Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Are Cleveland schools already integrated?

The Mississippi Democratic Party issued the following statement on the Cleveland Municipal School District "Desegregation" opinion:

Mississippi Democratic Party Statement on Desegregation of Cleveland Schools

Jackson, MS – Following the court's order to desegregate schools in Cleveland, Mississippi, Mississippi Democratic Party spokesperson, Ouida Meruvia, issued the following statement:

"It is fitting that on the eve of the 62nd anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the court has ordered Mississippi to make a significant stride forward in achieving the ideal set forth in Brown - equality in our public school system.

"However, with the court's ruling, we're reminded that equality in our state's public education system has not been pursued 'with all deliberate speed,' but instead has been a long, hard struggle that many Mississippians have fought for, and continue to fight for, to this day.

"Democrats in Mississippi will continue our work to ensure that all students, regardless of race or zip code, will have equal access to a quality, fully-funded public education system."

Kingfish note: Now what data that is missing from the press release and this Clarion-Ledger story? 

The press release and newspaper article oddly enough do not state the racial composition of the actual schools.  The information is readily available on the Department of Education website (Until Dr. Wright scrubs it as other information has either disappeared or is no longer updated.).  The demographic information* for each school is:

Cleveland High School
White: 298 students (47.76%)
Black: 281 students (45.03%)
Hispanic: 32 students

East Side High School
Black: 368 students (>95%)
Other: 0

Now for the middle and junior high schools.

Margaret Green Junior High School
Black: 264 students (50.48%)
White: 225 students (43.02%)
Hispanic: 28 students

D.M. Smith Middle School
Black: 245 students (99.59%)

Same pattern: One school is fully integrated while the other has a student population that is only one race.  The elementary schools are posted below.

Bell Elementary School
Black: 193 students (52%)
White: 158 students (42%)
 Asian: 11 students (<1 b="">

Cypress Park Elementary School
Black: 261 students (100%)

Nailor Elementary School
Black: 371 students (100%)

Parks Elementary School
Black:149 students (42%)
White: 187 students (53%)

Pearman Elementary School
Black: 168 students (66%)
White: 62 students (25%)
Hispanic: 11 students

 There is no desegregation taking place as a result of this opinion.   There are simply not enough white students to go around.  Oddly enough, this information is missing from the Jimmie Gates story.   His story only states "The Cleveland School District has about 3,700 students, with about 66 percent black, 30 percent white and  4 percent Asian or Hispanic."  The reader can reasonably infer from his story that the white kids are in one school while the black kids are shuffled off to the other.  The rest of the media ignored this data as well.  It's all about reporting on racist Mississippi, you understand.

The Cleveland schools are already integrated.  The fight has gone from striking down separate but equal to ensure children of all races go to school together to the scene of little Strelnikovs counting away on their racial abacuses and shrieking racism when their demands are not met.  

*Some of the percentages will not add up to 100.  MDE did not provide enough data to ensure 100%. 


Anonymous said...

In other words, let's be sure the white children have as horrible of an education as possible, in as hostile of an environment as possible.

Anonymous said...

A couple things about this:

1) Within a decade, Cleveland will look like every other school district in the Delta: 95% plus black. Cleveland HS was about 60-65% white a decade ago. It was already heading in that direction. When I was at Ole Miss about 10 years, every kid I knew from Cleveland went to Cleveland HS, every other kid I knew from the Delta went to private school.

2) Cleveland has public school choice meaning you are no longer 'zoned' to a school and can choose any school you want so blacks have been able to choose the 'white' schools. Isn't it ironic that a school that is majority black can be considered a 'white' school.

3) Integration has always been about access. A public swimming pool had to be open to both black and white residents, but there was no quota on who was swimming there based on neighborhood demographics. Schools are the only thing where access is not good enough and specific quotas need to be met. To point out how stupid this is, a student from St. Louis county was denied a transfer to St. Louis city schools because he was black. Only white kids were allowed to transfer to the city schools and only black kids were allowed to transfer to county schools.

Anonymous said...

Truth in numbers...

Anonymous said...

Under the obama administration, desegregation means "as few whites as possible."

Anonymous said...

KF - outstanding analysis. A complete Red Herring by the lefties. What they really want is the remaining white kids marginalized even further. 50/50 is not good enough for them, they want to be the majority and have the only say in all decisions. Much like Jackson! How did that work out for you lame brains! Total failure. Cleveland school families need to visit JPS for a sneak preview of coming attractions.

Where's Bennie? said...

CHS and Margaret Green have been roughly 50-50 for decades.

It's all about dumbing down the melting pot. Nobody can be above or below average. Everybody and everyTHING has to be the same shade of brownish-green as if you have melted the entire box of 135 Crayolas in your finest stock pot.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Cleveland for several years, and the community had great public schools surrounded by some of the worst school districts in the nation.
There is a Cleveland High and and East Side, and although many white students attend Cleveland High and East Side is over 90 percent black, to suggest that Cleveland High is "white" is false. It's close to 50-50, and probably a slight majority black.
Both schools have strong community support.
The main people starting the controversy about this don't even have children in the schools, they just fancy themselves as civil rights activists. Within a few years the district will probably begin to look like the rest of the failing school districts, and that's just fine with the folks pushing this agenda.

