Saturday, April 20, 2019

Gluckstadt Glitch?

It looks like the Gluckstadt incorporation is not a done deal, after all.   Peco Foods and Ron Hutchinson filed notices of appeal yesterday in Madison County Chancery Court.  Attorney Bob Montgomery represents Peco Foods while attorney Sheldon Alston, SR represents Mr. Hutchinson.  Chancellor James Walker approved the incorporation of Gluckstadt recently.


Anonymous said...

What does peco foods have to do with this?

The Ice Man Cometh said...

Surprised Peco Foods isn't running a low profile considering the fact that most of its employees are what some refer to as 'undocumented workers'.

Anonymous said...

Read the fine print. They are only appealing "...the Court's award of the City of Canton's Proposed Annexation Areas 1 and 2."

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

12:33 Peco has two plants. One on Feather Lane near the Walmart within the city limits of Canton and the other is on West Fulton Street just outside of the city limits. It is directly next to the nasty azz trailer park where the bulk of it's Hispanic or as 5:34 refers to "undocumented workers", work force lives. Both the Peco and trailer park will end up in the grasp of the city with the current deal. Doc Truly wants Peco tax money.

Anonymous said...

8:39, correct (PECO's taxes will increase a,quarter mil!). But also - Doc Truly wants the votes from the trailer park. He's gotten some before (illegally) but by bringing them in, along with the probjects up north he can add those voters to the rOlla without them having to claim false addresses.

Anonymous said...

The 'trailer park' is technically and legally in the County and will never be annexed by the city. Interesting to note that the kill plant on West Fulton bears zero indicia that indicates it's a PECO plant (or anything else), although everybody knows it is. Peco wants to be perceived as having no association with it.

If you have a problem with 5:34's characterization, you might want to check with the Sheriff where you will get an identical assessment.

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

No disrespect meant to 10:44, but if memory serves, the map shown in earlier post by Kingfish did show the trailer park along with Peco on West Fulton, as well as the entire King Ranch Road area up to Heindle Road being placed under the City of Canton control. Hope you are right that this never happens as I am in agreement with Alderman Les Penn that the city currently cannot take care of what it already has in regards to Police and Fire protection. The current Public Works would also be overwhelmed and the city wants to have it's own trash collection service doing away with the current provider. Anyway, will be an interesting Hearing to be sure.

Anonymous said...

You may be right, 12:01, but, it would indeed take a real mental midget in Canton City government to want that trailer park 'in' the city. Although it would be a giant Christmas gift for the Sheriff and Board of Supervisors. I know Truly is stupid, but..

Anonymous said...

Just might be that Peco realizes the County has given them a pass not calling in ICE in the past ten years and they're not wanting to roll the dice on the city granting them the same sanctuary. One official call to ICE and both plants as well as the trailer dump close down.

Anonymous said...

The country doesn't do much policing or anything else in the trailer park. Canton can do the same and get the taxes for doing nothing in the area. As for King Ranch, they mostly show up to run roadblocks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The corruption goes higher than that. Bennie Thompson is counting on those votes.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 2:23 but last I checked Congressman Thompson won in a landslide as if he ran in opposed. Trust me some of the same people who voted for President Trump voted for him too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They have Bob Montgomery so Gluckstat need not worry unless they don’t show up they will win.

Anonymous said...

County& sheriff are both failing to disclose amount of crime and problems in trailer park and on King Ranch Road. Deputies tend to avoid servicing these areas and canton cops lack training and leadership to properly deal with issues. The police chief is incompetent and has constant turnover. Public Works does a great job but is understaffed, under funded and often works with dilapidated equipment. Trailer Park needs to remain in county and officials need to address imigration issues and conditions people are living in.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if we can make this simple for all those confused -

Neither of these two motions have anything to do with Gluckstadt. Despite the misleading headline, there is no glitch to the city's incorporation.

The City of Canton could file an appeal of the judges ruling regarding Gluckstadt and then there would be a glitch.

The trailer park is today not in the city limits of Canton. It's law enforcement has been from the sgeriff.

The judges ruling allowed Canton to annex the trailer park. It would then, after this appeal is over, be under City of Canton police.

The city wants the trailer park because they want PECO, (at least, they want taxes from PECO) and can't get PECO without the trailer park.

The parts of the judges order being appealed are PECO and trailer park, and Kings Road development. Canton wants Kings Road so they can add those many demographic voters to the rolls.

