Sunday, January 10, 2016

Coming soon... The Free State of Jones


Anonymous said...

Knewt Knight was known for his hatred of the North and the South. He also was pro Interracial marriages. I happen to know one of his distant relatives and the family was, and to this day is not fond of him for that reason.

Stone County did not send any soldiers to the Confederacy. As many of you who have lineage, we are the Deep South and States Rights was very important as it still is. Paint it any way you want and hate what I say, but a lot of us here in Mississippi have strong ties to the Confederacy.

Deo Vindice said...

The very phrase 'Free State of Jones' has forever been misleading. It's a popular guffaw topic of introduction in the State Legislature. Would be politicians as well as seasoned ones think the phrase is cute while having no damned idea what it referred to.

Most airheads think it means a bunch of tough citizens who bucked city hall or government in general and did what they wanted to while embracing family values and personal rights.

The Free State Of Jones consisted of less than a thousand men who were too chicken shit to engage with their neighbors in resisting federal control and encroachment. Many of them sat on their hands during Lincoln's Unnecessary War and were in rocking chairs on their porches waving symbolic white flags and handing out cups of rum to invading troops.

Anonymous said...

@ Deo Vindice that is utter bullshit. Go read a history book about the free state. If you can read anything not written by David Duke, Ross Barnett, or George Wallace.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you will correct Deo, 5:28. What is your counter? Well, other than calling bullshit.

Jones - With Silk Panties said...

The post at 2:06 is fairly accurate. During the War, both Jones and Covington Counties became places of sanctuary for Confederate deserters. The people in Jones who voted to oppose secession, based on their awkward understand of events of that day, obviously had no true Southern allegiance. The term chicken-shit is pretty accurate. They wanted all the benefits of Southern affluence (of the day) but wanted no part in its defense.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:51, you are correct and that's why Jefferson Davis Count and Forrest County was formed

Anonymous said...

5:51 - reading you and 2:06's comments I felt that you were pretty accurate. Then I realized you were talking about how they were in the 1860's. Thought you were describing the white folks of the county today.

Guess it would have been correct for either era. Nevermind.

Capt Wm said...

When it came time to vote on Secession, most plantation owners were opposed to it. They were smart enough to know that it would likely lead to war which would put their investment at risk. The counties with the most affluent slave owners voted against secession, while the pineywoods counties like Jones County were riled up and voted to secede. Once the war started, many men served in the army, but others in Jones County quickly came to the conclusion that there this was not their war and bowed out. There was never any organized insurrection as shown in the movie. There were no recorded incidences of Blacks supporting Knight's activities as was added by Hollywood to be PC and "inclusive". The movie is fiction except for the basic fact that Knight was a Confederate deserter and had some skirmishes with the authorities.
A friend of mine is a historian who had an ancestor who lived in Jones County who avoided military service by dressing as a woman whenever the authorities were in the area.

Do Some Research said...

Wow. Some real Mississippi Confederacy Historians around here. My Great Grandfather was from Jones County MS. Enlisted in the CSA. Walked home to Jones County from the hospital in Raymond after being wounded at Vicksburg, only to find his wife had died while he was away and his one slave, a female, who had her own living quarters, had kept his small farm producing just enough to keep his children alive. The majority of the people of Jones County MS didn't have a pot to piss in. "handing out rum to union soldiers"? that's absolutely laughable. These people owed no allegiance to anyone. Show me the vast cotton fields in Jones County. There are none. Maybe that's why it's called the Piney Woods.
But if you want to get all riled up and claim Newts bunch was a bunch of cowards and deserters, why not start with Newts Roster and one of his men....Ausberry McDaniel......nah, couldn't be.

Anonymous said...

My kin are from Stone county....lots of towns named after their first names....there are no family tales of valiant service during this time. Most of the people in this area fled to the swamps and tried to subsist by living on rivers and in trees. The only reason they were not slaves is because they were white. They had absolutely nothing to gain by fighting in the war and everything to lose by doing so. It made perfect sense to abstain. Now, I doubt seriously that anyone of them would have lifted a finger to help a slave do anything. This is the silliest trailer I have ever seen.

They Hid Under Womens' Skirts said...

Apparently some of you Jones-Apologists think 'that war' was about slavery. Never mind that the war and secession were two different things. That the Mississippi Articles of Secession states slavery as a basis for that action, that has nothing to do with the fact that Lincoln forced federal troops into Confederate land, thus starting his war.

People on neither side voted to go to war, although some had voted for or against secession. Or their elected representatives had.

'Nothing to be gained'? Are you kidding yourself. The very economy and survival of the Southern United States were to be gained by opposing federal over-reach. The only way for The South to have survived was to secede. At that point, visions of imminent war were not abundant. It was thought that two separate countries, The Union and The Confederacy, could co-exist.

Lincoln would have none of that. Slavery aside. Slavery was ancillary to Lincoln's War and his claims of freeing the slaves was a damned lie.

But back to Jones. Those who opposed secession scurried into ditches and various rat-holes (or dressed as women) to keep from having to fight for the region's legacy and future. Did they really think they could exist as an island within a microcosm? Apparently.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to be gained correct.

