Sunday, August 26, 2018

MDOC Early Release Winner Kills Man Protecting His Family

Get ready to get sick while the blood boils at the same time.  One of Jackson's finest decided to export some Jackson crime to Neshoba County.    The sister-in-law of a murder victim posted this message on Facebook:

This afternoon My brother in law was pumping gas and my sister was in the car waiting and she ended up being held at gun point with my nephew in the back and my brother in law turned and saw what was happening pulled his concealed weapon and fired and the gunman shot an array of shots and killed my brother in law . He died a hero protecting my sister and nephew. It’s a scene I know my nephew will never forget at age 11 he watched his Daddy die. The gunman also killed the store clerk and shot 2 other people. Tonight 2 little girls and 1 boy with go to bed without their Daddy and my sister without her husband over a senseless idiot. Remember always hug your family you never know when your last time will be. Please please be aware of your surroundings
The victim's wife posted this message on Facebook as well:

 This afternoon the girls went to a birthday party and Jeremy, me, and Hunter went to the Cefo for a drink and gas. While Jeremy was pumping gas a man walked up to my driver window and pointed a handgun at my face. Jeremy saw and pulled his concealed pistol hitting the man once. The man fired an array of bullets hitting Jeremy and the shots were fatal.

Robert Leon Jackson

 The Neshoba Democrat reported:

The man who allegedly shot and killed two people in a Philadelphia convenience store robbery on Saturday was out of prison on early release following a 2012 attempted armed robbery conviction in Hinds County.
A female cashier at the CEFCO convenience store on Mississippi 16 west and a man in the parking lot were shot dead while another man drove himself to the hospital, according to Philadelphia police.

The man shot in the parking lot has been identified as Jeremy Apperson.

In a Facebook post on Saturday night, his wife Samantha wrote that their girls had gone to a birthday party and that she and Jeremy and their son went for drinks and gasoline at the convenience store.

“While Jeremy was pumping gas a man walked up to my driver window and pointed a handgun at my face,” she wrote.

“Jeremy saw and pulled his concealed pistol hitting the man once. The man fired an array of bullets hitting Jeremy and the shots were fatal.”
Apperson was a transport truck driver for Philadelphia-based Prince Oil Co., Inc.

The suspect, Robert Leon Jackson, 30, of 224 Manship St., Jackson, is in custody, police said.

“He was running around the parking lot with a gun, witnesses said,” according to Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers.

Police received a call at about 5:30 p.m. and when officers arrived two were dead and, thanks to witnesses, officers were quickly able to locate the suspect near the motels west of the store after he fled on foot. Myers said one of the responding police officers was related to Apperson.

The suspect was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The severity of the injuries was not immediately known. Rest of article.

MDOC records state he was indeed placed on earned supervised release earlier this year.

WLBT reported in 2010 that he had two prior felony convictions as well.

Meanwhile, remember this poor victim.  His wife and three children need your prayers and support.

Jeremy Apperson, R.I.P.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for the family. A hero died at the hands of an animal that should never have been released from a cage.

And BLM is working overtime to have stand your ground laws repealed!

In case you all haven't noticed the war has been raging for years. At some point you run out of places to retreat to.

Anonymous said...

Prayers go to Jeremy Apperson's wife, children, family and friends to cope with their loss. It was an untimely, senseless death. The result of a depraved, degenerate criminal who was aided by the broken and ineffective legal system in Jackson to commit murder as a repeat offender. Build a wall around Jackson and keep the criminals there!

Anonymous said...

Yes, tensions are heating up in this country. Poor guy was minding his own business and this shiteater killed him.

Ok you criminals, you want violence? We're just about ready to give it to you. In abundance.

Our justice system is in total failure mode. Time to change things at the ballot box and on the streets.

Anonymous said...

A very unfortunate reflection of the current times of caliber of low-life being turned loose in the Jackson metro. And, an example of why I carry a .357 with me, except when I have to go to Jackson. Then, I carry my .357 plus a 9mm with me. Every law-abiding citizen should arm himself/herself immediately for self-protection. Obviously, the criminals (and convicted felons) have guns, and they don't hesitate to try and use them anywhere, any time, for their illegal purposes.

Anonymous said...

Can't find one mention of this on the C-L websaite, but "CicilRights Era" Jerry still focused on the Till murder of 50+ years ago.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please start a Go Fund Me account so we can at least help send his child to college and also to help with burial expenses?

It is so sad that we are all ending up as prey.

