Friday, July 8, 2016

Sheriffs support Dallas PD

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey posted this message on Facebook: 

Four officers dead, several wounded, all on duty, wearing uniforms. All attacked because of their profession - profiled for what they do. Where is the nationwide public outrage from religious leaders? civic leaders? Where is the outrage from our nations president on this HATE CRIME? This is a racist massacre that just occurred against men in blue. Law enforcement officers seem to be bashed in the media every day because of the questionable actions of a few officers across the nation, which we don't even know all the facts about. I'm sick of all the anti-police crap and heartbroken over the death and injuries to so many officers. I'm thankful to be the Sheriff in Rankin County, which feels like the Alamo in this day and age. People have questioned about why we have a MRAP and this is one reason why. I pray something like this never happens here, but if it does, we will be prepared. I'm asking ALL Rankin County Law Enforcement Officers to be aware and prepared at all times. There are anti-police individuals in our county on social media who are promoting violence against officers. Let's all be in condition yellow at home and when we walk out the door.

Meanwhile, Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker put up this billboard: 


Anonymous said...

Sick of this shit!! This nation needs to cut our pitting Americans against one another. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Police and civilians. Lives are lives. We should be equally outraged over unwarranted violent killings. No one deserves death! Enough of this crap! It isn't a firearm issue. It's about mutual respect for Americans, whatever our differences may be.

Anonymous said...


Daryl said...

Everyone should read Franklin Graham's message about these killings.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo. I'm sure the USA is looking to Rankin County for answers.

The GD pandering on both sides has to stop before we all end up in the third world.

Anonymous said...

Rankin County feels like the Alamo. Good God that's like saying the line at the Ryan's buffet is like the Siege of Vicksburg. I'm appalled at the GOP office holders shameless profiteering from recent events.

Anonymous said...

Could 2016 be the swing year that normal whites reject tea party houliganism and a conservative Democratic Party comes to the scene? I'm waiting on the Rankin delegation to declare a cross burning. Let the country have 24 hours to grieve before the political pandering starts.

Anonymous said...

9:54. His comments are spot on. The next President won't save us. Only personal accountability guided by faith will. We have to believe and trust our faith. Escalation, while understandable given the violence (meaning that everyone is skeptical of intentions) will only make things worse, more violent.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad to see Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey and
Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker are expressing support for the Dallas PD.

Has Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason issued any public statements supporting the Dallas PD ?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

10:05 said I'm appalled at the GOP office holders shameless profiteering from recent events.
OK, what is the alternative? The POTUS started this four years ago. This was yet another issue that was created by the Democrats where a real issue did not exist. Where are the stats to show that this is a real problem? Do cops ever kill blacks? Sure, just like cops kill criminals of all races. The criminals are bad people. They carry guns. They kill cops. The police must defend themselves. Some times a policeman goes too far - we have local courts, judges, and juries to handle that. To think that the Federal Government is needed is an insult to all of us who serve on local juries. So the POTUS encourages the wacko groups to protest. Protest in places like Ferguson, MO where the FACTS showed the policeman did nothing wrong. But he does more than encourage. He phones governors and mayors and tells them to have the national guard and police stand by and let these fools burn cities down because a black thug was killed by a policeman who was doing his job. We can see this. The entire nation has been watching how irresponsible the POTUS has been about this four four years. Murders are way up as a result of this. Policeman are resigning and that is going to get worse. As a society we must have police, but the individual officers can do something else to earn a living. So the long term result is that the quality of policemen will go down and the cost of paying them will go up. So the Republicans are supposed to pretend that Oboma has not inflamed this situation? They are supposed to ignore his unbridled racism? When a Muslim terrorist kills a bunch of people, POTUS is on TV telling us how that was just one person. We should remember that most Muslims are good people. But when a policeman kills someone does POTUS go on TV and tell us not to hate on police? Tell us that most policemen are good people? The GOP are not the politicians you should be complaining about here. Open your eyes. This truth is ugly, but you should see it as it really is.

Anonymous said...

