Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mayor Attends Harvard Leadership Class

The city of Jackson issued the following statement.

Yearlong program provides 40 mayors with world-class executive training and coaching to help deliver results for cities

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba is going back to school this summer to study leadership and management practices, as one of 40 mayors chosen for an intensive education program with the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

As a participant in the Initiative’s 2018 program, Mayor Lumumba is part of a class of dedicated mayors attending a program delivered by faculty from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School as well as world-class experts from Bloomberg Philanthropies’ global network.

The yearlong program launches with a three-day convening in New York City beginning Sunday, July 22, 2018, which mayor Lumumba is attending at no cost to his city. Each day of the convening, mayors will attend classroom sessions focused on the latest management and leadership practices, using case studies and workshops developed at Harvard.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to engage with and learn from leaders from all over the globe. I’m here with mayors from as close as Birmingham, AL and as far away as Freetown, Sierra Leone and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The experience is enriching and inspiring to say the least. I’m certain that all of our cities will benefit from what we learn from one another this week and the relationships we will foster moving forward.”, said Mayor Lumumba.

Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and three-term mayor of New York City, collaborated with outgoing Harvard University President Drew Faust to create the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative in 2016.

Collectively, Harvard University and Bloomberg Philanthropies aim to help mayors and their leadership teams manage the complexities of running a city, and to have opportunities to learn from one another. The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative will connect Mayor Lumumba to some of the university’s top educators, coaching from experts, a network of peers, and technical assistance. The program provides an opportunity to share best practices and learn from fellow mayors about the promising ideas that are already helping to enhance the quality of life in cities around the world.

After the mayors convening, two senior-level city officials nominated by each mayor will attend a similar convening in August. From Jackson, Chief of Staff, Dr. Safiya Omari and Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Robert Blaine will participate in the yearlong program, as well, and help Mayor Lumumba translate what they learn into organizational changes that improve life in Jackson.

Mayor Lumumba’s participation in the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative and that of his two senior leaders – including tuition, accommodation, meals, and airfare – is fully funded by the program.

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative is a collaboration among Bloomberg Philanthropies, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Kennedy School. Its mission is to inspire and strengthen city leaders as well as equip them with the tools to lead high-performing, innovative cities.


Louis LeFleur said...

It couldn't hoit!

Anonymous said...

Oh lawd now he’ll think he’s a Harvard graduate.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many of those "Harvard Diplomas" I have seen in local executives offices neatly framed hanging next to their "real" diplomas from Mississippi schools. I call them ego degrees because they accomplished nothing more than giving egos a boost.

Anonymous said...

2 Questions: Does he receive a Harvard tie? Will he tell folks that he is an alumnus just like Obama?

Anonymous said...

Same person who as a candidate on the stump said he would need no learning curve and was ready to lead Day 1.

When you elect someone with zero experience you end up with a total greenhorn managing your city.

Anonymous said...

Has to go to a class to learn how to release funds to a zoo or fill a pothole?

Justice for Harvard said...

Being Jackson’s executive is a huge responsibility and should be very demanding of one’s time. How does an executive over an organization with so many problems and ongoing crisis take time off for some BS program such as this? The city is in turmoil and our executive needs to be on the field leading and commanding, not off on some paid vacation in New England. I was an early supporter of the mayor but am no longer convinced he is up to the job.

And to the Mayor’s staff: I don’t give a shit that the city is paying nothing out of pocket (except the mayor’s salary during his schooling). We need him on the ground in Jackson working day and night to right the ship. Anything else is a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is paying for it!!! Is it Socrates? Let us know who is paying for this paid vacation. Taxpayers deserve to know. I have a brilliant idea, lets send Kenneth Stokes to Harvard instead of the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Simply a mini vacation on the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

These Harvard programs tend to be good for most participants, although there are always some wasted spots for token attendees. There's a good chance that Lumumba will come away with some new ideas. Hopefully he'll accept ideas that don't fit the "radical" narrative or retributive governing.

