Thursday, September 29, 2016

NAACP: Black police officers are not black

Why didn't the NAACP just say black cops are Uncle Toms? WCNC reported Tuesday:

“Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black,” the local organization said Tuesday. “In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.”

Watch the video for yourself.    Chief Vance, Sheriff Mason, and every other black law enforcement leader in Mississippi should call on Derrick Johnson and the Mississippi NAACP to disavow these remarks.  Mayor Yarber and Supervisor Graham should do so as well.  Check out the list of demands:


Anonymous said...

"No, I'm sorry, we were never given any list of demands......"

Anonymous said...

Any competent and honest law enforcement officer would tell them to fold that piece of paper back like it was originally and stick it where the sun don't shine.
Instead they will try their best to follow all demands of the thugs.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase my dear old departed dad.."demand in one hand and sh:: in the other one and see which one fills up first"...

Anonymous said...

So... they are blacker than you? They basically called all black officers Uncle Toms.

Anonymous said...

Our first half black president should have done more to help race relations than any president in history. Instead, he has set them back at least 50 years.
Even the democrats should see that.

Anonymous said...

Be aware that NAACP chapters around the country are somewhat independent especially regarding local policy statements on local issues. Many of these chapters are run by dedicated intelligent people who care about the community, some are run be opportunists and hustlers, who use the pedestal of the organization's status to promote themselves or a self-serving agenda. So don't be surprised when some hack makes a statement completely out of line with NAACP history. Like the guy said in Animal House "We need the dues".

Anonymous said...

@7:03 please explain why the first black president had a responsibility to do more towards race relations than the previous white president?

Secondly explain what he has done to set race relations back at least 50 years?

Anonymous said...

1. The NAACP has declared that black police officers are not black.
2. Therefore, the identity of 'blackness' can be abridged and rescinded.
3. If the black identity can be expunged, it is rational to assume it can be bestowed.
Conclusion: Racial identity can indeed be changed and is not a fixed concept. So all race based conflicts can be solved by simply declaring, by authority of a civil organization, one or multiple races nonexistent.

Anonymous said...

I believe that police officers should be blue, because that means they see neither black, white, or any other color. They should simply see protection of the public as their mission. And frankly, I think that is what the large majority of them see.

Anonymous said...

8:39 You say responsibility as if it were some burden. I would think it would have come natural to him. Because he is half black and half white he should understand both points of view and be able to explain both points of view and find some common ground.
Instead, he is one of the biggest racists one could imagine. He is constantly trying to say things that divide people according to race, or gender, or sexual weirdness. He wants blacks to be poor and unhappy and to believe that voting democratic will make them happy. Look at the cites where people have voted democratic for decades. Are those people better off? Do they seem happy?
The government should be colorblind and treat everyone the same. Obama is totally against treating everyone the same.
Policy after policy actually hurts blacks more then others.
1. Raising minimum wage
2. Cash for clunkers
3. Extending unemployment benefits for years
4. Obomacare
5. Black lives matter
6. Enforcement of immigration laws
7. Taking over student loans
8. Forcing banks to give mortgage loans to people who cannot pay the loans back in order to meet racial quotas

ALL of these are things that democrats endorse that hurt blacks.
The way to bring the races together is to be colorblind in government.
Beginning in 1968 I sat in the same classroom and had the same books and teachers as black kids. In 1968 most of the black kids parents were not as well educated as mine, but that gap should close a little every year. That was almost 50 years ago. It is time to be colorblind. To say to blacks - go to class, study, learn, don't do drugs, don't have children out of wedlock. Let's be honest - most of the problems that blacks have are their own fault and government cannot fix them until the people care enough to fix them themselves. Obama had a chance to put forth this truth, but he told lie after lie after lie.

Anonymous said...

Give me a fucking break 8:39pm. All we heard in the run up to the election is how an Obama presidency would heal racial divides and truly show how far America has come. It fooled so many dumb ass, guilt ridden whites that it ushered in the absolute worst president in my lifetime. He turned out to be nothing more than the community organizing, race hustling pimp that he always was and always will be.

What has he done?!?!? Look at the way he riled up things from the get go with the Harvard professor incident to Travon Martin to his continued stirring the pot with the recent spate of riots and looting. You truly are an idiot who is so far gone, you don't know what reality is. And guess what, when the shit really hits the fan, your ilk will be the first to go you fucking delusional moron.

Right back at you....what has he done to make things better? Name one thing. There are countless examples of the direct opposite.

Anonymous said...

@8:39 PM.

Were you in a coma between 2008 and 2010? They treated President Obama as if he was the return of Black Jesus. We were "post racial".

