hope economics was not his course of study in college.

Anonymous said...

So we'd have Judge Tomie, Judge Ali Ali In-Free...and isn't LaRooter HatWoman running for some kind of judge's slot, too?

The world has truly gone crazy.

Anonymous said...

"And this former bankrupt wants to be a Circuit Judge."

It's not a bar, apparently, as at least one Delta circuit judge can confirm.

Anonymous said...

It so amazing to me that anyone thinks Weill is a great judge. Did you hear KF's interview with him yesterday when he lied about having James Craig Anderson on the jury of one of his trials a year before he was killed?

Weill wasn't even a judge then. That was Swan Yerger. Weill is exploiting a hate crime to get re-elected. He is hated by the entire bar for his racist and sexist views. Wake up folks.

Anonymous said...

more like jeff weasel

Anonymous said...

This is what many black activist think about democrats. It's spreading.

Anonymous said...

Y'all know that NE Jackson voted for Obama 60/40 in 2012. The district has changed.

Just for fun, enter 39211 into Zillow and see all the "red dots" that indicate homes for sale. Especially in the Northpointe area. Weill's voter base has disappeared since 2010.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if any attorneys who actually practice in front of Weil are endorsing him.. Not including the racist ones who just want a white judge no matter his qualifications. I practice in front of Weil and would probably vote for absolutely anyone running against him.. He is a disaster on the bench.

Anonymous said...

3:36, How do you know when Anderson may have been on a jury prior to his death? He was killed in June of 2011 and Weill was on the bench for 6 months prior to then. Why does it matter precisely when Anderson may have served on a jury? And why slander Weill with your 'racist' crap? Weill has been on church mission trips with an African American church (New Hope) for 15 years (when did 3:36 last go on a mission trip), and regularly serves food to the homeless at Billy Brumfield House (when did 3:36 last help serve the homeless). Reasonble Jacksonians, please ignore this race-bater, get to the polls Tues and get Judge Weill back on the bench or we'll be up to our eyeballs in "3:36ers"!

Anonymous said...

3:36 - What? - "He is hated by the entire bar ..." - please don't pretend to speak for the "entire bar" (if you are even a lawyer) because you certainly don't speak for me or the dozens and dozens of laywers that I have practiced with and around for well over 20 years. Keep Weill on the bench, we've GOT to have him there!

Anonymous said...

Weil is a racist who doesn't know the law and/or doesn't care what it is. And yes, I have lost cases before him and won cases.

Anonymous said...

I have heard he has more judicial complaints than Tomie Green.

Anonymous said...

Weill is not a good judge. He is, at best, a mediocre jurist. That said, he will not be defeated with northeast Jackson keeping him afloat at least another term. Weill has his own racial relations issues.

He is a buddy of KF. Don't expect to see many posts slamming him.

Anonymous said...

Wow! KF, I guess you know who this or these
"haters" are, but I find their remarks to be juvenile and uncalled for. Someone may dislike a candidate without resorting to this type of diatribe. Whoever this is, they will not persuade others to join them with uncivil comments.

Anonymous said...

5:10 is full of shit.

Weill is a great judge St Sh

Anonymous said...

What a frickin moron ali babba is...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
" Y'all know that NE Jackson voted for Obama 60/40 in 2012. The district has changed.
Just for fun, enter 39211 into Zillow and see all the "red dots" that indicate homes for sale. Especially in the Northpointe area. Weill's voter base has disappeared since 2010."
October 30, 2014 at 4:38 PM

'Just for fun', I did exactly as you recommended. The 'for sale' dots are so dense, they're layered over each other, three-deep. Not that there are any bargains. Everybody wants every penny they spent on all those "heartapine floors" and granite countertops. (I bought my Madison house specifically because it had fuss-free stained concrete, and just glanced in the direction of the kitchen before making an offer - so the Formica was IRRELEVANT. Granite? Who CARES?

News for Prynciss Ayshleighhh-Ayinn: all your "special creative touches" that you build into your "dream home" count for ZILCH, when it's time to sell.)

So, since everybody wants top dollar for their ridiculously over-detailed "dream homes", I guess they're mostly STUCK IN JACKSON. I think that's the only thing keeping everybody in Jackson from moving to (and helping RUIN) Madison.

Oh, and it's pricelessly funny, when the listing is for a million-Dollar pile of silly "ideas" (you know, the one with the octagonal turret-topped drive-thru in front... ) on Ridgewood Road, across from Eastover, for Zillow to tell us the names of the neighborhood public schools. Is that to WARN us?

Anonymous said...

Y'all know that NE Jackson voted for Obama 60/40 in 2012.

Incorrect. Not even close, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, enter 39211 into Zillow and see all the "red dots" that indicate homes for sale. Especially in the Northpointe area. Weill's voter base has disappeared since 2010.