Anonymous said...

The 50 or so Hispanics living in Madison are not working at Peco's. They are the guys framing houses and putting on the roof, run them off and housing starts are going to fall dramatically along with big price increases.

Anonymous said...

Hispanics? No, they are Latinos. Hispanics are from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Latinos are from Latin America, and are mostly descendants of the indigenous people of Latin America.

Anonymous said...

5:59 - Thank you. Hispanics are also working as master brick masons, a skill they learned in Mexico. Having had some pretty shoddy, lazy, overpriced work done on our house a few years ago by "American" workers, I will hire Hispanics this fall to construct a ramada-style pergola and paver stone patio to run the length of the south side of our house for sun and heat control. They know how to do it right. I've seen their work and their rightful pride in their building skills while vacationing in Mexico for several weeks every year for the past 8 or 9 years. People who 'dis' Hispanics' work quality and work ethic are wearing aluminum foil hats and reading Trump tweets, as far as I can tell. They don't realize how many ex-pat Americans and Canadians currently live in Mexico (I've read the number estimated as high as 5M), more moving there all the time, and that Mexico has a problem with the over 1M Americans living illegally in Mexico. Yep, migrant Americans.

Oh, I also will cook a fiesta lunch for the workers with ingredients from the Mexican food store on Old Canton Road, one of the best places in Jackson to buy fresh fruit and produce. The Paneria (bakery) nearby is phenomenal. Went there yesterday to buy baked treats for Easter.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it does affect the Gluckstadt incorporation. Mr. Hutchison filed his appeal against the incorporation because he wants a road built to some of his commercial property and doesn’t think the city will allow it, so he is going to hold up the incorporation for all the citizens until he gets his road and then he will drop the appeal. One persons agenda will affect the couple of thousand citizens that have eagerly been waiting for this day.

Anonymous said...

Hutchinson wants a one off, he will lose,it's a shame he can't see that, don't negotiate. He wants to force more commercial property when you can't fill what's in the area already.If he wanted too he could have built his road before it went to court.

Anonymous said...

Where does Hutchinson want his road built? Often businesses build their own road.

Anonymous said...

Hutchinson wants to extend the roadway along the north side of Callaways. He wants to extend it all the way to Church Road and come out behind the football field end zone. Some want him to cul-de-sac it. A 2200 feet long commercial cul-de-sac is a bad idea. Hutchinson's idea is the correct one. The Gluckstadt folks complain about traffic, but then fight against things that will improve traffic flow. Everybody thinks they are a traffic engineer. They should let Hutchinson build his road to have entrances on both Church Road and Calhoun parkway. And I am a traffic engineer.

Anonymous said...

10:43 has drunk the Pelosi Kool-aid by the gallon. By the way, tell me where 50 'Hispanics' are living in Madison. We have no apartment buildings in Madison. And if you think all these people (or even 8% of them) are here legally, you're nuts.

"Oh, but they're such sweet, short, gentle people simply wanting to lay bricks and roof-shingles and head over to Western Union". Right. Watch the news, listen up, read, Google...learn something about the wave of rapes, murders, DUIs, gang formations occurring nationwide by illegals coming quickly to a neighborhood near you.

Meanwhile, ask your HOA to sponsor a recruitment campaign to bring in three or four into your hood. We'll wait.

Master brick layers indeed.

3 Wings And A Biscuit Canton Popeyes said...

It doesn't matter what the appeal entails...any appeal throws a glitch into the entire incorporation effort and all its puzzle pieces.

Anonymous said...

to 4:47....... i see you are worried about "the waves of rapes, mirders, dui s, gang formations"................ well, in the mean time , until the "waves" arrive, why dont you see what you can do about all the homegrown mississippi herion addicts, crystal methheads, crack smokers and all the rest of the tattoo white trash troublemakers that overrun the central mississippi area. i was a criminal prosecutor for 30 years and it was your home team were the frequent fliers in my court, not immigrants, legal or illegal.

Anonymous said...

10:43 here, in response to 4:47.

I can tell you have never set foot in Mexico, are not personally acquainted with any Latinos or Hispanics, and read Trump tweets while wearing your tin foil hat. I have traveled extensively there for 50 years and have observed first hand who they are and how they work. You have not. You are ignorant in addition to being racist.