You know what changed all that? Trayvon Martin. The second Obama jumped on Martin's presumed innocence, no logic, no due process, it's because they are both black and George Zimmerman was suddenly a "white Hispanic", it was all downhill from there.

Then came Michael Brown, Obama's White House sent representatives to his funeral, once again "presumed innocence" no due process, and once again BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK. But this time Ferguson went up in a pillar of flames.

Then after Ferguson came Baltimore, and Baltimore burned, then the cops got off from no wrongdoing.

Then came Charleston, and suddenly the Confederate battle flag and the Mississippi state flag were the cause of all evil, war memorials got vandalized all over the place, Amazon and Ebay dropped everything Confederate while still holding on to Nazi and Che Guevara memorabilia, latent hypocrisy. State governments overreacted and suddenly the Southern Baptist Convention, Ole Miss (with that foofy-assed Coon kid) and the National Parks Service started one-upping each other in the "Social Justice" race and suddenly all opposition to it found itself not too inconspicuously silenced. Nikki Haley and the GOP establishment sold out their constituents in the South to make themselves look good on National TV, and now because of that we can't even watch reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard anymore. We have to go to flag producers like Ruffin Flag Company over in Georgia if we want to even get a reenactment Confederate battle flag for historic purposes, or even just a recreational flag in general, because God forbid someone wanted to put together a historic display to go alongside their Civil War biographies. Like I did.

And then came Milwaukee, latent "wink and nod" from this administration.

And then came Charlotte, a black cop killing a black thug and then we see downtown Charlotte getting looted.

President Obama, and all his lackeys have fanned the flames of racial discord for their own party's political benefit, and poor blacks bought it lock, stock and barrel. And now, we run the real case of bad riots breaking out before or even during or after this election is over. And I'm talking Rodney King bad. "Post Racial" was a myth, because it was certainly not in line with what the Agitator in Chief wants.

And Here We Find Ourselves.. said...

Can't we all just get along and enjoy a beer summit down to Smith Park? We need more 'healing' like that.

A community organizer, aka neighborhood agitator, became president of our country. And in the grande fashion of the organizer's handbook, played it all out right in front of our eyes. Chapter and verse.

In the game of football, a team might rack up 50 yards in penalties. In the game of Societal Context, a nation might rack up 50 years in racial setback.

Anonymous said...

If I were the NAACP I'd chuck this list of demands and kidnap a couple of people then demand $400 million for their release. Tell this administration that the NAACP deserves the same deal as Iran.

Anonymous said...

Is this from the national NAACP or some jackleg local chapter? The NAACP doesn't march in lock step as well as the NRA!

What has set race relations back is the ability these days to find an idiot and paint an entire race or religion as being as everyone in the group being as bad as the worst idiot.

We don't seem to be very interested or entertained by those people who are accomplishing great things and setting good examples for us all.

No President has been attacked over such completely invented propaganda as our current President. The birther and Muslim nonsense was totally invented. And, it's the outright lies by political agitators in both races that have set back race relations.

Those of you who like to make Stokes and any Black criminal the poster children for the black community seem to ignore Priester, every Black top notch doctor at UMMC and every top notch Ivy League lawyer and every Black PhD or business owner in Jackson.

The irony is all of you are people who should know that for a very long time every Southerner was painted as being like Honey Boo Boo's family! And, Mississippians were all expected to have a pointy hat and sheets in their closet ! You rightly resented that and were rightly pissed about it! You want David Duke as the poster boy for the white race or Timothy McVey or Jim Jones or pedophile priests?

Those of you falling for divide and conquer propaganda are aiding and abetting our Nation's enemies!

Deo Vindice said...

11:09 - You can find most any flag you want at 'A Complete Flag Source' on west frontage 55. If they don't have it, they will order it.

Deo Vindice

Anonymous said...

Who is it that insists on counting us by race on absolutely everything? It is the government. When someone who is 1/4 black and 1/2 Hispanic and 1/4 several ethnicities, they are still black. Then they marry a white and the children are still black. Doesn't this smack of the "one drop of blood"?

Anonymous said...

NAACP is no longer pro-American. They are even fighting letting black children get good educations. For the last 65 years, all progressive people (socialists) have pushed for Civilian Review Boards of police departments. There are plenty of safeguards without any such power being given to civilians. I believe it is highly probable the current push against the police was the result of Sharpton/Obama meetings following Ferguson.

The hundreds of police departments across the USA are a line of defense between bad government and regular citizens. Hunters and other proficient gun owners are another line of defense. Both are under assault by Democrats.

Anonymous said...