First, what does homes for sale have to do with a voter base that you state has already disappeared? If those voters have moved, then it would be likely the homes would no longer be for sale.

Secondly, when one enters 39211 into Zillow, 367 properties appear. When one enters 39110 into Zillow, 719 listings appear. There are over 2000 fewer houses in 39110 than in 39211. It's roughly 3% of the houses listed in 39211 vs about 10% in 39110

Anonymous said...

7:29 --- Which McMansion do you live in, in Madison?

Anonymous said...

8:22 -- Don't throw mathematics and logic into this, for will be WAY over his/her head.

His/her insecurity bleeds through in the comments. Let this person live in their little FORMICA world, content in the knowledge that their McMansion matches everyone else's on the block, and they are insulated from everyone but themselves. I like to call it a self-licking ice cream cone.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, quick, it is time for another Jeff Weill catches big gator story.

With pictures.


Anonymous said...

Ali Shamsid-Deen?
Hmmmm...wonder if his nickname is Sham!

Anonymous said...

KF has done a nice job presenting example after example of racist writings from Ali Shamsid-Deen, which no one has denied or refuted.

I saw the list of endorsements Weill got in last week's Northside Sun. Apparently there is a group of lawyers who don't like presenting cases in his courtroom (aside: who cares?). Strangely, not one of these internet blowhards claiming he's a racist has presented one single bit of writing (similar to Ali Shamsid-Deen's) to back it up.

Put up or shut up.

Willow Dis Here said...

Figures lie and liars figure. Most of the homes in 39110 up for sale are new houses or represent people moving across town to better digs. Nobody is leaving Madison, if that's your vapid suggestion.

Furthermore; if anyone is moving from Madison to Jackson, they're either wearing an apron to work or spending the day at Barnes & Noble.

Anonymous said...

If you look at growth, people are starting to choose Rankin over Madison county. Why be sandwiched between Jackson, East Ridgeland, and Canton???

Anonymous said...

Well, y'all made both candidates sound so unappealing that I decided to check their educational/work backgrounds, associations and the rankings of the law schools they attended.

I looked at what they chose to say about themselves on their sites.

Both have said/written things in the past 24 years that I hope they will have reconsidered with maturity and experience.

Anonymous said...

5:47 -- Someone must be working in those 39211 households............... stings a bit doesn't it? Btw IRS Stats here...........

Anonymous said...

I moved from Madison, which is an inconvenient commute, to Jackson, which is a lot closer to most anything I want to do. Glad I did. And I'm voting for Weill. Not a hard choice. In fact the only choice.

Anonymous said...

8:18--don't bring facts into the perception of Jackson! of course its much better in Madison--that's what we are told to believe.

Anonymous said...

When is that data from from Do you really trust data from a site like as well.

Anonymous said...

Figures lie and liars figure. Most of the homes in 39110 up for sale are new houses or represent people moving across town to better digs. Nobody is leaving Madison, if that's your vapid suggestion.

That's about as ignorant.... well.... as stupid is.

First, 63 homes are new, never-owned homes. That's less than 10% of the total homes for sale and hardly qualifies for most.

Secondly, there is no metric in current data that stipulates a representation of why someone is selling their current home.

Thirdly, yes, people are leaving Madison. In fact, people are leaving Madison and moving to all sorts of places, Jackson being one.

And lastly, I suggested nothing. I merely used factual information to point out the obfuscation. Figures do not lie. They can be misrepresented and/or lied about (like you did), but to the person that doesn't try to force the figures to fit their personal bias or agendas, they're really cute little things. Don't be scared of them. Snuggle up to them and let them keep you warm. It's a much better way than using the fire of hate to do so.

Anonymous said...

The never ending Jackson sucks Madison sucks debate gets very old. All of you dumbasses are to blind to realize that Jackson is a shithole AND Madison is quickly becoming a shithole. The entire greater Jackson area is a shithole. The entire State of Mississippi is a shithole. This stupid bitching about crime ridden Jackson vs overpriced crap in Madison is entirely irrelevant when more and more people are simply leaving the State of Mississippi. Especially the younger generation looking to start a career.

Anonymous said...

9:22 -- well I guess we all do, when it comes from USG stats. IRS filings are used.

Anonymous said...

9:22 (and all your other posts) -- why, oh why are you reading JACKSON Jambalaya? Why don't you start a new site for Madison -- MADISON MUSH or something like that......leave NE Jackson alone. Since you don't pay taxes, nor do you have any vested interest here -- go put on your glass slippers and skip merrily down to Walmart.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:05 - sounds like legitimate stats do sting a bit.

How many results did you have to go back to find what you wanted to see?

Newsflash - old money in 39211 is dying off and the kids are either moving out state or out of NE Jackson.

