Friday, April 19, 2019

You Geaux, Girl!

Imagine the surprise a woman felt when she dropped her truck off at the shop for repair only to see a dealership employee joy-riding in her truck later in the day? Peggy Thompson was quite shocked to see a Mac-Haik employee doing just that recently.  However, this being 2019, she did what most people today would do: she took pictures of the joy-riding with her Iphone and posted it for all to see on Facebook - in the public section, of course:

That moment you see a Mac Haik employee test driving your Dodge down Lakeland Dr TAILGATING another vehicle. 

  Peggy decided she would not be a victim but instead, took off after her truck:

 I followed him to see if my truck would make it back in one piece because I know it doesn’t stop on a dime and at this point I just wanted him out of it. 

The destination of his violation surprised her even more as she couldn't believe her eyes: 

That idiot takes it to Lowe’s shopping and I waited 20 minutes for him to come back out.

Yes, he took it to Lowes. She had enough and took action:

I call Mac Haik and ask them where my truck is and they of course make excuses when I finally lose it and tell them exactly where it is!!! 

 Well then what did I do?
 Peggy admits seeing a car dealership employee driving her vehicle to Lowes outraged her.  Most of us have reached that boiling point but few remain calm enough to take the path chosen by Peggy: 

Ya know.... every now and then I get crazy. I will own that. I found my spare key out of my purse and I steal MY OWN DODGE from Lowes parking lot cause ya see I’m a Home Depot kinda girl anyway. Here comes ol dummy... swinging his shopping bag and I never checked up. 

Peggy took off in her OWN truck, stranding the Mac Haik employee at Lowes.  Hey, he wanted to go to Lowes so bad, he can stay there awhile, right? She continued:  

He never looked up. He just stopped and stood in the parking lot. I left him in the parking lot stranded. 

Peggy took her complaint directly to management: 
It wasn’t pretty when I drove up to Mac Haik. I lost my crap. Do you know what they finally had to say? They offered to “Service my Dodge for free if I kept this off social media.” That is what you have to say? Really? 

PLEASE SHARE!!! Do NOT trust Mac Haik. Do not mess with my family, my animals, my money, or my truck. Nobody drives Big Bertha like that. Nobody.

 The Manager said the employee was fired and the service manager was suspended. 


Anonymous said...

I CANNOT STAND MAC HAIK - I have met the man and he is the epitome of a used car salesman. I was so upset to hear that Watson sold out to him (just like I was with Harreld); however, I am very happy for both Harreld and Watson having been able to build amazing dealerships with exceptional reputations and then be able to live the American dream and sell those businesses for a huge profit. But I am afraid Mac Haik will ruin the Watson car buying experience - in fact, I know he will. I have bought 4 vehicles from Watson and the experience was always great but Mac Haik will never earn my business. I am just glad that he at least had enough sense to finally let the Gluckstadt incorporation move forward. It took him way too long to figure out that his opposition was not a good for business.

Anonymous said...

Vehicle was there for repair. Did it need to be driven then set idle to diagnose the problem?

Anonymous said...

typical of absentee ownership

Anonymous said...

She should have got in her truck at Lowes and never called Mac Haik! It would have been interesting when they called her to let her know they had lost her truck!

Anonymous said...

Watson ran a dang good dealership. Haik and his group are morons (rich ones obviously). I hope that Robert Watson can straighten out the Haik dealerships in central Mississippi. Harreld has always been a lazy dealership. I don't think Haik Gluckstadt is doing well since they bought Harreld.

Anonymous said...

1:41 are you stupid or blind. The lady said the guy went to Lowe’s and went shopping.

Anonymous said...

That is a great story!

Karma is a Biatch said...

@1:56 pm - Yes! I like it. It would be very entertaining to watch that scenario unfold. Methinks that Haik management would claim that it was stolen off the lot, and that they aren't responsible.

Asking her to not put it on social media for payment is, well, bribery, is it not?

You go girl, and keep the social media posting going.

Anonymous said...

Have been to Mac Haik in Flowood for service on my Jeep several times over the last couple years, hoping for a better experience each time, but customer service has almost always been terrible. They either won't call to update you on your vehicle, they don't do what you asked them to do, or something else. Won't be going back.

