Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anna Stephens buys another house

Northsider Anna Fiser Stephens bought another house, this time at 1659 Wilhurst Drive.  The home is exactly one block away from Jackson Academy.  Mrs. Stephens was the volleyball coach at Jackson Academy until earlier this year.  A firestorm of controversy erupted several months ago when Mrs. Stephens purchased several homes in Northeast Jackson and then leased them to Oxford House.

Mrs. Stephens purchased the home on July 20, 2015 from Jeremy and Chelsae Wells.  The couple apparently moved to Hattiesburg, as the warranty deed states they live in the Hub City.  However, Mrs. Stephens did not exactly use her name or another LLC she owns to purchase the property.

She registered her company Anna Stephens LLC in 2014.  She registered "Two Y Properties" "fictitious business name" with the Secretary of State on May 9, 2015.  Two Y Properties purchased the Wilhurst home.  She borrowed $90,567  on July 10, 2015 from Bankplus to purchase the home.  The maturity date of the note is July 20, 2020.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to calm down over the house on Wilhurst Street. It was rented to a bunch of female graduate students. There are a other students/young professionals renting on our street, this is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I bet she didn't buy this house for her chickens.

Anonymous said...

This could only mean one thing...Stevens doesn't GAF what the mouth breathers on here say.

Good for her.

Anonymous said...

If OH is not involved she is wide open to zoning restrictions if she is renting to multiple females. If they are not claiming disability then they have no protection under the FHA.

Bill John said...

LOL @ the very first comment urging everyone to "calm down".

Of course, of course today this is a house for young professionals and students. Anna and Neal want things to cool down before signing another multi-year Oxford House lease at twice market rates.

So everyone calm down. The Stephenses will bend you over later.

Anonymous said...

That carport can easily be converted into another 3 bedrooms. Or another 2 bedrooms plus an outdoor smoking, sitting and small engine repair lounge for the "residents".

Anonymous said...

KF: Thank you for outing Anna's fictitious dba name so we'll all recognize it from here on: "Two Y(uppies) Properties"

Anonymous said...

Anna Stephens must be the most hated person in the metro area. I think her approval ratings are lower than Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

10:35, as long as there aren't more than four residents a zoning exemption isn't needed.

Anonymous said...

Why is Anna Stephens still in Jackson?

Anonymous said...

Phone number in the loan papers (601-942-0006) is Neal's, not Anna's. She's used as the front to keep the various messes away from being connected to the DORE flim-flam. They don't want MDE and schools in Mississippi to catch on that there is absolutely no peer-reviewed research that supports their quack science.

Where is Phil Bryant? said...

Because the plan @12:17 PM is to turn them into Oxford Houses. So they buy rentals where there are no protective covenants to stop them. They've been offering the Wilhurst house as rental for $1500 monthly since July. They've proven they can get $2500 renting to OHI with merely some minor modifications and love from Diana Mikula and Jeri Avery.

Anonymous said...

"Phone number in the loan papers (601-942-0006) is Neal's, not Anna's. She's used as the front to keep the various messes away from being connected to the DORE flim-flam..."
August 13, 2015 at 12:19 PM

Yep! And, having seen that ever-so-staged "proposal on the tennis courts" YouTube video, I strongly suspect that Anna's being USED as a BEARD, for something else about Neal, that he feels the need to conceal.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I heard that the Costco and not Oxford House is going to be located next to JA.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, everyone's-White-Knight Longwitz hasn't gotten rid of shit. What's the holdup, Willie Boy?

Anonymous said...

Anna isn't in Jackson.... well maybe she lives in Jackson. She is now employed by the Miskelly Recruiting Agency in Madison as their volleyball coach.

Anonymous said...

1:22 Actually Will is very much in the loop with the neighborhood and looking into this. Yes, there are limitations under Federal law, but he has done what the neighbors have asked him to do to look at the program from a State perspective.

East Jacksonian said...

