Saturday, June 22, 2013

When will the Rebel lie down with the Bulldog?

Rebel Nation is feeling the butthurt over baseball. The website offered some um, therapy to Ole Miss fans who think they should pull for Mississippi State against UCLA next week. Rebel Nation asked Ole Miss fans to imagine the shoe being on the other foot:

Things No Mississippi State Fan Thinks, Thought or Ever Will Think:

1. “I’m so glad Ole Miss fans are cheering for us in the College World Series.”

2. “I think I’ll start cheering for Ole Miss more often.”

3. “I’m not going to rub this National Championship in every Ole Miss fan I know’s face.”

There are 19 other "things". Enjoy.


Inside Strike said...

Let's not forget that Ole Miss didn't make the trip to Omaha. LSU DID and they got their asses handed to them! Sorry Kingfish. You're an agitator.

clintonrebel said...

most ole miss fans I know are pulling for State. I hope they win. Like I have been telling people, they have some good fans and some jack asses. And so do we (Ole Miss).

Hell, the rest of the country doesn't know the difference anyway. That's the sad part

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am a die-hard, parents-got-married-in-the-Chapel-of-Memories, #HailState Bulldog fan, and I pull for Ole Miss in any game a) that's not against State, or b) where an Ole Miss victory doesn't somehow hurt State in rankings. I have dear friends who are Ole Miss grads and I am happy for them when their team wins, and they are happy for me when State wins.

As ClintonRebel stated, there are good fans and jackasses behind EVERY team. And if fans of Rebels OR Dogs decide to be jackasses, their loss.

Roughneck said...

O le
M iss
A t
H ome
A gain

My favorite

Anonymous said...

Same here 8:36.
This Reb is pulling for the Dawgs.
Damn. it's about the SEC.

TSUN! (tee hee) BLACK BEARS! (tee hee) OLE PISS! (tee hee) said...

There's the difference between Ole Miss and State. State does everything with an eye toward Ole Miss. How many stupid nicknames have they made for Ole Miss (Ole Piss, Mississippi, Black Bears, TSUN, etc.)?

Ole Miss has the Grove, built by God. State has the Junction, manufactured by the lowest bidder in a feeble attempt to emulate the Grove.

A baseball national championship is a fine accomplishment and I hope State wins, but let's be honest. It's a distant third to a football or a basketball NC. Most everyone can name the last five football NCs. Who won the CWS three years ago?

From what I keep hearing, it seems State fans are as eager to rub this in Ole Miss fans faces as anything. It's less about your team's success and more about pointing at Rebels and saying "na na na na na na!"

Again with the constant comparisons to Ole Miss. It's like Coke vs Pepsi. Pepsi constantly compares themselves to Coke, Coke NEVER compares themselves to Pepsi. They don't have to, because they're the standard.

Look above. The Omaha acrostic. State fans are obsessed with Ole Miss. They want to be Ole Miss. Sorry, guys, but a CWS and a reworked malfunction junction don't get it.

Maybe y'all should make up a new nickname for Ole Miss to make you feel better. Oh, and good luck next week. I'll be pulling for your team. I never pull against the SEC, except for the Cult of the Dead Bear.

Respect The Bell said...

6:36; Something you either don't know or fail to recall: TSUN was Mullen's reaction to Nutt referring to Mississippi State as The School To The South of Us. And Ole Piss is simply our meager attempt to respond to your Leghumper insults. Bears? Not much we can do about that. It's your new mascot. We're not the ones who voted for it.

Of course you're the ultimate fool if you really believe Ole Pizzers don't compare themselves to Mississippi State. You don't visit many smack-blogs do you?

Anonymous said...

I understand not liking conference rivals but everyone should get behind a state supported institution.
The coverage will not only bring money to the school, but it's an opportunity to get good publicity for Mississippi.
I'm hearing that everyone in Omaha that isn't a Bruin is pulling for State and they are doing so because State fans are being great ambassadors for our state.
And, the best players want to go to a school in a tough conference that will get them national exposure. It's win-win for the state and the conference if fans and players behave well.
Not only that, but a few parents of top athletes also hope their children will acquire a good education and become more cultured while in college!
Those who aren't supporting State just come across as either negative jerks and jealous poor losers. Wanting State to lose just makes Ole Miss look bad for not teaching their alum how to have some class.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to my neighbor the other day ( a HUGE Ole Miss fan )about our win and trip to the championship game and he refered to Ms State as "our" team in our conversation ! #HAILSTATE !!

