Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Don't throw beer bottles at the police.

JPD issued the following statement:

On Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at approx. 2:30 AM, Jackson Police Officers responded to Big Boyz
Food at 3030 Jayne Ave. regarding a disturbance. Upon officers’ arrival, contact was made with
an individual allegedly involved in the disturbance. The suspect, identified as Dennis Green, 40,
began to throw beer bottles at one of the officers in an attempt to cause bodily injury. The
officer’s service weapon was discharged striking the victim multiple times about the body. The
suspect was transported to UMMC for medical treatment. He is listed in stable condition. The
officer was not injured during the incident.

Robbery/Homicide Detectives are currently conducting an investigation. The suspect, Dennis
Green will possibly face charges upon his release from the hospital. The officer will be placed on
Administrative Leave with Pay during the course of the investigation and the findings will be presented to a Hinds County Grand Jury. The name of the officer is not being disclosed at this time.

There is no further information to report at this time.

Kingfish note: Meanwhile, the CL publishes this misleading headline and opening paragraph:

 Jackson officer shoots man throwing beer bottles

 A man throwing beer bottles was shot by a Jackson police officer Tuesday morning.

The article doesn't mention the fact that the officer was the target of the assault:

 The suspect, identified as Dennis Green, 40, began to throw beer bottles at one of the officers. According to JPD, the officer, fearing injury, discharged his service weapon. The suspect was struck multiple times.

Would it have been that hard to add "at a police officer" to "A man throwing beer bottles"? 


Anonymous said...

Just wait until sweating kennuf gets hold of this.

Anonymous said...

Someone probably told JPD that the "disturbance" did not involve gunfire. Bet they responded immediately. Much of Jackson including the Jayne Ave. area sounded like D-day. There is supposed to be an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms in the city. Big joke.

Anonymous said...

This is what is wrong with policing these days. And you, Kingfish do your part with the liberal agenda of militarizing our police.

I understand it is Jackson, MS, one of the more dangerous places in the US.

But my grandfather would have never shot someone multiple times if some hoodlum had been throwing beer bottles at him / towards him. He would have beat his ass like he deserved and arrested him.

Similarly, it's why you shouldn't risk getting in a fight with anyone these days. If you best them, they may pull out a gun and blast you .. because, you know self defense.

And people like Kingfish would be writing articles justifying how it was deserved.. because you know, the legalities of it.

Bill Dees said...

"The suspect, identified as Dennis Green, 40, began to throw beer bottles at one of the officers." This is what you said the CL reported. It doesn't appear that the report omits the target of the bottles.

Kingfish said...

Why don't you read, Bill? I said the headline and opening paragraph were somewhat misleading. The important fact was published near the end of the article. Guess what most people see first? The beginning. See Bill, the beginning comes before the end. I realize it may not look that way on Mount Olympus but it does.

Kingfish said...

"This is what is wrong with policing these days. And you, Kingfish do your part with the liberal agenda of militarizing our police."

How so?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm confused now...I thought there was supposed to be a police chase before we throw bottles at the PoPo...KENNUF!!! We need your help please.

Anonymous said...


What I meant is that from the way your post read, it seemed like your commentary on the CL post (which was incomplete like you pointed out and therefore showing its own bias as well) as misleading was also subtly endorsing the actions of the police officer.

In my mind, whether or not the suspect threw a beer bottle "at a police officer" or not does not justify a response of multiple shots to the body. However, look forward to the subsequent report and information.

That may have been a reach on my part though. I'm curious if you think the officer's reaction was appropriate so I can consider a different view point.

PittPanther said...

So much fail in this story:

Raggedy convenience store is open at 2:30am?
Convenience store is selling beer at 2:30am?
Cop is so scared of a guy throwing beer bottles, that he shoots him.
Cop shoots the beer thrower "multiple times."
How many beer bottles did this guy have at the ready to throw at the police?
How accurate was this bottle thrower? Was he an ex-college baseball pitcher?
Why didn't the cop simply back up until the thrower exhausted his supply, then administer a righteous beating with nightstick?

Anonymous said...

I thought that the people were encouraged to throw bricks and bottles at the police. Or is that just for the Rankin County law enforcement officers? Kenneth needs to get his "constituency" educated on what police officers they can throw at.

