Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mother accuses teacher of assaulting child

Update: The plot thickens.  A second video has surfaced and is posted below. 

A video shows a 13 year-old student's head hitting a window as a teacher pulled her through the window.  The incident took place at a private school in Vicksburg. Her mother posted the video and several statements on her public Facebook page:

(1)xxxxx is ok however maybe there are more ignorant people than we would like to think. The cops basically told me they couldn't help me and they see absolutely NO assault done by this man! They also said I couldn't press charges AND it was her own fault she hit her head! WOW and they are here to serve and protect!

(2)Ok so for all of you asking about Why xxxxx was going out the window... Kids in class dared her to go out the window. She asked coach if she could and he said yes. Then he told her to get back in AND as she was making her way back...the rest is self explanatory! When she was on the ground screaming he walked away saying NOTHING! xxxxx then showed a picture of the bruise on her leg from HIS HAND he said he had nothing to do with that...the end! And yes I got the same story from several different people along with the video THANKS AND the first I heard of this was around 4:30 when my little cousin sent this video to me !"

"xxxx is ok however maybe there are more ignorant people than we would like to think. The cops basically told me they couldn't help me and they see absolutely NO assault done by this man! They also said I couldn't press charges AND it was her own fault she hit her head! WOW and they are here to serve and protect!"

Update: Here is the second video.


Anonymous said...

did the window sustain any significant damage?

Anonymous said...

This girl has no chance if that is comments made by her mother.

Anonymous said...

This being posted on facebook plus the use of "!" is indeed confirmation there is at least one more ignorant person out there than this lady would like to think.

Anonymous said...

Get over it. The kid should not have been in the window in the first place. Maybe she should have been taught better at home.

Anonymous said...

Teacher's nightmare. The I am special so is my child syndrome. She will grow up to be as ignorant as her mother. In a window? Really? Old enough to know better, so is her mother.

Anonymous said...

Wow, y'all are really justifying a grown man snatching a 13 year old girl and banger head on a window.


Anonymous said...

Ive got a sneaking suspicion that the teacher didn't give her permission to go out the window and then yanked her back in. Im also wondering if there is more to this video than this little snippet. I'm thinking so.

Anonymous said...

There is... But I'm not sure if anyone that wants another man yanking their 13 year old girl back in, when she was climbing back in the room.

Nobody is denying the teacher telling her she could.

Focus on what's right or wrong.

And I would like to know what behavior justifies that?

Anonymous said...

wow yall are really jumping to conclusions on a video that is 3 seconds. no context at all.

Helpful context would be:
What floor of the building were they on?
Why was a student hanging out the window?
Why is the video deliberately cut to only 3 seconds?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Anonymous said...

1st story

Kids dared her, teacher said ok.

She Went outside, acted a dang fool

Climbs back in, teacher yanks her back in like in the video

Point of it is... Don't be a teacher and let your kids act up, they have a tendency to go farther and farther

Anonymous said...

Child was not written up or parents notified of this either.

The parent found out through another student later in the day.

Anonymous said...

So this happens and the mother's FIRST thought is to post it for public consumption?

For all I know from this 3 second clip, the teacher, at worst, was keeping control of his class. He could have been saving this kid from serious injury.

I am sure the mom is a nightmare to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about you two pantywads- 12:57 and 1:12 - but if it was my 13 year old daughter that was climbing out (and maybe back in) a classroom window, damn right I would want that teacher, male or female, yanking her back in and then yanking her head on straight.

Climbing in and out windows during school is not behavior I would allow in my household, and I wanted my kids teachers 'yanking' them in this manner if they screwed up.

For the crybabys here that think this was not appropriate action for the teacher let me guess which one of the spoiled-kid private schools or the JPS wild-schools your kids attended. Either one is about equivalent, although I would bet that you would never equate the actions of the students from the two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Flipping doubles. Cute.

Anonymous said...

Honey, this is why you pay extra to send your sweet child to private school--so they don't act like a dayyum fool!

Anonymous said...

You gotta prove intent to harm on the teacher's part. Don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the comments labeling the student a "thug," "thuggette," "animal," or quips about the student's parentage, home training, socioeconomic status? No delving into her Facebook posts? Does her family receive government assistance? Where's the [race] community to account for that child's behavior? The schools must be bad, obviously. Argle bargle [Jackson civic leader]!

Or are those reserved for "others?" There's that danged blog culture again!

Anonymous said...

