Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ole Miss report on race: Old times are to be forgotten.

Ole Miss released the Extended Sensitivity and Respect Committee's report on the university's racial climate.  Chancellor Dan Jones ordered the study after students became upset over President Obama's re-election and expressed their frustration in a um, crude manner on election night in 2012.  The committee made the following observations and recommendations:

*For many, this incident was reminiscent of attitudes associated with the dark history of the “Meredith Incident” in 1962 that thrust the university into the eyes of national media for its role in actively and violently blocking the admission of James Meredith as a student. Indeed, it is the memories of and reflection upon the embarrassing actions in 1962 that elevated the activities of Election Night in 2012.

*Evaluate current administrative structure and increase resources to support diversity efforts. Specific actions that would support this recommendation include the following:

a. Identify a senior-level, full-time chief diversity officer.
b. Establish a multicultural center
c. Implement a procedure or team to track incidents of bias
d. Strengthen our discrimination compliance policy, and make it more visible

*Enhance our communications and marketing strategies to ensure that race and inclusiveness are a central part of our messages. Specific actions that would support this recommendation include the following:

a. Promote “The University of Mississippi” along with “Ole Miss”
b. Increase the promotion of “Rebel Bear” as the mascot
c. Conduct studies to learn more about how underrepresented groups perceive the University of Mississippi’s commitment to diversity and equality; outcomes should drive outreach and marketing effort. 
d. A range of UM stakeholders — including faculty, staff and students — should review print materials (e.g., recruitment, promotion, etc.) and offer suggestions for bolstering the presence of language and images that affirm our shared values related to an open and diverse community.
e. Determine how the Creed and other written traditions will be viewed and used.
f. Create a multicultural report to be distributed each semester that highlights diverse alumni giving and diverse student organizations’ activities.

*Conduct a review of all of our divisive symbols.
Campus symbols, particularly those that became associated with the university during Jim Crow segregation and the resistance to civil rights (e.g., the Confederate monument, Rebels, Colonel Rebel/Colonel Reb and Dixie) are a source of contention among different members of the university community. UM should strive to support symbols that represent all on our
campus .

Specific actions that would support this recommendation include the following:
a. Rename Vardaman Hall; consider renaming it for an individual whose admission to the university was blocked because of the color of his or her skin. 
b. Consider renaming Paul B. Johnson Ballroom, and review other halls’ names

Chancellor Dan Jones responded to the report (p.14). The most divisive issue will undoubtedly be the review of "divisive symbols. The Chancellor said "A consultant will be engaged to help with this review; this process will be begun in the first half of this academic year with a goal of beginning the review within the academic year." He largely accepted the recommendations of the committee without challenge.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Chancellor is trying to squash free speech and implement a fascist regime in Oxford. Bias Incident Response Team? Are you kidding me. This is nauseating.

Anonymous said...

How diverse does a traditional white school have to become? Why don't they just rename it JSU at Oxford and be done with it?

UM Alum said...

Dear Lord, this will not end well.

Anonymous said...

I'm honestly torn on this.

On one hand, it's depressing to see yet another university paying the danegeld to race hustling, pseudo-intellectual thought police and calling it "dialogue."

On the other hand, if there ever was a university that fully earned this miserable fate, it is without question Ole Miss.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's only fair. You saw the aggressive remedial steps black colleges took to promote diversity in 2001 and 2005 after all the "F*ck Bush" and "Bush Hates Black People" rallies on their campuses.

That happened, right?

Anonymous said...

What's troubling with this, or most troubling, is that the chancellor is bringing in a consultant to help determine what steps should be taken to ensure there are no images or associations with the school that offend anyone.

Specifically mentioned are the confederate monument, the name Rebels, and the name Ole Miss.

The chancellor has said on record a number of times he won't get rid of the name rebels.

My gut tells me that bringing in a consultant is a way to give him cover to make the changes the he wants. I don't understand his logic, or reason to bring up these issues that nobody cares about - black or white.

Anonymous said...

