Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Governor Bryant backs Trump

Gov. Phil Bryant released the following statement after Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign:

"Tonight, Sen. Ted Cruz ended his hard-fought run for the Republican nomination for president. I congratulate him on his effort. I believe he is a true patriot and admire his stand. He will continue his conservative mission for a better America. We now turn our attention to the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and the election in November. I will support Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president of these United States. He now has the responsibility and certainly the ability to unite this Grand Old Party and go on to victory. As a conservative, I will find common cause in this election because the possibility of a Clinton victory is unacceptable. We now join together."


Anonymous said...

Translate to "I will hold my nose and endorse Trump."

Anonymous said... usual. A follower. Not a leader. Guess he figured he needed to jump on he TrumpTrain instead of getting run over by it.

Anonymous said...

And -- who cares?

Anonymous said...

I guess he would support a dead cat if it were a republican.

Burke said...

How many Republicans will be able to step forth and say, "But the Emperor has no clothes!"

Anonymous said...

way to go out on a limb

Anonymous said...

Since Trump is the only republican left in the race there isn't anyone left to support if you are a republican.

Anonymous said...

The Donald should demand the MSGOP should fire Noseff today and hire Mitch Tyner as the State Chair. It's been funny watching all the other clowns like Phil Bryant and his followers jump from Cruz to Trump so quick. What would be funny is if Donald said thanks but no thanks Philly go away and your FIRED!

Anonymous said...

I just hope that we can find a non politician to support for guv and lt. guv in the 'sip come election time. I'm sick and tired of the career politician

Anonymous said...

A dead cat Is preferable to Hillary, in all likelihood the most corrupt serious candidate for President in my lifetime, which goes back to Eisenhower. I'm not a fan of Trump, but the prospect of Hillary leaves me little choice. What other candidate can claim the number of scandals attached to her name? Getting fired for unethical conduct while working for the Watergate Committee, Whitewater, Rose Law Firm billing records inexplicably showing up in the Whitehouse, taking Whitehouse property on her exit, the Whitehouse Travel Office firings, Benghazi debacle and lies (but "what does it matter?), illegal use of unsecured communications, getting money from foreign governments for her foundation while Secretary of State, giving secret speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wall Street while claiming to be tough on Wall Street (What was in those speeches that the public can't know about?). Conviction of crimes or not, the smell of corruption around her is overpowering. The dead cat smells better.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, 3:42. Some of these clowns would suffer greatly if the voters really got tired of electing "politicians." Bryant is incompetent to be anything else.

Anonymous said...

Harper and Taggart are wailing in despair. Harper is attached to the Beltway establishment at the hip. After Trump wins we'll send Harper to the showers in 2018. Along with Wicker.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have done what the Democrats did eight years ago and have nominated their least qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Trump can't fire Feel. I'm sure he's thrilled to have this goober's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

3:46, the democrats are doing their best to do it again. Not only are they trying to nominate the least qualified but also the most dishonest.

Anonymous said...

3:46 kinda have the cart crossing the finish line when its horse isn't even connected yet. Before you start kicking people to the curb with your replacements, lets see how your boy does in November. Once he leads us to having four more years of an Obama/Clinton administration, you won't be in much position to start telling who you think would be the best for us in 2018 and 2019.

Anonymous said...

Trump's going to cut Mississippi off the 'sugar teat' of government money. Make us actually pay more to the federal government than we get back. We can't balance the budget and still make tax cuts and give corporate welfare? What kind of Conservative is that?

Anonymous said...

Bryant and Pallazio really went way out on a limb today didn't they?

Anonymous said...

So, who is more honest? Hillary or Trump?


Anonymous said...

Trump would win that hands down. Hillary has been lying to people as long as Bill has been raping other women.

Anonymous said...

Killary! We have not forgotten about Benghazi!!! Needs to be sitting in a prison cell. Hail TRUMP!!!

Anonymous said...

Hillary has never been popular...even before she was accused of doing anything illegal.

Wonder why that is?

You would think staying with Bill would be what "christians" would want....but no. These "christians" wanted her to leave him...divorce. Whats that about?

Is it possible she is hated because she is an ambitious intelligent female? Is that possible?

Ive tried to like her. I think divided government is best so Im trying like hell to like her....but man it is hard as hell to find one redeeming quality about this person.

Trump is gonna be the next President......shes just not viable.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let that guy talk about Bill Clintons wee wee in this post like he did in a previous post...........I can't scrub that image from my mind

Anonymous said...

And, 3:43, don't forget her choice for Surgeon General: Dr. Maxine ???. Name escapes me but advocating teaching kindergartners to masturbate I can't forget.

Anonymous said...

Feel's support of Drumpf is consistent with his record as Guv. He is a follower not a leader. But, he made a fine deputy.

Anonymous said...

Three more years of Feel. I'm not sure I can bear it. Is there any aspect of the man that could be called progressive, thoughtful or forward looking, politically courageous, or having an earnest eye toward our economic future? After he signed 1523 embarrasing us all before the entire nation I have only doubts. I am so disappointed in him along with the other Republican leaders. We stand greatly embarrassed once again.

Anonymous said...

Feel's endorsement of Trump is about as important as a used piece of gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe. I can't decide which is more embarrassing-Feel or Trump. If you listen closely to what Trump says-there's NO substance. He just spews crap like a 3rd grader on the playground. Heck, that's an insult to 3rd graders. He will bankrupt our country, just like he's bankrupted himself. Feel is absolutely the worst gov in my lifetime. He's an embarrassment to every Mississippian. The Republicans can certainly pick winners!

Early To Rise said...

9:42 - Please give an example of how 'leadership' would announce a different endorsement since there is only one from which to choose.

