Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GOP Food Fight!!!

The Mississippi Republican Party will hold its precinct caucuses and county conventions this Saturday.  A fracas of sorts erupted today after the Sun-Herald reported that Mississippi Republican Party Grand Poobah Joe Nosef sent a text that made made the national talk radio shows:

The rift in the Mississippi Republican Party has apparently widened.

A post today on arch-conservative Laura Ingraham's LifeZette website says party Chairman Joe Nosef has in text messages threatened supporters of Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz with eviction from the state convention in May. That would seem to indicate there's a move afoot to steer the GOP nomination to Ohio Gov. John Kasich or some other tamer Republican.

Nosef took issue with the story but said he did send the texts.

The story, "Gov. Bryant, state GOP make sinister move to send pro-Establishment delegates to Cleveland," is based on a text LifeZette says was sent from Nosef to a senior member of the Trump campaign in Mississippi.

“And like I told you, I can promise my cousin and anybody else if they even so much as raise their voice they’re going to be outside in the parking lot and they won’t be back in and no I won’t be removing them -- somebody with a gun and a badge will be,” it says the text from Nosef said....

 Nosef's said:

"This angle and this story is the opposite of the truth. I was expressing frustration because the two campaigns local leadership had no interest in working with us to ensure THEY didn't end up in Cleveland in a delegate fight with each other about delegates.

"Secondly the part about security at the state convention is there because our people deserve and expect that we will have a professional, secure environment. No one will use our state  convention to grandstand or try to intimidate people into voting a certain way. We owe it to our people for them to be safe." Rest of article.

Read more here:

Read more here:
Meanwhile, Chairman Joe Nosef sent out this email yesterday:

Dear Mississippi Republicans,

We are just a few days away from the Mississippi Republican Party precinct caucuses and county conventions that will take place at your voting precinct this Saturday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m.  I am writing you to ask for only 15 minutes of your time this Saturday to show your support for Governor Bryant and to continue his success as leader of the Mississippi Republican Party.

Please plan to attend your precinct caucus this Saturday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. sharp, which will be held at your regular voting place and contact your family, friends and neighbors to ask them to do the same. Your only qualification to participate is you must be a registered voter at your precinct.

Your precinct caucuses will elect the delegates to the county conventions that will be held the same day at 3:00 p.m. at your county Courthouse (unless another site has been designated), and then in turn elect delegates to the state convention on May 13-14.

Please show your support for Governor Bryant and your local county party leadership by voting for the person or persons at your precinct who are there representing the Governor, and plan to attend the county convention to support him and your local county leaders. If you are not sure whether someone seeking to be a delegate from your precinct meets these criteria, ask them or the temporary precinct chairman or call the Party Headquarters at 601-948-5191.

There has been a lot of attention given to the national convention, and Governor Bryant is already working directly with the presidential campaigns to make sure our delegation to the national convention will be fair to each campaign and go by the rules of our state and national parties.  However, the precinct caucuses and county conventions are equally important to the future of our Mississippi Republican Party - we need to keep the Governor as the leader of our party and not anyone trying to present themselves as representatives of any particular presidential campaign.

Please also feel free to contact me or any of the MSGOP staff at (601) 948-5191 if you have any questions about the precinct caucus and county conventions this Saturday or how to be a delegate to the state convention.

The MSGOP has achieved literally historic victories in recent years, and we thank you for helping us achieve this success. This weekend, we need your help once again to make sure our Party has the leadership to be even stronger in the future.

Governor Bryant also sent out this email late this afternoon:

This coming Saturday is a very important day for the future of our Mississippi Republican Party, its leadership and the ability to keep advancing the conservative movement.

I would be very grateful if you could continue your support by attending your precinct caucus this Saturday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. These are very brief meetings of around 15 minutes, and they are held at your regular voting precinct. The only requirement to participate is that you are a registered voter in that precinct.

We need your help 1) to ensure that we continue to have good, strong county leadership of committed volunteers, and 2) to make sure the delegates sent to the state convention from your county will work together with me and support my recommendations of those who will be elected to state party leadership positions. We Republicans have the responsibility of selecting who will be in leadership positions of our county and state parties for the next four years. We need people who have shown a commitment to the continued success and growth of our state Party and will reach out to all Republicans and not just a select few.

