Friday, January 8, 2016

Airport CEO addresses media

Jackson Municipal Airport Authority CEO Carl Newman briefed the media on JMAA's state of affairs at a press conference Wednesday.  His remarks are posted below.  JJ took the liberty of highlighting several key passages for the readers.

Good Morning Everyone…. It’s good to be in Jackson; it’s a great day to fly with us at the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, Mississippi’s largest passenger and air transport facility. One year ago, I accepted the charge of developing and leading this enterprise as a major contributor to Jackson’s and Mississippi’s economic engine. I’m grateful to have accepted the charge and even more excited to share with you some of our milestone accomplishments and accolades we celebrate for 2015.

Our Jackson airports play a significant role in globalization, connecting Jackson to the nation and the world. Our two airports - Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport and Hawkins Field Airport - are part of our critical infrastructure, fostering economic activities, supporting commerce and tourism and generating direct and indirect employment. Airports offer just-on-time services for manufacturing, critical business connections, and emergency response for public safety and health care. The two airports also provide a home and facility support for the Mississippi Air National Guard and the Army National Guard.

In 2014, The Mississippi Department of Transportation performed and economic impact analysis on the Mississippi airport system. The results show that our two airports alone have an $895,460,600 value to the State’s economy. Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport serves over 1 million passengers and handle almost 4.9 million pounds of cargo annually. The Mississippi Air National Guard 172d Airlift Wing and other military operations account for almost 30,000 of the 58,000 aircraft operations. Hawkins Field supports over 32,000 aircraft operations: 11,000 of those are military including the MS Army National Guard 185th Theater Aviation.

We have several highlights and points of interest to share with you this morning. Several of which are notable in the annals of our aviation industry, in addition to our city and State’s economic digests. Of note, we are most happy to report that our Airport Authority is solvent; it is fiscally sound, and it is a critical contributor to our regional economy.

•Regarding our solvency and fiscal integrity, the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority entered into an agreement with Trustmark National Bank in September 2015, to refund $25 million in airport revenue refunding bonds. This agreement translates in to a $3.7 million in net present value savings as a result of the refinancing.

•In April of 2015, Fitch Ratings, the internationally recognized ratings agency providing issuer and bond ratings research for banks, corporations, sovereigns, and other agencies, affirmed the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority’s Airport Revenues with a triple B-plus (BBB+) rating a “Stable” outlook.

The success of our economic impact is also realized through the contributions of our JMAA family and business partners. The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority and our business partners, provide employment for 1,442 persons combined at Jackson-Evers International and Hawkins Field airports. The impact to our community is seen through revenue generated by visitors and business travelers patronizing restaurants, retail outlets, and other travel related businesses in the City of Jackson.

In 2015 we recorded 48% of JMAA’s contract obligations awarded to City of Jackson based businesses, with an additional 3% awarded to other areas in Mississippi. A resounding $10.9M was awarded overall with more than $5.2 M awarded to Jackson Based Businesses.

•Another success story is the report on our Disadvantaged, Business Enterprises (DBE) program. Our 2015 federally funded projects yielded more than $1.29M or 9% of our federal dollars paid to Jackson’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. An additional 10% or $1.3 M was awarded to other Mississippi Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

•We successfully hosted the 2015 Airport Minority Advisory Council Southeast Regional Forum in October, with a record attendance of more than 250 participants. A nexus in attracting and connecting people, we were visited with guests from as far as Denver, Colorado and Detroit, Michigan. AMAC is the official global non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of advocacy and inclusion of minority contractors, we exceeded this year’s goal of 150 attendees by hosting 254! Direct revenues to City of Jackson Businesses were recorded at $ 15,396. A total of $44,025 was expended with Small, Minority Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises here in Jackson and across the county. While conference attendees were here with us they also provide indirect economic support to our Jackson hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

•Our most recent land development initiative with Freedom Realty, on airport property, speaks to the exponential economic impact of land development and revenue to our economy.

