Saturday, October 31, 2015


From the corner of Northside Drive and Kimwood.  Make sure you aren't eating anything before you look at this picture.

That is raw sewage backed up into the street.  A reader wrote:

We in the Kimwood / East Northside area have put up with this for several years now with any moderate to heavy rain. Frankly I'm tired of this battle. Literally human waste spills into our streets. It splashes onto your car, which then is tracked into your garage. 



Anonymous said...

Sure hope the SEVEN current residents of the Bon Ami Oxford House just down the street aren't inconvenienced. Maybe Phony Yarber should do a photo op from their driveway.

Anonymous said...

EPA and MDEQ should grow a pair- they should hold City officials as accountable as a private individual that would allow this,e.g.jail time- its not just one time every so often it is continuous- without a breeze,the stench on Pascagoula by the fairgrounds coming from the beautiful cypress break and on Lakeland between Ridgewood and the Pearl River (upstream of the Fewell water plant) is unbearable when the wind is not blowing.It is because of raw sewerage spilling out onto the ground and streams...I cant believe it has been allowed to go on this long...

Anonymous said...

It's Jackson! What do you expect???

The smell at the Elton Rd. exit said...

A SoDoSoPa will never happen anywhere within in the "City With Soul" . . . or whatever the slogan du jour.

Anonymous said...

Definitely third world.
Worse would be seeing kids playing in it.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till freezing weather gets here. Talk about busted pipes and no telling what else.

Anonymous said...

Cue the Kool-Aid drinkers:
"This is just part of living in a big city."
"When you choose to live in an urban center, this kind of thing goes with the territory."
"Raw sewage in the streets happens everywhere."
"Where are you going to run to next when human waste floods the storm gutters in the suburbs?"
"We wouldn't have poop in our streets if you racists would change the flag."

There's no hope for Jackson said...

Frozen turds perhaps . . . floating down the street at Lamar & Capitol ?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the Jackson hate. Pretty sure my Madison experience included a grinder pump that malfunctioned and flooded the yard on multiple occasions. Including Christmas Day. Nothing like stirring that waste-filled reservoir, trying to knock loose whatever may be causing the problem. I don't do that in Jackson. Hate on, haters.

Anonymous said...

Frozen S*** Sale on Kimwood and East Northside Drive...... Coming this Christmas.

Calling Out The Turd Grinder said...

Pretty sure my Madison experience included a grinder pump that malfunctioned...

@12:11; The operative word in your cute little post is 'malfunctioned'. A person of your clever ability should know that things will malfunction, occasionally. In other words, shit happens. Quite a world of difference between a malfunction and an ongoing situation that for years has allowed turds to float in the streets of Jackistan.

PS: We know you didn't move from Madison to Jackson. You jess shittin' us man.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the LeFleur East super neighborhood peeps hollering about this instead of putting up their stupid little signs below all the stop signs in the neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

I hope the person who posted this will do as follows:

Pull into your drive way.

Get the hose and hose off your tires.

Roll the car another foot.

Hose the tires again.

Move car forward and hose your driveway!

And, try to remember it could be worse.

You could have sewage back up into your house.

Bad things happen in life like too much rain and sewer lines that fail especially when you live in an older home in an older neighborhood.

Of course, a friend of mine in a new build discovered that her spec builder didn't connect their sewer line to the street. Now that was a much bigger hassle.

Life is not fair. Bad things happen.

Of course, by posting this, you just lost value in your home and your neighbors homes.

Anonymous said...

The city will study the situation and say it's the leak is coming from a yard and it's the property owners problem. Call WLBT. At least that will make them throw down some gravel or wash it further down the street. Tougoloo is gonna be real pretty though.

Anonymous said...

Of course, by posting this, you just lost value in your home and your neighbors homes.

Nope. This is stones throw away from Whole Foods and we Know that property values only go up, up, up when Whole Foods moves in.

Anonymous said...

There are houses on top of houses for sell in NE Jackson. The property values are down, and most people who have money to spend on a home aren't investing there. It is what it is. Getting out years ago would have been the start thing to do. Now it's too late.

It's Jest A Thang said...

What are 'the stupid little signs below all the stop signs'?

