Friday, October 9, 2015

You can't make this up: spoiled brat edition.

The wimpification of America continues.  A third-grader holds an entire school hostage in San Francisco. KCBS (SF) reported:

Some parents at an elementary school in the Contra Costa County have stopped sending their kids to class because they say the school has become dangerous because of a third grader.

Students and parents at Mount Diablo Elementary School in Clayton say one child is terrorizing the entire school.

“He punched someone in the stomach, and then he ran into the bathroom and locked the door. And then he threw the trash can at the bathroom door,” student Chantelle Crankson said.

Chantelle says the boy even threw rocks, and other things at students and teachers.

“It makes me really scared because sometimes he runs around the whole school, and if he sees you looking at him, he’ll run up and scream in your face,” Chantelle said.

Parents say the disruptive and violent behavior has forced the principal to lock down all classrooms on campus a few times, most recently on Monday.

“She told us to get inside and lock your door,” third grader Lily said.

Parent Tara Lesage pulled Lily out of school the last two days; about 30 other parents have done the same.

“Just want the board to listen, the district to listen, to just make a healthy and safe learning environment for everyone,” Lesage said.

Many parents complain the district has done little to fix the problem, saying the school hasn’t even sent out a letter about bullying.

“I know a lot of kids are nervous about being in the classroom, and are hesitant to go to school, and that’s not an okay situation,” Parent Courtney Thearle said.

The parents say that if the district can help calm the boy down, it will fix the problem for everyone. The district declined to comment on the situation, saying they are addressing the parents’ concerns

Kingfish note: These people can't even stand up to a third grader? They deserve every bit of torment they get if they want to go down the path of The Lord of the Flies


Sarry Boetoro said...

Won't be long before this fucked up culture demands we frontal lobotomize the child. Face it assholes, the chemical solutions they rush to ARE THE EXACT SAME THING.

Of course in the Middle East they would either strap multiple bombs on the child and ask him to press a button "over there" OR they'd amputate one or more of his appendages to force him into behavioral compliance.

Either way, you won't hear a whimper of complaint out of the numbskulls in the USofA. No, no, no, no.

Buy gold and silver coins, buy guns and buy ammo. But it now, purchase in quantity and do not hesitate a day longer.

Because our days of anarchy are coming and the only question when the day arrives will be "Did you heed the warnings?', 'Are you prepared?' and "Did you take the steps necessary to protect your family?'.

Anonymous said...


Glad to see you have an Internet connection down there in your bunker......

BenBit said...

You'd think they had a rogue wolf stalking the woods around the school the way they are reacting. Expel the hellion and get on down the road.

Anonymous said...

Inaction by the school board, administrators and principal is not all that uncommon. They are mostly too afraid, or too lazy, to act. Many principals don't want the teachers to report repeat offenders because the principal fears that excessive problems make them look bad. Just last week one of the local principals told the teachers to make sure that write ups were kept to a minimum AND were dispersed equally by race. Never mind that the majority of the school is in fact a minority.

Anonymous said...

Expel the 3rd grader? Please change your handle from BenBit to DumbShit.

BenBit said...

It isn't common, but it has been done plenty of times. The kid is causing such a disruption we are reading about it in Mississippi.

What's your solution genius? By the way, I don't get into flame wars, but your post is typical troll puss shit. Please make a habit of calling folks dumb shits in the real world. It'll go well for you.

Anonymous said...


Trying to extrapolate this ridiculious (adult) behavior onto most of America is a non-starter.

Anonymous said...

Benbit, please give us some examples of the " plenty of times" in your vast knowledge. Indeed, I'm sure the people in this town would love to know just how others solved similar problems and what procedures were in place that allowed them to expel an elementary school child from a public school after mainstreaming was in place.

Anonymous said...

This kid is a real bad apple. It's only a matter of time before he really goes over the edge and makes a pop tart gun or leads a group prayer on the playground. Justice will be swift.

Anonymous said...

Someone should accuse the little terrorist of being homophobic. Watch how fast the authorities address it then.

Anonymous said...

The kid is probably a member of a protected group. And the school's quota for dealing with members of that group has been filled for the year. To deal with this kid would mean that they would incur sanctions. After the quota has been filled, school "administrators" can only stand by, helplessly, as members of that protected group do whatever they want.

The bizarre principle of 'Disparate Impact' has been carried to its predictable extreme.

Anonymous said...

You are so right @ 10 :51. I work in a local school district. A child classified as having a learning disability can only be suspended for 10 days. After that, the kid fully understands that he can harass, hit, and verbally intimidate EVERYONE and nothing will be done. His aberrant behavior is a "manifestation of his disability" and he is protected.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco, naturally.