There are some Hispanic families living in my area. They have jobs, own their homes, their children attend public schools, and they are welcome here. However, the white and black trash Americans living in this area, usually in trailer parks, are NOT welcome. You can keep them in Madison County with you since you prefer to surround yourself with those kinds of Americans.

Gangs, crime, DUIs, etc. occur in every population including white and black Americans. I'd suggest you examine legitimate prison statistics, assuming, of course, you can find them on Facebook which apparently is your sole source of "information", to ascertain incarceration rates for ethnic groups. Then you can try to speak with some degree of authority. Until then, you're just another blowhard racist who is afraid some hardworking person will beat you out of a job or will perform the job better than you.

Look at construction sites. Who is doing the brick and stone work? How many houses in Madison County have brick and tile work done by Hispanic workers? Who is framing and roofing the buildings? Now compare the quality of "American" work with Hispanic work product. Which is better?

Do you believe that American citizens of Hispanic heritage are also gang members, drunk drivers, rapists, murderers as you claim non-American Hispanics to be? What is it with you? Do you just hate brown skinned people who come from a country renowned for its craftsmanship and cultures because you are scared of them?

I support lawful Hispanic immigration to the US. I do not support illegal immigration here any more than Mexico wants Americans illegally invading their country. It works both ways.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Gluckstadt to be out of a city. I have cable tv, fire protection the sheriff office does a good job the way I see it the city of Gluckstadt has nothing to offer but higher taxes. Water and sewer is owned by Bear Creek. I think it’s a waste of money. The only thing Gluckstadt needs is a grocery store because I am tired of driving to the city of Madison to grocery store that is out of everything.

Need a Grocery Store said...

If y'all in Gluckstadt want a great supermaket, lobby Publix to build there and give Kroeger a little competition, as they need it.

The point man for Publix development in this area ia Mr. Tom Renne Tom.Renne@publix dot com (public information). I have e-mailed him, and as the saying goes, the squeeky gear gets the grease.

Yellow Rose said...

7:47 - Most of your post is simply made up crap. But you knew that. Where are all these Hispanic families living in your neighborhood who own their own homes?

And of course most of the construction crews include Hispanics. Nobody has claimed otherwise. But, how many of them are here legally. Of course to people who think like you think, that doesn't matter, as long as the job gets done. If, during your fifty years traveling in Mexican villages, you had asked some of these artisans down there why they didn't build up their own country, you could report that here too.

BTW, the only 'trash in trailer parks' in Madison County are 100% illegals from south of the border, not your white and black folks. At least 350 of them. Could be 500. We won't know the number until ICE shows up with a bullhorn at 4:00 a.m.

Anonymous said...

7:47 here in response to 12:59.

Nothing I said is made-up crap. I will not identify where Hispanics live in my area because I fear racists will target them. If you really want to know where Hispanics own their homes, go look at the land records in the tri-county area. It's pretty easy to identify Hispanic surnames.

I don't know how many Hispanic construction workers are here legally. Neither do you. But I do know that they do good work or else they would not be hired and retained to perform the work.

Mexican craftsmen have and continue to "build up their own country". Why don't you google photos of the thousands of hotels,restaurants and buildings in the Yucatan and Baja, all built by Mexicans. Trump even wanted to build one of his gaudy palaces in Baja but the real estate market fell apart and he had to file another bankruptcy. He settled confidentially with investors for his Mexican hotel project who sued him for fraud and breach of contract. He seems to have hated Mexicans ever since.

Are you aware that the population of Mexico City is larger than NYC? It is a huge, cosmopolitan city with beautiful buildings built by, you guessed it, Mexicans.

Mexico has a problem with corruption. Like the US increasingly has. The political corruption is one the main reasons Mexico remains poor and its people seek a better life for their children here. Mexico also has a problem with America's love of drugs. It fuels the illegal drug trade and drug cartels. If we want to stop the drug trade, then we should do something about American addiction.

Provide a source for your statement that "the only 'trash in trailer parks' in Madison County are 100% illegals from south of the border, not your white and black folks." Now, THAT is pure crap.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the objection to the road extending to Church is being objected by Gluckstadt’s Mayor and Alderperson that live in Germantown subdivision? It’s time for these appointed people to step up and make things happen and to stop bashing people.

Anonymous said...

8:34 - Your hatred of your president permeates your post to the point of making the whole thing nonsense.

If you ever travel up to Madison County, make an appointment with the high sheriff and ask him how many of the residents of 'Little Cuba' are here legally? You mumble when you have a mouth full of crow.

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