Saturday, May 21, 2016

Clarion-Ledger does it again

The Cleveland Municipal School District will appeal a federal judge's "desegregation" order. Read this Clarion-Ledger story about the appeal and see if there is any pertinent information left out of the story:

The Cleveland School District disputes a federal judge's ruling that the school district is segregated and signals it will likely appeal the judge's decision.

"The Cleveland School District strongly believes that the judge’s decision and comments by others have inaccurately portrayed our district as segregated, which is misleading and incorrect," the district said in a statement released through Cleveland School Board attorney Jamie Jacks. "The undeniable truth is that the Cleveland School District’s student population is integrated and has been for decades. The district provides excellent educational opportunities to all students and offers an open enrollment policy allowing students to attend the school of their choice regardless of race or address. It should be noted neither of the district’s two middle schools nor the two high schools have a majority white enrollment and a national expert in school desegregation has written that the Cleveland School district is one of only a handful of school districts in the country with increasing interracial exposure. The Cleveland School District’s board believes the court’s decision to consolidate schools will limit the choices of both parents and students. The board is studying the judge’s 96-page ruling issued late Friday and is strongly considering an appeal."

The five-member school board, which has three white members and two black members, voted this week to investigate an appeal, and is expected to vote next week on whether to actual file an appeal, Jacks said.

A federal judge ordered the Cleveland School District last week to consolidate its majority black secondary schools with historical white schools, ending a five-decade legal battle to desegregate schools in the 12,000-population city in north Mississippi.

"Six decades after the Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education declared that 'separate but equal has no place' in public schools, this decision serves as a reminder to districts that delaying desegregation obligations is both unacceptable and unconstitutional," Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, said in a statement. "This victory creates new opportunities for the children of Cleveland to learn, play and thrive together. The court's ruling will result in the immediate and effective desegregation of the district's middle school and high school program for the first time in the district's more than century-long history."

The court rejected as unconstitutional two alternatives proposed by the school district, agreeing with the Justice Department that the only way to achieve desegregation is through consolidation.

In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Debra Brown also ordered the parties to submit a proposed timeline to implement the plan in such a way as to ensure the immediate termination of the school district's dual system. She set the deadline for no later than 21 days from the entry of her opinion, which was issued Friday.

"The delay in desegregation has deprived generations of students of the constitutionally guaranteed right of an integrated education," Brown said in the 96-page opinion. "Although no court order can right these wrongs, it is the duty of the district to ensure that not one more student suffers under this burden."

Holmes Adams, attorney for the Cleveland Board of Education, said Monday the board is still reviewing the opinion. He said the board will make a decision on whether to appeal after fully digesting the 96-page opinion.

Under the Justice Department's plan approved by the court — which was developed in consultation with experts in school desegregation, school facilities, school financing, and parent and community engagement — the district will consolidate the virtually all-black D.M. Smith Middle School with the historically white Margaret Green Junior High School. The district will also consolidate the virtually all-black East Side High School with the historically white Cleveland High School. Further, the district will review its existing educational programs and identify new programs for the consolidated schools, address staffing considerations and perform necessary maintenance and upgrades to facilities.

The Cleveland School District has about 3,700 students, with about 66 percent black, 30 percent white and 4 percent Asian or Hispanic.

The ruling follows years of collaborative work with the local community and private plaintiffs. Community members — from parents and faith leaders to former teachers and coaches — testified in court in 2012 and 2015. They described the stigma long associated with the district's black schools and the sense among black children that white children attended better schools. During last May's hearing, they testified that consolidation was the only way to bridge the divide and expressed a willingness to take the steps, however difficult, to secure equal educational opportunities for their children and grandchildren. Parents of all racial backgrounds testified that they want their children to learn in a diverse environment to prepare them to encounter the world today.

The approved plan commits the district to a path of full engagement with students, parents, educators and community stakeholders in implementing consolidation. Cleveland is a small Mississippi Delta city of 12,000 residents, divided by railroad tracks that separate east from west as well as black from white. As one community member testified, "We can break down this wall of racism that divides us and keeps us separated, and we could create a new culture in our school system that's going to unite us and unite our whole city." The Justice Department shares the sentiments of the court that "the district's commitment to the education of its children will no doubt ensure that the gem that is Cleveland, along with its surrounding areas, only shine brighter as the shadows of segregation recede."

