Friday, August 31, 2018

Open Thread

I'll be tied up for awhile so consider this post to be an open thread. 

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Anonymous said...

So, how about all that crime in Jackson?

And ain't Madison and Ole Miss great!

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the new pothole fixing process they were using in Jackson? Have seen the machine parked up in Gluckstadt. Did they stop using it?

Anonymous said...

The lottery related hysteria in Nonpartisanville during the special session was funnier than heck. You could almost hear Ganuchump quietly praying to himself "Please God, let them fail, let them fail, let the Republicans fail".

Anonymous said...

Looks like Megapatch LLC is back in good standing as of August 7, 2018 per the SOS website. The new registered agent seems to be a land and title attorney in Jackson and the organizer from Butler Snow.

Anonymous said...

I’m looking at a 20 year old house with that fake stucco on it?

Any ideas?

Is it good? Bad?

Anonymous said...

When are we going to hold JPD ccounttable for all the illicit crime that can be stopped.There are so many burglaries in the new district and Countyline Rd area. Perhaps some unmarked units will suffice. Them boys and gals need to strike..

Anonymous said...

I want to propose The Stokes Twins be the new Directors of the Jackson Zoo. Both have stated that the Zoo is in a wonderful location.

Anonymous said...

Still, no word on whether or not, if we're participating in the MegaMillions and Powerball pots, posted the question to some legislators and never got a response.

But wants the point of starting a lottery, if we are not going to participate in those two systems?

It's safe to assume we will, but then again, this is Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Quite a feat when reporting @ MT
Reads with more overt bias than @ JFP.
MT has worst bang-for-buck in
Mississippi 'journalism'.
An absolute joke.

Anonymous said...

John McCains family owes Donald Trump a dept of gratitude for without the feud with trump the media would have barely mentioned his passing.

Anonymous said...

What is a Blackberry?

Anonymous said...

What makes the Jackson Mazda and Mitsubishi dealerships think that 70's era weekend dragstrip radio advertising tactics will entice people to buy cars?

Anonymous said...

As for stucco question....

First, make sure your realtor is working for YOU and not the seller.

Inspection of stucco typically requires specialized inspector - not part of regular home inspection.

There are different types of stucco. Research.

Anonymous said...

Why must I feel like that, why must I chase the cat?

Anonymous said...

Time to elect a State Auditor with balls. I’ve worked here for years and have never seen an Auditor who can’t make a decision, scared of his shadow and puts being elected a priority over enforcing state law.

Happy Friday! said...

OK, religion jokes for Friday!

Q: What do you call a sleepwalking priest?
A: A roamin' Catholic.

Q: How do you keep a Baptist from drinking at your party?
A: Invite two of them.

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog stand and says, "Make me one with everything."

A Mormon checks into a hotel. He looks at the clerk and says, "I sincerely hope the porn is disabled." The clerk looks back and says, "It's regular porn, sicko!"

There were these two preachers in a town who would ride their bikes to church on Sunday and would pass each other on the way. One Sunday, one of the preachers was on foot. The other preacher asked him what happened to his bicycle.

"I'm so mad!" he said. "Someone in my congregation stole my bicycle and I don't know who did it."

The first preacher said, "Well, then here's what you do. Today you need to preach a sermon on the Ten Commandments, and when you get to 'Thou Shalt Not Steal', the one who took your bicycle will feel so guilty that he'll confess and return it. The second preacher thought that was a fine idea and went along his way.

Next Sunday, both preachers were on their bicycles and they stopped to speak. The first preacher said, "Well, I see you got your bike back, Rev. Did you do what I said?"

The second preacher said, "I did indeed! I got up there and started going through the Commandments, and when I got to 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery', I remembered where I left my bicycle."

Anonymous said...

Barbara Blackmon is actually a man dressing like a woman. Mrs Doubtfire except black.

Anonymous said...

Well real stucco is better

Anonymous said...

Holly shit!!!! Mayor Gary Rhodes just bought a friggin Mercedes Benz RV. How does a lifelong elected official afford a $300k RV?

Anonymous said...

A woman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a double entendre.

So he gave it to her.

Anonymous said...

I have a 2016 Mercedes Benz Thor 25 foot Four Winds RV. The Camper sits on a MB sprinter 3.0 V6 Tubro diesel 188 HP. I only paid $ 56,000.00 used. MB dealers hate to work on these type of campers. RV depreciate at a unbeliveable
rate.A new dodge RAM truck nicely equipped run $60,000.00 easily. So,
I bet Mr. Rhodes got a good deal on his RV. I've never heard of a RV with a Mercedes Benz engine top out at $ 300,000.00.

Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Earnest T Bass, and I'm runnin' for Goveener. I ain't no Republeecon, and I ain't no Demicrap. Vote for me, cause I can cipher to three.

Louis LeFleur said...

In the vein of 12:35...

A Rabbi and Priest are sitting together on an airplane and they start chatting about religion, each one comparing their religion. Jesus this and Moses that... we eat Matzoh, and we have the wafer... Christmas and Hannukah and so on.

After a while of politely chatting, the Priest turns to the Rabbi and asks: "So tell me Rabbi... what is the single worst thing that you can do in your religion?” "Well, for us Jews" answers the Rabbi "the single worst thing we can do is eat pork." "Ah, I see" answers the Priest, before hesitating and turning to the Rabbi with a quizzical looks in his eyes "And tell me Rabbi, have you ever tasted pork?" The Rabbi looks around to make sure no one is hearing and answers: "Well, there was this one time. I was visiting the state fair and I saw this huge pan of Bacon, and I just couldn't resist..." The Priest looks at the Rabbi with understanding and asks “So how was it?” “Pretty good” answers the Rabbi.

The Rabbi then turns his head to the Priest, cocks and eyebrow and asks "And what about for you guys?" The Priest thinks a moment before answering "Well... for us men of the cloth, really the worst thing we can do is to lay with a woman." Suddenly the Rabbi's eyes pique with curiosity "And did you ever...?" “There was this one time” admits the Priest “where there was this beautiful nun, and I just couldn't resist..."

The Rabbi smiles with great understanding, looks at the Priest in the eye and says "It's a hell of a lot better than pork, isn't it?"

Anonymous said...

Can you believe Trump & Tater, both are trying to say it ain't so, Trump's on tape telling Lester Holt he fired Comey, because of that Russa Thing. The CL has the emails and correspondence from Tater's staff pressuring folks about Tater Lane.
How can our Representatives just stand by and let them get away with proven Lies.
When will true conservative christans stand up and say this is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Listened to Dr. Laura's show this morning. She must be suffering from mouth fatigue cause she had a guest host. It's almost comical to listen to to these guys try to rationalize and ultimately excuse Trump's boorish behavior. So what? The guys an ass. He's not the first ass to make good. Stop trying to honey coat a POS. Makes you look stupid. Walking behind a guy who farts all the time with a fan. Hell, let him fart.

Anonymous said...

McDades at Fortification (Froogles) is clean and nice. Great work by the new owners.

Anonymous said...

We need to rewrite the constitution of Mississippi.
The one we're working with now is causing us to be last in most things. To be fair, it's one of the things, as there a lot of things, but this is a big thing.

I think I'm right.

Anonymous said...

I liked the religious jokes. I was at a redlight when I read them and laughed so hard people were staring

Anonymous said...

Jewish Humor.
"The Reading of the Will"

"Jayne with a Y."

Anonymous said...

Arg the I-55 project from Byram to Jackson - Northbound - 5 years of dealing with it for the bottleneck to move up a 1/4 mile.

Left lane goes I-20 west
Middle lane = good lane
Right lane plays out once it gets at I-20

Why won't they build a tunnel from Savannah street to Pearl and also Fornication street?

mbrookes said...

Thanks, y'all. Loved the jokes.On another topic: Did you realize that the renaming of Jefferson Davis Elem School is against State Law (MS code 55-15-81) It us also a violation of MS Landmark status. Check it out.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I just ate a pinto bean. Should I alert the EPA?

Anonymous said...

We need to thank the Clarion-Ledger for reporting on the TaterGate Road to Nowhere. It enabled Feel and Feel to get Tater to the bargaining table. TaterGate approved of Feel Gunn's proposals that passed the House the first week of session. The 5 days only cost us $200,000.

Anonymous said...

Since my other post stands an ice cube's chance in hades of being posted:

"Why won't they build a tunnel from Savannah street to Pearl and also Fornication street?"



Well, in fairness, I've driven on it and it is pretty fucked up.

Next up, the Fondling District....

Anonymous said...

And since my Aristocrats post didn't quite meet "open thread" standards, for you South Park fans who haven't seen it, Google "Aristocrats South Park." If you can be offended ("easily" ain't got nothin' to do with it), don't do that.

Dave Clark said...

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.

Anonymous said...