Anonymous said...

TSUN (hee hee) etc.

Your argument loses itself when you include "Black Bears" in it - according to all records I can find, y'all named yourself that moniker. Applies also to "Mississippi" although you only put that in the body of your b/s, not in the name.

You think "Black Bears" is a "stupid nickname"? Go talk to your students and the school's chancellor, don't point at what you are obviously obsessed with - the University located in Starkville. (Let's see, I believe that there is an 'obsession' there among Ole Miss fans with their nicknames for MSU, but no need to join in your stupidity by listing them here.)

And your obsession with "The Grove" - gosh damn, if that's all you can point to about your school, you really have a myopic view of life.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, 6:36?

Roughneck said...

To TSUN! (tee hee) BLACK BEARS! (tee hee) OLE PISS! (tee hee):

I attended MSU, my brother graduated from there, my other graduated from UM.

The truth is tha UM calls themselves things they haven't earned. The Harvard of the South? Hardly.

The Grove? Nothing but liberal lawyers that got uber rich off the backs of the people they stole from.

Sorry, UM earns the disrespect they have. Thus, your snobbish and petulent post represents that which is typical of UM.

My favorite um joke about MSU: rednecks turn Maroon in the fall.

My favorite UM joke:

Why can't tOle Miss have a living nativity at Christmas? Because they can't find three wise men or a virgin.

Take your Faulkner, Square Books, dilapidated courthouse, speed limit 18 Hotty Toddy attitude and stuff it.

Anonymous said...

Just last week I was driving down Pinehaven Rd here in Clinton when I stopped for a redlight. Upon pulling off from the redlight a Ford pickup covered in State stickers, drove my me and yelled, Go to Hell Ole Miss (yes I have Ole Miss stickers on my vehicle). I did not know this person and found his remark totally uncalled for. I'm sure some Ole Miss people do this also but it just shows their lack of upbringing and makes them look like the trash they are.

Kingfish said...

Mississippi State guy, Southern Miss guy, and Ole Miss metro are standing by a cow pasture. Cow walks across the pasture and gets tangled up in the bob-wire fence to the point its rear end is showing.

Southern Miss guy says "damn, I wish that was Marissa Miller." Ole Miss metro says "nope, I wish that was Scarlett Johanson." Mississippi State guy stamps his feet on the ground several times and says "damn, damn, DAMN, I wish it was dark!"

Anonymous said...

Know the difference in an Ole Miss alum driving a brand new Mercedes and a porcupine?

The porcupine has the prick on the outside

Anonymous said...

How many Ole Miss grads does it take to change a light bulb?

6. One to change the bulb, and 5 to sit around and talk about how great old bulb use to be.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell if a LSU football player has broken into your house?

Your garbage is eaten, your toilet needs flushing, and your dog is pregnant!!!

Ruffnaick said...

Hoo-wee, Tammy! If we win that game we'll be so much better'n TSUN. I done writ me a new joke:

O le
M iss
A in't
H ad
W in

Git it? That's a goodun! I really done got them preps from Ole Piss (hee hee).

If we win, I promise I'll put on my best Members Only jacket an we'll go fer a fancy dinner at Western Sizzlin. Be sure ta wear the maroon State tank top that shows off yer tattoos, Tammy.

Ring that cowbell!

Anonymous said...

All of you who are cracking yourselves up with the insults and bad jokes -- you kind of remind me of that Alabama guy who named his daughter Crimson and poisoned those trees at Auburn. Creepy and redneck.

If the only way you can show your pride for your school is to insult others' schools, then the problem is YOU. You are the guy the athletic association will accept money from, but who they really don't want showing up at parties. You are the guy who acts as if you are on a first-name basis with the coach, but you get awkwardly blown off at the next fan event. You are the type of fan who is most likely to end up "disassociated" after an NCAA investigation.