What the F@#k Ever. 9:18: my sentiments exactly. 9:36: I care, and so do many others. The Chancellor has to keep the federal money flowing, hence political correctness. With the likes of Wm. Winter, Peanut Overby, Dickie Scruggs, et al., dimocrap influence(s), what can you expect?

Anonymous said...

To associate this small election night protest with the totality of that which transpired over the admission of Meredith in 1962 is 100% ruse in order to take Khayat's wet dream for historical cleansing further down the predetermined path.

Any university who sees part of the solution being something as inane as "Increase the promotion of 'Rebel Bear' as the mascot" is a goner.

Won't be long now before they starting purging the names of alumni from association with the school after they get done with the divisive symbols.

Concerned UM Alumn said...

I find it quite ironic and moronic the steps that the University is willing to take to "prove" they are no longer racist. Did you know that two years ago, Bobby Seale, the founder of the Black Panther Party was welcomed to the University and given a ballroom to speak at with a podium and microphone, he was given an unlimited amount of time and put up in the University's hotel with all expenses paid. The Ku Klux Klan came one year later and were only given a few minutes to speak and were not allowed a microphone or any other voice enhancing devices. They were also restricted on area they were permitted to use and even vehicle space and parking was limited for them. I'm not saying we should have had open arms to them and treated them like royalty, but I believe each party should have been treated equally as they are both extremist organizations and allowed free speech. The traditions that made Ole Miss great have gone to the wayside in an attempt to promote racial "equality" which seems to be a little unequal to me. The past is the past not let's move on but not forget our history and traditions that in truth have nothing to do with racism.

Anonymous said...

10:42 - You are right, but as an alumnus myself I can say with some authority that if they succeed in their efforts to rid the University of "Ole Miss," the Rebels name, and every other potentially offensive historical symbols, they will have no need to keep my name on any list for any reason (and certainly not for fund-raising).

Anonymous said...

It all has to do with football recruiting. Freeze is recruiting a lot of out-of-state athletes in from the Southeast, Mid-West, Northeast, and California and has to deal with the negative recruiting. Any time a racial incident happens at Ole Miss, it will get a lot more media attention than at another Southern institution.

bill said...

I grew up in a small town with no black residents so my only exposure to them was on athletic fields, where they usually kicked the snot out of me. I went to college and was very liberal in my thinking because my parents were lifetime Democrats. I made plenty of black friends, but it was because of my upbringing and not because my professors changed me. In fact, despite extensive exposure to different racial and ethnic groups, none of my college experiences caused me to look at racial issues any differently. Quit wasting your time and money, Ole Miss, and understand that kids who want to see will see without your help, and kids who don't want to see won't see even if you staple their eyelids to their foreheads.

Anonymous said...

What a silly report. Vardaman Hall? How many students even know who Vardaman was?

Focus on "symbols," never mind teaching kids not to be hateful little a--holes.

Anonymous said...

After sexual relationships between the races is normal, then diversity can be had...until then..everybody is just trying to get along...and distrust lies just under the skin

Anonymous said...

from the C-L last week:

OXFORD — Ole Miss will punish all the members of a disruptive and harassing play audience, at least one member of which allegedly used a homophobic slur.

The school’s Bias Incident Response Team, responding to the events Tuesday during an on-campus performance of “The Laramie Project,” announced Friday afternoon its findings and penalties.

Because of conflicting reports and the difficulty in finding the person that the cast and crew said used a slur, the entire audience will be required to go through an “educational dialogue session led by university faculty and allies.”

Cast members also are invited to participate.

Twenty-five freshmen football players along with other athletes were among the 100 or so members of the audience. The Ole Miss athletics department is still gathering facts, a spokesman said, and any additional penalties would be based on new information.
“The task of identifying specific individuals who were purported to have disrupted the performance is difficult because of the dark theater, and initial reports vary in regard to the frequency, volume and source of the comments or disruption,” Ole Miss’ statement read. “Although initial reports indicate that student athletes led the action, it is important to note that this has not been verified, and they were not the only students present. Reports indicate that comments were made by student athletes and students, but no report has singled out a specific student or mentioned any names.”