So Anna bought another house in East Jackson? I can't wait for her to follow her Christian faith to allow freelance pharmaceutical sales reps to reside there and get clean. I swear I'm not an Oxford House shill. I live in East Jackson and I regularly go to the Bravo for my morning coffee. I ate lunch at the Cherokee in the Foundren neighborhood with several of my East Jackson neighbors last week before bowling a game at Lawwill Lanes. I'm totally legit.

I support Anna and her Christian principles that are not done in pursuit of money.


Maul Polloy, proud East Jackson resident

Anonymous said...

2:27 - Like he's going to be able to do anything. We all know he was just demagoguing the issue so he could win the primary. Do you honestly believe that a year from now all the Oxford Houses will be shut down?

Anonymous said...

Any idea how many rental houses there are in NE Jackson! You would be surprised! And all of them are subject to be rented by anyone that can pay the rent or have someone else pay the rent. And there is nothing you can do- SO CHILL!!

La Z Boy said...

Not familiar with 'the Miskelly Recruiting Abency in Madison'.

Please elaborate.

Kingfish said...

1. East Jacksonian? You're in the wrong part of town.

2. Are you a drunk?

Anonymous said...

The next legislative session @5:12 PM can't get here soon enough. Just watch.

Knee-Highs or Pantyhose? said...

Any idea how many rental houses there are in NE Jackson! You would be surprised!

How many? Give us a specific number! You won't! Not surprised at all you can't!

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming 5:54.

Anonymous said...

4:51- You're BUSTED! LOL Larwell Lanes closed some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anna Stephens is much more lethal to our community then any Costco could ever be. Wait til she's starts doing this in her new hometown of Madison. Mayor Mayor will kick her out

steve said...


Try this as you're already using an internet capable device:

1. open a tab on your web browser
2. in the address bar type
3. on the search bar for Google type "sarcasm"
4. the rest, hopefully, is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Nothing brings out the booger eaters from NEJAX like the whiff of an Oxford post. So much schadenfreude watching you from my post on the Bay.

Anonymous said...

6:42. Are you that GD stupid. Good lord we have a 19 ACT guy here. 4:51 was being sarcastic, you absolute moron. I am embarrassed for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I am one of the residents of the Wilhurst house so it's nice to informally meet all of my neighbors. There are three of us females who all have professional jobs. None of us have ever been to rehab thus far in life. We are a friendly group and hope to be an asset to the neighborhood. Hopefully this eases everyone's nerves about their neighborhood going to shit.


Your new neighbor

Anonymous said...

I live at the Wilhurst house too! $1500 a month for a 3 bedroom 1400 square foot crackerbox makes all the sense in the world.

Anonymous said...

@8:27 - You're paying $1500 for a house on Wilhurst. Well, bless your heart. But if you're not connected with OH, then all is well.

@4:51 - Not sure what your point is but lol. Shoulda thrown in having lunch at El Burrito and shopping at McRaes.

Anonymous said...

I hope AS buys up every ****ing shithole house in NEJ & rents them out. You dumba$$es like to jump up & down & whine & cry. Go ahead. Everybody is watching. Your ignorance runs straight to the bone. KF is your little puppet (aka bitch). Post on. Blog on. Be gone. No. Body. Cares. About. Your. Asses. You are all pissed because you didn't sell out & move to the burbs. Now, your home values are dropping quicker than your moral righteousness. Your behavior is laughable (and sad). Whine baby whine.

Anonymous said...

" La Z Boy said...

Not familiar with 'the Miskelly Recruiting Abency in Madison'. "

Read the initials.

Read the history of the Miskelly family re: MRA athletics.

Read where this slumlord is now employed.

Sheesh - dumaisle!

Anonymous said...

East Jacksonian for teh win!

Here's a clue.

Maul Polloy is not Paul Molloy!

Anonymous said...

@8:59: I will take living in NE Jxn everyday over living in a fake stucco house next door to Costco. Game over.

Anonymous said...

@8:59: I will take living in NE Jxn everyday over living in a fake stucco house next door to Costco. Game over.

Sofa King from the Northern part of North Jackson said...

Got some weakness here when it comes to reading between the lines apurtently.

I am Sofa King and you aren't!

Anonymous said...

My money doesn't mean much to BankPlus but they lost me as a customer.