Anonymous said...

As I've stated before, at some point Jackson will have to be taken over by the state. From their corrupt city government to their banana republic courts. Jackson is an uncivilized, toxic, overflowing human sewer that will affect the surrounding areas more and more as the years go by. As much as many would like for it to be just Jackson's's not.

Anonymous said...

All those fancy guns you are toting, tailoring your heat to your precise destination, is impressive and all...but not everyone chooses to own them. And there is a fair chance that this mindless ape might not have sprayed all those bullets, had the victim not pulled a gun and fired first. There’s no way to know, of course. It’s a thousand pities tht the victim wasn’t a better marksman. His wife and child are lucky they were spared. I suppose the lesson here is, if you think you simply MUST pack heat, know the Hell how to hit your mark the first time, cowboy. You only get one shot.

Anonymous said...

Why y'all be bashing the Clarion-Ledger. This is posted now on their website: When breaking news happens, we want you to see it first hand. Thank you for trusting the Clarion Ledger. Wochit.

Yeah, you gotta trust. You gotta trust. Well, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, East Mississippi Community College is in the middle of fund raising by raffling off tickets for "30 guns in 30 days", requesting (requiring?) their students to sell the raffle tickets. I declined to buy a ticket from a student this weekend. What the hell is wrong with us?

Anonymous said...

Posted first on the Neshoba Democrat! Winner, winner - chicken dinner (as long as we are going to get excited about who first copies something from some other source.)

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:57, this is 11:49. I know how to shoot a gun - been shooting guns for over 50 years. I regularly target practice at my hunting camp and at Two Gun Tactical in Flowood. And, the reason I carry a .357 is because the son-of-a-bitch won't get a second shot when you shoot him with the .357 self-protection ammo in it. So don't worry your little yellow, liberal britches. Us "totin" citizens will protect you screechers too, even if you don't believe in the right to carry.

Anonymous said...

12:57 hit the nail on the head. All he wanted was money. Getting in a gun fight with your kids nearby, this could have been worse.
You'll never win going against a lowlife who has nothing to live for.

Anonymous said...

12:57, your comment is disgraceful.

This man was defending his family, and died doing so. I hope you are never confronted with this situation; but if you are, I hope you'll choose to act rather than rely on the decision making of a "mindless ape." I'll make my own decisions relating to how I defend myself and my family, and hope I never have to rely on you.

Anonymous said...

10:42 said it, the war has been raging for years. One side is under the impression that we signed a truce a half-century ago, the other side wages a war of attrition that most people are able to ignore. Here’s one more family that can’t ignore it, and will spend the rest of their lives hurting from it. My family joined this ‘woke’ class years ago, and we left Jackson and Hinds out of legitimate fear for our lives. You can only keep your head in the sand until you get ****** in the ass.

BMills said...

For those willing to help this family with expenses, a gofund me account has been opened. Jeremy left behind a wife and 3 children.
Here is a link below

Kingfish said...

It doesn't matter what caliber you are using, if a guy gets the jump on you, he gets the jump on you. Its more about placement than caliber, but hey, what do I know.

Having said that, I totally disagree that he should not have pulled his gun. He DID hit the guy. When the thug pulls that gun out on your family, you are totally at his mercy. He can rob y'all, leave you alone, slap you around, kidnap someone, or at worst, kill one or all. Don't think he won't kill a kid for the fun of it, ever heard of Kingston Frazier?

He pulled his own weapon out and hit the guy. All these guys who brag on their keyboards about what they would do should take notice. That gun does not make you bulletproof. However, it does reduce the odds of being at the thug's mercy and protects your family from harm. Apperson lost his life but there is no promise that his family wouldn't have been killed or injured anyway. The guy was less likely to do harm to the wife and kid once he got hit. He was scared too and at that point after hitting Apperson, just wanted to get out of there. ]

It's a Kobiyashi Maru of sorts and sometimes there are no good answers. If the thug had killed someone without Apperson pulling his weapon, then we would have a different set of comments and Apperson would not be able to live with himself.

Anonymous said...

KF, you must not have been in the military. By your logic everyone should be passive when faced with a threat of harm or death, and just be willing to take what the mindless thug decides to do at the moment - kill you, wound you, or let you go unharmed. I respectfully disagree. Otherwise, all of the law-abiding, honest citizens will always be at the mercy of a thug who pulls a gun. I believe that a person faced with such a dilemma should assess the situation and make an educated decision of whether resistance is the best choice at the moment. Jeremy Apperson made his decision, and I probably would have done the same as him. I don't think that you or anyone else should second-guess any man who tried to do what he thought was necessary to protect his wife and children - even if you do have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Anonymous said...