He says '...this is why we have MRAP.' What is MRAP?

Anonymous said...

"OK, what is the alternative? The POTUS started this four years ago. " -

no - that is completely untrue. I seriously suspect a bunch of disenfranchised white losers started this and now they have the Dumpster as their hate mongering flag bearer - someone who truly doesn't give a damn, by the way, about people like the middle or lower class trash in Rankin or anywhere else, thinking only of himself - the guy is a sociopath and attitudes that he promotes will lead us into a conflagration.

Isn't it time that people realized something was inevitable as a result of institutional hatred of black people- to which we all acquiesce by failing to be outraged.

Finally, look at our prison system. Stop the stupid war on drugs, a poor excuse for public policy that has cannibalized our resources that could be used for education and support of those who have been chained to a legacy of being "less than" as a result of their skin color.

I am sick of seeing my black friends and employees forced to live in fear.

Anonymous said...

Victor Mason,Hahahahah, now that's funny, he's done in 7 months what took Tyrone 2.5 years to do. Victor has nothing to say because he's been screwing his own people since he was elected. Victors all about a Dog and Pony Show and he'll be another One Term Dummy.

He's placed 2 Marked Patrol at his own house because of the Courthouse bomb threat.
Victors weak as Circus Lemonade.

Anonymous said...

Could 2016 be the swing year that normal whites reject tea party houliganism...

Certainly won't be the year when you stop making inane comments.

Anonymous said...

The killings and shootings in Dallas were unjustifiable.
But, please tell me how you justify putting a gun against the chest ( rather than the shoulder supposedly reaching for the gun) and deliberately killing a person lying on the ground with two big guys on top of him? His crime was running off a homeless guy by waving his gun around.
Please explain how a guy with no record of even a parking ticket, who has had a good job for years , who has a woman and a four year old in the back seat, ends up dead for a broken taillight? The police can run plates anymore?
And, please explain how the woman whose hands are clearly involved in videoing you and who is talking ends up on the ground and cuffed in front of her hysterical child?
Neither race can rationalize or defend the outrageous actions of their own! If a white person had been sniping blacks or a black cop killed a white driver, would you be defending or trying to excuse those actions?
It may be a news flash to some of you, but a badge carries more personal responsibility in our society for a reason. And, that reason is to protect citizens from law enforcement being used to rob of us our freedom!
And, like any moral person, I'm no longer entertained by those who incite others to hate by telling outright lies or lies of omission!
With freedom comes responsibility, including the freedom of speech. You all owe the guys defending our freedoms overseas to not be trying to destroy our Nation by dividing us with hateful , lying partisan crap!
Opinions are like assholes, we all have one but we should verbally fart in public!
Partisan politics is out of control! And, the result is I'm left with having to choose between and a man who is clearly either a megalomaniac bully or in the early stages of dementia and an overly ambitious, narcissistic woman who will lie to cover up her mistakes even when telling the truth is in her best interest! God help us!

Anonymous said...

As a retired LEO, I call on all officers, nationwide, to take a week off to mourn the events in Dallas. See what happens during that week and I'm thinking most honest folks will feel they are needed.... Oh, I would suggest the general public arm themselves because without that "Thin Blue Line" between them and anarchy, it will be a LONG week!

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions. Asking for anyone to answer.

How man blacks have been killed by other blacks since the last two incidents of cops killing blacks?

Why is there no one with a phone around when a black kills another black? Even though there may be many witnesses there isn't a single video of it.

Cops kill more whites then they kill blacks. That isn't a question, it is a fact.

Why do black lives only matter when they are killed by a cop?

Last. I will ask why blacks do not seem to care when a black kills a part of their family but will riot when a cop kills a black during an arrest?

I will always remember the news story about several blacks robbing a business in Jackson and killing several people. There were plenty of witnesses but not a single person knew the killers. That is until one black woman, excited by being on tv, actually accidentally told the name of one of the killers during her interview. Immediately realizing she had said his name she put her hand over her mouth and ran. The killers were local and well known by every witness.