I canNOT believe the poster at 8:22 simply dismisses this as 'shit happens' (my words). Wash off your tires and hose it on down the street is hardly good advice for a problem that could eventually cause loss of life.

Once Tunica County was the poorest in the nation (before casinos) and the town of Tunica was famous for 'Sugar Ditch'. Sugar Ditch was a ditch the length of the town that was full of raw sewage.

Anonymous said...

If we had started a drinking game for every time the idiot(s) say(s) "Phony Yarber", "Jackistan" and now various versions of "SoDo..", we'd all be beyond wasted. If we'd started a collection, we'd all be rich. It's so old and not necessary to copy and paste on every post. Please. Stop. If you live in Jackson, move. If you don't, then be quiet.

Anonymous said...

Jackson residents have a decision to make.

Is Jackson worth 1 billion dollars for new infrastructure?

Do certain parts of Jackson need to be roped off and turned back to agriculture status....gravel roads, etc.

Big issues to decide.

Anonymous said...

It could be from tree roots; it could be a broken sewer main, it could be someone's service connection to the City collection system, but most likely its a combination of many problems and the rain water infiltrating the sewer lines causes the overflow. This is a problem; this needs to be addressed; this is a health hazard; this will be corrected as money allows. It is understandable that the Jackson haters will continue to harp on the bad. Jackson has many problems and continues to address them. One of the biggest problems is an aging population on fixed incomes. These residents worked for many of the haters' families who did not pay the proper social security toward their retirement. The dilapidated housing in Jackson was built by the ancestors of many of the haters who derived their income from the renters for 3 or 4 generations. Remember the "rent man"? No urban area ever faces problems that are caused only by current conditions. The problems were many years coming and will be many years mending. But, "all things work together for good for those who love the Lord".

Anonymous said...

Have seen sewage in the street at this same location on a perfectly dry day.

Anonymous said...

There are several new constructed houses being built at end of Brecon near JA... average prices are over 750k. They're already sold and yes the middle class is leaving jackson for the burbs as would I if I couldn't afford private schools.

Anonymous said...

Now that is just plain shitty.

Anonymous said...

5:04am: Hate to blow your mind but I did escape Madison. Haven't looked back. Glad to be out of the land of unjustified pretentiousness, faux everything, and third-world grinder pumps. But to each his own. Enjoy your cloistered, cheap knock-off of a decent suburb. I'll enjoy the city with crime and infrastructure problems.

No White Guilt Here... said...

Victor Cavett: That you at 3:31? Yep, it's all the fault of Whitey Crackers.

Anonymous said...

Schools weren't a factor in my families decision to leave eastover. I don't mind driving out of my way to take them to school. We left because of safety concerns.

Anonymous said...

Y'all really need to get out more and/or make more friends.

The homes in my neighborhood (" a stone's throw from Whole Foods") have all sold and at the same prices or higher than they would have sold if we had " fled".

6:18 pm is right. Those with money and who can send their children to private schools and secure their property like the convenience of living in Jackson. If our children can't drive, they are going to private schools in Jackson.

Those in Atlanta didn't leave Buckhead when the city had far worse crime problems. Those in the battery didn't leave Charleston when they had far worse crime problems. Those with historic homes in New Orleans didn't leave either.

Clueless...the Jackson bashers are just clueless about how the world works.

Another Goofy Jacksonian Is Spotted said...

Oh really, 6:09? A minuscule minority handful of white people still living in Jackson KNOW how the world works and hundreds of thousands of people in suburban areas don't? What a silly notion you proffer.

You've probably never heard of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, but, safety is one of our top concerns personally. It's natural and it's self-evident. You're a damned fool for suggesting otherwise.

Your silver-spoon kids' need for a BMW is not among the needs in the theorem. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Look. This is an easily solved issue. Those Jackson bashers that want to live in the land of milk and honey with trailers next to their nicely developed crackerbox houses in Rankin - keep on doing it. Those Jackson bashers that want to live in the burbs and developments in Madison - fine. Hope you enjoy it. I've lived in Jackson for almost 40 years and enjoy it fine. Don't fear for my safety any more than I do when I go to my 'country place' in Madison County. Enjoy the convenience of living close to my work, which is also in downtown Jackson. Don't worry about safety there either when working, including nights and weekends. I don't disparage those that choose to move to the burbs, but I damn sure don't envy them either. Granted, I wish I could have better, more honest and competent governmental leadership. But for the past two years, the government of Hinds County was a lot more competent (and honest) than that our neighbors to the north.

