Tuesday, April 2, 2019

LOOK AT ME!!! (Video)

"Cyclops, if any mortal human being asks about the injury that blinded you,
tell them Odysseus destroyed your eye, a sacker of cities, Laertes’ son, a man from Ithaca."
The Odyssey

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey issued the following statement.

Beau Rogel

Monday April 1, 2019 Deputies arrested Beau Alan ROGEL after he posted a YouTube Live video of himself driving across Spillway Road from Rankin County to Madison County in excess of 180 miles per hour. ROGEL is a self-proclaimed YouTube celebrity and has posted videos of himself violating numerous traffic laws and showing absolutely no respect for the general motoring public.

In one video posted by ROGEL, he is stopped by Rankin County Deputies after driving recklessly on Old Hwy 471. He can be seen and heard on the video denying the actions he had just recorded.

YouTube is not the first means of social media used by ROGEL to incriminate himself. Sheriff’s Investigators were provided FaceBook screen shots of ROGEL possessing numerous weapons. In some of the threads, he is trying to sell or trade weapons and in others he is simply displaying the weapons.

In January 2018, ROGEL contacted the Sheriff’s Department in reference to his vehicle being burglarized where cash and a handgun were stolen.

ROGEL was sentenced to six years imprisonment in 2010 for a 2009 Rankin County embezzlement charge. That is not ROGEL’s only felony arrest. ROGEL has an extensive criminal history with felony arrests in, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi for larceny related charges.

ROGEL’s status as a convicted felon prohibits him from possessing firearms. ROGEL’s criminal status has not stopped him from possessing weapons, and advertising his possession of weapons and his disregard for the law on social media.

Christina Rogel
Based on the photos posted by ROGEL of his weapon possession and his video of himself operating his vehicle in such a reckless manner, a search warrant was issued for his residence and vehicle. When deputies arrived at his Rankin County home to execute the search warrant, ROGEL was not home, but his wife and child were present.

His wife, Christina Ann ROGEL, was arrested on scene for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. This was after she attempted to block deputies from executing the search warrant and lied about ROGEL’s whereabouts in an attempt to help him avoid arrest. While on scene executing the search warrant, ROGEL drove up and was arrested without incident. Deputies did recover two weapons from the residence and charged ROGEL with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon as well as reckless driving.

The 2017 Ford Mustang, driven by ROGEL during the YouTube video was also seized pursuant to the search warrant in order for Investigators to download data from the vehicles onboard computer.

ROGEL had his initial appearance Tuesday April 2, 2019 in Rankin County Court before Judge Kent McDaniel. ROGEL was given a $20,000 bond for his charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Christina ROGEL received a $2,000 bond in Rankin County Justice Court for her charges.

ROGEL’s felony charge will be handed over to the Rankin County District Attorney John “Bubba” Bramlett for prosecution. ROGEL will be presented to the Rankin County Grand Jury.


Anonymous said...

Catch and release until someone dies, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Head out on the highway-
looking for adventure...

Anonymous said...

You can't fix STOOOOOPID!

Chuck Yeager said...

Just because he is saying 150, 160, ...180, 190 does NOT men he is going that fast. Were he actually going that fast, he would have overtaken those vehicles at a much quicker rate.
And remember, he "claims" to be doing this in a Mustang.

Anonymous said...

At least they weren't living in sin.

Anonymous said...

Dude also had some big money jacked up F350 and a video dogging the shit out of it pulling a truck out of the median on the interstate slinging mud everywhere. Then Instagram post of him basing it because the transmission tore up. Almost immediately after the truck was “stolen” in Texas and someone found it in about 8” of water(not enough to hurt it) and not attempt to reverse it out and still running. Textbook attempted insurance fraud case. He’s been involved in some other suspect insurance cases before.

Anonymous said...

Career criminal.

Anonymous said...

Is the mustang black? If so pretty sure I saw the dumb SOB (or someone cut from the same cloth) trying to do that same crap a few months ago on the spillway.

Anonymous said...

I’ve driven 165 mph and this video does not seem show him going near that fast imo.

120 maybe

Not 180

Anonymous said...

If only people like this would kill themselves before they kill someone else.

Anonymous said...

Some people will do anything to get to Madison County, the land of milk and honey.

Anonymous said...

F him. Lock him up and throw away the key. Gotta love rankin justice cause you already know they are going to do just that lol. That idiot could easily kill somebody.

Aint Happenin' said...

Not that I've ever gone that fast, but I've been told and it is widely accepted that the "skip whites" (white stripes in the center of the roadway) take on the appearance of a solid white line at 130 mph.

No way dude was doing 180 mph. He must have flipped the display on the speedo to kilomters/hr. in which case 180 kmh would be about 112 mph.

Anonymous said...

typical rankin county methhead stud muffin wannabe badass. god must love these types cause he makes so many of them. you can bet he has a yeti cooler sticker on his truck. hey badass, we are all looking forward to your tough guy performance before the rankin county circuit court and DA bramlette. maybe you can make a video of that to and watch it while doing time in parchmen and waiting for release so you can become a reality tv star.

Anonymous said...

i can tell you the defense to the gun charge. his roadweary wifie will say the guns the house belong to her and hubby didn't even know they were in the house. any woman like her who wears a confederate flag bikini is gonna stand by her man. rainkin county is brimming over with this type of white trash drug addicts and thats exactly what i moved to , not just another county or state, but to another country .