Vanderbilt University Public Policy and Education professor Claire Smrekar, who was hired by the Department of Justice, said in an affidavit the proposed plan would create a consolidated, districtwide middle school using the existing East Side High School facility, and a consolidated, districtwide high school campus using the existing Cleveland High School and Margaret Green Junior High School facilities.

Ellis Turnage, a Cleveland attorney who worked with the Justice Department on the case, said things are still divided in Cleveland, with the railroad track being the dividing line. He said whites live on the west side and blacks on the east side.

However, in the Mississippi Delta, he said, more white students attend public school in Cleveland than in other areas. He said it will be interesting to see if whites stay or leave the district if the secondary schools are consolidated.

That was the news, now for the Clarion-Ledger opinion.  What is left out of the rather sanctimonious May 18 editorial? 

To the sad reality of a school district in Mississippi taking five decades to desegregate. A federal court order issued this week stated the Cleveland School District must consolidate its majority black secondary schools with historical white schools. In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Debra Brown also ordered the parties to submit a proposed timeline to implement the plan in such a way as to ensure the immediate termination of the school district’s dual system. The numbing fact here is that it's been six decades since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education that declared the "separate but equal" philosophy used to segregate schools as unconstitutional. We agree that segregation has no place in a civil world and applaud the ruling. However, it's incredibly disturbing to know such practices have been ongoing in Mississippi and in its public schools. Segregation is hateful, and no district in the state should continue such an archaic and disgusting practice.

It appears the "state" newspaper's reporters and editorial staff are incapable of conducting basic research or statistical analysis even after JJ did their homework for them earlier this week.  The demographic information of Cleveland schools are available on the Mississippi Department of Education's website.  Here is what the Clarion-Ledger refuses to tell its readers:

Cleveland High School
White: 298 students (47.76%)
Black: 281 students (45.03%)
Hispanic: 32 students

East Side High School
Black: 368 students (>95%)
Other: 0

Margaret Green Junior High School
Black: 264 students (50.48%)
White: 225 students (43.02%)
Hispanic: 28 students

D.M. Smith Middle School
Black: 245 students (99.59%)

 Bell Elementary School
Black: 193 students (52%)
White: 158 students (42%)
 Asian: 11 students

Cypress Park Elementary School
Black: 261 students (100%)

Nailor Elementary School
Black: 371 students (100%)

Parks Elementary School
Black:149 students (42%)
White: 187 students (53%)

Pearman Elementary School
Black: 168 students (66%)
White: 62 students (25%)
Hispanic: 11 students

The truth is the schools are integrated.  The question is why has the Clarion-Ledger refused to disclose these statistics in no less than two articles and an editorial. 


Anonymous said...

King...the Clarion-Ledger is nothing more than a platform for liberal and Democratic Party talking points, and Sam Hall is the journalistic equivalent of a short bus window licker.

Anonymous said...

Can Sam sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Why do all the white kids go to the same school? Can't they split them up?

Anonymous said...

There should be one school district to save money.

This Order probably over reaches given the actual statistics.

What the plaintiffs do not like is the ability of whites to choose to stay with whites....but the place is also filled with over 50% blacks.

The town is segregated socially. The money and land belong to the white folks. Black folks really have no equity stake there.

But...they all seem to get along living in separate worlds right next to each other.....its the Delta.

Anonymous said...

I stopped clicking on the Clarion Ledger's website, when they spun the Jessica Chambers murder into a story about a poor, misunderstood, immigrant shopkeeper.

Their content is rife with deliberate distortions. Those distortions support the usual, predictable, agenda.