You aren't making your school look good, you are making yourself look sad.

I am a Mississippian. I will be cheering for Mississippi State, Ole Miss, USM, JSU, the Fighting Okra, Alcorn, Valley, the "w," Milsaps, Belhaven, MC, Blue Mountain, Rust, and any/every community and/or junior college within our borders because when one of us does well, it's good for ALL of us.

When the rest of the country has made slamming on Mississippi an Olympic sport, why ON EARTH would any of us act as immature?

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing element to an otherwise exciting week for MSU is the Clarion-Ledger's final gasp as a real newspaper. Yes, this is a big deal, but it's a SPORTS big deal. There is a sports section, for goodness sake. Every day for a solid week, 75% or more of the C-L front page has been CWS, with the low point being the totally pointless article about beards and movie stars. I am as proud as the next Mississippian for what's happening in Omaha, but we have a MEDICAID CRISIS ON OUR DOORSTEP, EDITORS!!!!! And a ton of national and international stories which need to at least be mentioned. Put CWS in your front page banner and direct the stories to the sports section. The C-L has lost their last thin shred of respectability this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh contraries 6:51. I think it has been cool with a capital K.

But - but - but the junction is just as good as The Grove!!!! said...

OK, dumbasses, I know this is very hard to grasp for those of you who spent four years learnin' to cipher in Starkville, but Ole Miss has never been called the Black Bears. No one at Ole Miss has ever officially referred to the team as the Black Bears. Ole Miss has always been the Rebels. The Bear is simply the sideline mascot.

It has always been other schools, chiefly State fans, who have employed the name purely as a pejorative. I know it's difficult for the 15-on-the-ACT crowd, but it's an important distinction.

Ole Miss is about culture.

Mississippi State is about agriculture.

bill said...

Sports is about 80% love of the game and 20% love of a team. For the 20% who love their teams there's bound to be some level of distaste for their rival teams. I grew up in Oklahoma and spent a good portion of my adult life in Texas, and we only think we have an intense rivalry here between Ole Miss and MSU. Bragging rights for a state are important, but when you play pretty much every year for bragging rights for the country the rivalries hit a whole new level. I'm like 12:34 above in that I cheer for all of our state teams. My boy is going to MSU next fall, but I'll be cheering for Ole Miss every week except Thanksgiving. Those of us who take adult perspectives on games will just have to learn to tolerate those who don't.

Anonymous said...

11:35 for 26 years MSU's entrance ACT scores have been higher by almost an average of 1 point, than those of UM.. Bad example.

clintonrebel said...

these type of threads bring out the worst of both groups. like I said, nobody in the other 49 states really knows the difference or cares. still hoping for a win for our state this week.

Anonymous said...

MSU fans are not obsessed with TSUN fans...we are making fun of you. As stated earlier in this thread, the TSUN moniker was a result of Nutt trying to compare Ole Miss to Virginia and its "the university of.." bullshit commment. The Bears nickname, is laughable. Absolute stupid move, created and executed by your administration. You deserve the ridicule.

Anonymous said...

I married into State, so am burdened by default, and can only add what I see are objective observations about this rivalry.

UM fans attend a university that could only exist in Mississippi. No one who graduates from UM gets activity recruited from any law firm outside this state. Mr. Scruggs is a fine example of the kind of lawyers produced at your fine institution of higher education. Most women who attend your institution of higher education attend in order to get an MRS degree.

Say all you want, UM is delusional if they think they are the Harvard of the South. That title probably belongs to UVA, a college that could well exist in any other state, as opposed to UM.
State may not be as glamorous as the graduates of UM may think, but State actually produces, as end users, of things people need, like engineers, and agriculture. Think about that the next time you cross a bridge over a highway or go to eat in your local restaurants....

Anonymous said...

11:02, think about Ole Miss the next time you need a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the ACT score generally required to get into Harvard is 32 or higher. At UM it's 19.

People outside the state understand what this difference means :-)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to MSU Bulldogs in tonight's game and good luck to win the championship. Anybody who loves baseball is happy to see a Mississippi team do so well.

Anonymous said...

12:00 UMMC accepts roughly equal numbers of applicants from UM and MSU. Your point?