The Bias Incident Response Team will continue to meet with the university’s theater department, members of the athletics department and affected students.
“The Laramie Project” is based on the 1998 murder of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard. During Tuesday’s performance, students — there as part of a class assignment for a theater appreciation course — began laughing and using their cell phone cameras to take photos of the cast. Cast and crew reported hearing the use of a homophobic slur, Assistant Theater Department Chairman Michael Barnett said, but that was questioned by others in attendance.
The athletics department previously made plans to host racial reconciliation week from Oct. 7 to 11 with the William Winters Institute. The Bias Incident Response Team said it would support efforts to “foster an environment of diversity and inclusion.”

To contact Hugh Kellenberger, call (601) 961-7291 or follow @HKellenbergerCL on Twitter.

Somehow I jsut can't get an image of the Bias Incident Response Team sliding down something like the Batpole after being summoned by a searchlight on the clouds out of my mind :-)

Anonymous said...

My recollection is that Tommy Tuberville supposedly told Khayat he could not recruit against the Confederacy. Khayat used that as his excuse to implement his radical, progressive, liberal ideas and to banish symbols. It had zero affect on recruitment.

And Jones fell right in step after Khayat left. The actions of both bring them accolades from their peer group and lets not forget the book signing that comes a little after retirement.

The primary question professionals at this level have as they approach retirement age is: "What can I do to enhance my immage and legacy that will also enable me to cash in down the road?" The same was true of the recently departed Donald Cabana. And the same will be true of the next chancellor at UM after Jones rides into the PERS sunset.

Anonymous said...

Dan Jones is a liberal IDIOT and should have never been hired at Ole Miss. He contributes to their down-fall a little more each day. My question is WHY will the alumnus continue to let this continue. My experience with this type behavior is to get their attention and in this case the best way to get Dan Jones' attention is through his pocket-book. If the contributions are cut-off to a drip he will take notice! Once you have his attention, talk to him in a language he can understand - and then show him the door!! This can be stopped!!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame we have to rewrite history in order not to offend someone. The south of old had cotton, tobacco and slaves. No matter what the universities do, this fact will remain. Anyone may apply to go to Ole Miss and their application will be considered and admission offered on meeting of admission requirements. to have more diversity, will the requirements need to lowered? If so then that is a shame, but don't try to change the history of the school.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the sentence about emphasizing the Black Bears rather than the Rebel mascot--give me a break!! I don't have any connection or loyalty to Ole Miss but this sounds like a waste of money, energy, and talent. Aren't there enough other problems to be working on at the University?

I believe that the IHL board has given them direction to be politically correct. The IHL is all about political correctness. Note the hires that they have made. The last 2 presidents at Southern Miss for example, the new president announced at Valley are prime examples. don't hire by the qualification--hire because of the color of their skin and their sex.

Anonymous said...

If they touch that monument the entire State of Mississippi should be outraged. Not just Ole Miss fans. Or ancestors stayed their during the War. That's our history.

Heaven help them if they ever think about fooling with the confederate graveyard on campus.

It saddens me that so many Mississippians are politically correct pussies now days and we allow the rest of the Country to constantly sweep our history under a rug and attempt to rewrite it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like all of us "Old Timers" were correct when Khayat started removing icons from Ole Miss and we stated that he, and whoever came after, would not stop until everything, up to and including the names "Rebels" and "Ole Miss", were tossed on the trash heap. Anybody with eyes could have seen that coming. There will be an outcry when it's being done, but they'll ignore that and keep on rolling, because they know that in the end the masses will succumb and toe the line. Hotty Toddy, my ass.

Anonymous said...

I was a freshman when the stick ban came about. Boone came to the Sigma Chi house to get an idea of student reaction (his son was a pledge). He flat out lied to all of us when i confronted him as to what was next....rebels?....dixie?....col reb?....ole miss? I pressed him several times, bc i knew he was lying.

