Thursday, January 28, 2016

Judge throws a tragic change-up at Torrence.

Partying with teenagers became very costly for a Madison County businessman.  Madison County Justice Court Judge Bruce McKinley sentenced Cliff Torrence to 360 days in prison and fined him $8,000 for  eight convictions of violating the social host law. He also sentenced him to serve six months in prison and fined him an additional $1,000 for contributing to the delinquency of minors.*

Mr. Torrence was absent when his attorney submitted his guilty plea in December.  Judge McKinley postponed sentencing until yesterday and ordered Mr. Torrence to appear.  Superstar defense attorney Bill Kirksey represented Mr. Torrence.  Assistant District Attorneys Bubba Bramlett and Todd McAlphin prosecuted the case after then-County Prosecuting Attorney Allen Phillips recused himself.

 Mr. Torrence hosted a party for teens at his home on July 19, 2014.  Madison County Deputies and ABC agents arrived and discovered a group of teens drinking and carousing at the Torrence home.  They arrested Torrence and charged him with eight counts of violating the social host law.

Mr. Torrence and Judge McKinley are probably becoming too familiar with each other as this is not the convict's first appearance before the respected jurist.  Madison County deputies arrested Mr. Torrence on  July 14, 2012 for hosting a party at his Flora home for a bunch of teenagers and allowing them to drink.  A wreck took place on his property and an ambulance was dispatched. Sheriff's deputies accompanied Flora rescue to the scene.   One officer approached the swimming pool behind the house and observed the teens:

running and throwing beer cans as they fled.  Coolers of beer and alcohol was found throughout the outside of the residence.  Flora rescue arrived and treated the female teenager.  Davis ultimately arrested Torrence, and together with Moffett, briefly interviewed the teenagers and called their parents."

Madison County Justice Court Judge Bruce McKinley fined Mr. Torrence $1,000 and imposed a prison sentence of 90 days but suspended 60 days.   Madison County Prosecuting Attorney Allen Phillips handled the prosecution  Mr. Torrence appealed to County Court in Madison County.

Mr. Torrence pleaded guilty to violation of the social host law in County Court.  His plea was accepted by the judge and Mr. Phillips on June 18, 2013.  The court fined him $1,000, required him to participate in a courtwatch anlysis program, and sentenced him to 90 days in prison but suspended the 90 days pending completion of two years of unsupervised probation. Prosecuting Attorney Allen Phillips agreed to the sentence.

Thus, Mr. Torrence managed to escape the thirty-day sentence Judge McKinley wanted to impose and only paid a thousand-dollar fine.  The 2014 violations occurred while he was serving the sentence of unsupervised probation. Mr. Phillips filed a motion to show cause on July 23, 2014 and asked the court to revoke his probation and incarcerate him for 90 days.  The motion also disclosed Mr. Torrence had not completed the Courtwatch analysis program. Earlier post with copy of each case file.

The hearing was supposed to be held on August 18, 2014 but was continued until November 10, 2014.  The November hearing did not take place as Judge Steve Ratcliff recused himself on November 7.  He stated that the "court had been contacted by someone other than defense counsel on behalf of the defendant with information about this case."  The Mississippi Supreme Court appointed Retired Circuit Judge Breland Hilburn to hear the case on November 13.

The docket contains no entries after that date.  There are no motions to schedule a hearing, no notices, no nothing.  The case is just there, collecting dust.

However, the case may not be close.  Mr. Torrence stated on Facebook yesterday that the convictions were "tragic news" and that he "will appeal this decision".  

*Judge McKinley imposed a 90 day prison sentence but suspended 45 days for each conviction.  However, he ordered the sentences to run consecutively. 

Note: Who can forget this video?


Anonymous said...

I wonder who this guy knows that is keeping him out of jail and why stay the sentence until Feb. 5th? Put a warrant out, track his ass down and lock him up !

Anonymous said...

"Change Up" still plays on a regular rotation in my office.