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted people are displaying such craniorectal inversion over this topic (note: NOT THE SAME AS JACKASSERY).

Any time a group of Mississippians rise to the national stage is a good thing for everyone in the state. Talented kids can go to either school, at an affordable price, get a good education, make some career connections, and get launched successfully into the world. Along the way a few of them will play sports, and a tiny handful may pursue that to a pro sports career.

My paycheck includes the words "University of Mississippi" but I am delighted to root for any Mississippi team that reaches a national final, and reflects positively on the state. The foolishness of some nasty losers on this blog just confirms the unpleasant stereotypes 49 other states have about Mississippi.

All these student athletes deserve our support and encouragment [that statement null and void on Thanksgiving :-)]

Anonymous said...

Totally pulling for State this week even though I graduated from Ole Miss.

But, to sum up the difference between the schools all I had to do was eat at Sombra this weekend. Two tables next to us. One with a State hat wearer and one with an Ole Miss hat. Guess which one took their hat off in the restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, someone took off their hat. Aren't we ready dinner at the White House... As for UM, I would have become a proctologist if I wanted be around that many assholes.

Anonymous said...

Man you State guys are dense, 1:38. Let me spell it out for you. Who runs UMMC? Here's a hint. It's called UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Medical Center.

Likes A Fresh Front Page said...

6:51: Give the Clarion Ledger a break. Finally they've moved Jerry Mitchell and his racist drivel off the front page, if only for most of a week.

Soon enough Mandella will be dead and all they'll publish for ten days is what we owe to Mandella's reverse racism. Mitchell will opine endlessly, Minor will quote Jesse and an intern or two will Google up something else for the script writers to misspell.

There's no percentage in the Clarion publishing more drivel about medicaid. Those that can do anything about it are meeting in special session and those that have opinions are studying the front page of the paper to develop them. Half the friggin' state is on the welfare medicaid program. You want another 400k on it. Go to the capitol and protest.

Go Dogs. Fear the Beard. Respect the Bell. Clanga Lang for the first national title this state (at division 1-A) has had a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

4:47 - this is 1:38 here. I already noted my paycheck contains the words "University of Mississippi", and that is followed by the words "Medical Center". I actually have input into who gets to attend in hopes of becoming a doctor.

News flash: neither UM nor MSU is considered superior to the other by those who evaluate the applicants. Winners and losers have come from both (and many other colleges). I actually do understand your point, but if you comb your hair right nobody will notice it.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice for Ole Miss fans to cheer for other state teams (MSU); however, the Ole Miss graduates (not fans) that I know generally do not. It says something about a person when they cheer for an out-of-state team over their home state teams. Somethings just can't be taught I guess.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Ole Miss fans keep me chuckling. Do you really think it matters whether we pull for State or not? We are sitting behind a screen 800 miles away, they can't hear you anyway. State fans are in Omaha and we are not. Not sure why that means you have to insult them, makes you look petty given our track record on the big stage.

Kingfish said...

Need to worry about the UCLA pitching and UCLA getting in their heads. Had them chasing pitches. First part of the game weren't working the pitcher. They were playing UCLA's game last night.

Can't power hit in that park. I know state has but look at the stats for this year's CWS. Its a different game and a small ball team like UCLA has an advantage in that park. Just have to have the players focus on hitting line drive singles instead of trying to get big hits.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis , KF

Wish everyone was focused on the game as both teams have much to commend them.

I just can't believe the silliness between some of the fans above.

I can only hope none of the posts attempting to make distinctions between the schools so as to make theirs appear better actually graduated.

If they are alums, both schools need to eliminate the A**hole 101 course and replace it with Etiquette 101 and require a course in social skills.

If you or your school really is superior, you don't have to tell anyone. The results and ratings speak for themselves. Defensiveness is a sign of weakness not strength since some of you missed philosophy and/or psychology courses.

And, here's a news flash, the defense isn't always a good offense, as UCLA is proving.

I caint wait ta brag ta Ole Piss bout our champeenship! said...


Anonymous said...

OH WELL. At least we were there and not OMAHA.

Now knee jerk and fire your coach.

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