He talked of how the flag had been used by hate groups, and that it was the only thing holding us back. He even stated that the flag kept us from getting to Atlanta (SEC Championship). Now, 19 years later, they are still coming after our history and we have 0 trips to Atlanta.

Until there is bloodshed, with one side completely victorious and the other completely submissive, it will never end. History and man's nature show us that to be true. I dont mean bloodshed over Ole Miss, but it is inevitable in the bigger picture when priorities and what offends have diverged this much.

Anonymous said...

"Bias Incident Response Team"?, "Extended Sensitivity and Respect Committee"? Ole Miss is now more than ever the most delusional institution in the U.S.
Maybe Jim Fraisure will write an editorial on this one.

Anonymous said...

When 100+ people in an audience are punished because someone won't step forward and self-immolate for being politically incorrect then the only difference between Danny Jones and Uncle Joe Stalin is Danny sends 'em all to be 'sensitized' while Uncle Joe sent them to death.

When the anarchy arrives slurs will be the least of our worries.

Send your student to Ole Miss, er, the University of Mississippi, at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting about the play incident is how the media and hand-ringers equated it with the past history of hatred at Ole Miss. Typical behavior coming from the backward ass thinking Ole Miss students. Past racial hatred equals today’s gay bashing. Yet, the culprits were 25 Ole Miss Football Players. Now maybe I'm wrong here, but it is safe to say that many of the football players were not white. So, by the media's logic not only is Ole Miss stuck in the past - a past that revolved around racial hatred - but we somehow have the uncanny ability to recruit non-white athletes and turn them too into hate mongers and homophobes to boot! If you take the media’s interpretation of the event, we are left to believe that nowhere else in the USA could football players and college students of any background be intolerant of homosexuals.

To sum up, the logic doesn’t compute when trying to equate past racial strife, and the lingering stigma, with a modern day poke at homosexuals without taking into account the make-up of the participants and their own biases.

Anonymous said...

I am an Ole Miss alum, and with this episode I have to say I'm finally done. No more donations, no more football games, no more visits to Oxford to spend $$$$$, no more nothing. I'm done. I can be a fan somewhere else where this sort of stupidity does not go on.

William Winter is a Segregationist said...

Does Jones propose removing the name Mississippi too? If not this witch hunt for racist stigmas will never be complete.

Anonymous said...

When equality and diversity is a one way street.....

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you do a Google search of "Bias Incident Response Team" you will find that having such a response team is not uncommon for colleges and universities.

However, upon doing yet another Google search, an "Extended Sensitivity and Respect Committee" does seem to be unique to The University of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Are you a homophobic slur?
Give me a break. This country has really gone to over the last several years. What, with all of you "melianials". Bunch of wusses that whine bully all the time and expect everything to be handed to you. Your parents should have there asses kicked for raising you that way.

Anonymous said...

6:01 If there were more alum like you this crap would stop!!!

Anonymous said... we go again.

Political correctness, my eye...the students were rude,crude, ill-mannered and their behavior embarrassed their university.

I'd have been expelled from my lilly white university for behaving that badly in public FOR ANY REASON.

It doesn't help to defend A**holes with the by suggesting politics gives them the right to behave disgracefully.

And, encouraging students to be overly sensitive and imagine life is fair or history can be re-written is not good teaching.

Teach why Vardaman was a flawed man rather than pretend he didn't exist!

Anonymous said...

To the large group of you on here threatening to end your association with Ole Miss over the fact that the Chancellor took decisive action after a large group of racist students embarrassed the University and our State nationally with their 2012 Presidential election night outrageously offensive shenanigans, I sat don't let the door knob hit you in the behind. Chancellor Jones knows what the vast majority of people in our country do; the days when that kind of behavior was acceptable at Ole Miss or anywhere are long gone.

