Friday, July 20, 2018

Bedwetter Alert

The Montgomery Biscuits decided to have a "Millennial Night."  Needless to say, some Millennials were offended.


Justice for Old Farts said...

Kingfish, while I agree that Millennials are terrible spoiled assholes, I find it amusing that you (presumably a Baby Boomer) enjoy picking at them. In all seriousness I am more angry at your generation and the financial destruction y’all have caused on our country. I was born in 1983 (genX?) and it angers me how the idiot politicians of your age group have mismanaged our nation’s finances for decades, running up huge debts and continuously spending money and writing checks that my generation or later generations will have to pay. You and everyone of your generation (to include my parents) are financial idiots. Generally speaking, y’all personally hold way too much debt and save way too little for retirement. You and your generation are all spoiled assholes, no different then more recent generations so why don’t you knock off the generationalism and focus on your current career because your dumbass will be working well into your 80’s because you failed to properly plan for retirement.

Anonymous said...

11:24 is triggered. Quick get him some quad decaf french roast cortado in a plastic cup with extra whip cream and a pillow he can scream into!

Kingfish said...

Sorry dude. I'm an X'er. Try again.

Anonymous said...

When are they going to do baby boomer night? Where they wreck everything and then leave the millennial to foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

11:24, our problems have arisen because of career politicians. It has nothing to do with anything you said. Too may give away programs both foreign and domestic have caused our deficit which reflects on our retirement. The Postal service drained social security starting many years ago. I say privatize the Post Office. It ain’t working! As far as part of our national debt goes then you haven’t looked at the whole picture. We have had to rebuild and assist in rebuilding countries after wars and there is a lot of cost to do that. After all, you want to sway them as your ally and not be your enemy. Yes, many of us will not be able to retire. For me, I’m ok with it. I’d rather die working than die sitting at home in a chair but that’s just me

Anonymous said...

Only X'ers are corny enough to call people 'Dude'....

But, back to millineals(sp); I'm never sure how to spell it and 'spellcheck' doesn't recognize it, thus all of America's quandry. And I agree that 11:24 needs a pillow to cream into.

Anonymous said...

11:24, you just described every generation going back to old testament times. Every generation inherits a screwed up world, only to realize its a lot better than it used to be. If you think you would be better off in the pre-baby boomer years, try to last a week without AC. Or heaven forbid, internet.

Whippersnapper said...

Just about now, me thinks 11:24 had a "delete post" button.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile my grandfather's generation went to Europe for senior trip... it was Normandy and they fought in WW2.. can you imagine this group of sissys having to go to war. Geez... we would all be speaking German if we relied on this group of guys. Who knows maybe they could get some safe spaces or gender neutral bathrooms at the game.

Anonymous said...

I love how the Gen X'ers are the children of spoiled boomers and millenials are the children of spoiled Gen X'ers. And how boomers and Gen X'ers sneer at their own children as if they didn't mold the clay into the vision they see before them.

Seriously, millenials didn't make the world we live in today, their parents and grandparents did. The media and teachers and everything that messed up their head was not created by their peers, it was created by older people who wanted to make money.

Here's where it really gets crazy. if you check out the parts of the internet that are popular with the current youth, they defiantly reject the narrative of the mainstream. The future is not going to be what the older gens think it will be. They are not going to want to pay the bills for the foolishness of previous generations.

PS. At some point Social Security, PERS, and all the other boomer social safety nets will be insolvent. Hopefully there is some compassion in the hearts of the millenials or the older generation may not even be able to afford cat food.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:23, you talkin about wrecking and fixin? I ain’t seen a millineum reach down an grab anything to fix. They want somebody to hand it to them, pay for the repair and drive them where they are going! Don’t believe me? Come watch my Employees...... 19 to 25 and only 1 has enough gumption to have a very good work ethic and the rest of them hate him. Repair the mess ups?! Just wait until Bernie and his new girl he’s working with promise you free education. Talk about a special kind of stupid

Anonymous said...

11:24. Go have a few slices of avocado toast from your favorite food truck. You sound like someone who is frustrated that their private liberal arts college BA didnt result in a 6-figure income writing poetry or philosophy...

Anonymous said...

11:24 included his partners as boomer idiots. Best guess is until recently he lived on their dime and they had to cut him off so they could retire. Dude.... it’s Saturday. Really??

Continuum Leaper said...

9:29 - Your post is proof that each generation believes it 'started the world'. When we're on our favorite lake watching our favorite cork go under water, we think we found this honey hole - Not realizing that seven generations before us snatched bream from this same hole. And so will the next seven.

And you think your generation is the first to inherit obligations imposed by the prior two generations. Meanwhile, the shit you cause and the mudholes you stomp will be there after you'rr dead for succeeding generations to fill with a new type of pothole mix. And they'll blame you for it.