Anonymous said...

At 8:36, this is better than electing a total greenhorn as President to screw up your country.

Only Obama could make Jimmy Carter look good.

Kingfish said...

All Stokes would have to do is talk to one of his kids who graduated from the law school.

I'm not going to comment on the course as I now nothing about it. It might be fluff, it might be really useful info.

Anonymous said...

After completion of this course at The Harvard will he be "certified?"

Anonymous said...

How is that going to help with the pothole problem, crime or water problems? Jackson, he’s spending your money to help him, not you!

Anonymous said...

Man, it's hard to communicate to Mississippians that we don't already know it all. I'm for trying anything at this point. A Harvard/Bloomberg 3 day seminar could actually enlighten the mayor (or anyone else for that matter) that there are possibly approaches we can take to get off the f'in bottom in virtually every measurable category!!!
Three days at no expense? Good for you Chokwe! Good luck, network with others and bring some fresh ideas to this close-minded backwater.
Mississippian for 65 years and less and less proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Such negative attitudes as usual... How about looking at it as an opportunity for the mayor to make some connections with other leaders and mayors and see how they are approaching their woes? It's ok to get out of your box and try something different. Clearly the status quo isn't working around here. It so easy to just sit around, bitch and be critical.

Kingfish said...

I've never thought investing in yourself through additional education or training is a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, you are right. The naysayers do not have the money or the brains to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the date and my calender are correct, the Mayor has already completed the 3-day program. At this point, a thoughtful request for a serious and detailed report on what he learned might get more traction than breaking out the torches and demanding his execution. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

10:52 (and others): Are we supposed to be giving a standing ovation to this guy because he signed up for a class? A week at a desk other than his own is only good for him and won’t teach him a thing. If he’s not performing well already with all the real-world experience he should be getting everyday, then he is hopeless as a city leader.

We have a lengthy mayoral term full of inaction and frankly failure to support our bad attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Clearly he needs to try something new because we have a state run by State, Ole Miss and East/West/Central Whatever Community College graduates and ain't jacks&&t happen here. In case y'all didn't notice we're at the bottom of every gotd**n list so quit your &itchin. If a Harvard degree is good enough for the new state auditor, a 3 day Harvard course outta be good enough for a mayor of a major southern city.

Anonymous said...

1:46, 10:52 here. It appears that you could use a little education of your own, instead of all the hating.

Reading Comprehension 101: I don't think anyone said that he should be congratulated for attending.

Current Events: The Mayor has not served a full term.

Basis Mama's Advice: "If you don't anything good to say, just shut the f- up."

At least you acknowledge that your attitude sucks though.

Anonymous said...

i'm willing to wait for results. Outside education is often beneficial if one does not have a closed mind. Of course, if you receive these innovative ideas and the folks at home don't want them, not much is gained.

Antard said...

Why not just follow the 6 steps to solve a problem?

Anonymous said...

Every problem in America today can be traced directly to Harvard which was chosen to indoctrinate and disseminate Fabian Socialism. Harvard didn't choose the Fabian Society, the Fabian Society chose Harvard. Princeton has a professor advocating pedophilia and bestiality. Yes,sex with the family pet is deemed loving and desirable by U.S. News Number 1 ranked college in America!Harvard offers a course on the joys of anal sex, preparing our best and brightest to lead us into the future. I would choose Mississippi College over that crap for my child any day. They can have their ole-rover-roll-over, anal lube and butt plugs. I'll cling to my guns and Bible, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Give the man a break! He's at Harvard, not some diploma mill school. And having attended executive programs such as this, you benefit from the class time PLUS the networking. Also, I was on the plane with him on Sunday, and he flew in coach. Try praying for him and Jackson instead of complaining about everything he does.

Anonymous said...

2:46, you’re on a public forum. There are going to be opinions different from your own. Life’s hard, I know.