Anonymous said...

Madison County and Canton school districts should combine. Why have two Administrations etc,? You have a majority white county school district and a majority black city school district.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can invest in the new private school coming to the area? I bet it'll be a real money maker.

Anonymous said...

The agenda here is as above noted to make all of Cleveland schools look like every other school in the Delta - virtually all black, with whites sending their kids of private school. The larger agenda has been to drive whites out of the Delta altogether to empower Bennie Thompson and other liberals to be elected Mayors, Sheriffs, etc.

Jambalaya, check your facebook inbox.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the Democratic Party has taken a leadership role on this issue. It is not like they have been in control of the Cleveland City Council, Mayor's Office, or Bolivar County Board of Supervisors for the past 65 years - nor run the Mississippi Legislature for nearly all of that time.

Anonymous said...

This make nonsense You cant compare a big city in Iowa to the school houses in the ms delta

Anonymous said...

10:59 --

Has been suggested many times. The obstacle is Canton's leadership. They want "their own" system. Never mind the shitty test scores despite mammoth spending per pupil.

The Canton City School System is THEIR fiefdom, and it will never change. Never mind that it screws the little black children; combining that system with Madison County's would be racist.

Anonymous said...

This is an attempt to run the few white students in the area out of the school system. This makes more money available for additional corruption.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the high schools. I know it sounds racists to say that a school that is almost all black will be a poorly performing school while a school that is about 50-50 can be bad or good or any thing in between, but that is the way it is. You can look it up. So as it stands now, 57% of the kids have almost no chance at a good education and 43% have a good chance. But the feds know better, they want to divide the white kids equally which will make two schools with 31% whites. But the white parents know their kids are not likely to get a good education like this, so all who can afford it, say 2/3 of the whites (about 200 kids) will go to private school. Thus leaving the remaining 747 kids in schools that are 13% white and doomed to fail. Net effect is to more than DOUBLE the number of kids (form 368 to 747) who must go to a failing school. The liberals call that 'equality' and 'compassion'. And I call them 'liars'.

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding the issue isn't so much "desegregation," but rather equalizing funding in some way for Cleveland High and Eastside. Although practically 100 percent African-American, Eastside outperforms Cleveland High academically, but the campus and physical plant is in disrepair compared to Cleveland High.

Anonymous said...

Why two high schools in Cleveland? Two sets of administrators, teachers, staff. Two sets of football teams, baseball teams, basketball teams--two of everything. It's too small of a community to need two high schools.

I thought this blog was supportive of less government, less waste, less duplication. I thought wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bayou academy is about to triple its enrollment.

Anonymous said...

@10:59, a private school won't be a money maker, it will be a town destroyer.

The C-L also quoted Ellis Turnage suggesting that it will be "interesting" to see if the white folks leave the schools in Cleveland. Hardly interesting, but definitely tragic. Public schools, rather good public schools, are the economic lifeline of a community. White folks in Jackson either began attending private schools or fleeing to Rankin and Madison Counties to avoid the effects of a court order to desegregate schools back in 1970 and Jackson never recovered. I hope that is not the case in Cleveland, the only Delta town not currently on life support.

Like others above, the real question is why are there two small high schools in Cleveland, Mississippi? Then again, why are there so many school districts in Bolivar County? Consolidate them and pass the savings on to the taxpayers and students.

Otherwise appoint a regional board made up of people from Madison and Rankin County to oversee them.

Anonymous said...

Put the two schools together and give all of the kids a better education with less cost to the people paying the tab.
Just mention consolidation and listen to the yelling.

Anonymous said...

The greatest irony is that so many of the bureaucratic crusaders behind these efforts live in places like Arlington, Virginia, which have outstanding schools that are 90+% white, and sit just a few miles from crumbling D.C. schools that are 98+% minority. But in their case, it's no problem because segregation is implemented via home prices and district lines, rather than intra-district assignments.

And then they come to a place like Cleveland where the "non-integrated" school is 51% black and solemnly declare that, thanks to their coercion, students will now have the "opportunity to thrive together." Why do so few of them take advantage of the opportunity for their children to thrive together in D.C., or inner city Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the school district spends considerably more per student at East Side- the 'black' school than they do at Cleveland- the 'white' school. So if there is a disparity in funding, it is the 'black' school that is getting more per student than the 50% black 'white' school.

That funding helped them graduate about 58% of their students in the last report I found on MDE's website. But they still got a B (which should tell you all you need to know about school ratings).

Anonymous said...

Something is very wrong when a school only graduates 58% and gets a B rating. Who comes up with the ratings and did they graduate from high school?

Anonymous said...

Charter schools will be a welcome relief for parents who stay

Anonymous said...

Margaret Green (we called it Junior High) and Cleveland High School are situated side by side. The population ratio is roughly 50-50. How is that segregation?

Shouldn't the court simply decree where white people must LIVE and let that settle the problem? In other words, at least 2240 white families must relocate to houses on the east side of the railroad track and attend the school nearest where they stay.

Anonymous said...