Ain't nothin' special about you. Or me. Or the people who died before we came along. Or the ones who will come along later and look down at your tombstone and wonder who you were.

Anonymous said...

Just a little something for those who think a generation or two down the line is going to have to pay for everything their fore fathers borrowed.
No one is going to have to pay back anything. Not a single politician really thinks about or wants to try paying down our debt a single dime.
We will continue borrowing as long as there is anyone who will loans us anything.

Anonymous said...

At 8:22
Your granddad went to Europe? I hear it’s nice there. We went to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Get off Kingfish’s lawn!

Anonymous said...

that fat slob at 0:54 in the video should not be talking about "caring for himself". he look like he eats his 3 meals a day at mcdonalds.

Anonymous said...

to father won a 4 year all expenses paid trip to europe ,but it wasn't so nice. he toured casarine pass in north africa, sicily, azio, monte casino and rome. later got to tour a beach in normandy called utah. iraq and afghanistan were
freakin picnics compared to my fathers european vacation.

Anonymous said...

@4:51 PM,
You are engaging in an argument over which generation fought in the worst war, but you are using your father's service as your trump card.

Well, I've heard of 'stolen valor' but never 'inherited valor'. So I guess I should ask, in which conflict did you serve your country? If none, then I can think of nothing more disgraceful than belittling the service of an entire generation of soldiers. Sad

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

My great great great grandfather fought in the civil war....

All of you are idiots trying to dick-measure your existence based on a war.

I am a United States Marine and thank everyone who served and expect nothing, aside from a civil hello, from those who didn’t.

And, 9:54, see 3;23

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, let’s stop this bickering about all this. Especially about service to the Country and who had to serve. First of all, I am thankful for each and every one of you for participating whether it was forced by draft or enlistment. We owe each of our servicemen a great deal. My Dad fought in two wars WWII and Korea and both were very different in some ways but same in another. The difference was that after we dropped the bomb the world changed, BUT politicians had gotten control of our military and therein lies a lot of our ongoing world issues today.

Which brings me to this. Yes, we have spoiled the generations after generations. I see nothing wrong in teaching good work ethics, civic lessons and how to be a productive member of society. I have no idea where someone gets off thinking that another sector of society owes them something. Therefore, we have a huge problem that is hard to define and possibly correct. We need to grasp the situation at hand but we cannot with all of the broken homes, fatherless homes, mental issues and drug addiction and our politicians keep playing it off and kicking the can down the road.

As long as there are humans, there will be war. As long as there is war, people will die. You know the strange thing is, our government “somehow” lost 2,583 American soldiers during the 1953 POW exchange...... I received a call from someone 2 years ago and they alerted me to an article. I read it and weeped. The soldier that died was in North Korea in 1998, in a POW camp. One of the 2,583 that lived as a prisoner for 45 years. I spoke to his brother. The family now has closure. I wonder how our government feels about that? I
would say they could care less.

Anonymous said...

Applause from me to you 8:13 am ! My Marine actually is getting bit uncomfortable with the " thank you for your service" . He holds this silly notion that he did his duty as should we all in one way or another.

See we are both " baby boomers" and the early ones were inspired by " Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". Then, everything kinda went to hell...assassinations and turmoil and shocking revelations about excesses in government. We saw our WWII fathers not getting the helped by VA and that it was worse for 'Nam vets. We could see idealism not just disappear but being ridiculed . We had seen idealism as inspiration for setting high goals not as naïve expectations of immediate results.
So I get the loss of faith in politics and government and taking care of one's own self-interest take over. That got passed the latter down to our children who got even more about " me".
Those of us who " stayed the course" found our friends eyes glaze over when we tried to get them to pay attention to political issues. They wanted to make as much money as they could fast as possible and got more and more " tribal".
Patriotism is lots easier when it's just words and flag waving. Seeing the duty as more than bitching and voting but actually studying up on issues and demanding more of politicians through actions like writing or calling or asking hard questions, or trying to find solutions for any issue in your community or State or nationally is much harder.
We accepted the notion of having to pay to hear a politician speak rather than remembering he works for us and should seek us and be available to us for questioning. We gave away our free airways and free press in dribs and drabs in the name of profit and yet are surprised at " fake news". We forgot why a citizen army was important.
Yeah, we dropped the ball as a generation. We were too busy trying to make enough money to get influence and safety for ourselves.

I suspect the real difference is that with each war, we forget just a little more than even for those who serve, duty to our Nation never ends and is the essential cornerstone of real Patriotism for every citizen.

Anonymous said...

11:24.....a 1983 birth makes you a millennial. And your comment epitomizes your generation. Signed, 1974.

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