Anonymous said...

9:39, he's in California.

Anonymous said...

Both he and his wife were arrested for the same thing on the same day. I wonder what they're going to do with her? Are they going to impose the same sentencing on her??

Fire up da blinder said...

How did the Carroll lady in Madison escape with just a slap on the wrist for the same thing in Destin?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what happened with Anne and Mike Dulske's situation? Have not heard anything since last March when it was rescheduled due to the great blizzard in Madison County.

Anonymous said...

This is to be appealed and will be tossed out.

Anonymous said...

I work with addicted teens primarily from the Madison area. All those teens say the same thing.... they drink at home with their parents there. This problem is rampant in Madison County.

Anonymous said...

Guy broke the law once, got off lightly, decided he didn't have to obey the exact same law in future.


Explain to me *why* this is going to get thrown out, legal beagles?

Anonymous said...

Fire up da blinder: That happened in Destin. Mr. Torrence committed the same crime he was on probation for, WHILE HE WAS ON PROBATION. Get some sense. He needs to do time!

Anonymous said...

Because (Walton County?) Florida does not want to discourage tourism. In Madison County, we have to live with this white trash and would rather not put up with it! Goes for white trash orthopedists, too!

Anonymous said...

Torrence's latest crime was committed in July 2014, roughly six months before Anne and Michael Dulske were arrested in Madison for also allegedly violating the social host law. Does this mean it will take another six months before there's any trial or sentencing for the Dulskes (if they're convicted or plead guilty)? I think Michael Guest does a fine job as DA, but why do cases like these take so long to resolve? Is it the lawyers running up their billable hours?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't fall on Guest's office at the early stage. Its in the County prosecutor's responsibilities. But I would bet that Guest might get involved once Torrence appeals this sentence.

Wonder which Judge will draw this case - should be interesting to watch as the fact that he has a prior conviction that resulted in probation that he (and wife) evidently chose to ignore. If the Judge does toss or reduce this conviction, it might be the last term for that Judge.

Happy 13th birthday, HannahClaire! Have another vodka tonic! said...

Prison. Not jail, prison. All for trying to be the "cool dad".

For all the griping about black criminals, someone needs to point out that this type of bad behavior is almost always white people. Remember those Madison County moms who hosted a booze bash for their teens in Destin? There are a ton of cases and it's usually affluent professionals who think they're above the law and they need to do this to help little Brandon or Ashlee be popular.

What kind of f---ed up thinking is that? When you hit 30 and decide to have kids, it's time to quit chasing cool and take some damned responsibility!

Anonymous said...

The Dulske's case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Anonymous said...

Wish the parents could be held accountable for tolerating their own children sneaking alcohol. Too many tweens, 13 and 14 year olds are sneaking the fruit flavored Volkas. Had to cut off an otherwise wonderful friendship with a family because of it. I realize that I can't shield my own from everything. Once may be typical, twice is rebellion, third time social contact is out. The sad thing is, the parents are angry at my wife and I, and it was their booze. My kids weren't blameless, but theirs are STILL drinking. You would be surprised how effective spot breatholizer tests from the drug store are.

Anonymous said...

Good for 12:56... need more like em!!

Anonymous said...

The reason it keeps happening is that the judges that are elected allow it to happen. You cant point any fingers at the LEO's. They did their job. The legal system, the buddy system, the who ya know system and how much money ya got system is what let this guy get away with it for as long as he has. If I were McKinley I'd be mad as hell and issue a warrant for Torrence's ass to have him brought back to MS and locked up and serve day for day on the sentence.

Anonymous said...

@12:56 PM Been using a professional grade one on our non-drinking age driving young'uns for years. Gonna be on the family auto insurance you is getting your ass tested. Deterrence City. It helps to get 'em to move out of the house too!

Anonymous said...


That's because parents these days care more about being the cool, hip parent and being buddies or gossip-partners with their children rather than being a PARENT. This is just another type of thuggery or societal breakdown that starts IN THE HOME, but will of course be blamed on everyone else BUT the parents.