The criticism of Trump has me amazed. To those who don’t like him, how would our state of affairs be if HRC and the First Man be? And I’m referring to the surrogate President, Bill. No politician has ever said hell no to North Korea or Iran. We haven’t have a booming economy in almost 50 years. Think about it. Look what your politicians of both parties have NOT done for the USA and look at what both parties in our State leadership have NOT done. We have 200 or so wealthy families that control this state and tell our so called leaders what to do. We have virtually no Vocational or Technical training in our state and it is deplorable.....but we sure have some good high school football. I like the new commercial wif da kids trynna talk about da en zone. That’s all that matters! Point well taken. I’m pissed off at the $65 million dollar bond referendum that passed. I own property in Jackson. It can’t even be sold. No need to explain. But they gone get some repairs. Who the hell is going to hold them accountable if they use those funds for items they are not stipulated for? The Zoo lady will be hung for what she did, and she kept telling people that it ain’t working! You have to feed the animals and pay the employees. If she had shut it down she would have been called a racist. She had a love and respect for those animals and the employees so she did what she had to do. I say close it and spend no more money. I’m final let’s elect Hillary and see how the liberal side will piss all over themselves with joy! The others that work will eek out a living and survive. Hell, we did with Obama. I guess high unemployment is ok with most.

Anonymous said...

I own property in Jackson. It can’t even be sold.

Me too.........

Anonymous said...

Stokes for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

7:37 Stop! You'really making too much sense - heads will explode!

Anonymous said...

You say close the zoo and spend no more money on it? OK - I agree. But as to your defense of Poff, who illegally spent my tax dollars, she could have said exactly the same thing a year or so ago BEFORE she broke the law,and stOle thus money.

Her reasons, in your opinion, justify the illegal actions. Bullshit. Just like her not paying the employee benefits? Would you feel that way if your family member worked there and when a medical crisis arose was stuck with a massive medical bill because she decided 'feeding the animals' - or any of the other things she spent money on was more important than paying the medical insurance? Or making the federal tax payment of your withholding taxes?

No, she had options. Just as the zoo had options when the city bailed them out with the recent quarter million dollars. Check and see who was first in line for that money along with your hallowed Ms Poff.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea has returned to a Brandon car dealership

Anonymous said...

7:37 you think Trump is responsible for the good economy,let's see how you feel in January, who's fault will it be when the beat awakens? Will it be the House Majority, the Fed, or lazy workers?

Anonymous said...

Trump has 4.2% GDP growth when Obama'a Fed said publicly that 1.75% is the new normal ceiling. Trump's GDP could drop 50% and still be waaay ahead of Obama's GDP.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered on Wikileak every employee of ICE is listed with bio.
Oh, the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Really,The Fed isn't beholding to any president. 4.2 growth in one quater because China bought everything they needed before the tariffs kicked in, it can't be substained. Any Financial Planner can tell you this much less an Economist.

Anonymous said...

put a yeti cooler sticker on the rear windshield of you pickup so all your redneck friends will know how hip you are.

Anonymous said...

Since trump has been in office I've received only a 1.75% raise and a 1.75% raise.

The national average is 2.5% wage increase since Trump has been in office.

When will I get my 4.2% raise?

Anonymous said...

I want a President who isn't spending so damn much time tweeting, and campaigning for 2020 and golfing ( especially since he gets tax money to pay for those who have to go with him) and who makes up stuff. I want him working.

I'm also more than sick of the hypocrisy of those who whine about how badly Trump is criticized and how awful it is to subject a President to such ridicule and don't remember the venom they spewed on Obama and his family for 8 years. I got the emails and saw the posts and read the comments here.

And, I would remind everyone of the hypocrisy of supporting a special prosecutor who came up with very few guilty pleas or convictions in 5 years when compared to one year of Mueller's plea and conviction rate in 1 year.

Y'all need to understand that you can't save your business with laundered money from criminals, be they drug dealers the mafia or Russia's oligarchs or second rate crooks like Cohen, without committing a crime and without those people becoming a threat to you.

And, if Obama and/or Clinton committed crimes, the GOP Senate and Congress must be dumber than a box of rocks if they spent all that time and money in investigations and couldn't find a damn bit of evidence to do a damn thing. Or do y'all really believe there were no Republicans in the entire intelligence and law enforcement or financial sectors who would blow the whistle? You think the Kochs or Ailes couldn't find those people if they existed?

It sure hasn't been hard for Avenatti with less money and resources and authority to find " those people" and flush them out.

The blind loyalty to Trump and gullibility is amazing. If he strangles Melania, I expect you all to excuse it by saying she provoked him and wasn't loyal enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey y’all, what’s the new Under construction red building on the south end of the reservoir going to be and when will it open?

Anonymous said...

Shaggy's ?

The Troll can't get JJ out of her head said...

I want

I want

I'm also more than sick of

I got the emails and saw the posts and read the comments here.

I would remind everyone of the hypocrisy

Y'all need to understand that you can't

Or do y'all really believe

You think

The blind loyalty

I expect you all to excuse it

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