Anonymous said...

That dumb a$$ can’t even spell Harvard.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Bloomberg will ensure there is a session or two dedicated to advocating against so-called gun violence. And I doubt anyone there will have the courage to drive the discussion toward the deeper human cause of violence. And no one there will point out that gun control does nothing to reduce human violence using guns. (E.g. Chicago). But all will depart with a Harvard diploma that is suitable for framing and will have had a great vacation. Meanwhile back in Jackson, things will have gotten worse and someone will have killed someone else over something relatively trivial.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's try this another way. Does anyone have any information FROM HIM on what went down? At this point, the known facts:

He took a trip,

He attended a "convening" (I don't know who came up with "convening," but it coulda used a little more brainstorming),

It has something to do with Harvard and Mikey Bloomberg, and,

Chief of Staff Dr. Safiya Omari and Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Robert Blaine are going to another "convening" in August (Seriously, "convening" again? Who in the hell thought that was the right word? It sounds like what a not-quite-porn B movie written by eastern Europeans would have on the movie poster - "SEE SEXY WITCHES CONVENING!").

I think that about covers it. What say we get a few more facts before deciding what the facts are? Again, just an observation. And again, couldn't these mayors have just "met" or "attended" or something? Was "convening" really on the short list of "HEY! Let's say THAT!"

Anonymous said...

4:15, you need help. You cling to your Bible, but you’re fine judging others. You are probably better off not leaving your house.

Antard said...

Jackson does not need more institutional liberal agendas. Ladumba is confused about his vision, the only Jackson vision is going over a cliff. We need immediate and daily actions and countermeasures to turn this turf around. It has to be sustainable actions with responsibility. I have yet to see anything actionable or results out of this administration that will actually make positive progress.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will offer something similar for Presidents next.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that there is a session on how to locate and fill a pothole. Who knew that you need Harvard training for such fundamental government services?

Anonymous said...


You didn't know Harvard offered a doctorate in Pothole Management ? Silly you.

Anonymous said...

Those who are afraid of knowledge and who wallow in ignorance on the bizzare notion that they are intuitively exception are, along with the racists, out in force today.

I'm relieved we have a mayor who is willing to entertain the notion that he doesn't already know all there is to know. If only all our politicians would be open to the idea advances in man's knowledge didn't stop the day they left high school and college. There have even been new equipment advances that can not only help cities be more efficient and pay for themselves over time!

For those hating all things Harvard or who think you get brainwashed in college or who wish not to include all Ivy League schools Dartmouth or public universities like Ole Miss in your conspiracies, here's some bad news:

Harvard is expensive and has turned out a lot of students who did well. It's hard to be accepted unless you are really smart or your Dad was a rich alum who was also generous in donations to Harvard. It attracts the best professors in their field because it pays them well.

On every college campus, humans form groups( formal and informal) based on common interests. Do y'all think Sigma Nu at Ole Miss is part of conspiracy because so many of our politicians pledged Sigma Nu ?

Students don't get brainwashed attending class and reading books assigned by the university.

A professor can be biased and probably is. But, that professor is only one person in a department in a faculty who don't share his biases. There is something called a curriculum ( what courses you have to take and what books and subject matter is taught).

Dartmouth, another Ivy League school turned out not only Dinesh ( who was recently pardoned and the force behind film and book propaganda) and made friends of those who shared his agenda while there. But, plenty of liberals went to Dartmouth too.

In short, at every university you will find biased professors, students who find groups to join, crazy students and students who go crazy after they graduate, bad humans and good humans.

It's knowledge and behavior not your " feelings" or what somebody says that will help you discern whose is nuts, and who is up to no good.

Anonymous said...

9:15 I need help? Is it because I don't find bestialty particularly desirable? That's interesting. FYI, The Princeton professor advocating bestiality is Peter Singer. I think HE needs help. Try reading a little more. You might learn something.

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