I know that suggesting that the Jackson bashers should pack it up and enjoy themselves would take away half their life. But maybe they can get out an put up some pelicans on the roof or something to keep themselves busy.

Anonymous said...

11:43, I could not have said it better myself. I would add that I suspect if those that have left for Madison and Rankin Counties were truly totally happy with their moves, they wouldn't feel the need to bash Jackson so much. It's like they need to keep convincing themselves that they made the right decision to "flee."

6:09, I agree with you, as well. And I can add to your statement that there have been multiple houses in my Jackson neighborhood that have sold without ever even being listed. In some cases, the buyers have been people moving back in from the surrounding suburbs. That's an absolute fact. Sold by word of mouth before signs were ever even put in the yards. And they sold at solid, high prices. And by the way, the sellers moved to other neighborhoods in...JACKSON. In other words, they weren't selling to flee to Madison or Rankin.

Does Jackson have problems? Yes. Do Madison and Rankin also have problems? Ummmmm...yes! I choose Jackson and its problems.

Anonymous said...

11:43. They flatter us with their incessant negativity, clearly wishing to validate their exodus from Jackson in their narrow minds and clearly boring lives.

Why else would they care? I mean if we who live here like it, and they obsess on trying to change our minds, what does that tell you about their overall "happiness factor"?

Anonymous said...

Saturday a family moved across the street from us in NE Jackson from madison. Said they moved to madison from Charlotte and a realtor sold them on Lake Caroline. Then they found out all there kids friends from first press live in jackson.

Anonymous said...

3:32, you're post is heard to reed, consider better speling n grammer.

Anonymous said...

4:26... your correct about the spelling. My phone is Set on predict text. I simply was saying a family that has children at 1st pres school moved across the street from us in NE Jackson on Saturday. They moved from Lake Caroline.

Sixteen Floor Downtown said...

I continue to be amazed, constantly, every day, by the Ben Allen types and the Fondrenites who pretend to be forty somethings who have either decided to stay in Jackson or have moved back to Jackson from Madison or Brandon. Everybody who has an ounce of sense knows this is bullshit. It only makes you look stupid. Stop it.

Anonymous said...

5:47 - I'm neither a "Fondrenite" nor a "Ben Allen type." I'm a 30-something with children who has decided to stay in Jackson after having driven through and researched every single neighborhood in Madison, Rankin, and Jackson. I have friends of similar age who have, in fact, moved back to Jackson from both Madison and Flowood. I have more friends still in Madison who are also looking to move back to Jackson. We plan to stay in Jackson because we like it. We like it better than every other place in the metro area we've looked.

Anonymous said...


What would happen if you were wrong?

You are wrong and you know it or you wouldn't need to resort to the intellectual dishonesty of logical fallacies.

Perhaps the sky only tripped and there are people who are fine living in parts of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

When there's literally shit running through the streets of your best areas, your claim that you could live anywhere and you choose to live in that place loses a lot of believability.

Anonymous said...

I lived in a neighborhood in Madison located off of HWY 463 called Reunion. My wife & I moved to Mississippi after I finished residency in Pain management in D.C. Georgetown actually. That was 7 years ago last month. We sold our house in Reunion 2 years ago & now live in NE Jackson. This was due to many things such as my 2 children attending JA as well as many of our friends live in Jackson and our Church is also located there. We really enjoy it in the city. Nothing against Madison or Reunion we liked our house on the water very much. We live on the water in jackson now also. Bottom line is lets STOP the bashing of each community or county that people chose to live in.

Anonymous said...

"decided to stay in Jackson after having driven through and researched every single neighborhood in Madison, Rankin, and Jackson."

Not enough raw sewage running down our streets in Madison for you? Sorry to disappoint, but we're kind of old-fashioned about cholera and Black Death and that kind of stuff 'round these parts. You just enjoy where you are, and take off your shoes if you ever come visit here.

