Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stokes: "Y'all gonna close Jackson State"

A brief moment of sanity broke out at the Jackson City Council meeting yesterday when Ward 1 Councilman Ashby Foote provided the cold, hard numbers on how much money Jackson (5:15) is losing on operating two golf courses.  However, no good deed goes unpunished as Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes went into hysterics (8:20).  This one was one for the books.


Anonymous said...

Stokes says that like it's a bad thing

(ducks, runs)

Anonymous said...

Priester (2:53 of video): "I refuse to let this city become the next Detroit."

Welp, at least one of the leaders has enough sense to see where this is headed. Hopefully the legislature will keep applying the pressure. Pass Chapter 9 legislation this session.

Anonymous said...

Why are all these poor people playing golf instead of working Kenny?

Anonymous said...

Is Councilman Stamps admitting that the managers at Grove Park are absconding with the cash? Sure sounds like it - if that's the case, why isn't someone being prosecuted rather than figuring out how to put in credit card machines

Anonymous said...

Problem with Stokes or Stamps comparing the golf courses to other city parks is that the golf courses are functionality driven. One can't have a group picnic under a nice shady tree at Grove Park or Sonny Guy. The golf courses aren't open to walkers or joggers or people interested in throwing the football around. The courses are fee specific facilities.

The comparison to the tennis facilities at Parham Bridges is appropriate but not the rest of the park. Though I don't believe those facilities are bathing in red ink.

Anonymous said...

Everything is racially motivated in Stokesville.

Did Stokes just advocate bringing JATRAN operations back in-house? How'd that work out the first 100 times Kennuf?

Anonymous said...

They have the ability and the money (cash evidently, and I have to assume that these honest people are paying their green fees and cart rentals - its just that the money disappears after being paid) to play golf according to Kenny. But they don't have 'transportation' to get to the other city course, Sonny Guy, that is either closer than Grove Park or at most less than ten minutes away.

Hard to believe, but so is everything else Kenny has to say.

1. Close Jackson State and Alcorn - don't believe the city has anything to do with those
2. Close the baseball fields on Lakeland - one side is not owned by the city, the other side is leased out for dollars to the city
3. Close the firestation in Ward 1, let them come from somewhere else. There are a couple of dozen fire stations in the city - scattered throughout. You want to start closing fire stations you better be careful. An analysis of coverage would dictate closing others, but I realize Kenny doesn't worry about any analysis - just color.

And our new member of the Jackson media, self ordained source of all knowledge Othor Cain, said yesterday that Kenny was the 'voice of reason' on the council, the only sane one there.

Anonymous said...

What does Parham Bridges have to be shut down? When I drive by it, there are many folks, white and black who use the track. It services the apartments/townhomes/condos that are directly across the street (by JA).
So seriously, because Parham Bridges is located in NE Jackson, it should be shut down? Obviously Mad Dog Stokes does not and is not familiar with the demographic makeup of that area.

Anonymous said...

Can we get someone to find out how many people are getting on Jatran with golf clubs? Since all these poor people are playing golf according to Big Swole!

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Stokes and Mr. Stamps, I agree that parks shouldn't be seen as profit centers, but when the city is in such bad financial condition, maintaining a park that is losing money because it doesn't get enough usage or is mismanaged ( whichever is happening or maybe it's a combination) can't be expected to stay open.

Why didn't you address this problem long before now, Mr. Stokes , since you should have known about the problems being experienced for a very long time?

The idea of fairness strikes a cord with me, as well and I support the idea that poor children and adults need green space and recreational space .

But, I suspect the reason you don't see Parhnam Bridges or the other places you mentioned on the table is that those places are not losing such a large amount of money. And, I also would point out that golf is a very expensive hobby. Tennis and baseball are much less expensive pursuits. Some sports are just luxury sports and frankly, green fees and golf clubs should be at the bottom a a poor family's recreational choices just as it was on mine when we were struggling to make ends meet as a young couple.

Of course, the notion of closing Jackson State or Alcorn is ludicrous until such a time they can't attract enough students to stay open. But, Mr. Stokes, unlike times past, poor students will be able to go to other colleges and universities. And, if poor people are paying for car tags, they can drive those cars over to Riverside.

Not everything is about haves vs have nots or race. Some things are about being practical and pragmatic.

A sign of maturity is being able to postpone short term pleasures to meet long term goals. That is why I suggest you grow up and stop growing OUT!

Anonymous said...

This is absurd, even for Stokes.

Anonymous said...

The North Jackson baseball fields are managed and all upkeep and improvements are funded by a board for those fields. Citizens of Jackson trying to give kids a safe and fun place to play. However, so many cars were broken into this year that teams refused to come and play at North Jackson. At least the city could have patrolled the parking lot not to mention actually convict the thieves. Word travels fast among the criminals, all it would take is a few going to prison and the crime would sure to slow down. We have people who have killed someone that are still walking the streets. Clean the crime up or all will be lost in Jackson no matter how much money you throw at it.

Anonymous said...

I'd pay money to see that lard stokes even walk a fairway at either place...let alone swing a club.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Stokes,
Who "kilt" da' maya.
The decay continues.....

Anonymous said...

Priester for Mayor.....

Anonymous said...