Why 2 high schools in a 16k town?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Cleveland doesn't go to shit. By far the nicest delta town. DSU may keep it alive for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Bayou Academy calling Yates for an addition

Anonymous said...

Northern Virginia Public Schools arent 90 percent white.

Fairfax County VA. About 40 percent white, 25 percent hispanic, twenty percent asian, ten percent black, and five percent two or more races.

Arlington--it's right at 50 percent white.

And yes, they are some of the best public schools in the nation. This is what is wrong with Mississippi--the assumption that minorities aren't as inherently intelligent as 'us.' That public schools that have a diversity of races 'aren't as good' as they used to be, or have problems caused by 'them.'

The rest of the country and world is leaving us to fight for scraps of jobs because we can't, or don't want to, get along and work together. Lets just keep our third-world utopia the same as it ever was.

Whatta You Think You Won? said...

Think about this: Cleveland is the only town in the 18 county Delta area that has either NOT gone to shit, been to shit or on the verge of being in the shitter.

Nothing against the fine people of all the other municipalities; however, I do believe Cleveland is the only town that has not elected minority administration on the municipal and county level.

They've got four or five school districts in that county and as many superintendents and redundant staff and physical plants. Black folk are chirping on social media and hoo-haaing this court decree. Not sure why. What do they think they stand to gain?

Maybe this is relevant to the discussion and maybe it's not. You decide.

Anonymous said...

I live in Cleveland, MS. I was sent a letter when this was an issue 4 years ago. I was allowed to choose where my child went to school. I chose Cleveland HS. I chose that school because that is where I went. If you want to talk about Race as a factor look at the ethnic makeup of the teachers.

Anonymous said...

6:49 misses the point entirely. I know because I actually lived in Arlington, VA and sent a kid to school there.

Arlington schools are 90% non-African-American. They run about 10-15% Asian, 50% White, and 25% Hispanic, a couple percent other, and 8-9 percent African-American. The numbers get whiter and/or more Asian in richer areas.

So maybe "90% white" is sloppy shorthand for the composition. The fact remains that Arlington schools are fundamentally demographically different than D.C. schools, which are 90% black. It's also a fact that many of the bureaucrats who implement these policies choose to live in places like Arlington (or to send their kids to private school) largely for this reason. This isn't speculation. These people (my former co-workers) will tell you as much, albeit with euphemisms about how its just a "better fit" for their little angel than "more diverse" (DOJ's euphemism for "less diverse but more black") schools in DC.

And this matters --as 2:52 explained-- not because any given race is less capable, but because of the hypocrisy of people who want to perform social experiments while excusing their own segregation.

Anonymous said...

"I am so glad that the Democratic Party has taken a leadership role on this issue. It is not like they have been in control of the Cleveland City Council, Mayor's Office, or Bolivar County Board of Supervisors for the past 65 years - nor run the Mississippi Legislature for nearly all of that time."

Oh really? Name the last black mayor of Cleveland, MS. Name the last year the city council or board of supervisors was majority black.

Unless I totally misunderstood your post, your head is up your ass.

Anonymous said...


2014 Washington DC public schools: 67 percent black, 17 percent Hispanic, 12 percent white, the rest "other".DC is less than 50percent black now. Perhaps 20 years ago the situation is exactly as you described but times have changed.

Clearly not missing the point. Cleveland does not need two high schools. The school will be better if students stay after the merger which keeps the support of the community high.

Clinton has outstanding schools- with test scores rating them #1 in the state last year. Right at 50 percent black. Why didn't that district fail: everyone supports the public schools. The community takes pride in the district.

Jackson chose other. Look at it now.

What will Cleveland do.

Anonymous said...


I believe you misunderstood him....he said Democratic Party, which is what the leaders of Cleveland/Bolivar County are. Democrat doesn't = Black

Anonymous said...

4:13 Re-read the quote you're referencing. They said "DEMOCRAT", not BLACK or even white.

You're a real race-tard. Your head is up someone else's.

Anonymous said...

So, now we're going to play a little game of pretend. Let's pretend that Cleveland's leadership (municipal and county) is composed of white democrats. Actually, the district that envelops Cleveland elects and sends to Jackson black democrats. The city isn't run by white democrats, nor is the courthouse filled with them. By some twist of fate, white folks keep getting elected to leadership roles in the town, running the schools and occupying most county offices. By comparison, look at the surrounding towns of Clarksdale, Greenville and Greenwood. Go ahead. Look.

Anonymous said...

What's your point?

Are you suggesting voter fraud? Or is it no longer acceptable for white people to get elected in the delta?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:43AM Not certain what you're implying, but you should go ahead and look at the racial make-up of the towns, too. Based on facts, election results in Cleveland make more sense than you assert. Go ahead. Look.

Cleveland - 47.5% white
Greenville - 20.2% white
Clarksdale - 19.5% white
Greenwood - 30.7% white

Anonymous said...

To all you posters, you may be right in your arguments. Can you all admit one thing though? Too many black people constituting a clear majority make you uncomfortable. The crux of of CHS's argument is that white people will flee if consolidation occurs. But I thought people don't see race? Yeah right.

It looks like white people are the original inventors of "safe space".

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