Saturday, April 26, 2014

Talking up the town... and the election.

Local attorney and talk show host Precious T. Martin opined on the election results on his show Friday night.  The sound was real low. Fast forward to 5:25. Rather interesting show. 

His claim was Yarber only got 40% of the Black vote.  Read into that what you will. "Mayor was elected by white folks". 


Anonymous said...

Not sure how he came up with that number. Also, not sure why it matters unless you build your career as a race baiter.

Those types of comments and attitudes need to be a thing of the past. They are as inflammatory and fracturing as overtly racist terms are.

Anonymous said...

my head is getting ready to explode....i'm gonna have to listen to the rest of this !@#$%^&* is small doses

why are they blasting socrates garrett?!?!

Anonymous said...

i would really like to see a debate between precious martin and kim wade...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he hates all his white neighbors in Bridgewater. Precious wouldn't last a night in West Jackson.

Jxn Voter said...

A big reason Lumumba lost is the people he is cozying up to.

People are sick of this divisive, negative crap. This city needs some unity and positive energy. That's why everyone I know (black and white) voted for Yarber. While Lumumba's camp focused on racial division, mud slinging, lying, and hypocrisy, Yarber rose above it all.

This city is overwhelmingly black and has been for years. This tactic of demonizing whites for everything is tilting at windmills that don't even exist.

Anonymous said...

precious and his "ilk"( da TWINS etc) kinda remind me of the Ross Barnett era---things finally got SOOOO bad w rednecks and fools running the system that the "silent majority SLOWLY awakened and brought about change and RELATIVE sanity (at least for awhile)---we're close to a similar shift 50 years later---keep da faith!!

Anonymous said...

First things first. Precious Martin is a rabid race baiter of the worst order. Who oddly lives in almost lily white Bridgewater and sends his children to almost lily white Jackson Academy.

He calls Soc Garrett a plantation owner and claims that he's rarely seen in public with other black folks. Then Dot Benford calls defending Garrett and Martin hangs up on her.

His numbers are wrong. He's abusing the notion of wards being white or black by taking liberties with the word predominant.

Anonymous said...

Caller calls in to say alot of people are tired of the Tougaloo clique and gets summarily cut off. BOOM!

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell Martin thinks that whites shouldn't have a vote in Jackson.

That really is the bottom line.

The Mayor should only be chosen from amongst the black community.

Anonymous said...

Pull your head out and listen to this Ladd.

Anonymous said...

He lives in Bridgewater??? ROFL


So he abandoned Jackson , can't vote in Hinds County and is all up in our business rather than deal with Madison Co and Ridgeland issues????

He lives in a predominately white neighborhood ( one that is short on Democrats) but doesn't trust white folks who CHOOSE to live in a predominately black city to vote for the best interests of THEIR city???

Why does anyone pay any attention to this guy?

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised 9:48 AM if Martin isn't still registered and voting in Jackson. That is the Donkeycrat way. Bobby Moak has lived full-time in Madison for the past 15+ years but still votes in Bogue Chitto. (There must be some dumb ass voters down there.)

In the clip KF posted Martin openly warns Yarber that in order to be seen as "black" he, Yarber, must be out in Jackson and openly vocal against VoterID. So not only does VoterID have nothing at all to do with fixing the many problems in Jackson now Jackson's new Mayor is the recipient of a litmus test challenge to prove he is on the Martin's side of inflammatory race politics.

When all the Jackson cheerleaders are out spinning about blue skies and the glory of Whole Foods refer them to this on JJ and ask them how anything gets fixed when disgusting individuals like Precious Martin are out there sowing racial discord and open animus in the city.

What is even more pathetic is that no one, NO ONE, calls him out for any of this except Kingfish. No black leaders, no white leaders, none of the progressive nimrods, no white business people, no black business people, nobody in the do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do LGBT crowd. Not Jeff Good or Ben Allen or Brad Franklin, all of whom can't stop flapping their gums. Not the biggest blowhard of all Donna Ladd. Nobody but Kingfish.

Until the people in Jackson stand up to the Precious Martin's then very little will change.

Anonymous said...

It says a lot about the beta male, Precious, that he lives in Bridgewater, 99% white and 99% republican, neighborhood. It's just baffles me that black people register in a political party that held them as slaves and spawned the KKK to keep them from voting. All their ancestors from 1865 through 1960 are rolling over in their graves right now for they were all republicans.

Anonymous said...

11:28 - would disagree with you on the "nobody calls him out" except KF. While your statement is probably true from your favorite choice of spokespeople for Jackson (Good, Allen, Ladd, etc.) it is certainly not true across the board. I'll be glad to name you plenty of folks in Jackson who have called Prescious and his buddies out on his crap - white and black - and not just for his race baiting. He has also been called out by plenty on the crookedness of his ways.

Agree with most everything else in your comments, though.

Anonymous said...

Does Precious have a neurological disorder? It appears that he cannot utter a sentence without stuttering, repeating the first few words several times before his brain catches up with his mouth.
Is there a short-circuit in his thought processes?
Sure comes across that way.
And who was that echo in the background repeating and agreeing with everything Precious said? Must have been someone making sure Precious was understood.
Pore thang....

Anonymous said...

Won't it be a hoot down the road when a sympathetic US POTUS leaks to MS Republicans the phone records of Precious Martin and Donna Ladd.

Anonymous said...

Precious in a back handed way is attempting to paint Yarber as a lap dog for white people.

Problem is...Yarber was and is not the choice of Good and all that is white in Jackson.

Yarber chose to run and worked his ass off. He was not seen taking money from white folks...and you never once saw him at Bravo!

Yarber won the election via his own hard work and through his own political networks.

Bennie Thompson may have met his match.