Anonymous said...

There are no clear cut answers to the policing issue and use of lethal force by law enforcement. These police involved shootings have always occurred. The difference is we live in a society where everyone has a camera phone. As such, more and more of these incidents will be recorded and put in social media for all to see. Those videos will continue to invoke passions one way or the other. Our Congress needs to be addressing these issues from the use of deadly force to providing resources for all of law enforcement (urban and rural) to have body cameras. Because there will be more deaths. There needs to be bipartisan solutions. Trying to blame one party or the other solves nothing.

Anonymous said...

For the poster who does not believe Obama started all this crap four years ago....where were you when he started it? At the club? Sellin' cars? Supervising a Jackson contract in exchange for your support?

Anonymous said...

Rankin County (white trash) supports law enforcement. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Rankin feels like the Alamo.

This says so, so much about the Niknar bubble mentality. Already losing that war on liquor.

Anonymous said...

7:54. Think again. Here is Alton Sterling's criminal record.

Simple battery (dismissed) (Nov. 24, 1996)
Simple battery – dismissed (Oct. 28, 1997)
Simple burglary of inhabited dwelling (May 5-15, 2005) request for arrest warrant
Felony theft (May 5-15, 2005) request for arrest warrant
Simple burglary (amended to illegal possession of stolen things – guilty plea) (May 24, 2005)
Aggravated battery (amended to simple battery – guilty plea) (March 6, 2006)
Simple criminal damage to property – guilty plea (March 6, 2006)
Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling (amended to disturbing the peace – guilty plea) (March 6, 2006)
Expired driver’s license (March 21, 2008)
Driver’s license issue (hard to read document) (2008)
Domestic abuse battery – pleaded guilty (March 31, 2008)
Illegal carrying weapons with controlled dangerous substance – pleaded guilty (May 29, 2009)
Felon in possession of a firearm – dismissed (May 29, 2009)
Contempt of court – (Aug. 10, 2009) – Guilty plea
Fail to use seat belt (Feb. 5, 2014)
Fail to renew registration (Feb. 5, 2014)
Failure to comply with sex offender registration (Aug. 11, 2015) – Forfeiture
Possession of a schedule 1 drug, (April4-5, 2016) – no conclusion
Possession of marijuana first offense. (April 5, 2016) – no conclusion

Arrest – probable cause affidavits:
Trespassing (Aug. 25, 1996)
Damage to property (2 counts) (Aug. 25, 1996)
Criminal mischief (Aug. 25, 1996)
Illegally possess weapon (Aug. 25, 1996)
Aggravated burglary (Aug. 27, 1996)
Public intimidation, 2 counts (April 24, 2000)
Criminal damage to property (March 4, 2006)
Simple robbery (March 4, 2006)
Theft under $500 (March 4, 2006)
Possession of marijuana (March 4, 2006)
Misrepresentation during booking (March 4, 2006)
Simple battery (March 4, 2006)
Aggravated burglary (March 4, 2006)
Resisting an officer by force (May 29, 2009)
Possession marijuana (May 29, 2009)
Possess stolen things (May 29, 2009)
Possess firearm with drugs (May 29, 2009)
Simple assault (May 29, 2009)
Offense too illegible to read in the record (May 29, 2009)

Let's look at the morning of his death.Sex offender,convicted felon with a STOLEN gun in his pocket committing the felony of selling bootleg cd's. Think it's a far cry to guess that ol Alton decided he had nothing to lose and went for the stolen gun in his pocket to avoid going to Angola until he was old and gray as a habitual felon?

Police were answering a 911 call that he threatened someone with a gun. Race played no role at all in his death.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who started it. You don't have to participate in it. I agree with the poster that called out our elected officials that are doing the pandering.

Anonymous said...

The rules which govern the use of deadly force are established by an agency's use of force policy and are underpinned by commonly accepted principles known as the force continuum.