Anonymous said...

What an IDIOT! Its only fun until someone dies. . .then it gets really SERIOUS. I hope he learns something from this - otherwise it may just be a matter of time before someone gets killed by this IRRESPONSIBLE IDIOT.

Louis LeFleur said...

"...but his wife and child were present."

Child?! It's too late! He's already bred!

Anonymous said...

He's going to be pissed when he finds out Affliction doesn't make jail jumpsuits.

Fortress Leader said...


I see this life
Like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
In my faces flashing signs
Seek it out and ye shall find
The old, but I'm not that old
Young, but I'm not that bold
And I don't think the world is sold
I'm just doing what we're told
I, feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I, feel something so wrong
But doing the right thing
I could lie, could lie, could lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

One Republic Counting Stars. My Lifetime favorite song

Anonymous said...

This guy is a grandiose narcissist entitled man child on steroids and then some. I seen a video of him in his lexus suv plowing into the back of a car with little to no reaction like nothing happened while the car in front of him shot off like a rocket that he hit. I knew of a guy just like him but in a tamer way that wouldn't go that far but he would screw 5-7 women a week like your typical narcissist and would speed but without trying to kill someone. Beau Rogel doesn't care about you if he plowed into your family or friends vehicle killing people then he would go off to blame the family and use his kids as a an escape route to feel sorry for himself like the typical narcissist would. Beau Rogel also likes to brag about the money he has claiming he has $200k worth of ford accessories in his garage lol BS the guy has an ebay account and only sold about 8 items within this year and has just over 100 listings he does not have $200k worth ford accessories he is such a bser. If you're going to act like a narcissist like the guy I knew then you'll have to own your own business like he does other than that working for an employer being a narcissist does not mix.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rogel, were your two young sons in the car with you when you decided it would be wise to go 180mph across the Spillway ? No ? Well, mine were probably in my car, and you could've killed them, you f*cking idiot.

Anonymous said...


Always somebody else's fault. Here is his "excuse", I mean update. Sounds like he's a whiney b*****!

Side note, he loves to hear himself talk.

Anonymous said...

He has the right to remain silent...but not the ability. (And a tip of the hat to Ron White for that gem.)

Squirrel Master said...

I can tell he is the kind of guy that like to project that he is some sort of Billy badass. But when he is in the free world he yearns for the sordid late night rendezvous in cell block D. Why else would he keep going back?

Anonymous said...

They should cut his balls off and let him suffer for a week. Then put a gun to his head. That’s how we stop this. But Noooooo!

PittPanther said...

That is absolutely SWEET!


Anonymous said...

King, why are you giving this dangerous imbecile publicity when it seems that is the most important thing to him in his accomplishment-free existence? The world would probably go on turning if you just deleted this whole thread.

Anonymous said...

To the guy saying above he has alot of money no he does not the only reason why he has those toys aka new f350 jacked up that he tore up and his so called wifes shelby gt350 it's because his parents own Rogel ford in Crystal Springs, MS. Beau Rogel brags like he makes over 100k year which he might have have in the past but the guy lives a high roller posh lifestyle spend, spend, spend and never save or put money away just blow money to keep up with the jonses and his wife doesn't work either but Beau claims he has $200k in FORD OEM parts inventory yet I googled their business and they have about 133 products on ebay and nothing is really selling from viewing their listings and feedback. The FORD OEM parts that he has came from his daddy's Ford dealership and his dad shut him off and if it wasn't for daddy Beau would have nothing. Here is a video of him talking crap about his dad Carl Rogel who owns Rogel ford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAh_e-kRxhU there it all is in a nutshell. The crazy part about Beau Rogel is he brags about taking care of his wife and kids #1 yet his boss gave him an ultimatum to keep the job or livestream on youtube while on job and he chose to quit his job to do youtube social media which means he doesn't care about his 2 kids or wife and look what it has led him and his wife being arrested yet he is blaming it on "trolls" when it was all his doing not the "trolls" lol. Eventually his youtube will be shut down or he will be in jail making no money. He also talks down to his wife like a dog and yet she bends over to him and it seems like alot of women love the narcissistic badboy these days which they say they don't but they do.

Anonymous said...

The guy's a sociopath, for sure. Completely self-absorbed, manipulative, trolling for sympathy - just going on and on about himself. No wonder his parents don't want anything to do with him.

Anonymous said...

to april 3 @8:41........hold the phone mr censorship. putting out the word about drug addicts and wannabe badasses in rankin county is exactly what need to be done. rainkin county, especially the reservoir area, is full of punk ass drug addicts and troublemakers just like this guy. its more dangerous than jack town. the difference here in rankin is that most people are afraid of people like this guy and refuse to come forward they he threatens or endangers him. dont ever be victimized by punks like this . get a gun and learn to use it. the cops cant protect everybody all the time.

Anonymous said...

go to youtube and put in beau rogel and watch this piece of white trash talk his line of bs. its literally surreal. he runs his mouth about the incident described in this thread. i got news for you people out there. if you move to the rankin county side of the reservoir, this is the kind of junkie, methhead, white trash you have to deal with from one day to the next. his type are everywhere . mostly driving around drunk or high and looking for trouble. dont take my word for it. go for a bike ride or a walk and see how many times you get harassed and intimidated by some junkie thug in his pickup truck festooned with stickers that say costa, yeti, glock , browning, and the like. people like this thug see cyclists or pedestrians as "in their way".

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