You can do this by encouraging your family, friends and neighbors to attend the precinct caucuses this Saturday, and ask them to join you in supporting people representing me at the precinct caucuses. If you are not sure who at your precinct is representing me, you can ask them or the temporary precinct chairman or call the MSGOP office at (601) 948-5191.

Please know that I ask for your support regardless of which candidate you support for president. We are working directly with the remaining campaigns to ensure we have a fair delegation and neither campaign has an unfair advantage over the other.

These precinct caucuses will elect the delegates to the county conventions later that day at 3:00 p.m. at your county courthouse (in all but a couple of counties) and then in turn elect delegates to the state convention on May 13-14.

Please mark it on your calendar now—to attend your precinct caucus this Saturday, April 23, and the meetings will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. Thank you!

So much for a boring weekend.  


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of republicans that have become very embarrassed of Bryant (many of whom considered themselves mainstream republicans prior to this session). Phil is playing both sides of the fence with Nosef. I frankly regret supporting the establishment two years ago. Consider me a convert looking forward to a free-for-all in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

They reap what they've sewn.

You had the chance Bryant to accept the will of Republicans but sat back while the Barbour KKKlan bought the votes of black Democrats to save Senator Geritol's ass.

Screw you Phil. Your party is kaput.

Anonymous said...

The people never had a say in who could run for president and sure never had a say in who won the presidency. This year both parties have stopped even acting like the people had a choice. You will take who they say you can and that is it.
Maybe people will finally realize how useless it is to even vote.

Anonymous said...

I thought the voters spoke at the polls already in the primary. Just goes to show that these idiots no longer realize that the party (both by the way) are embarrassing themselves with their antics. Real people that live and work in the real world are starting to wake up and realize that political parties (democrat and republican) are the problem.........all the while, these idiots continually make statements such as: ".......and b/c of republican / democrat leadership, the issue / bill has become law, etc...."

signed, "lifelong republican that can no longer identify with the morons that put politics first! Now a conservative christian voter!"

Anonymous said...

Why does Nosef keep wearing that dyed raccoon hate?

Anonymous said...

Come on y'all! Let's make America great again!

Anonymous said...

8:33 - there are so many ignorant aspects of your comment I don't even know where to start.

Anonymous said...

This current admin of MS Republicans have taken notes from the Italians and fixed everything in this state. Dems sat back and let it happen with their poor leadership. Now Tate and Phil just push anything they desire downstream and eliminate anything/anyone that gets in the way. The delegates should represent people's vote, it won't be the case with this administration.

Gov't of the leadership, by the leadership, for the leadership shall not perish from this state.

HDMatthias, MD said...

I posted this on the MSGOP Facebook website yesterday:

I just got the most INSULTING EMAIL from Phil (the Philistine and PhilBilly) Bryant about going to my voting precinct this Saturday "to make sure the delegates sent to the state convention from your county will work together with me and support my recommendations of those who will be elected to state party leadership positions."

Hey Phil. Hey Republican Party of MS leadership! Listen up!

We are not here to support YOUR selections to the national convention. Some of us will be coming (thanks for the reminder) to get rid of MOST of the MSGOP leadership.

You, and the MSGOP have done absolutely NOTHING to improve the state. Our woes continue with the highest rates of out-of-wedlock births, lousy schools, lousy education, and lousy job/career opportunities.
Get out of our way. There are some of us who must hold our noses and register Republican, because the Libertarian Party is so weak. Some of us want you to quit the Christian dominionism, anti-LGBT, and anti-birth control/abortion stance.

My colleagues in the MSGOP want you to stop having Rev. Graham on the Capitol steps, stop passing laws that make MS look (more) foolish and bigoted, and want you to CRUSADE to get this damn state educated and ready for the workforce. We'd also like you to make this state friendly to corporations, so they might, perchance, try to build more factories and offices here.

And that, my friends, will only happen when Mississippi improves the quality of their workforce through education.