I have no idea what sort of administration he will have...but if they don't scream "free the land" before every meeting whilst donning dashikis...well it'll be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Since WHEN can't black folks and white folks WORK TOGETHER genuinely, to bring forth a candidate? Thank you for posting the show, I missed it, and as a fairly intelligent black woman, if I didn't know any better, only blacks could vote for blacks and whites must vote only for whites. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't believe so, but this last election demonstrated a LOT to me of what should be! Voters from different demographics, crossing the isles of divisiveness that have been allowed to permeate this society for too long, to vote in a candidate who said, and does show, he's for ALL PEOPLE! Isn't this a good thing? Precious has egg on his face and is Monday morning quarterbacking like a big dog since everyone he and BT has supported, out of animosity and bitterness, LOST. Pure and simple. Precious, it's nice that you're going to get behind Yarber NOW, I guess if you can't beat them, join them, when on last Friday night, like a mischievous, immature juvenile, you played with reckless abandon the "Tony" YouTube tape over and over, talked about how this was supposed to be such a huge threat to your daughter and others. You promoted the website that posted HALF and only a certain portion of the video constantly throughout the show, all to not only affect the race, which you didn't, but to really just drag this man and his family, yeah, his family, through muck and for all your efforts, and the efforts of others, you lost, thankfully. If I were Tony, while I wouldn't alienate you, I'd treat you with the classic long handled spoon, when it would come to advice, etc. On who voted, BOTH BLACKS AND WHITES put Tony Yarber into office. Every black person in Jackson, a good number I might add, did not vote for Chokwe, Jr. Stop that lie. Why do we look for only whites to be progressive? While I understand history, and while I understand the playing field was never level, blacks have to also reach across the isle. What spoke to my spirit when I woke up Wednesday morning was that division failed and a more unified Jackson was successful. There's still more work to do. There's still more partnerships to be gained and voting for Yarber from day one, said to me, in him, I have this choice!

Anonymous said...

5:22 Well said.

Anonymous said...

It's time to leave Socrates Garrett alone. He supported Tony because he saw the potential that Tony has and felt he was the best candidate for Jackson. He was tired of the Detroit crowd running our city…at least he put his money where his mouth is. We need more like him that actually care.

Anonymous said...

...but this last election demonstrated a LOT to me of what should be!

Amen Sister! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thread. Seems 50 years of work by people of good will (black and white) might be beginning to bear fruit. Long way to go but we are standing on the shoulders of many who cared and we must prevail. God wants is to live in harmony on this Earth as well as in the life to come.

Anonymous said...

1:57 The stuttering, pausing, mushmouthed blabber is mighty hard on the ears. Does he talk like that in court? How does he ever win a case? The echo was Malcolm Johnson who claimed to be 'kind of' white. Not.

Anonymous said...

There are probably a modest number of politicos who have multiple registrations. I know of a couple of suburban folk who live outside Jackson but vote here. A larger number of voters live in the city but have failed to update their current residence so they return to their old precinct.

The polity in Jackson plus the several hundred voters from the suburbs went for Yarber because he is the more moderate candidate. Mississippi is a conservative place generally. It was remarkable that Lumumba won last year. The opposition was weak and tainted by Republican support. Yarber was a strong candidate and connected with the larger polity without appearing to be controlled by crossover backing. Almost half of Jackson understands the black nationalist culture of Lumumba. 75% of whites look upon Garveyism like they would hippy culture except with the added animus of racial fear. They understand Detroit better thru music (Motown and house music) rather than the equally influential political culture (Malcolm X and Garvey). The younger Lumumba wants to school us on the application of this Detroit political culture to Mississippi's largest city. He is half the way there. Yarber, himself, was a student of Lumumba and might hybridize the Detroit style himself.

Anonymous said...

The truth is South Jackson captured the mayor's office for once.

Yarber's style is Forest Hill High or Sub Two. He is both a JSU Tiger and Golden Eagle, a genuine product of the Mississippi Piney Woods.

He is a more of a Judge Sutton cowboy than a cultured Black intellectual. If any of Lumumba rubbed off on him, we will see it in his appointments.

Anonymous said...

11:28am You give Precious credibility he doesn't deserve and by being threatened, you empower him.
Precious hasn't read Malcolm X but like you has read what others say he wrote. Precious has no coherent plan or agenda , he rants.
That should be obvious.
Without a reaction, he becomes the crazy guy on the street corner talking to himself.
He needs white bullies and scared white folks emoting and white guys in politics behaving badly to have an " enemy".
With rational leaders like Mayor Lumumba who , like the most of us, matured and gained more wisdom
with age, you can sort through practical solutions with facts and realities.
Philosophies are all well and good but please put them in proper historical perspective. No one has come up with the " be all and end all" philosophy that can be universally accepted and is perfect in application. Even if they did, man's flaws would screw it up. The closest we can get is simply The Golden Rule and being mindful that man is flawed.
So Precious Martin is a flawed man. So what? He's accomplishing nothing.He's inspiring no one but rather selling snake oil and fear and not doing that well.

Anonymous said...

You rock, 5:22. Very well said.

Pappy Odaniel said...

At 22:30 is pretty funny..." what we do if we got two calls at once"... shows what an enormous audience they're reaching

pjmcilwaine said...

what little intelligence i had left just suffered a lethal blow sitting and listening to that guy.

Anonymous said...

what little intelligence i had left just suffered a lethal blow sitting and listening to that guy.

I'm wondering if this guy is really Enoch Sanders wearing a precious suit.....

Anonymous said...

Don't insult Enoch...

Anonymous said...

Abject apologies if I insulted Enoch. Enoch is much more articulate that this turkey and a shining example of sartorial excellence.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, like him or not, Enoch has a REAL pair! Much more respect for him. He's not a rat/snake type...

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