Owned no slaves.

Dying to keep chattel of others not in their interests.

States rights? They didnt care about a state or a union.

They lived to survive not worry about this.

The Winner Gets To Write The History said...

Captain William: Deflect as you please. The fact remains that Mississippi's elected officials voted, in sufficient number, to secede and secede we did. We don't really have a definitive way of knowing the mindset of various 'plantation owners' over 155 years ago. And the writers of 'historical accounts' could surely not have gotten it wrong, intentionally nor accidentally.

I suspect many from Jones were akin to those of today who say "If he wins election, I'm moving to Australia". "And if called to serve, I shall put on a dress." Notice I said 'many'.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling states rights are the concerns of landowners & modern keyboard commandos.

Bernie's Crowd Is Awake said...

So, the commie, liberal, red-baby-diaper bunch can discount the reality of states' rights and automatically defer to slavery and the notion of herding chattel as the reason for the reasoning of two hundred thousand people over 150 years ago. What an ability these children have. But, never mind having a sound basis for your thoughts. Nobody among your peers will ever question your thoughts. It's only when you venture out onto a public blog-site that you expose yourself as a nincompoop (with emphasis on poop).

Anonymous said...

Couple of young ladies from Brandon are in the film. The Flowers kids will be the daughters. Their brother has been in several movies and commercials. He currently is playing Payton Manning in ping pong on the Nationwide commercial.

Anonymous said...

Well, alright, alright, alright... All you "historians" are missing the point: It's a Matthew F@#$!&g McConaughey movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Carsen and Camden Flowers from Brandon are in the film. They are in this trailer as 2 of the daughters.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you guys call it "Lincoln's War".

Anonymous said...

Sock Puppets out in full force on this one KF.

Anonymous said...

Besides Lincoln (who started the damned thing), whose war was it?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that over 150 years after the traitorous rebellion against our Union, these mouth-breathers still cannot come to grips with the reality that their ancestors went to war to defend the institution of slavery in the southern states.

Anonymous said...

2:04 Sore Losers are like that.

Anonymous said...

2:04 - have you ever met Jones County's top boy - Chrissy McDaniel? He's still wanting to fight the war as long as its against any federal intrusion, actions, or activities that might affect his personal lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

2:04 & 2:18

"You lose the battle but win the war"... ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it was absolutely about states rights, the right of a state to attempt to the maintain a completely unsustainable economy based entirely on the engine of slave labor. Say secession had been a success. Just how long do you think others would continue to do business with the Confederacy based upon that fact alone? As Sherman warned before it even began, "you can't even make shoe leather." No chance whatsoever of victory against an industrial society that fought the war with one hand behind it's back. And egads. Romanticism about war. War. A war we still haven't recovered from. "Oh, them Federals was evil they destroyed our crops and our homes!" Because that's how you win a war. That's what war is. To quote what is no doubt a beloved film for most of you, "You called down the thunder and now you've got it!"

All that said, secession would probably go down easily today, in a "don't let the door hit you" kind of way. Prosperous states have to be sick to death of subsidising our asses. Oh, but we'd totally make it, with our largely retail economy and all the southern sweethearts that are convinced that they'll be the ones to finally make a successful go of a consignment shop. I suppose more Chinese industry might come here, with our aversion to unions and perfect willingness to pay "thugs" no more than we absolutely have to, but probably not. They seem to be doing pretty darn well with their status quo.

So, reactionaries and Lost Causers, please, please go en masse to sparsely populated places like the Dakota's where there's a great need for workers, higher education rarely required, you'll have hell of better chance at work and decent wages than you will here, and you'll be far enough away so we don't have be subjected nearly as much to your misinformation, spreading of meme "news" and "facts" you see and digest from Facebook, and apparent lack of critical thinking ability. Might be able to have your own little enclave, may even be a ranger station or two to squat in, saving your rent money to buy $300 ice chests and other such nonsense. I think the "thug" population is pretty low up there too, so there's another plus for you.

Were I in a more puckish mood, I'd go ahead and write your responses to this for you.

Anonymous said...

Utter lack of knowledge and dismissal of history resides comfortably at 2:04 and 2:18. Sadly, they think they can convince others. Instead of sitting at an outdoor table in Fondren, at least go sit at Barnes and Noble and pick up a book.

Kingfish said...

France and England would have traded with the South all day long as they had before. Keep in mind the northern industrialists wanted to impose high tariffs. They didn't like competition as seen after the war when they jacked up the railroad freight rates to keep Southern industries from developing.

However, you are correct about the larger threat to the South. It has been played out throughout history. The north becomes more industrialized and the South falls further behind. Germany and England enjoyed tremendous advantages over the rest of Europe because they industrialized on a wide scale. Rome had civil wars because of the commercial class and the landed aristocracy couldn't share power.

Then there is the matter of population. What would the South have done when a third or more of its population was black?

Anonymous said...


Lincoln wanted to send them to Belize, so that's a possibility. Alas, the north decided it was a punishment to the Southern people to leave them in the South.

Chris Merck said...

no thanks.
it's a total farce of a movie.

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