Anonymous said...

And 8:27, why do you care? Why? Why do you and the rest if your Madison trolls care? Why do you spend hours here obsessing over us? We don't spend hours trolling over your joke of a BOS? Your slap ass crazy Mayor? Your crap cookie cutter subdivisions? Jackson people don't instigate incessant shit about your boring communities?

We like living here. Deal with it, move on, and quit acting like a spoiled child that is begging for attention.

Sewage or not #WELIKEITHERE.

Anonymous said...

I have friends of similar age who have, in fact, moved back to Jackson from both Madison and Flowood.

Well someone needs to be left holding the Jackustan bag. Thanks for stepping up.

But the law of supply and, more importantly, demand is working against you. NEJackson is a buyer's market and the supply is only growing.

Good luck and enjoy your private school tuition!

Anonymous said...

I live in Jackson. I don't like raw sewage discharges in our streets and yards. Find me one Jacksonian like 9:18 PM who will tell you they are fine with the situation and I'll produce for you ONE HUNDRED who will tell you otherwise. Stop acting 9:18 PM like an authoritative ass that speaks for Jacksonians. You don't. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

9:41… There are plenty of families moving back into NE jackson because they use private schools anyway. Thats the difference most o these NE Jackson families are business owners doctors etc… so private schools are not a problem. I have 3 kids in private schools in Jackson and I like living here and being close to the hospital in case I get called in. Also, many of the physicians I work with live in Jackson simply for the short drive. It is true that the middle class largely has left the city.

Back to You said...

And 9:47, you are a Madison troll liar, pretending to live here.

Anonymous said...

Comparison of new construction (pick your price/date range) in NEJAX vs. Madison ends the discussion (if the feces in the streets didn't already). Reunion, Bridgewater, et al. were built on the exodus of NEJAX crowd.

Anonymous said...

6:00. That is the Genesis of much of the Madison troll hate here. White folks that can't afford to live here, can't afford the private schools, hate the commute daily, want to be members of the Jackson Country Club (but can't afford it), wives bitching at them continually to "please can we move to Eastover", and stuck, STUCK in their boring suburbia lifestyle. So, they lash out in desperation.

Flattering, funny and sad at the same time.

Trolls, eat your heart out, and enjoy the joke you call Livingston.

Anonymous said...

Well I must be the opposite of the 30 somethings that are moving from Madison back to NE Jackson.
I was raised in NE Jackson, went to private schools, moved back home after college, and bought a house in NE Jackson in the Heatherwood area.
Every neighbor I regularly spoke with had their outdoor storage broken into and their small engine and power tools were stolen. Numerous home burglaries occurred in that area as well.
When we outgrew that house and decided to start a family, it was an easy decision to leave. I work in Ridgeland and have no reason to visit Rankin county. For me, the convenience wasn't really an issue moving 7 miles north. My commute to work is 10 miles instead of 7 in NE Jackson.

Some fun facts...
A $50K vehicle in Madison county was a little over $300 for a car tag. A 30K vehicle in Hinds county was close to $1000.
My water bill is $40 a month vs the constant unknown in Jackson.
I cut down 3 trees in my yard and hauled them to the street. I called Madison county and they picked it up. I couldn't put a twig out on in the street at my house in Jackson and expect it to be picked up
My home owners insurance decreased despite moving into a house that is valued much higher than my previous home in NE Jackson.
My vehicle insurance decreased as well.
Our house still hasn't be assessed, so I can't give an accurate representation of the property taxes difference. Based off known millage rates, I don't expect that much of increase given a much higher assessed value.

I will say we aren't doctors or business owners. We're your average 30 something family. This is the majority of who is moving out of Jackson or won't even consider living there if they move in from other areas. I stayed and tried to fight it for 7 years after buying in NE Jackson. I came to this blog and defended the city where I was raised. In the end, I lost 20% of the value of my first home when we sold and I felt lucky to get that.

Anonymous said...

I just sold my home in Leftover for asking price in 12 days. As have the few here that have sold. Me equal happy, and moving to Petit Bois.

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