•Collaborations with ENTERGY Mississippi allowed us to qualify Site 211 acres of the East Metro Corridor as an “Entergy Mississippi Economic Development Qualified Site.” This means that those 211 acres are a development-ready industrial site that has completed a rigorous review process including zoning, available and planned infrastructure, land ownership reviews, environmental studies, utilities and transportation assessments. In short it is shovel ready!

•The East Metro Corridor provides essential North-South ground transportation connector between Mississippi Highway 25 (Lakeland Drive) and Interstate 20. In 2015 JMAA contributed $1M, the required local match for the federal grant funds to support the construction of Phase II of that roadway. All construction paid with JMAA funds and will be performed on JMAA property.

•In collaboration with the cities of Brandon, Flowood and Pearl, the construction of Phase II of our East Metro Corridor will grant access to 785 acres of land, owned by the JMAA, parallel to the East Runway at JAN.

Access to the 8,500 foot east runway makes our airport property a unique multi-modal environment. We have targeted these acres for aeronautical development ranging from aircraft research and development, servicing and maintenance and operations support businesses.

•The final report and recommendations for a new Concessions Program Plan is nearing completion. We engaged the services of SI Partners, a global leader in airport concessions consulting services to assess our existing program and make recommendations for new and improved offerings. The preliminary results 90% of our travelers prefer concessions with healthy options, national chains and brands and coffee. We’ve heard your comments and are responding to your interests---we will dedicate our resources and energies to improving our food and beverage choices and retail options.

•Where people are going and where they want to go demand a continual assessment of our demographics and market trends. We partnered with InterVISTAS Consulting Group, a leading management consulting company with extensive expertise in aviation, transportation and tourism for broadening our markets to and from the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport.

We have increased our flight frequencies and services with American Air Lines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. Delta Air Lines, our legacy air carrier at the Jackson-Evers International Airport, has dominated our increase in flight services. We know you can fly into the airport of your choice and we are working to be sure that our airports offer a variety of services.

‘Renovations and innovations’ are our mantra for developing an airport of the 21st century we can all be proud of.

•Hawkins Field Airport has been providing aviation facilities and services to the City of Jackson since 1928. In its convenient downtown location, general aviation customers have immediate access to the businesses, industries and government activity of the Jackson Metropolitan Area.

•The Historic Terminal at Hawkins Field is an aviation landmark. However renovations and upgrades to the facility are required to make it attractive for doing business. We are working hard with the City of Jackson to enhance the entrance at Sam Jones, Jr. Drive and Woodrow Wilson Drive. We have dedicated ($4M) in resources to refurbish and the Historic Terminal with the hopes of bringing it back to serve the community as both an aviation museum and active Fixed Based Operator serving the flying public.

•Resurfacing the runways will add to the value of attracting more aircraft activity to Hawkins Field. Currently Hawkins hosts a wide range of aviation customers including supplying manufacturers; public safety, search and rescue and law enforcement flights; corporate and private aircraft operations, services, and hangars; military and civilian training operations, repairs and services. Enhancing the runways will serve to increase the safety and efficiency of those operations.

Finally, our Master Plan and Strategic Plan will dictate and drive the footprint of our operations. While still in the final stages of our planning, both will be officially unveiled at our ‘2016 State of the Airport’ address in February.

We appreciate your time and interest with us in promoting Mississippi’s largest passenger and air carrier service. The realization of ‘Mississippi’s Gateway to the World’ will demand a sense of ownership and all of us working together towards securing our enterprise as a beacon in our aviation industry. Thank you for coming.


Anonymous said...

I'll save you regular posters some time:

But, but, but... he's a "Democrat"... and the City of Jackson is involved.... so crime, failure and corruption is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

That's not quite right. He's a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Glad he thinks everything is just peachy but I will still drive to New Orleans to fly because I can save 60% on ticket costs even factoring in expenses. If they want to crow about something then make it where it's affordable to the average family to fly out of Jackson. Most of the airlines servicing Jackson International occasionally offer deals it's just if you have to change the flight you better go ahead and bend over.

Anonymous said...

10:01, the earlier post is satire. He/she is making fun of the usual commenters who don't care about the facts as much as they do about trolling.

Anonymous said...