Those of you who see this teacher's reaction as a rational response to the misbehavior are extremely ignorant about child rearing and what a teacher is supposed to do in these situations!
You seem to overlook that there are other disciplinary tools a teacher has at their disposal.
All of your first reactions seem to be to use physical violence that could have resulted in a serious injury to her head or neck or back.
The teacher can take the kid to the principal's office and have the parents called in. The child can be put in detention and suspended.
You seem not to know that it is not only possible but good parenting to teach children to use their brains to solve problems rather than to use brawn!
If you want to have well behaved children who are respectful and self-disciplined, it begins with you modeling and insisting on good behavior in and out of the home. It begins with understanding what a child can reasonably learn as the child develops. It depends on establishing expectations, clearly understood boundaries of behavior and schedules and giving them added responsibilities as they can developmentally handle them. And, you have to keep them busy and engaged in appropriate activities and do those things that promote good health like making sure they get a good night's sleep.
The irony is that those of you encouraging a violent reaction and who scream at their children have the worst children. They may seem meek at home but they are the bullies. They are the ones who will be underachievers and have difficulty forming good relationships with others. They are the ones most likely to do drugs.
There's good research about what works and doesn't work in raising children. Try educating yourselves.
Spoiling a child is bad but so is using your size to control a child rather than your brains! That's lazy parenting and there are ways to discipline that teach a child how to become self-disciplined and to control their emotions and use their brains!

Fiber Up! said...

Feel better @12:45 AM? Metamucil or Citrucel?

ENJOY Your Morning Lawn Deposit said...

Those of you who
are extremely ignorant

You seem to overlook

All of your first reactions seem to be

You seem not to know

If you want to have
it begins with you

And, you have to
and do those things

The irony is that those of you
have the worst children.

they are the bullies
They are the ones who
They are the ones most likely to

Try educating yourselves.

rather than your brains!

That's lazy

Anonymous said...


Go back to your "safe space" and let the adults talk

Anonymous said...

"The teacher can take the kid to the principal's office and have the parents called in. The child can be put in detention and suspended"

7:13, it is sort of hard to do either of your suggestions when the kid is outside the window. First you have to get the kid inside. That is what the teacher did.
Reminds me of an old saying about a farmer hitting his mule in the head with a board. First you have to get their attention. Too bad the teacher didn't have a board handy.

Anonymous said...

8:07 Did that hit too close to home? I sensed some gastrointestinal distress in your post.

Anonymous said...

11:14 am Are you really that ineffectual?

You can't come up with any ways for an adult to get a child that is outside to come inside just by using your brain?

Good Lord, I could get my younger siblings back inside when they were having fun playing and didn't want to come when I was 12!

And, what is it about the fact that the girl was coming back in on her own volition that you missed?

Poor thing! Your parents must have beat you senseless!

Anonymous said...

This was in Vicksburg, not Jackson. I'm sure the "story" of having permission was pre-concocted, because that would diminish the objective of the dare. Apparently the mother either saw $$$, is starved for attention, or had some kind of issue with the teacher prior to this incident & saw a chance for revenge.
As far as "using brains not body size (or whatever) for parenting blah, blah, blah" Different kids do not always respond to the same type of discipline. I have 3 kids. I can just talk to one child & that's effective for THAT child, but not the other 2. For another child, taking privileges away works, but not (always) the other 2. My 3rd child? What works one time may not work the next time or subsequent times. Sometimes, using my body size (or my husband using his) & or corporal punishment is what that child responds to. When it comes to their safety & behavior at school...ALL 3 get corporal punishment AUTOMATICALLY!!! After that, THEN I move to the talking or loss of privileges or whatever. I'd rather be in control of their "pain" for a few seconds than for them suffer a serious injury & be in more severe pain for a longer period of time (or worse). I also have ZERO TOLERANCE for them misbehaving at school! There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for ANY child to misbehave at school!
I get SO SICK of parents that are like this mother who are part of the PROBLEM with schools these days & seem to have absolutely NO desire to be part of the solution! This mother should consider herself fortunate that other parents aren't suing HER for her child STEALING their children's education & tuition loss during her plea for attention! That was time lost when the teacher could have been teaching instead of having to deal with her! My daughter's private school has numerous parents that are attorneys.
My children far from being perfect, but I thank God that they are VERY well behaved & that their teachers have always told us (& still do) "I wish all my students were like Xxxxxxx (our child's name)!"
This mom needs to get a grip on REALITY! If she doesn't correct her child's behavior, the law eventually will.

Anonymous said...

The mother of this child is one of those parents in name only. The child does not get any attention at home so must act out at school to get the attention she craves. Soon she will move on to other ways of getting attention. She will discover grown man are very attentive to girls that want the attention their family does not provide.

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