He had to address it substantively. Some sweep it under the rug attempt would have made the matter worse and worsened tthe damage already done to the University. I don't agree with all of what has been suggested in his report, but I applaud him for taking decisive action.

Anonymous said...

8:16 I can't believe you are so stupid that you don't realize that 6:01 agrees with you.

This difference is he plans to take a course of action that seems very likely to be effective in making the UM admins realize their PC crap has become intolerable.

This incident reminds me of the numerous allegations that protesting Tea Party members at the Capitol spat on African-American legislators. Once it as pointed out that this protest received extraordinary media coverage, Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could document that the event occurred. Despite dozens of media cameras and 100s of cell phones in the area, no one could ever show the event ever occurred, and the reward remains uncollected. Here we have one cast member who thinks he MAY have heard a slur that no one in the audience seemed to have heard. Nevertheless, the entire audience is getting punished for an action that was never proven to have happened. What did Chairman Mao have - "re-education camps" for the politically incorrect?

Anonymous said...

10:17, no need to worry about the state of my behind as I hit the road out of Oxford. Likewise, no need to worry about the state of my National Merit Semi-finalists son's behind, since he is not even considering attending Ole Miss. The school's leadership has become totally obsessed with tilting at absurd windmills every time someone shouts "racists!" or "you're bad people!" The University's overreaction to these sorts of incidents is just plain embarrassing and suggests that they have completely lost any perspective on how to be a thoughtful or respected school.

Sad to say it, but Ole Miss has become a joke. I would not encourage any serious student to waste their time in an environment that is perpetually spinning its wheels on this sort of BS. Move on to greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

Good, 11:12 p.m., though it's sad your son won't get the college experience Ole Miss offers. If you believe that it's perfectly acceptable for a large group of students to run out in the Grove yelling "nigger" and other racist slurs towards the President and then want to see the Chancellor do nothing about it, be gone. We don't need your type of people at Ole Miss in 2013.

And 10:28 p.m., I've seen the video where the black Congressman obviously physically reacts to being spit on, as you hear shouts of "niggers!" from the crowd. Google it, and you'll see it, too. You can't make out the actual spit droplets on the video, which is how I assume your nut kept his $100k.

Ole Miss Alumnus said...

A black bear as a mascot! Really?! If I was a black athlete, particularly a football player, I'd be infuriated. The only thing more racist would have been to have a gorilla in a uniform, thumping its chest and yelling, "unga bunga." And to think the PC crowd were worried about the image of an old white man. I fear the inmates have overtaken the asylum on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Go to Ole Miss, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, et al., and they're all being taught critical thinking; problem is it's steered, and directed through liberalism, via political correctness through the Kool Aid fountain. Been happening for 50 years or more.

Anonymous said...

11:03 If that video exists you could have posted a link to it, right? So why didn't you? $100,000 is a lot of money, and if Breitbart reneged on his challenge I'm sure MSNBC and their ilk would never stop talking about it.

So - put up or shut up - where's the link to that video you claim exists?

PS I also have a National Merit Semifinalist senior who is listing the Honors College at Ole Miss as a safety school. I'm sure she'll be crushed if 15 other more selective, more prestigious colleges turn her down, but that seems unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Please, no "multi-cultural" center. This is the first step to having special interest take over the school in the name of "Diversity" (more simply read, You're white and straight, You're wrong). My donation stops the day a multicultural center is established at Ole Miss.

Building on this "BIRT" thing, I can say that putting 50+ 18 year old students in a room to watch a play about a homosexual man and his homosexual friends was not only asking for trouble, but inviting it. I'm not a bigot, but I was 18 once and have said somethings that I regret. Imagine a platoon of Marines (Most are 18 & 19) going to watch a play about a faggot and that's exactly what you have when you put that many freshmen in a theater.

Anonymous said...

And there you have it, folks. Ole Miss does not need the best and brightest students our state has to offer. It only needs the ones who agree with 11:03's viewpoint.