This all sounds great. But, I don't base my opinion of this place on a press conference. I base it on my actual customer experience when I fly out of Jackson.

Unfortunately, I have to fly out in a few days and am dreading having to deal with the employees and other support staff with bad attitudes and poor service. From lack of TSA-PreCheck to not enough equipment to perform de-icing in a timely manner, this place is terrible. The lack of flight options is alarming.

Anonymous said...

Correct, 10:14. 10:01 also missed that "Democrat" means black, not any particular political affiliation on JJ.

Anonymous said...

Concilman Priester commented recently Jackson International had a value of $114,ooo,ooo. How did he arrive at that value? It certainly wasn't based on net income versus value. They should take the $114M and invest it in the stock market, and let someone that knows how to run an airport take charge.

Anonymous said...

JMAA is a great little airport. I've never experienced personnel or staff problems. Everyone seems professional.

There is nothing we can do to make other airlines fly here or lower their prices. This is all market driven and is happening nationwide. I don't believe anyone really believes the state or governor can change that.

This is a smoke screen for taking over one of Jackson's few assets for development purposes.

Anonymous said...

"We successfully hosted the 2015 Airport Minority Advisory Council Southeast Regional Forum in October, with a record attendance of more than 250 participants. A nexus in attracting and connecting people, we were visited with guests from as far as Denver, Colorado and Detroit, Michigan. AMAC is the official global non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of advocacy and inclusion of minority contractors, we exceeded this year’s goal of 150 attendees by hosting 254! Direct revenues to City of Jackson Businesses were recorded at $ 15,396. A total of $44,025 was expended with Small, Minority Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises here in Jackson and across the county. While conference attendees were here with us they also provide indirect economic support to our Jackson hotels, restaurants and retail outlets."

WTH!!!!! If they want the airport to continue they need to stop this absolute BS and focus on better employees, more airlines, cheaper flight costs,etc, etc....but then that doesn't meet their liberal agenda.What a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 10:09.....

Cheap ticket prices are one of the problems. You crowd the hell out of infrastructure, gate capacity and the overall system with too many people.

Want a better experience?

Raise the prices of tickets. Cheap tickets create worn put planes, air traffic nightmares, overworked pilots and shitty service. Can't afford it? Stay home, or take the bus.

Anonymous said...

11:02, AMAC is an outgrowth of the Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, which seeks to promote equal opportunity in federal transportation contracting. This liberal agenda program was signed into law by President Reagan in 1983.

Anonymous said...

Regionalization is just another word for "taking the power away from Stokes". It will not improve anything. Let's just grab the Airport Authority because we can, says the State of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

The airport changed the rule of 30 minute free parking to 12 minutes. There is no way you could get your ticket , find a parking place, walk to the terminal to pick up a lost bag or meet someone to pick up in 12 minutes. So you have to pay the fee. One more reason people are dissatisfied with the way the airport is being run. Almost every airport in the country allows for 30 minute free parking. Totally unfriendly to customers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you left out something about AMAC (on purpose): "AMAC History
The U.S. Department of Transportation's 1980 airport Minority Business Enterprise {MBE) program regulation {49 CFR Part 23) provided the foundation. " Then, go to The Administration of Jimmy Cartr, here:

And then Google about Carter's executive actions requiring setasides and Federal Buildings in inner cities.

When you read the Google Books, you'll note close attention to Percentages of Minority Contractors at airports.

Nice try, but while Reagan was far more kind to minorities just as Bush was, this Social Engineering is yet another legacy of Obama The First, Jimmy Carter.

Carter, the gift that keeps on giving (handouts).

Anonymous said...

you can't expect low ticket prices when everyone willingly driving New Orleans / Memphis / Birmingham to catch a cheaper flight. I place a greater value on my time than what I have been presented with in the difference of cost in flying out of Jackson vs other w/in 3 hours. Customer service: Never had a problem, and I have very low expectations out of the TSA agents, and even at that, they have always been professional and accommodating (but again, I don't look to TSA agents to be great customer service providers). Free parking at a airport, HA, I don't expect that at the airport, nor do I expect them to be in the business of providing free parking.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's why Southwest's business model hasn't worked.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've discovered Google 1:16. It's a wonderful resource. If you'd google'd something other than "airport minority 1980" or "Jimmy Cartr racist minority handout", you'd know that Nixon created the Minority Business Enterprise program prior to Carter coming into office. Carter's administration sought to continue the expansion federal contracting opportunities for minorities and women. Reagan took it a step further and enacted the DOT DBE program to codify the expansion of opportunities for minority and women owned businesses.