Anonymous said...

2:11- One of the hard things is being "hated" by your teenager. I told them it was in the fine print on their birth certificate, to do just that. Saw the bubble head actually looking for it! The child did turn out to be a very responsible adult though. I don't know how we survived though! LOL

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Tea Party, Property Rights, Home Schooling, Jesus Loving folks in this deal.

Having people who are underage drink at your home is not that big a deal. Keeping them off the road and monitoring the amount of intake is much better than what I did.

Get a damn grip you silly silly people.

Anonymous said...

I saw Cliff Torrance in Jackson, yesterday, January 27.

Anonymous said...


According to the law:

"The legal drinking age for beer and/or alcohol is 21 years of age.

However, a person who is 18-21 years of age, in the presence of his parent or legal guardian, may consume beer with the consent of the parent or legal guardian. Please note that this exception is for beer only and specifically does not include hard liquor or wine products that contain more than 5% alcohol by weight.

Further, a person who is at least 18 years of age and who is serving in the U.S. military may possess and consume beer on military property where or when the consumption of beer is allowed.​"

So, yes, if it is your child, they can drink beer in your home. Not all your little bunko club's snot-nosed brats, however.

Your entire post embodies the ignorant, selfish, entitled nature of the youth of today, and it's obviously a reflection of their parents, as you've shown us. All it takes it that one kid to elude your monitoring and get on the road and kill themselves or someone else for your ass to get buried under the jail.

And this isn't coming from some mid-50's, uptight MADD volunteer. I'm in my late 20's, childless, and married with a fairly active social life. It's NEVER cool to enable teenagers, especially in today's age, to even have the slight opportunity to drink and drive. I'm not so sure some folks are even mature enough at 21 to handle alcohol. I know I wasn't, and it took some hard lessons for me to find that out.

Anonymous said...


Hey hon... we're all right here.

Anonymous said...

Happy 13th birthday, HannahClaire! Have another vodka tonic! said...

This is the best fake name I've seen on JJ, EVAH.

Looks like Steve Ratcliff (one of two judges in MCJC who are lawyers) wanted to drop the hammer on this tool early on. When Kirksey appeals, it will be de novo,, which means a total do-over. The time to complain will be after a MC County Court judge effectively reduces the sentence.

The sumbitch ought to do his time & STFU.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I know too much about this - know his steps and kids. The step daughter in the video didn't even go to college after Prep - guess that's good cause the video she was in while Cliff smoked a blunt would have killed her rep anywhere in MS and probably outside the south. This has been going on for 5-6 years at least - the parents partying with the kids at their Flora mansion. I've heard from kids first hand about it, and even the kids knew how wrong it was. They believe the law doesn't apply because they have tons of (ill gotten) gains. I feel bad for the kids, but they've been drinking with their kids/kids friends for years with no shame. As a parent who has kids that are around them, I'm appalled and disgusted. I'm not perfect but I don't supply/alcohol to underage kids. Their kids have no chance and don't even know the laws apply to them.

This is a minor slap on the wrist to a repeat and chronic offender. The money means nothing to them. I can't support Livingston Cellars or County Seat just because of the history of the family and their complete lack of concern about the kids getting drunk/high at their home. it is tragic, tragic for the kids that went down that path with their support.

Anonymous said...

After this debacle, how can he appeal. Sure hope the judge sees this and understands how young the kids are. Gross.

Anonymous said...