Anonymous said...

I believe that guy at 4:51 is making fun of a poster who was probably an Oxford House employee. He posted on one of the many Oxford House threads about how he supported the Stephenses efforts in "East Jackson" which exposed him immediately. He then tried to rebut by saying he had breakfast at some place that was closed or something. I don't remember the details, but a bunch of people called him out on "East Jackson".

"The" Bravo isn't open for morning coffee
Lawril (not Lawwil) Lanes is closed
The Cherokee is closed, and it was never in the "foundren" neighborhood

Methinks it's a big joke.

Sgt. Billy John said...

KF's search tool is really quite good!

I know East Jackson people who drink too much and drive. I even know East Jackson people who smoke pot and do "lots" of cocaine. I even know the drug dealers who bring the drugs to you. You live near schools and have guns in your cars. You do drugs. You drink and drive. I know you if not by name by face.

Sorry but for me I still call everything East of the 55 and South of County Line Road East Jackson. I do know it's called Northeast Jackson now. LOL I never considered Fondren part of that area I guess because it's funky and hip.

Anonymous said...

Sad sad people. Poor kingfish you were getting so so boring. So her is yet another OH/Anna Stevens article. The poor rich people of NE Jackson. Were your few bloggers getting upset with all the articles on the sheriff and Costco? Well yes I admit I do pop in to see if there might be something newsworthy time to time. What makes this interesting is reading just how many ignorant comments your readers can make, and there sure are some funny (yet sad) ones.

Anonymous said...

@12:34. $2,500 where did you come up with that number? Neither home they rent to OH rents for that. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I may be missing something but why would Oxford House pay close to the cost for 1 person per month in one neighborhood what an entire house rental cost would be for 4 in a nearby neighborhood?

It doesn't seem like an efficient use of funds.

Anonymous said...

@7:10 You are assuming anything in this un-newsworthy blog is accurate. Far from it. The lack of research & facts in this blog are what makes this sad. It's full of misinformation and just down right lies. It starts with Kingfish. He said that Anna Stephens "...purchased several homes in NEJ and then leased them to OH." Clearly that is a lie. From what I understand she only leased one home to OH. So, when the owner of this blog can just down right lie about anything, why shouldn't anyone else? This blog is not owned or operated by a real journalist with a desire to accurately report facts. Instead, it's a free for all of lies and misinformation. I log on on occasion for shits and giggles, but never for accurate information.

Anonymous said...

No idea why someone buying a house to rent in a declining neighborhood is blog-worthy except to feed the masses of insatiably nosey neighbors who writhe about their home values going down rather than actually doing something about it.

Kingfish said...

You mean they don't own homes on Northside and Forest Park?

Anonymous said...

Well yes I admit I do pop in to see if there might be something newsworthy time to time.

I log on on occasion for shits and giggles, but never for accurate information.

You wouldn't know "accurate information" if it was staring you in the face.

Anonymous said...

August 14, 2015 at 8:12 AM = Loyal DAILY JJ Reader

Anonymous said...

Two corrections. One, the Stephens own two Oxford Houses. KF above is right. It's clear that the third one is not an OH yet, but might become one in the future, just like any other rental property owned by someone else might. Two, you're going to have to change your name on the MRA thing. Miskelly's children now attend Hartfield Academy, and he didn't have anything to do with Anna Stephens being hired at MRA.

Anonymous said...

No, the Stephenes now have four rentals in the immediate vicinity. Two OH, and two not but to be future OH. That doesn't include their property in Belhaven and their plans to rent their house on Newland when they move.

Anonymous said...

Idiots. Remember OH no longer gets the seed money for starting a new house. So all you poor sweet dears don't have to worry about her renting to another OH.

Anonymous said...

A dose or two of DORE snake oil can help you with that problem 10:57.

Anonymous said...

11:05. Like I said idiots.

Anonymous said...

Love Anna and that she doesn't give 2 shots about what you people think of her!

Anonymous said...

10:42 exactly - I wouldn't want to live in Madison/Ridgeland just like I wouldn't want to live in Pearl.

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