Finally, I'm confused -- Reagan and Bush were far more kind to minorities (handouts?), but social engineering is a legacy of Carter? You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Free parking is a part of the handout legacy of the Carter administration.

Anonymous said...

Thus proving that Republican leaders, despite DNC stereotype, do more for minorities of practical effect than Democrats. Like Earned Income Tax Credit? In other words, the GOP puts people to work, and Dems give handouts and payoffs. Thanks for taking the bait. Most folks are acutely aware of 8A contracts. Which are Federal. Try Richmond v Croson, for example. A finding: Racial quotas for awarding government contracts are not justified by general statistical evidence of inequality. The city did not investigate any race-neutral methods to correct the imbalance, nor did its 30% goal correspond to any actual measured injury. Strict scrutiny is warranted, a test which Richmond's law fails. Reagan and Bush created opportunities, not handouts or quotas. The vast difference is lost on you. "The African-American columnist Joseph Perkins has calculated that black unemployment fell from 19.5 percent in 1983 to 11.4 percent in 1989. The income of black-owned businesses rose almost one-third between 1982 and 1987. The black middle class grew from 3.6 million to 4.8 million during the Reagan years, while the cash income of black households (adjusted for inflation) rose by 12 percent. By contrast, the median income of black households fell by 2.2 percent during the Obama years from 2010 to 2013."
Read more at:

Anonymous said...

The EITC had a long history of bipartisan support. In fact, it's been expanded by every President since its enactment. But today's Republican party has lost any interest in supporting the working poor. Hell, Rubio even said he wanted to get rid of the EITC.

I'm familiar with Croson. It says that minority opportunity programs are constitutional where the government demonstrates a compelling governmental interest in remedying past discrimination. The 30% was arbitrary so it was shot down, but I'm not really seeing what this adds to your argument... The courts have continually found a compelling governmental interest in developing such programs, thus, why you are still able to complain about it to this day.

I don't have the time to go through everything African-American columnist Joseph Perkins stated but I'd note that this quote doesn't provide the relevant figures for Obama's presidency for comparison,instead presenting a time frame certainly cherry-picked to boost Reagan and then a 3 years time frame in the middle of Obama's first term certainly cherry-picked to hurt Obama. I'd be interested in seeing a true apples-to-apples comparison.

Also, I'd point you to this PolitiFact article analyzing claims that Reagan's record on unemployment was better than Obama. Some highlights:
If we instead look at Obama’s entire term to date -- January 2009 to April 2015 -- black unemployment fell from 12.7 percent to 9.6 percent. That’s down 3.1 percentage points, or a decrease of 24 percent. That’s a more impressive decline than under Reagan’s entire term.

The low point for black unemployment under Reagan was 11 percent, reached twice in 1988. The low point under Obama is 9.6 percent, which is the current rate. That’s lower than the lowest point under Reagan.

Under Reagan, black unemployment exceeded its worst level under Obama -- 16.8 percent -- for 26 consecutive months, or more than two years straight.

Anonymous said...

I fly into/out of Evers every week. It is a fine airport and the service is above and beyond other airports of similar size. If you travel enough, you know these things. Before someone complains about Southwest leaving: They left because the route wasn't profitable. In other words, they kept prices drastically low to get Jackson-area passengers to fly. That's why traffic dropped 20% when they left. Those flying SWA would not have flown otherwise. Also, complaining that you can't fly Southwest is like complaining that you can no longer get a McRib.

You People Just Wrong said...

I fly into/out of Evers every week. It is a fine airport and the service is above and beyond other airports of similar size.

Reminds me of a personal friend who the other day said, "The roads and streets in Jackson are representative of others throughout the region".

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