Anonymous said...

10:43 -- Gosh, I find that interesting, since two new houses were just built on my street, by children of NE Jacksonians, moving BACK to the neighborhood.

How many results??? HMMMM -- GOOGLE --- took about .49 seconds, when I typed in "WEALTHIEST ZIP CODE IN MISSISSIPPI".

Just the facts, mahm. said...

4:38 "Y'all know that NE Jackson voted for Obama 60/40 in 2012. The district has changed."

Lets look at facts, not your b/s.

2012 election - NE Jackson
Obama 6,542
Romney 8,508
Romney 57%

If you want to not count Fondren and Belhaven area as being NE Jackson:

Obama 4,909
Romney 6,943
Romney 59%

Guess you are one of those Obama voters that thinks things should be as you want them to be, rather than what they actually are.

Now take your toys and go back to Madison. But... thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

2:44 - yes, probably an "Obama voter" goes by the name "Dorsey Carson"

Loaded Vans Headed to 39211 said...

9:25, in your haste to defend the hood, you claimed that people are leaving Madison to move to Jackson. Did you pull that from under your apron, out of your Barnes & Noble backpack or out of your ass?

I will stipulate that a few people have moved back into Jackson so they'll be closer to home when they leave Hal & Mal's wiped out (in one fashion or another). Less chance for a DUI.

Love it when people claim statistical data that has no backup.

39211 AND LOVE IT said...

5:09 WHY DO YOU GIVE A SHIFT YES YELLING. You Madison people seriously need to get a life. Nobody has a gun on our head MAKING us live here in the capital city. why are you and your buddies so damned obsessive about our CHIOCE. I LOVE IT HERE. DEAL WITH IT.

We in Jackson don't flood your wonderful city with shit all the time. Good lord give it up.



Anonymous said...

5:57 -- Thanks! The arrogance that permeates Madison is palpable. I live in 39211 and also love it -- they remind me of people in Manassas, VA -- one field after another filled with houses that all look alike. McMansions as mentioned earlier. You see it in the periphery of many metro areas -- row after row of spec houses that all look alike, filled with people who have an arrogant sense of self, and want to condemn anyone who does not affirm their decisions.

For whatever reason, they are VERY intimidated with 39211 --- uncertain why, since we are NOT intimidated by 39110 people. They need to worry about their lives, their taxes, their social issues, their children, etc. Stop worrying about my decisions, worry about YOUR neighbors! When you pay my bills -- you can tell me what you think......until then.....move on.

Anonymous said...

9:25, in your haste to defend the hood, you claimed that people are leaving Madison to move to Jackson

No where did I state nor claim that people are leaving Madison to move to Jackson as any part of a statistical analysis. I simply provided factual information to disprove the lazy attempt to ignore reality.

I stated that people are indeed moving from Madison, and in fact, some of those are moving into Jackson. I don't have the statistics for that, I just have the first hand knowledge of those that I know for a fact moved and/or are moving.

By the way, in your weak attempt at logical fallacy, you openly contradict yourself for one sole reason. In an attempt to disparage someone. You couldn't stay on point with your fallacy long enough just so you could get dig in.

Very, very weak trolling attempts. See if you can disparage others with more cerebral forethought, or just give it some thought beforehand, as you certainly haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

6:53 -- I'm not 9:25, but would like to know what college you "attended"? You sound like one of those black ministers on television, who pulls out every multi-syllabic word he knows, to ensure we all think he's intelligent. Can you rhyme things in your next post?

I believe 9:25 and others have used numbers in support of their argument. PLEASE stop posting -- this is not your fight since you live in Madison/Madison County. I'd worry about your county -- not ours.

Kru Satyr said...

The race mongering of Eric Holder sets an ugly example for Blacks in all levels of Judiciary, but especially those who are already jaded.

Anonymous said...


I am 6:53, 9:25, 8:22 and 8:07

I provided those numbers you alluded to, yet am dumbfounded by your attempt to disparage my comments.

To answer your question, I attended Hinds Community College and the United States Marine Corps. I am quite sorry that you feel inferior due to what you term as multisyllabic words. I don't have to "ensure" you that I am intelligent.

Whether I am intelligent or not doesn't destroy the facts. Whether I can actually articulate the facts in a succinct manner so that you, the reader, can clearly understand my points should be celebrated, in my opinion. But, alas, I am not trying to win an argument, I'm simply trying to be correct.

Quite frankly, give it some thought. Your, clearly stupid, attempt to characterize me simply points to your lack of intelligence. If I was, as you attempted to portray, a glory seeking black minister trying to "ensure" you of my intelligence, i sure as hell wouldn't be doing it anonymously as that would be completely stupid.... but, maybe I shouldn't expect you to understand that.

P.S. - I live in Jackson

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