So, you and your leadership can "kiss my butt" about voting for those you want to continue in leadership positions in the MSGOP. We want to change the party, once and for all."

Heddy-Dale Matthias, MD

Anonymous said...

I never knew that those going to a caucus were supposed to be electing someone to represent their Governor rather than those supporting the candidates and thus reflecting the will of party members in their precinct.
That was certainly not the case when I was elected in another state as a delegate.
In those days, the strategy was for a presidential candidate to get his supporters to attend caucus.
The rationale was that if you can turn people out for a precinct caucus, that reflects the mood of the precinct and the ability to turn people out to vote in the national election. And, if the candidate who had won the popular vote in the primary had become unacceptable to the precinct for some reason so as to lose the precinct's vote, those elected could reflect the changed will of the precinct. Of course, getting people to a precinct is indicative of a candidate's organizational and leadership skills.
Most often, the person who won the popular vote in the precinct also had the most potential delegates in attendance.
If you want to retain your individual freedom, I suggest you show up at your precinct meeting to represent your chosen Presidential candidate. Anyone who voted as a Republican in that precinct can attend and vote. It's not by invitation. You just have to show up and your name be listed as having voted in that precinct in the GOP primary. And, don't let anyone tell you differently!

Pred Fagan said...

Phil may be looking to appoint some black Democrats to state party leadership positions and that is why Nosef wants Phil's recommendations blindly followed. That way those same Democrats will be able to get thousands of their Democrat brethren in 2018 to crossover for Wicker for free. That would help Wicker avoid having to pay walking around money and for race baiting radio commercials. Only downside is a certain someone won't be able to reap his lucrative black Democrat vote buying brokers fee. Oh well, such is progress for the corrupt MSGOP.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Gov. He's trying to make delegates loyal to him that will put him in the VP spot at the national convention. Look for a Cruz/Bryant ticket 2016.

Anonymous said...

This is the moment I check out of this election. Wake me in November when Hillary is elected. Perhaps then I'll be rested enough to deal with the nightmare that will be.

Anonymous said...

Cruz wouldn't put Bryant on the ticket. Get real.

PhilBryant4VP said...

8:40 am get real? Bryant has a campaign staff for 2016. He has people investigating this. What do you think all these arch conservative bills for? He's trying to be VP under Cruz or Kasich. Kasich needs him so he can have the apperance of being conservative to the base.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought of myself as a Republican until now that Feel and the boys have taken control. Now I'm confused about my identity. I hope no one refuses me service. At least I can pack my pistol in church now.

Anonymous said...

Why is Nosef asking delegates for their support of Phil Bryant? He does NOT and should not control the delegates. Sick and tired of the ole boy network and I regret my vote for Hillbilly Bryant.

Anonymous said...

PhilBilly is expecting the party to act like our Republican legislators and just vote however he and Tater say. The power has apparently gone to his head. He's gone funny nuts to scary nuts. Reminds me of what happened to Cliff Finch even though that was completely different. MS Republican Party has become a joke. If the national Republican Party survives the upcoming presidential election, maybe it'll be shaken enough to come to its senses... Nah! Not happening!

P.S. Thanks Dr. Matthias!

Anonymous said...

All those democrats that crossed over to support Cochran should cross over again this Saturday and defeat the airport stealin governor as head of the state party. Wouldn't that be funny if half the people that show up to the convention downtown were black democrats.

Anonymous said...

1:27 LOL I would pay money to see Karl Banks become head of the Madison County Republican Party if all the democrats won canton and rural madison precincts and had more delegates at the county convention. Can you imagine John Taylor's face> Hahahaha

Kingfish said...

So Blacks should not vote Republican?

Anonymous said...

You will have to admit the % of blacks who don't republican is pretty small.

Anonymous said...

I hope the do vote republican. I hope 400,000 flood the caucus Saturday and do the same thing to Phil that they did to McDaniel. And I voted for Cochran, but our state GOP is a joke.

Good for goose, how about the gander said...

For those that are condemning any black votes or participation in the Republican primary, I trust you are not Trump supporters. He has been bragging around the country, and it includes his votes in Mississippi, about how he is winning - gosh!! - with Democrats and blacks that he is getting out to vote for him.