So he is free until Feb 5? Or if he appeals does he stay free while on appeal? Does his moving to California change any of this?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Torrence's behavior is inexcusable.
That said, I'm as shocked by the parents who claim they are using breatholizers!
I waited up for my children. I have eyes, ears and a nose. I didn't need mechanical help.
As adults, they told me that I waited up for them and that I taught them verbal and behavioral strategies to help them resist peer pressure not only worked but made them feel safer when their peers were behaving badly or their peer's parents were unreliable.
Kids have a way of living up or down to your expectations as well. I was expecting them to come home in good shape and apply what I taught them while y'all are announcing that you don't think they can be responsible or trustworthy.
I also didn't allow them to go into situations that I didn't think they were mature enough to handle.
You can't test them the rest of their lives! You lose significant control once they go off to college or into the working world.
Talk about drugs and alcohol. The naïve, overly controlled kid at is at the mercy of their peers and authority figures! You might as well tattoo potential victim on their foreheads.
Being too strict,rigid and controlling is just as risky a parental strategy as being overly indulgent and irresponsible in your parenting.
You are also inviting rebellion to take place later in life when the negative consequences are much greater. Humans from 12 to 25 will rebel from their parents. That's what they do. You want to make sure that is done safely and in positive ways. Want them to marry a controlling person and rebel from them after your grandchildren are born? Want them to rebel at their first office Christmas party, get tipsy quick and lose their jobs?
Part of maturing is learning how to be independent of and separate from your parents!
You won't be there every time they make a decision for the rest of their lives! Teach them how to make good decisions. Make your expectations clear and the consequences of unacceptable behavior equally clear . Make those expectations and consequences reasonable and age appropriate . Let them know they are loved and valued and that you believe they can exceed your best expectations and they will!

Anonymous said...

Ratcliff is not a Justice Court judge He is a circuit judge. You are correct that only two Justice court judges are attorneys. McKinley and Stacey both are attorneys. Spivey and Griffin are newbies and are learning how to be judges.

Anonymous said...

Torrence and his wife both need to be locked up.

Like 7:30 said, I'm in no way perfect....far from it in fact. I worried myself sick though when my kids went off to college that I would be getting the call to bail him out or worse. Thank the Lord those calls never came.

My son told me one night after he graduated MS State when it was just the two of us and I'd offered him a beer that while he worked as a bouncer having to deal with and physically handle drunks and as a bartender having to smile in the face of belligerence to refuse service to both friends and strangers and seeing first hand what alcohol does to people and probably had done to him at some point prior....he chooses not to drink.

7:09 your last paragraph nails it !!! Well said

Anonymous said...

7:09 AM comment

- - LIKE - -

Anonymous said...

Self-congratulating sock puppets. Without fail the JJ lecturer shows up in the morning, drops a package on the front lawn and soon after the congratulations start rolling in. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Kinda curious about the title of this thread......why is it a "tragic" change up?? It might be tragic to Torrence but I see it as a judge for once trying to do the right thing for once.

Anonymous said...

Although I do not agree nor support the actions in Flora, I do think bashing the kids in this situation is uncalled for. Most of you don't know Cliff's children or stepchildren, so why judge? I'm the parent of Cliff's "young daughter in law", as she was referred to in a previous post. I'm very appalled that any adult would reference these young adults as being low life's who will have deadbeat jobs and never amount to anything. How dare you judge them. My son in law is on active duty and his "young wife" is finishing her bachelors degree, which by the way will be accomplished before she is 22. Sounds pretty good to me considering she is ahead of most young adults her age. It's really disgusting behavior and I would think most adults would mind their own business and make sure their children are doing the right things. I guarentee most would be shocked to find out what their children are really out their doing. Dont cast stones at a glass house. It will come back to haunt you.

Anonymous said...

9:13 -- Gotta read.

Mr. Torrence stated on Facebook yesterday that the convictions were "tragic news" and that he "will appeal this decision".

Anonymous said...

I bet when the truth comes out u will find an influential parent that had to pick up a drunk kid and blame anyone other than the kid or themselves. U called Madison 911 three times to get rid of drunk kids at my house. The parents were furious w me. These entitled brats abuse parents that they crash their homes and property. Save the jail space for theives, rapist and murderers.

Anonymous said...

Save the jail space for real criminals, theives, rapist and murderers. These entitled brats around here do this to a lot of parents.

Anonymous said...