If you review my previous posts, you will note that I never said the students were correct in what they did. My point was that the University's response is neither thoughtful nor to be taken seriously, i.e., "let's sell more Rebel Bear beanie babies and change the names of some buildings." If this reflexes the best judgment of the administration regarding a situation it perceives to be a real problem, I just have to laugh and shake my head.

So you call me a racist (you do that really well, is that a major at Ole Miss now?) and say you don't need my type at Ole Miss anymore. Better let the admissions people know that, since they are contacting my son several times a week. Did you get that treatment as well? And, I hope you have a pocket deep enough to cover my donations, football tickets, weekends in Oxford, and all the other stuff I won't be paying for anymore. If you can't do that, then we will see who the school misses . . .

Anonymous said...

And 10:28 p.m., I've seen the video where the black Congressman obviously physically reacts to being spit on, as you hear shouts of "niggers!" from the crowd. Google it, and you'll see it, too. You can't make out the actual spit droplets on the video, which is how I assume your nut kept his $100k.

Post the link.

Anonymous said...

I have a third grader who is in the gifted class and won the science fair and he thinks Ole Miss is pretty cool, mainly because they have a Chik-fil-A in the student union.

Anonymous said...

Why, 1:02 p.m., I didn't call you a racist anywhere in my comments; must be your conscience getting to you.

You didn't say the appalling behavior of the students was wrong, either, because obviously you don't believe it was. You instead attack Ole Miss' Chancellor who is trying to do something to right the wrong. That's pitiful.

And no, I'm quite sure I'm not nearly as rich nor the big shot alumnus you are. My little scholarship I fund at Ole Miss I'm positive is nothing compared to the fat check you write every year. Of course, how rich you are or how poor I may be have nothing to do with what the students did that night yelling racial epithets about the President of the United States of America. Nor does your son, whom I know you are proud of and should be.

12:17 p.m., Google the Tea Bagger's spitting on the Congressman yourself. I found it easily not long after it happened. You'll deny what the video shows I'm sure, just like I'm guessing you're a climate change denier. If irrefutable evidence doesn't support the alternate reality created by Fox "News," the Teas just say it's a lie.

Anonymous said...

Nothing screams "Ole Miss" like an anonymous financial dick measuring contest in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

9:35 Sorry, it doesn't work that way - you made the claim, you back it up by providing the link.

Like I said, if it exists Breitbart's estate will give you $100,000. The money is still there, waiting for someone to provide proof of what you claim.

Anonymous said...

12:17 Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You made a claim no one has been able to verify (even with a $100,000 reward as incentive), so you provide the proof.

No photos = it didn't happen, no matter how much you wish it did.

Bonus: the Breitbart estate is still willing to award the $100,000 to whomever provides proof of the alleged incident from the 100s of TV cameras and 1000s of cell phone cameras that recorded the afternoon's events.

Anonymous said...

12:17 p.m., Google the Tea Bagger's spitting on the Congressman yourself. I found it easily not long after it happened.

You are a fraud.

Kingfish said...

This is why I liked the idea (mine) of replacing Rebels with "Fightin' Sullivans".

1. That Skull looks badass on a helmet
2. That skull looks badass on a helmet.
3. Mississippi-based.
4. Much honor their as Bull was a WWII hero.
5. Its someone/something Ole Miss can be proud of.
6. Unique. Not the typical animal mascots.
7. Sullivan got in some trouble over his willingness to play blacks.
8. The skull looks badass on a helmet.

Anonymous said...

Well leaving comments on a blog does nothing to change the situation. The only way is through action. How many of you have respectively written the Chancellor?

How many of you have cut off support to the University?

We need social media sites dedicated to the removal of Dan Jones as Chancellor. (Can someone set this up?)

The reason this behavior occurs by the different administrations is that no penalty has been felt. If you want change, it starts with YOU!

Anonymous said...