Guess it is ok for our Saviour Trump but not for anybody else. After all, we all know that Trump doesn't have to stand for anything, or have any principles.

Conservative said...

Miz Mathias lost me and her credibility at, "There are some of us who must hold our noses and register Republican..."

Where does one go in this state to 'register Rupublican'?

Bernie-Michelle Ticket said...

"Look for a Cruz/Bryant ticket 2016."

7:52; when you posted that yesterday morning, what were you doing other than leaning on the bar wondering where your truck was?"

Anonymous said...

@ 8:22 leaning against the bar wondering where my Compact Car was.

Anonymous said...

Trump isn't purchasing his black votes like Cochran. Trump also didn't run a whole series of incendiary race baiting radio commercials in advance of the Mississippi primary. He's also not telling voters that he lives in the basement of his landlady who is also a staffer in his office. He also hasn't been cavorting around the world for more than a decade with his landlady, er, staffer, er, landlady, where leaders in every foreign port-of-call and State Department ambassadorial staffs treat her as his spouse. Nor does Trump have his landlady staffer on his arm dressed in evening wear at numerous events enjoying the Washington DC nightlife, including at the White House.

Anonymous said...

Cochran did nothing wrong in regard to his relationship with his now wife. And it is certainly not your place to judge.

Mississippi voters do not register by party. And every individual registered voter may choose a primary in which to vote in each election cycle (though they must stick with that party primary in the event of a runoff). I most often vote Republican, but in several elections, I have much preferred a choice from among the Democrats and have voted in that primary. I dare anyone to challenge my right to do so.

Six-Pack Shakur said...

"Cochran did nothing wrong in regard to his relationship with his now wife."

12:33; I wasted valuable time reading that. How the hell would you know?

Additionally, nobody will ever challenge your 'right' to 'prefer' something. Just don't count on your preference always becoming reality.

Anonymous said...

Cochran did everything wrong in regard to his relationship with Kay Webber. Yes, we can judge and we dare you to challenge our right to do so.

Anonymous said...

Twins at 1:31 and 1:36, you judge, you will be judged.

Anonymous said...

Party apparatchicks swooped in and executed a putsch at the Precinct 33 caucus this morning. It's bare-knuckles, and it's on. We got the A Team: Austin Barbour and Kirby Boteler. A neighbor, who may not want to be identified, got a good bit of it on video. More later, perhaps. 3:00 downtown may be a donnybrook.

Anonymous said...

Cochran is a joke and anyone with eyes that can see how he had to be led around knows that. I am surprised he could find his new wife, before or after they were married, without a guide.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hurst got his ass beat by an 18 year old kid 28-5 Highland Colony Baptist

Anonymous said...

Party insiders took over At one location in NE Jackson. They had 3 insiders get elected, we were not given the chance to even vote on the 1 trump guy. They called their own 3 guys names first. This will split the Republican Party for sure!

Anonymous said...

What happened downtown at 3? I have not heard anything yet. Was it a cat fight? Are there ANY non espablishment delegates????

Anonymous said...

Video of sham meeting at precinct 33:

Anonymous said...

3:53 best video ever!
What a sham! That vote should be invalid! Please send this video to every news network in Jackson and FOX news ASAP
Than you for sharing the video and exposing this sham

Anonymous said...

MSGOP is corrupt to its core.

Anonymous said...

1:27, hi Lee Lott.

Saw hello to all of your Baker Donelson partners on Monday morning. You sure set a great example of how to carry oneself.

Anonymous said...

10:56: nice try, that how you and uncle haley are planning on getting amnesty for illegal aliens, disenfranchising even more american voters?

Anonymous said...

Can you guys not count? You were beat 13/6. How is that not democratic? Sorry you got your panties in a wad.

Lee Lott - why didn't you post the rest of the video where you were so out of control yelling at people you were shaking? I guess the quality went down hill.

Quit crying over losing your precinct caucus and get involved in the party, all of you.

Anonymous said...

In other words get busy kissing RINO asses.

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