I agree in part with the posters who question shooting someone for throwing bottles at them. However, I think it should also be pointed out that the position of the Obama administration and the Federal prosecutors have taken during this administration has made law enforcement even more dangerous than it already is. I don't know the answer, but I'm in favor of our men in blue protecting themselves.

Also, don't forget, it was the idiot throwing the bottles that was the cause of the police being there in the first place. If only we would learn to behave. . . .

Anonymous said...

" Much of Jackson including the Jayne Ave. area sounded like D-day."

Gee, lots of noises on July 4th - HAD to be gun shots, of course.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the people were encouraged to throw bricks and bottles at the police.

Pretty sure Kenneth said rawks, boddles and steeks. But it probably does include breeks.......

Chad. Cochran said...


I believe Mr. Stokes said Brick, Rocks and Bollas.
Not hard to do a good search and find the qoute.

Anonymous said...

Did he keep throwing beer bottles after he was hit the first time?

Johnny Weir said...

KENNUF said throw rocks, bottles & sticks at the Pearl, Brandon, Madison POPO, NOT, the Jackson POPO. This heat is taking a toll on Jackson. This poor dumbass perpetrator doesn't like hot beer.
KENNUF should give ice cold beer to all of his loyal followers.
Also, to note the fine mayor was down at the Essence get together in N.O. He lamented that each month/quarter the Jackson POPO sends to the pokee 200 Jackson citizens while MDOC releases 600 former convicts into Jackson. He says none of the released convicts can finds jobs in Jackson. He says this the main reason crime is so high.

noel said...

We need a beer summit, oh wait. . .

Anonymous said...

Too many sick animals in the herd. Thin them out!!!

Anonymous said...

why knock the jpd for shooting someone? it's a warzone in parts of jackson and the police want to make it back home to their wives and children. I don't blame anyone here but the victim

Anonymous said...

This is one reason some people disrespect cops. How untrained and cowardly are you if some drunk fool is throwing *bottles* at you & your response is to shoot him "multiple times"?

Throwing bottles at people is wrong. It's scary. I don't want any bottles thrown at me.

But if I were a cop & someone were doing that to me, I'd duck. I'd back out of range. I'd call for backup. I would not SHOOT THE GUY.

Contempt for human life is a bad sign in any public servant. Sorry, cops, but the crazy guys throwing bottles at you? You're there to "serve and protect" them, too. This is part of the "us vs. them" mentality that's encouraged by people like all too many commenters at this site.

Anonymous said...

old cliché again, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

12:31 Hell yes a lot of the noise last night and the night before WAS
semi-automatic gunfire. A lot of it. Not just fireworks. If you drive through West, South Jackson and Presidential Hills during a holiday weekend you could record a soundtrack for a war movie. Yeh and I live in the hood!

Anonymous said...

Was that a case of bring beer to a gun fight?

Anonymous said...

Ears are perked up. Time to react. If somebody assaults an officer (in any manner) the officer should blast his ass. Multiple. Times.

The liberal whiney ass crowd can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

Ears are perked up? You read that on some meme, keyboard commando? You bravely post that errybody wants to be a lion until it's time to do lion shit? You pose with your AR on social media with the target that barely qualifies as proficient? Sure as hell sounds like it.

No, the officer should not have blasted his ass, as it were. Nor should he have multiple times.

Continuum of force. The officer should have begun with the minimum amount of force necessary to subdue the subject. This isn't level four of your Call of Duty game. Drunk ass...crazy drunk ass is hucking bottles at you. Dunno, maybe pull your baton, extend it, beat his ass? Screw it, taze him. Pepper spray him. Despite your console's handicapping these methods against the target, keyboard commando, THEY ALL WORK. (And most of the other blowy uppy digital shit from which you derive your understanding of the use of violence is bullshit, too...)

Poking an officer in the chest with your extended index finger could be construed as 'assault.' Should the officer get to 'blast his ass' in that situation? No, jackass, he shouldn't. He is a peace officer. He enforces the law. He is neither judge, jury, nor executioner. If that job is too difficult, if the rigors too much...perhaps one shouldn't be in that job. Very few of us possess the demeanor and poise to be good police officers (I understand that I don't)

I'd bet if your spoiled kid got pulled over and poked the cop in the chest asking, "Do you know who I am?" you wouldn't be cheering for the cop to shoot him.