I agree, Golf is not a cheap sport. It is considered to be a luxury sport. I doubt many folks in Jackson, black, white, brown, purple, green, can afford to play golf on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...


shut them all down.

all parks.

all transport.

all city funded everything.

stop it for 5 years.

take money and spend it on police, fire, water/sewer, roads/bridges, demolition.

Anonymous said...

Lots of overhead at a golf course. Not so much at a tennis/walking track facility.

Integration? The tennis league plays at Battlefield...Dangerous, but they still play there. That's integration.

Also, if you don't have a vehicle in MS, golf should be the least of your worries.

I bet if you pulled the city funding for the baseball fields and Parnham Bridges, the locals would take it over and keep it going. That said, these are places of employment for Stokes' constituents. Without them, where would they break into vehicles to make a living since they are oppressed...all tax free.

Stokes is a moron, but judging by the clapping from the peanut gallery, his people believe him, as evidenced by his comments about Jackson State and Alcorn(not even in Hinds County).

Kingfish said...

Isn't the tennis center at PB leased?

Anonymous said...

Build a putt-putt course around city hall and sell hotdogs.

Anonymous said...

1:47 Do you have a case number for any of these car break ins? Because if not....

Anonymous said...

Hey KF, ask Q-dawg about PB. He was suppose to be leading the funding effort for building new courts and seating.

Anonymous said...

KF, the folks who run the tennis center just collect the court fees (in cash - no credit cards allowed), which they presumably pass along to the city. They do so in exchange for the right to sell racquets, clothes, beer, etc., but my understanding is that they do not pay rent.

PittPanther said...

It's so funny that none of you (except perhaps 4:21) has a clue how Parham Bridges is run. No clue if they make a profit or lose money, no clue whether the managers pay rent, or if PB is an olive branch held out to try to keep white folks on the city.

All we know is the golf course financials because those details had between provided to us. We have no idea if PB is losing an equivalent amount of money, or even more.

Strokes is correct. Where is the analysis on tennis revenue to decide if closing PB and distributing tennis to Lake Hico and Battlefield might be a worthwhile idea?

PittPanther said...

2:28, you would be surprised how many people from Jackson play golf. I never see a shortage of people playing at Sonny Guy, and they're all colors.

Bet you didn't know that Pearl also has a municipal golf course, and it too has no shortage of people playing.

Why you think everyone in Jackson is broke I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Parhan Bridges tennis courts are used by both black and white tennis players. There is league play out there Sunday through Thursday. There is seldom a night when you do not find black players using the courts. I play on a predominantly black team and Parham Bridges is our home facility. Comparing the up keep of tennis courts to the upkeep of a golf course is comparing apples to oranges. Tennis courts donot have to be mowed. The only mowing at Parham Bridges is the grass in the non tennis park area. Parham Bridges also has a walking track which is heavily used by both blacks and whites.

I understand the concern over the potential closing of the Grove Park golf course. For a very long time this was the only golf course on which blacks were allowed to play. However in these times of limited finances and gross mismanagement by the current administration (out of state project management consultants) Jackson may not be able to afford two city golf courses. A competent administration would recognize sometimes you have to make hard decisions.

Anonymous said...

Stokes be a fool. "Yo mama"!

Anonymous said...

Put both of them up for auction.

The Skraight Piper said...

Ashby Foote told you everything you need to know in the video posted above. Watch him at about 7:20. Grove Park has taken in only 21% of the projected fees for the year. The City of Jackson is 79% black. Oops, "African American". Appears that the only ones getting charged to play golf out there are the whites, er,"European Amercians". Now, that being said, whats up with the water valve tool leaning up against the wall behind Mr. Foote? Shouldn't it be put to use to cut folks off until they pay the water bill which generates the revenue these clowns are looking for?

Anonymous said...

Dont believe that is a water valve tool - looks more like a probe. Maybe it is used to probe the depth of Kennuf's intelligence. But looks too long for that - maybe its to probe the amount of crap in Kennuf.

Anonymous said...

All of the clapping for Stokes at these meetings is proof there is nothing wrong with being poor but people don't have to be stupid. He will be around as long as he can keep IQ's low.

Anonymous said...

Kenny boy has obviously never been to Parham Bridges because more blacks use it than whites. I guarantee you they are collecting more than 20% of their projected revenue as well. The people that continue to elect this ignorant, race baiting fat ass are just as ignorant as him. Keep expecting better results for electing the same dumb ass. Hey but we gots our MLK parade and our bus trips!

Anonymous said...

Put both of them up for auction.

September 21, 2016 at 7:39 PM - the golf courses or M/M Stokes?

Anonymous said...

HOW in the world did Jackson get in the hands of such idiots?

Anonymous said...

8:02, It was a choice made by the citizens of the city of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

"Excuses are like" What? Hairballs? I have no idea what Yarber said.

Anonymous said...

Did Stamps and Stokes advised that the city is far from being broke. Do they not see the run down buildings, the potholes or craters in the streets, and the water coming from every other street. They can't be completely oblivious to what's going on.

Anonymous said...

I drove down State Street last week. The street looked worse than the county road I lived on as a kid and it was gravel. About every other block water was running out of a crack in what little asphalt that was left. Shouldn't be any problems with speeders.

Anonymous said...

They can't be completely oblivious to what's going on.

Yes.......they can.

Anonymous said...

As long as the money is going into the right pockets they do not care what is going on.

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