I cant decide if I'm more embarrassed of some of the PC crap being posted on here or of our University, the one I love so well, bending over backwards to legitimize events in which the reporting was erroneous at best and slanderous at worst! Someone above mentioned punishing 100 people for something 1 person did. You couldn't be more right about that one. And this "incident" of which everyone continues to bring up, where some idiot kids used racial slurs on the lawn after Obama was re-elected...another incident of 'its Ole Miss! Let's make a big deal out of it to get some headlines!' I don't know if something can truly be called a riot if 8 people are involved. I am consistenly amazed at how Dan Jones uses everyone else's twisted image of what Ole Miss is supposed to be in order to cover his ass for the PC changes he plans for the university. I truly believe, people will not put up with any more. The stupid bear was the last straw. And all you free thinking, high brow liberals with your diversity and sensitivity training-lib talk for reminding you that your opinion and free speech are not welcome-can go wherever you please. Go to Mississippi State, Georgia, Arkansas, Penn State, Ohio State. You'll find rascists and so-called 'homophobes' there too. No matter what you do, or how hard you work, Americanism is too ingrained in us. People who truly love their country and freedoms will never let someone else tell them how to feel or what to think. And that's really what this is all about, right? Those kids did something stupid. They said insulting things, and it was terribly rude. But what the university is doing is even worse. Trying to cover for something a few kids did by making everyone pay for it. God forbid some of those kids didn't agree with the actions that were portrayed in that play. They were even mandated to see it. Maybe if the people watching were there because they wanted to be, there wouldn't have been the same reaction.

Anonymous said...

In high school, I watched them remove the Rebel flag, officially. They said it would only be the flag. As a student at Ole Miss, I watched as there was an unyielding effort to ban the flag. After I graduated, the banned "sticks" from the stadium. They said it was just the flag, nothing more. Then I watched them remove Col Reb, and they said it was just the mascot, nothing else. Now we see the end in sight: "Rebel", "Ole Miss", and any building named after a Confederate. This will not stop until we are converted into a northeastern liberal college by out of state interlopers, all enabled by Mississippi elected officials and the state board of regents.

Anonymous said...

The idea of diversity training and sensitivity training is no more than brain washing and causing more division The first offense was to require anyone to go to a theater event that they did not choose to go to. Secondly , theater has always been a place where the audience reacted to the play. If the cast can't take the cat calls and comments then they are in the wrong place. Could the students leave if they didn't like the play? I doubt it. Stop forcing the gay life on other students that may object to it. It is their right to have an opinion also. If you have a play that students want to see they will go. Try South Pacific. It is also about prejudice with out stuffing it down one's throat. The University is about all ideas and if dissent or disagreement occurs , that is what it should be. The University just had Eric Holder, the most corrupt attorney general in history, Harry Belafonte, an avowed communist, Danny Glover, who thinks Castro is great as speakers at a reconciliation conference. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

5:49, 10:30 and 10:46 you are all right on the mark. Hotty Toddy, Go Ole Miss , Col Reb you are always in my heart. I am not a racist nor do I hate anyone because of their choice of how they live their life.There are kids at EVERY college that make ridiculous, stupid , moronic remarks. There are people that go on and on and on about Ole Miss and what a horrible institution because of past events which I THINK ARE horrible, but I see kindness all the time between the races when in Oxford. However I will not give into the notion of not being able to have free speech and being punished for a select few kids that are idiots. Before anyone jumps on me I believe in free speech which to me includes loving EVERYONE. The University should give thought to all people regarding decisions they make . It's always a select few that can screw up anything and the changes at Ole Miss are a reflection of this.

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Trollfest '07 was such a success that Jackson Jambalaya will once again host Trollfest '09. Catch this great event which will leave NE Jackson & Fondren in flames. Othor Cain and his band, The Black Power Structure headline the night while Sonjay Poontang returns for an encore performance. Former Frank Melton bodyguard Marcus Wright makes his premier appearance at Trollfest singing "I'm a Sweet Transvestite" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Kamikaze will sing his new hit, “How I sold out to da Man.” Robbie Bell again performs: “Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Bells” and “Any friend of Ed Peters is a friend of mine”. After the show, Ms. Bell will autograph copies of her mug shot photos. In a salute to “Dancing with the Stars”, Ms. Bell and Hinds County District Attorney Robert Smith will dance the Wango Tango.