LOL, dumbass Californians!

b said...

Send in Krupke.

Anonymous said...

Dr Hunter S Thompson said it best, "we have raised an entire generation of dancers."

Anonymous said...

Much hespect to the good doc, but upon examination, post-HST we have a generation that fought two lengthy, brutal wars in hellholes along with raising combat sports to new heights.

Yeah, there's bearded, skinny jeans guys who need a choking, but if you open your eyes to the good, there's awesome men around.

BenBit said...


2nd Grader expelled

3rd Grader expelled

4th Grader expelled

Elementary student expelled


Oh, and refrain from calling anyone a dumb anything without a really solid reason.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Benbit,do the math.

How many did you find and how many elementary schools are there?
Can a child under 10 eventually or repeatedly be expelled? Sure.
Do different school districts have different rules? Sure

That was not the point. As usual, you miss the point.

My problem with you is that you jump in and attack people with very little information. You think a short news story gives you all the facts in a world where details more often than not matter. You think " googling" makes you an expert. And, that is what makes your ignorance obvious.

If you are so much smarter than everyone you love to look down upon, than, by all means, write out your detailed solution to their problem to THEM! Send it to the principal or parents or school board.

That would be constructive criticism rather than your obvious attempt to seize an opportunity to make yourself feel good at someone else's expense.

Quite frankly, this is a problem for the parents and school district where it is occurring. It's none of my damn business or yours. There are enough problems in your own neck of the woods wherever those woods may be! Turn your little wood into Utopia. Go for it. I can't wait! It'll be a first!

Anonymous said...

Ironic that the school is called Mt. Diablo.

Go to a high school football games nowadays. Half the players are wimps.

BenBit said...

Anonymous at 9:29 (If you want to have arguments in the comments it would be nice if you would take the extra 10 seconds to create a handle)...

Based on the diatribe you just wrote stemming from my initial 2 sentence, admittedly flippant remark about expelling the kid, I am going to come to the possibly hasty conclusion that you have a tendency to blow things a bit out of proportion.

I'm not going to continue after this, but do want to make a point or three.

You say "as usual you miss the point", "My problem with you is you jump in and attack people","your ignorance","everyone you love to look down upon", etc.

I have been posting on this site for less than a week. I may question a conclusion here or there, but I try very hard not to attack anyone who doesn't attack me or someone else first. This was an offhand comment about a kid with behavior issues in SF, nothing more. If you are the same Anonymous who called me a dumbshit above, then the attacker was you, not me.

Your other comments seem to be an effort to project a bunch of qualities you don't like on a person (me) you don't know at all. There is no way you have enough info about me to draw sweeping conclusions, much less specifically assuming I usually miss points, am ignorant, like to jump in and attack people and then love to look down on them. I'll leave it at that. Best wishes.

Oh, and please continue to refrain from calling anyone a dumbshit without a really solid reason.

Johnny Wadd said...

I was a bad kid in 2nd grade. I remember my teachers telling my parents that I might have Attention Deficit Disorder. Daddy beat my ass one day in the school's hallway with cutoff piece of old water hose. Remarkably, I was cured of my behavioral problems after that.

Anonymous said...

All they need is a belt and a woodshed. Then line up the parents, teachers and administrators after you get done with the child.

Anonymous said...

BenBit You attacked 10:44 am I am not that person, but you engaged in name calling, not me.

I said you were " ignorant" . I didn't say you were dumb or use a cuss word. Please get out your dictionary.

My point was and is that reacting so strongly to an event happening in another community without sufficient facts such as knowing what measures , if any have been taken, or how their rules and regulations differ is the stuff of busybodies and gossips.

And, you added to that with a profound lack of understanding that a few anecdotal incidents do not show that expelling elementary age children is " common".

It is not common for a reason. You are ignorant about child development and educational systems in general. You miss that no system addresses every problem that arises.

The other point is too many these days, are like you and can't MYOB but contribute to the general unrest.

And, since you like anecdotes, in 1959,in the South,back when men weren't "wimps" and school systems were idyllic in the minds of some, there was an awful , violent boy in our school who happened to be the son of the largest employer in town. He wasn't expelled. The town was relieved when he was sent to boarding school in junior high. Of course , he did run over a kill a child on a bike later when he could drive . Nothing much happened then either. He managed eventually to straight out.

And, Johnny, if your parents hadn't let you rule the roost and made excuses from age 2-7 that your unacceptable behaviors were " normal" for that age, the beating wouldn't have been necessary! You should have been sat in a corner or denied treats or toys long before then!

What is a normal behavior like a temper tantrum at 2 isn't a normal behavior at 16 and parenting is about teaching appropriate behaviors as soon as those behaviors can be taught!

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