I'm no liberal. I do enjoy wine...and, sir, you can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm gona drop the card. ....what would be the reaction of Kennuf, the media and the "community" had the officer been white? Saw the grainy video, she unholstered and points the weapon toward the perp while talking with her hands. If that was a justified shooting, might as well bring back the fleeing felon rule of the 60's while they are at it.

Anonymous said...

The front of Big Boys store where the shooting happened advertises all of the hood essentials: EBT, cold cuts, beer, check cashing, and wine. There are probably 100 stores in Jackson just like this. This environment of extremely low expectations is so sad. However, change has to start at home.

Also, the headline is misleading. Typical of most papers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the bottle thrower thought the officers were from Madison or Rankin County.

Anonymous said...

"I thought that the people were encouraged to throw bricks and bottles at the police.
Pretty sure Kenneth said rawks, boddles and steeks. But it probably does include breeks......." July 5, 2016 at 12:35 PM

Chad. Cochran said... "http://wjtv.com/2016/01/03/bricks-rocks-and-bottles-kenneth-stokes-throws-insult-at-sheriff/

I believe Mr. Stokes said Brick, Rocks and Bollas.
Not hard to do a good search and find the qoute." July 5, 2016 at 1:10 PM

I'm quite certain you're BOTH wrong. I distinctly heard the esteemed Councilman and Community Leader say, "...throw ROZ, BRIES, and BOLLOCKS."

Bries and Bollocks are easy. Brie is a gooey cheese, which would make a grand statement, sliding down a car window, without causing too much damage. Bollocks would probably make excellent popping noises upon impact, and would bounce merrily off windshields. And both items can probably be purchased with EBT cards - a crucial requirement within the Jackson City Limits.

But what about ROZ? I had to look that one up, and can certainly see why this would be suggested by Councilman Stokes. 'Roz' is a giant slug-like creature from the film, 'Monsters, Inc.', with which a certain person would have a natural affinity. I can see a screeching Roz, hurtling toward a police car.

It seems that Councilman Stokes chose wisely.

Anonymous said...

I suggest all of you watch the tape of the incident.
I watched it on the WAPT website.
All of you can do the same.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Jackson PoPo started a new BLEP program to redeem deposits on beer bottles for all of it's citizens that qualify for being stupid (Bottles for Lead Exchange Program).

But seriously...Kudos to Lee Vance for getting the facts about what happened, then seeing the justification to stand behind the officer that had to make her quick decision on how to react.

Anonymous said...

I go the opposite way on Vance and his comments. I assume JPD has SOPs for shootings that include admin leave and an investigation to determine if it was a " good " shoot. That being said, he preemptively tainted any findings of an investigation with his public declaration of the shooting as justified. The inevitable law suit will unearth the lack of training for all levels of the force continuum. The agency and officer will be left holding the bag at least civilly.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. I can see why the cop shot the man. She could not have chased him if he tried to run and if he attacked her the only thing she could do is roll over on him.
Get a real cop and this type of BS will not happen. Hire large over weight women and they have no choice but shoot. I would like to see that cop run a single block after a criminal.

Anonymous said...

We have a good example of the poorly prepared and overwhelmed officer that seems to be involved in many of the protested shootings that are being captured on cell phones nowadays. This case is clearer because the officer was female. Her fear is such that she lacks the confidence to confront a drunk or retard without drawing her service weapon escalating the situation which was not a "deadly"
confrontation in the first place. Now it's comply or die, rather than comply or take an ass whipping and arrest. Many female officers (some are good) lack the confidence in their physical ability to do anything on the street other than draw a gun and create a life and death situation out of every conflict with a belligerent male.

Anonymous said...

Had the officer been hit with a bottle or any other object this out of control criminal used as his weapon of attack, there was the possibility the officer could have been injured or caused her to drop her firearm, leaving another possibility of that crazy fool getting his hands on her weapon & harming others that were on scene. She did the right thing. Period.

Anonymous said...

The fool woman should not have drawn her gun when she first came into the store. Even then the man missed with his bottle. Notice it didn't hit the cop? Hire real cops and stuff like that will not happen. Hiring a family member for a cop isn't real bright.

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for. What young professional with a CJ degree would want to dive into the cesspool J town has become. Not to say there are none, but any there are out weighed, pun intended, by the rotund specimen in this incident. Tullos is doing cheetah clips in his grave.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of people lined up wanting to become a Jackson cop. Every once in a while you will see one who was successful when their pic is on the local news when they commit a crime.

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