7:45 - you're absolutely right. Had a brain cramp on Ratcliff. Confused him with McKinley.

Anonymous said...

I grew up under the watchful eyes of my paternal grandparents. They were wealthy country Methodists. Alcohol was not served or tolerated in their home, nor in the homes of anyone with whom they associated (other wealthy Methodists and Jews). They were hardly 'Religious', or 'Repressed'. Their home had more books than the local library, and NONE of those books were religious. There were four sets of encyclopedias, and at least six big dictionaries. But if there was a Bible in the house, I never saw it. The kids in our circle were really nice. I'm trying to think of instances of rebelliousness, but nothing comes to mind. The grownups kept us close, and under control. But they gave us nothing to 'rebel' against.

My half-sisters, however, grew up in their father's home. He was Appalachian White Trash, with a life story not unlike Fred Couch's (of 'Affluenza' fame). Like Mr. Torrence, My Stepfather had a whole lot of children. His was an extravagant household, with three maids, and a nauseating assortment of predictable Rich White Trash 'stuff'(air-conditioned kennels for his hunting dogs, treadmills for the dogs, a trophy room...).

There were enormous, boozy, catered parties, for "business purposes". Booze was served at family dinners - with the children free to imbibe. The children grew up about like Ethan Couch (expected to 'work', but not chaperoned or controlled in any way). Both my sisters became cigarette-smoking teenage alcoholics/druggies. One "grew out of it" (after Daddy lost his health, and then his money). My other sister descended into a pitiful state, turning into an untouchable MONSTER, who only saw family as a source of drug money. When she died, screaming in agony (necrosis, probably starting at an injection site, pain medication useless, as it frequently is, for druggies) I had not seen her in nearly thirty years. I'd stopped returning her calls, decades-back.

For the other sister, "growing out of it" came too late for her to get a good enough degree. Her smoking, and the gap in her life skills created by her years as a druggie, prevented her from marrying anything but a string of losers. She struggles.

I can think of a Rich White Trash family in Columbus, with lots of uncontrolled children. There are several sad stories in that family (and a book about one of those stories). But I can't think of even ONE such story from our little Methodist/Jewish enclave (unless, "They moved away to Jacksonville, about the time they took the company public" is a 'sad story'). One of my cousins knocked-up a predatory White Trash skank: but even THAT turned out OK.

What I'm saying is that kids need guidance and good role models. 'Good rearing' really DOES make a difference.

Anonymous said...

How long did you spend writing all that? LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a perfect example of "dont throw rocks if u live in a glass house. And every I know in Madison lives in a glass house. This man is a productive tax paying pillar of the community.

And He Votes And Cuts The Grass said...

"Pillar of the community" by what standard and as judged by whom other than YOU? Pillars of the community don't throw drunken parties for teenagers. That he pays taxes, though, is a plus, so thanks for that update.

Anonymous said...

Lemme see...Pillar of the been smokin' one of those funny cigarettes like in the Rap Video above?? Try clicking on this link to see how Cliff makes a living ripping people off:

Good people make an honest living, don't rip people off, and don't make a habit of throwing drunk parties for high school kids. Sounds like something white trash would do............

Anonymous said...

So... not sure about that Feb 5 date - Mrs. Torrence has posted on FB that they're enjoying the pre Super Bowl bash at the Beverly Hills hotel where they seem to be regulars, yet they have left a mess of a house that can't be given away on Sheffield. Fine neighbors, there. And...there really should be some consequences for drinking with/smoking pot with underage kids. While parents are ultimately responsible for what their kids and where they are allowed to go, having adults who facilitate teens getting wasted can undermine even good kids, I would suppose.

Anonymous said...

So did Cliff report to prison on Feb 5 or not?

Anonymous said...

Never mind I answered my own question. Cliff was on Facebook yesterday at 10:55am so I will assume he is not in jail yet.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of this? Last Jan. it was reported he was sentenced and he filed an appeal.

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