Kingfish said...

When Haik took over Flowood, Christmas bonuses were removed, quotas/commissions were changed to where reps had to sell many more cars to make what they made before. Needless to say, turnover in a turbulent industry began.

Anonymous said...

Just this week a young lady at work bought a Jeep Cherokee from the dealer at Collins $5,000 cheaper than exactly the same vehicle at Haik. True story.

Anonymous said...

This has to be in Rankin right? A woman driving a dually? And stalking her dually? This would never happen in Flora or Gluckstadt, the remaining Oasis in mid Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Haik Flowood is a joke. Service is terrible and they blow you up wanting to “pay top dollar for your 3-4 year old vehicle if you trade in our outright buy”. You call them and they low ball you. Promtly got rid of my wife’s Chrysler vehicle and into a Toyota. Told Mack Haik to never call me again after claiming to do a recall and not doing it.

Anonymous said...

2:32 yes she’s from Rankin county and drives a dually. Her sons rodeo. Believe it or not, there are quite a few ladies who drive dually’s and other diesel trucks in Madison County. They were there before all the pseudo mini mansions, loafers, and golf carts showed up.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:32 the county seat of Madison county is still Canton. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Haik bought Watson out. I'll never shop for another Ford there. I guess next he will buy the Ford place in Brandon. Then I'll drive as far south on 49 as I need to in order to find a dealership this clown does not own.

Anonymous said...

Still better than Carmax.

Justice for Mac said...

Mac is a decent, honorable man that doesn’t deserve this. He handled the situation with manager and fired the rogue employee. What the hell else is he supposed to do?!?? You little ass clowns are just jealous of his success.

Anonymous said...

Auto theft applies in this case. He did not have permission from the owner to go shopping in her truck.

Mississippi Code Title 97. Crimes § 97-17-42.

Anonymous said...

Mac Haik sounds like a recent Buick dealership in Mobile where I went in for what I thought was routine oil change, etc. The shyster called me back and said my water pump was leaking and the time belt cover had a minor oil leak. Told him to just do the oil change and I would have my local dealer look at the car. Suffice it to say that my local dealer did not find any evidence of those problems and miraculously my car has not even needed an ounce of engine coolant added. Watch out for these shady dealers!

Anonymous said...

If the salesman was fired, why not the sales manager, or the general manager? They knew the employee had left the dealership and was gone for almost an hour.

Haik came to town thinking he could out-draw Matt Dillon. He's shot his wad in this community.

Anonymous said...

If you're in the market for a Dodge product, check out Superior Five Star in Camden Arkansas or if you want the best deal in the USA check out Dennis Dillion, people fly in every day and drive home in their new Ram.

Anonymous said...

@5:37 PM - thanks for your input, Mr. Haik.

Anonymous said...

"Mac is a decent, honorable man that doesn’t deserve this. He handled the situation with manager and fired the rogue employee. What the hell else is he supposed to do?!?? You little ass clowns are just jealous of his success."

Except for the fact that Mac Haik knew nothing about this until the heat got turned up and one of his lawyers called him. When was the last time he set foot in one of these metro dealerships? You're the 'ass clown' for suggesting HE handled it.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone in this state even think of criticizing a former Ole Miss Rebel football player. Mac Haik was a great player for the Rebels and therefore is immune from criticism. So, just get that great Mac Haik feeling and shut up!

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

"Auto theft applies in this case. He did not have permission from the owner to go shopping in her truck.

Mississippi Code Title 97. Crimes § 97-17-42". At the minimum, Trespass less then larceny, unauthorized use, still a Felony.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, car dealerships. Are service reps on commission? Recently took my car to HERRIN-GEAR BMW for service. Got a call from service rep with a litany of "needed" repairs. One, a computer update that would improve gas mileage and performance. Cost $125. Hmmm. Checked BMW site and after putting in vin no. it said no updates. Furthermore it said don't update if you can avoid because of unintended consequences. Service rep had no ans. Other stuff just as dubious. Woman who checked me out first wanted me to "upgrade" my car, ie, buy a new one.