These policies vary agency-by-agency and are dependent upon law, agency mission, the agency's tolerance for risk, and the force projection techniques available to a particular agency. For instance, there are agencies whose leaders do not allow their officers/agents to carry non-lethal weapons (eg. baton, OC spray, TASER), so the force projection techniques available for that agency are limited to presence, verbal commands, pain compliance/strikes, handcuffing and lethal force. Other agencies choose to offer their officers/agents additional options when dealing with a non-compliant person or other threat.

One thing to remember in each of these cases is that most force continuum policies articulate the fact that the person who an officer/agent is involved in an encounter with is the one making the decision for the officer/agent. For example, an individual who points a gun at an officer/agent can reasonably expect to be fired upon by the officer/agent. In addition, most use of force policies articulate the idea that the officer has the option to reasonably accelerate, or decelerate the force continuum based on that particular circumstance. For example, an officer/agent who feels s/he is in mortal danger can accelerate the continuum directly from verbal commands to lethal force in order to neutralize the threat to him/herself or the surrounding public. Conversely, if the person complies, the officer/agent can decelerate his/her use of force, keeping in mind that s/he must maintain the safety of him/herself and the surrounding public.

I am happily retired after having served more than 30 years as both a police officer for a large metropolitan department and as a federal agent, and can attest to the fact that there are wide variances in agency culture which dictate how agencies train and equip their personnel and this can have a direct effect on how encounters with citizens resolve.

These issues are not easy to solve, and there is no "one size fits all" approach to every agency, officer, or encounter. Law enforcement officers make life and death decisions every day - often in the blink of an eye - but these decisions are counterbalanced by the decisions the public make when they are encountered by law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Alton was a busy man. Did he ever do anything that was not criminal? If he did he must have been very fast about it. Not much time for anything else.

Anonymous said...

Partisan politics is out of control!

No more so now than at other previous historical junctures.

Anonymous said...

11:09; I disagree with you. It DOES matter who started it. If we don't analyze the problem and its origin, we are not able to effectively fight it.

We have heard enough denial of reality as to the enemy. Now you and your "At this point what difference does it make" mentality!

Anonymous said...

It DOES matter who started it.

Great. Who in the past started it? Who is the present has to pay?

Anonymous said...

It's simple. Better pay, and better training. Up the pay to attract good candidates, so the good professional officers are the norm, and not the exception. Make MLEOTA the bare minimum. Make the minimum hours as a trainee ridiculously high. With good enough pay, you can attract folks who will be willing to endure a ton of training. And heavy psyche evals during training. Wean out the ones like the MN cop who never, ever should have been given a badge. He was terrified. No shame in that, unless you are an officer with a gun and the propensity to use it. This isn't a panacea, but it's a good start.

Anonymous said...

Better pay is not going to do a damn thing about lowering crime. We do not have that much of a problem with our police force. We have a crime problem. We have a problem with people thinking a person should be allowed to break the law just because of their color. We have a problem with people not stopping long enough to learn the complete story. We have a problem with race whores who make a living by keeping the races separate and angry. Our main problem is ignorance.

yada yada... said...

No mention of the Commander in Chief advocating violence against the police. No mention of Councilman Stokes advocating violence against the police.

Anonymous said...

1:26, it doesn't count when it is a black making the remarks. Let a white say the same things and there will be cops at their door before they can continue with their sentence.
There will always be racial problems as long as one race has more freedoms than any other race. Let people be truly equal.

Anonymous said...

Yeh , Randy people like you are the problem in law enforcement. Bye the way missed your outrage in James Anderson's killing by your thugs.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the Rankin County sheriff taking up the fight to bring awareness to the plight of the Smurfs with his blue lives matter billboard. Gargamel's murderous reign and terror has gone unchecked for far too long.

Anonymous said...

8:28's first two words were the only thing correct in his post. "It's simple".

When cops show up, they have guns... DON'T ACT STUPID!!


Anonymous said...

11:20, and why not act stupid? If you have a friend close with a cell phone you have a good chance of becoming rich. At the best you will become wealthy, at the worst, your family will become wealthy.
They sure as hell will not be getting wealthy from their education and hard work.

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