Is it known when the store clerk was shot? Before or after Apperson?

Anonymous said...

Crappy situation. Feel sorry for his family and the cashier's family. Having said that, It's pretty ignorant too talk all big about your guns because someone is analyzing the situation. It seem pretty reasonable to think the guy might be alive if he hadn't gotten into a gunfight. No way to know for sure though and none of us were there, but it's certainly a reasonable position and I don't think it's in the least bit disgraceful to have that opinion. Gun violence is a major issue and reasonable people can have different opinions on the best solution.

Anonymous said...

Why is someone who used a gun in committing a crime being released
even under supposedly supervised conditions ? Catch and release for
violent criminals can’t be justified.

Anonymous said...

We release early because we are unwilling to pay the bill to provide the law, order and incarceration we claim we want.

Anonymous said...

This thug should get the death penalty. The death penalty should be carried out immediately! Quit playing with fire!

Post Halted By KF Radar.. said...

Kingfish: Why do you use phrases like 'get ready to get sick' and 'be prepared for disgusting behavior'? Nobody 'gets sick' being exposed to this current story and nobody (but you) was disgusted by the AA standing up and acting an ass in the video you posted. We laughed at his behavior, thought he was a damned idiot, called him out for his infantile behavior and predicted his demise...but nobody was 'disgusted'.

Please.....enough of the false alarm and exaggerated reaction to normal fiendish behavior.

Anonymous said...

For those who thought he should not have pulled his gun, would you think he would have just let the thug drive off with his family while he was standing there within arm's reach? Would you?

It seems his only choices were: 1. DO NOTHING. Stand back & let thug have them.. 2. Lunge at him WITHOUT pulling his weapon.. or.. 3. Pull his weapon?

It seems that Mr. Apperson was a realist... which is way more than some on this thread.

Anonymous said...

"Disgusting, Alarming, Frightening...get ready to get sick". What's that sound like? Like the words of a pansy ass to me.

Anonymous said...

This is clear example of my disagreement with the "trial by a jury of your peers" doctrine.

It is 100% guaranteed the thug killed the cashier and the family man. High probability it is on video.

If so, he should be executed immediately. No trial because there is no question of his guilt.

Execute him. Today.

Anonymous said...

5:16, I agree except for one thing. I'm in favor of bringing back PUBLIC EXECUTION by hanging or firing squad. That should prove more of a deterrent than simply giving a murderer an injection at the penitentiary that let's him quietly go to sleep forever without anyone witnessing the type of fear, pain and agony that he caused innocent people. The public would simply read about the death by injection in passing after the fact, and the potential deterrent of allowing the public to witness a violent death of a criminal would be wasted. Don't underestimate the potential deterrence of public execution.

Anonymous said...

4:05, read before you comment!

Fill 'er up said...

“While Jeremy was pumping gas a man walked up to my driver window and pointed a handgun at my face,” she wrote.

“Jeremy saw and pulled his concealed pistol hitting the man once. The man fired an array of bullets hitting Jeremy and the shots were fatal.”
Apperson was a transport truck driver for Philadelphia-based Prince Oil Co., Inc."

I'm a smoker. I've always got a lighter on my person. Had this been me, I wouldn't have reached for my concealed carry weapon, I would have soaked the motherf*cker down with the gasoline hose already in my hand. A click of the bic afterwards could have been optional in my self defense.

Anonymous said...

In response to all of the thinly veiled racism on this site...

The last horrific murderer in Philadelphia was a white man who killed an unatmed clesning lady while tryong to rob a church. He also killed his girlfriend and led police on a violent nationwide manhunt.

Just like always in Mississippi, minorities are portrayed as far worse than the majority actually is.

Anonymous said...

In a gun fight trained police hit the target less than 25% of the time.
I worked in the hood for over 30years and never carried a gun even though I carried large sums of cash and valuable goods. As long as you watch your surroundings your okay.

Dawn said...