All the governor is saying is that he's behind the eventual nominee. Unlike many of you panty-wasters who are chortling in your beer that you won't vote.

Anonymous said...

Phil had a chance to show leadership, with no risk. Imagine if the lame duck governor had said, "I have been a Republican all my life, but some things transcend party. Donald Trump is unfit to hold the office of president, so I can not I good conscience support him."

The buffoon will carry MS regardless. No downside for Phil.

But he's - as someone pointed out - a follower, not a leader.

The surgeon general in question was Jocelyn Elders. Wanted to teach kids to beat off in school & give hookers free gubmint Norplant.

She might be a good running mate for Trump; all he'd have to do is float her name & his legions of Trumptards would hail her as their new queen.

Because they're retards.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be, but am constantly amazed by the stupidity that the comments on this site generate. 3:43, if you've been around since Eisenhower, then presumably you've heard of Richard Nixon. He resigned so he wouldn't be impeached, by the way. Also, there is the matter of the Iran-contra affair. It's absolutely amazing to me the selective memory many on this site employ. 3:43 nailed all the Infowars/Glen Beck/Fox Hillary tropes, of which she was found to have committed no wrongdoing (the fired from Watergate must have been hard to find as only a couple of total loons bought that one), yet the actual problems with her, that she, like her husband, his successor and W's, absolute love of Wall Street, get a pass, because that's a plus in the eyes of propaganda masters. We hear Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!!!!!! over and over and despite thousands of hours of hearings. 3.5 years later, zip, zilch zero. 220 Marines and 21 others killed in Beirut in Oct. 1983. 18 months later, a report is issued that actually improved security. I guess 3:43 forgot that as well.

You folks that think Trump can win have lost your mind. His zealots are just that. They'll vote for him, but most with a brain would have figured out after 08 and 12 that relying almost entirely on white male votes to win a presidential election, is a losing strategy. Now, you've tripled down on it.

Anonymous said...

7:57 -- his followers remind me a lot of Obama's base: room-temperature IQs, and complete obliviousness to facts, law, policy issues and basic logic. But they can be whipped into a frenzy with their cult leader's appeal to raw emotion.

Like Obama voters, just white trash retards instead of minorities.

Anonymous said...

Is this the best the U.S. can come up with for president? No wonder we are dropping like a rock.
Trump is an unknown as far as politics but he isn't a life long politician and that is a big plus. Hillary is well known in politics. How anyone could vote for her is just a sign of how low the U.S. has dropped.

Anonymous said...

Damn I love the smell of sanctimony in the morning. 7:57 and 8:36, can we kiss your feet?

Golf Clap said...

8:36; In the event that you are right, you have just announced the election results in Trump's favor. Thank you for your concession speech.

Anonymous said...

8:36 here.

Let's see. Trump is a lifelong Democrat and pro-abortion. His supporters don't care.

Trump embraced the endorsement of a convicted rapist in the city where the rape took place. He impugned the rape victim. His supporters don't care.

Trump called Ben Carson a pedophile and said Ted Cruz's dad killed Kennedy. His supporters don't care.

He doesn't know what the Nuclear Triad is. His supporters don't care and want him to have the launch codes.

He is a bully, mysogynist and a serial philanderer. His supporters don't care.

He says he loves the "poorly educated," and likes to surround himself with those of lesser intellect, because it makes him feel better. His supporters don't care.

He's a draft dodger. His supporters don't care.

Four bankruptcies; they don't care.

Trump could come out in favor of having sex with little boys, renounce Christ, and shout "Hail Satan!" His supporters won't give a damn.

Be cause "he fights." Because "he's not a politician." Because they're angry and "he'll shake things up and make America great again."

So, yes. His supporters are collectively as smart as the Obama phone woman.

Anonymous said...

11:08, you could be describing the Clintons also.
Look at all of the women Bill has raped. Look at the way Hillary defends his hobby.
The Clintons have been sucking on the govt. teat all of their lives.
Bill Clinton is a draft dodger.
The Clintons loves the minorities because they can fool them so easily.
Bill Clinton never had a real job in his life.
The Clintons never owned a home until the govt. bought them one.
The Clintons stole from the white house and had to be forced to bring some of the stuff back.
Bill is the leading serial philanderer of all time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this just in.

Trump's finance director is a Goldman Sachs fund manager who's given to 3x times as many Democrats as Republicans. And he worked for George Soros.

His supporters won't care.

Now if Cruz or Rubio or Jeb Bush had done such a thing.....

But that's different. Those are ESTABLISHMENT guys. Unlike John Boehner, who endorsed Trump.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I could be describing the Clintons. I'm describing the supporters of the nominee of what used to be my party.

I hold conservatives to a higher standard.

Trump is no conservatives. His supporters are retards.

Anonymous said...

I hold conservatives to a higher standard.

Except when it comes to adultery.

Anonymous said...

2:14, you really wouldn't call what Bill did adultery. Rape is what the courts called it and Bill paid off.

Anonymous said...

2:14 - care to elaborate? Wanna name a Republican or conservative philanderer to whom I've given a pass?

Anonymous said...

@12:55. You have nailed it. But, as you note - his supporters won't care.

Jake Brake For Gubner said...

Looking back through all the above posts I'm suddenly reminded of who the democrats in Mississippi recently ran for the office of Governor. And they have the balls to come on here and offer an analysis of any other candidate for office? Spare me please.

"East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'......."

Anonymous said...

7:49, Just my opinion but the person democrats put up for governor is much better than the one they will put up for president.

Anonymous said...

7:49 - wouldn't call the trucker who the Dems 'put up' for governor. He ended up being their candidate just like Trump has ended up being ours. The lady the Dems 'put up' to ran came in third - to someone they, nor anybody else, had met.

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