And I certainly don't buy their pathetic newspaper.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Debbie Brown has ordered Cleveland to follow the Clinton Schools method. The Clinton Schools were the subject of a nationwide story about a month ago, but the story was not picked up here. I believe Clinton should be the model all schools in MS. follow. I recall the H.S. is 38% white, and it is in the top 5 schools in MS.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think everyday more and more people don't even read the Clarion Ledger. I took it for decades, but dropped my subscription back several years ago. I see their tweets sometimes, and occasionally will open up a link but not very often. Too many other places to get better news coverage, and I get to pick and choose what I want to read, too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something Clinton does to manipulate test scores? Heard from more than one person. Not saying it isn't a fairly good school academically, but not the utopia some portray it to be.

Anonymous said...

Clarion Ledger has gone downhill since Jason Taylor and Tolly left. This new publisher is invisible. Sam Hall is good at getting into Twitter spats though... Their young reporters are leaving for better gigs at the San Jose Mercury News, Barksdale Today, and the Philbilly Times. . Place is held together by duct tape and Pender.

Anonymous said...

Let's not let math or good sense get in the way here. There is yet another school district in Bolivar County but it was judicially mandated decades ago. Such vast sums of money wasted, but we can at least feel good about ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful building filled with veteran, hating liberals. Keep the building; fire the incompetent staff.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something Clinton does to manipulate test scores? Heard from more than one person. Not saying it isn't a fairly good school academically, but not the utopia some portray it to be.

100% fabricated comment.

Redundant Madness said...

Bolivar County seems to have six public school districts, the most of any county.

Benoit School District (Benoit)
Cleveland School District (Cleveland)
Mound Bayou School District (Mound Bayou)
North Bolivar School District (Shelby)
Shaw School District (Shaw)
West Bolivar School District (Rosedale)

The five school districts other than the Cleveland School District are among the 20 smallest of the 152 school districts in the State of Mississippi. In the State of Mississippi, Bolivar County is the only one that has six school districts.

In 2012 the Mississippi Senate Education Committee passed a bill asking for the State of Mississippi to consolidate the six school districts in Bolivar County to three or two. The Mississippi Senate passed the bill 37-11.

Not sure why they haven't created one in Pace and named it after Charlie Capps.

Anonymous said...

why can't the white kids in cleveland have a "safe place", everyone else does

Kingfish said...

Bully proof windows.... troll safe doors.....

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily bully proof Windows. But the children deserve to be able to recieve an education with other civilized children. A white child in a majority black district is exposed to more violence and bullying than any civilized child should ever be exposed to.

Anonymous said...

Three school districts now in Bolivar County due to consolidation. West Bolivar Consolidated SD included West Bolivar (Rosedale), Shaw and Benoit. North Bolivar Consolidated SD includes North Bolivar (Shelby) and Mound Bayou. Three districts is still two too many but it's a start.

Keerful Whut You Axe For said...

If they ever consolidate three into one, the whole place will turn to shit. It'll be another Greenville, just larger.

Al Underwood said...

C/L's piece today had a lot of words but didn't see any numbers.....statistics are such a problem!

Anonymous said...

I went to one of those schools that people did not want to consolidate. I was a very good student.
How I wish I would have been able to go to a larger school with better classes. Schools that taught more and different classes.
I just wish people could see and understand what is happening to the kids. Really wish I would have had the same chance as others had.

Anonymous said...

I went to one of those schools that people did not want to consolidate.

Which school?

Anonymous said...

CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO PIECE OF SHIT RAG! After 20+ years, I canceled mine today.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland is too small to have two public high schools. Clinton, Ridgeland, Brandon, Pearl--all larger. One public high school each. Madison County's growth rate made it necessary to create the Germantown Schools.

Waste, duplication--the school would likely be better for all if it were larger and had more resources.but NO-we want to pay administrators and teacher's unions...

Anonymous said...

3:31 is another stooge who actually believes we have 'teachers unions' in this state. We do NOT.

Anonymous said...

I just love it when the fedrul gubmint gets bored and decides it wants to do surgery on society to improve conditions only to wind up with a Frankenstein. You know it will happen. Human beings are more than just statistics in some legal fantasy world where the only measurement is not the improvement of lives, but "the mission" of correcting the racial makeup.

They just go in like a mad scientist and toss some genes around, splice some here, put some back together over there, and stand back and watch the madness with a smile as "the percentages" have been satisfied and that is ALL that matters.

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