12:57: and let this sad excuse for a human make off with your wife and kid? Of course he would have “sprayed bullets”. He just killed the clerk. He was desperate and was looking for a getaway car. This man gave up his life to shoot and protect his family. He will always be a hero. I hope you won’t always be an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I like live heroes, give him the dam car!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the perp's house looks to be a Habitat house near Fortification.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:31...EMCC Fundraiser
Enrollment is down, the previous president left in the night "For the best interest of the college"...leaving massive debt....taking a job paying almost 1/2 of his EMCC salary...not to mention the shooting last spring by students and their parents at the local convience store resulting from an altercation on campus...the shooting video is still up, so guns are a necessary educational tool there.but they are now a Tobacco Free campus...check that box

Well, back to the Piccadilly video to learn customer dispute resolution tools without gun violence

Anonymous said...

@ 6:12,

People like you still don't believe OJ did it.

Liberal denial at its best.

Anonymous said...


Contrair... he and 95% of all knows it... he just smirks and enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

Oh they know OJ did it, it was like revenge for a 100 lynchings. Y'all loved him running through airports before that.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the evidence. No one is guilty until proven. Beyond a reasonable doubt this man was under imperial rule of white man, and deserves to be freed from the imperialism that is forthright unto our souls. Did you see him do it? - Adofo Minka, Esq

Anonymous said...

August 26, 2018 at 6:12 PM = YYyyaaaawwwwwnnnnn, SSsnnnooorrreee, ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Those of you that are blaming the victim should be ashamed of yourselves. The man died protecting his family. For all he knew, the thug was going to hijack his automobile and take his family hostage. As JFK said: "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but once."

What really boils my blood is the fact that the thug was out of jail to begin with. I can't wait for that stupid fool Mark Baker, in his run for Attorney General, having to explain the legislation with his name on it that has lead to the release of so many from prison, while making it almost impossible to revoke the probation/parole of those who violate. If Baker tries to run as a law and order candidate, he should be laughed out of the race. The only good thing about his AG run is that it will get the pompous, arrogant, piece of crap out of the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Lesson learned don’t stop shooting until they’re on the ground gasping

Anonymous said...

6:12, I agree. Just remember that commenters here are not representative of the overall sentiments of educated and reasonable Americans. Commenters here take every chance they get to take shots at minorities. A quick synopsis of these comments will be just like any other black crime article posted here. We have references to: animals who shouldn’t be let out of cages, blaming black lives matter, building a wall around Jackson, threats of vigilante justice, carrying extra guns in Jackson, calling Jackson an uncivilized human sewer that needs to be taken over by the state, mentions of a race war, working in “thug” every other word, a couple commenters who don’t think a trial should be held and want to lynch him, and an OJ mention. Same old broken record around here.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile another one of them good ole boys went postal in Florida yesterday, I guess it was them video games fault.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody a story that's going to stoke the racial animus in Mississippi

A black "thug" killing a white man in front of his family in Mississippi. I can only imagine the number of calls for ropes and burning crosses are not too far behind!?

Hate this story for so many reasons, it only flames up the racial divide and the criminal justice system in Mississippi f*cked up again.

We need stricter sentences for violent offenders. Our damn laws are more severe towards non-violent drug offenders, than they are towards violent offenders. This needs to change and the legislature definitely has the ability to address it.

Anyone convicted of Armed robbery should not be out after 6 years!? NO WAY - NO HOW!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for this family. I find it odd that nobody on this thread is concerned that the shooter was out on a program called ERS. A true gift from the MDOC. He didn’t meet the Parole Board Standard for parole just walked out the gate with a few conditions. One is not to be a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. No one is outraged by that in itself? This Convict was serving his sentence at home wherever that is/was for him. The Criminal Justice System in Hinds County had done its part in this one it’s MDOC that let the citizens down by just letting him out. But then again why would the Commissioner of MDOC care she has her own security detail to protect her from the convicted felon who took this mans life.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the husband had given the may a rose, or maybe a group hug, or maybe if he had said "some of my best friends are black," he would have left them alone.

Maybe if the whole family had sung kumbaya he would have gone away and left them unharmed.

No, the only thing that would work is to shoot the mf'er until he stopped moving. DRT!

Liberals/progressives just can't grasp the concept that there is true evil in the world, and that evil needs to be eradicated, not "saved" or "rehabilitated."

Anonymous said...

Anony August 27, 2018 at 7:03 AM, its not that leftist "just can't grasp the concept that there is true evil in the world,"

a true leftist loves evil!

Anonymous said...

Same old broken record around here.

@11:29 PM, THANKS for helping pay the bills! JJ loyal readers are always welcome to read and, in your case, comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank your legislature for 585.

Anonymous said...