These people will say anything, good or bad, right or wrong, to get their way, no matter how stupid or ridiculous it sounds. Black police officers are no longer black. Hmmmm. That makes sense. If a black person wants to become a law enforcement officer to try to protect and serve his community and make it a better and safer place, then he or she is a traitor and no longer black. Gees, these folks are as stupid and racist as those they complain about.

Also, I see that one of their demands is to defund the police department. (Yeah, that sounds smart, do away with the police and let everyone do whatever they want. Why don't we just rescind all criminal laws altogether ? There's no such thing as a crime, everything is legal, so we don't need police. Great idiot) But yet a later demand is that the police dept be controlled by a community panel. What police dept ? It has been defunded, and there is no police dept to control. Gees, the stupidity.

Kingfish said...

Yet they scream they want only black police officers to patrol black neighborhoods.

Messick said...

... only Black teachers in Black schools, only Black-owned businesses in Black neighborhoods, only Black elected officials in majority Black cities...

Anonymous said...


Its really not wise to enter this room with your blinders still on.

Anonymous said...

Today the NAACP does not have any more credibility that the KKK.
Imagine how the NAACP would cry if some white group called for the exact same things they call for.
Even their name is a joke. White people cannot even say out loud what the initials NAACP stands for without being called a racist.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:35. I am really amused that someone on this post blames "cash for clunkers" on the President. The same post also states the president forced banks to give out loans to unqualified buyers to meet racial quotas. Why do you all get this stuff?????

Anonymous said...

Most of you need some Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes Brown Eyes may help.

Anonymous said...

NAACP are poverty-pimps!

Anonymous said...

All those people claiming that the Washington Redskins are racist have no problem with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the United Negro College Fund.

I think the team should change their mascot to the Washington Colored People. Wonder how the NAACP would react to that.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage you to read all about the community reinvestment act and all of its subsequent amendments. Ben Bernanke basically said this caused The subprime mortgage crisis that fueled the crash of 2008. You can thank the Democrats, Carter and Clinton for this problem, that forced the Banks at gunpoint to make loans to people that couldn't afford the houses they were purchasing with credit they really didn't have.

Anonymous said...

8:40 pm Are you dense? The reinvestment act didn't force the banks to over value the property, jack up fees, or to make loans with interest rates and balloon payments that would make Mafia loan sharks blush!
It was banking deregulation that erased regulations put into place after the S&L scandal. If the properties have been valued properly, the banks have the asset at real value after foreclosure plus the money that was paid on the property.
And, apparently, you missed Wall Street's role in the crash. Deregulation kept those guys from jail as well! And, I don't think you'll see Wells Fargo's CEO or board going to jail...just getting fined for less than what they stole !

Anonymous said...

8:04 doesn't understand supply and demand. Values climbed due to more buyers in the housing market. Clinton reduced the Fannie Mae
requirements in 1999, for the sole purpose of increasing minority home ownership.

Anonymous said...

6:04 you are the one who is nuts. It is not a proper function of government to be messing in the housing markets. It is definately unconstutional to force the banks to make loans to unqualified buyers. That is what caused the crash. Those bad loans would not have existed except for these improper actions by the federal government. Certainly wall street made the problem worse by the way the packaged and sold the loans, but the loans should not have existed.

Anonymous said...

The government does get to regulate commerce. It's role is to level the competitive playing field in a capitalistic economic system.
You seem to think capitalism is only about maximizing profit by hook or crook. That's greed and use of money to gain power. It's about fair competition and supply and demand. It's not supposed to be a con game.
No one forced the banks to make more higher loans than the property was worth. And, of course, the GOP is always offended by the suggestion that business practices can be dishonest.
And, you need to do your homework and learn who sponsored amendments and deregulated banking so that the program was doomed to failure. You need to look at when subprime loans started to rise ( Dallas Federal Reserve issued the first warning before you go casting blame.
And, it wasn't just the housing loans than Wall Street packaged badly. FYI, they are still putting duds in their funds and a prospectus no longer has to be accurate.
Your boys are keeping the banking industry and Wall Street from behaving dishonestly or isn't Wells Fargo a hint for you? Your boys give Pharma free reign as well.
And, it was the GOP nominations to the Supreme Court that made corporations a " citizen" and gave developers like your candidate the economic development justification for eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

@10:35 If you are reading this, good because my last three comment would not get post and maybe you are the one that should be colorblind if you think all the things you list is all about blacks and for blacks.

Anonymous said...

952 it is NOT the proper role of government to 'level the playing field'. It is proper to insure basic honesty in the market place. The playing field was leveled when the taxpayers paid for your education thru high school. Anything more than that is up to you.

Anonymous said...

The govt. can insure basic honesty in the market place but cannot insure basic honesty of the citizens. also cannot help those who refuse to help themselves.

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