Same dealership earlier, someone had gone thru console and taken 3 dollar bills, leaving a phone wire hanging out(so I knew the box had been opened at the dealership). I mentioned it to rep. He assured me he would report it to mgt and I would get a call. Surprise....nothing.

Dealerships are typically a magnet for a certain type of person, although there are exceptions.

Anonymous said...

You drive around with 3 dollar bills in your console. I've got some 2 dollar bills but have not seen any in the denomination you had. Be thankful there was no pistola in your consola.

Anonymous said...

Some people refer to auto dealerships as "stealerships".

Why they do that?

Kingfish said...

Yes, they have service sales reps who get paid commissions. That is all they do 8-5, call past customers and promote their services. Some even have quotas.

Frank Griffin said...

I've had wonderful experiences at Watson Ford for years, both sales and service. I know nothing about Haik, but I was not happy to see any changes at Watson. Robert, Elliott Thomas and the service guys--if they're still around then maybe we'll be ok. I'm about due for some maintenance, so I'll be hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Just going to toss this out there, but good ol' Mac is a Texas car dealer with a VERY bad facelift and who by virtue of his Mississippi birth has decided to screw folks in multiple states. He is, was, and always will be a guy from whom I'd not buy anything of value, especially a car, new or used. If you are an Ole Miss jocksniffer, I'm sure you disagree.

As a further reason not to deal with Haik, most large MS dealerships are in on the arbitration bullshit, so if you buy from Haik you have to sign an arb agreement. Go to a FL or a non-AA LA dealer.

Anonymous said...

Dealerships do this all the time to simulate normal driving in order to diagnose issues or verify a fix. How would the owner react to an 4 hour, $400, test drive bill. That two people got fired because the manager didn't have the balls to explain it, or the trcuk owner was so hysterical as to not listen is sick.. Two men lost their job because of unreasonable people.

Anonymous said...

Mac Haik is getting internet famous! This is posted at Jalopnik.

Anonymous said...

There’s a difference in test driving a vehicle to check for mechanical problems but it is quite another issue when the technician stops by Lowe’s for a quick shopping trip in someone else’s vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such outrage! I view this situation basically the same as valet parking your vehicle..often vehicles are taken to a larger parking facility, off premises. If I’m not mistaken, the waiver I sign upon dropping my vehicle off for service gives permission to test drive. Personally, I’d welcome a technician to drive, stop, and restart for proper functioning, and yes, that includes making a run to Lowe’s. This whole thing is much ado about nothing, and reeks of “entitlement”. It’s sadly amusing that many comments are recommending the vehicle owner push toward legal action, seek revenge, and/or, a new truck!
I’m thankful I don’t focus or sweat the small issues!

Anonymous said...

You dorky sales reps are being intentionally obtuse. A signed release giving the dealership employees permission to 'test drive the vehicle' does not include tooling off down Lakeland Drive and spending thirty minutes inside a hardware store shopping.

No, 3:29, you might not sweat the small issues - you just make shit up. The only 'entitlement' being 'reeked of' is that of a jackass employee and his manager who assumed they could use a customer's vehicle and gasoline for personal business.

Anonymous said...

"Vehicle was there for repair. Did it need to be driven then set idle to diagnose the problem?"

Rather difficult to 'set idle' when you're checking out the propane and charcoal inside Lowes for thirty minutes.

Anonymous said...

Mac Haik has probably only stepped into the Metro area dealerships 1 time and that is when they opened under his banner.

He does not live in Mississippi and never travels there. He owns so many other businesses in Houston, TX that he has ALMOST NOTHING to do with the car dealerships any longer and hasn't for years.

To the ones that say they have met him I would love to know when and where. I have met him several times and have attended several of the same events that he and his family attended and he has never come across as any type of used car salesman to me (even though I wouldn't buy a vehicle from his dealerships) at anytime nor has he ever talked about his dealerships. He is normally discussing his restaurants and all of the real estate that he owns (a lot).

I hope she takes that dealership to the cleaners and hits it so hard that it is forced to closed or at least downsize to the point it doesn't matter to anyone else in that market any longer.

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