And the Balkanization of America continues. I'm sure this will all lead to more guns and more ammo and food hoarding and more animus. History will look back at this time as the kindling of the inferno that might just consume this nation.

It is easier to kill when your enemy is no longer human.

Anonymous said...

Comparing the Balkans to the United States betrays your historical ignorance.

Anonymous said...

While prayer does help those left behind, it does nothing for the victims. I think we should start delivering justice the old fashioned way. Save time and money.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, usually people choose attractive headshots for their profile photos. Perhaps 12:57 will read all the shootists' diatribes and change his mind about owning a gun,and turn into one himself. You, however, will always be ugly.

Anonymous said...

All the focus seems to be on the death of Mr. Apperson. Devli's advocate here...Apperson shot him so the perp shot back. Was the young lady armed? Did she attempt to harm him? Odds on are that he shot her down without any provocation. Now what do you think of the "poor young boy' that was only defending himself. Vermin! Absolute Vermin!

Anonymous said...

@ 6:12 & 11:29....I went back and looked through ALL the comments on this post. I didn't find a single one that mentioned "black". the comments are about and the fact that too many dangerous people are let out of jail (if the are ever even PUT in jail) too many times. It's about innocent people being killed, hurt, or otherwise victimized by REPEAT offenders. How is ANY of that "racist"???? Are people not entitled to BE outraged and to EXPRESS their outrage over these events??? It's certainly not the fault of the people commenting if the perpetrators - and therefore - the subjects of these discussions are SO OFTEN "black". That blame belongs somewhere, maybe, on people like YOU who refuse to acknowledge a problem that's slapping them in the face and, in doing so, aid & abet its existence.

Anonymous said...

Unpopular fact: Crime is lower today in Mississippi than almost any point in the last 40 years

Anonymous said...

@9:12 AM Your ignorance of the meaning if the term 'Balkanization' betrays far more of your ignorance.

@10:17 AM I think you misunderstand what the term 'thinly veiled' means. KF doest approve overtly racist comments. You have to be subtle and use dog whistles on JJ.

You can really tell why Mississippi has so many problems based on the poor reading comprehension of your average Mississippian.

Anonymous said...

11:29 If the shoe fits...

Anonymous said...

"Unpopular fact: Crime is lower today in Mississippi than almost any point in the last 40 years."

68% of the shopping public in malls today wear brown shoes as opposed to 74% wearing black shoes just thirty years ago.

I made that shit up just like the goober who made up the quote at the top of my post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Feel for House Bill 585. Good work Steve Picket and Company!

Jimmy B said...

The justice system is no longer in the business of protecting the public from municipal courts, justice courts on up. They no longer put people in jail for crimes they are turned out with ankle bracelets and report to court officers and pay a fee. This is not house arrest either. The criminals are now clients of the court system they are turned out to generate revenue and to save on incarceration. All the circuit judges can do is sentence them and once they are turned over to MDOC they can keep them or let them out is up to them. This guy should not have been on the streets this soon after being convicted of armed robbery. Heads should roll at the MDOC but they will not.

Unknown said...

These comments really just show you that the raceial divide was never really bridged. They only changed the way they degrade you. They make these anonymous comments, indirectly referring to blacks as "animals", "thugs who should never be let out of cages", and speak of starting race wars and "handling things the old fashioned way". I think your all cowards. And if these comments were not anonymous you would not be openly expressing this deep hatred you have for blacks. This ultimately boils down to rich and poor, Majority and minority. It is not a coincidence that a vast mjority of the population of jackson is black, it is by design. It is not a coincidence that most of the whites that work in jackson dont live in jackson but have homes in places like flowood and surrounding areas. They systematically put all the blacks in jackson n moved to surrounding cities away from them. Blacks are systematically denied some opportunities that the white male has the priveledge of experiencing. Therefore due to lack of funds and opportunities alot of black males turn to crime. And it doesnt make since to steal from someone else that is just as broke as you , so they target the majority. The ones who have it.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to comment. But I hope KF or someone sees this and looks into it further. This guy's release from prison early has nothing to do with 585 or the legislature. If you go to MDOC's website, it says there pretty clearly that people convicted of robbery are NOT eligible for early release. MDOC should not have let him out at all. MDOC didn't follow the law that the legislature had in place to protect the public from situations like this. Has anyone seen a statement from MDOC on this? I haven't. No statement suggests to me that MDOC knows they messed up, but are more than happy to let the legislature and law enforcement's dislike of 585 take the blame for it.

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