Wrestling returns, except this time it will be a Battle Royal with Othor Cain, Ben Allen, Kim Wade, Haley Fisackerly, Alan Lange, and “Big Cat” Donna Ladd all in the ring at the same time. The Battle Royal will be in a steel cage, no time limit, no referee, and the losers must leave town. Marshand Crisler will be the honorary referee (as it gives him a title without actually having to do anything).

Meet KIM Waaaaaade at the Entergy Tent. For five pesos, Kim will sell you a chance to win a deed to a crack house on Ridgeway Street stuffed in the Howard Industries pinata. Don't worry if the pinata is beaten to shreds, as Mr. Wade has Jose, Emmanuel, and Carlos, all illegal immigrants, available as replacements for the it. Upon leaving the Entergy tent, fig leaves will be available in case Entergy literally takes everything you have as part of its Trollfest ticket price adjustment charge.

Donna Ladd of The Jackson Free Press will give several classes on learning how to write. Smearing, writing without factchecking, and reporting only one side of a story will be covered. A donation to pay their taxes will be accepted and she will be signing copies of their former federal tax liens. Ms. Ladd will give a dramatic reading of her two award-winning essays (They received The Jackson Free Press "Best Of" awards.) "Why everything is always about me" and "Why I cover murders better than anyone else in Jackson".

In the spirit of helping those who are less fortunate, Trollfest '09 adopts a cause for which a portion of the proceeds and donations will be donated: Keeping Frank Melton in his home. The “Keep Frank Melton From Being Homeless” booth will sell chances for five dollars to pin the tail on the jackass. John Reeves has graciously volunteered to be the jackass for this honorable excursion into saving Frank's ass. What's an ass between two friends after all? If Mr. Reeves is unable to um, perform, Speaker Billy McCoy has also volunteered as when the word “jackass” was mentioned he immediately ran as fast as he could to sign up.

In order to help clean up the legal profession, Adam Kilgore of the Mississippi Bar will be giving away free, round-trip plane tickets to the North Pole where they keep their bar complaint forms (which are NOT available online). If you don't want to go to the North Pole, you can enjoy Brant Brantley's (of the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance) free guided tours of the quicksand field over by High Street where all complaints against judges disappear. If for some reason you are unable to control yourself, never fear; Judge Houston Patton will operate his jail where no lawyers are needed or allowed as you just sit there for minutes... hours.... months...years until he decides he is tired of you sitting in his jail. Do not think Judge Patton is a bad judge however as he plans to serve free Mad Dog 20/20 to all inmates.

Trollfest '09 is a pet-friendly event as well. Feel free to bring your dog with you and do not worry if your pet gets hungry, as employees of the Jackson Zoo will be on hand to provide some of their animals as food when it gets to be feeding time for your little loved one.

Relax at the Fox News Tent. Since there are only three blonde reporters in Jackson (being blonde is a requirement for working at Fox News), Megan and Kathryn from WAPT and Wendy from WLBT will be on loan to Fox. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both and a torn-up Obama yard sign will entitle you to free drinks served by Megan, Wendy, and Kathryn. Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required. Just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '09 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS.

Trollfest '07

Jackson Jambalaya is the home of Trollfest '07. Catch this great event which promises to leave NE Jackson & Fondren in flames. Sonjay Poontang and his band headline the night with a special steel cage, no time limit "loser must leave town" bout between Alan Lange and "Big Cat"Donna Ladd following afterwards. Kamikaze will perform his new song F*** Bush, he's still a _____. Did I mention there was no referee? Dr. Heddy Matthias and Lori Gregory will face off in the undercard dueling with dangling participles and other um, devices. Robbie Bell will perform Her two latest songs: My Best Friends are in the Media and Mama's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be George Bell. Sid Salter of The Clarion-Ledger will host "Pin the Tail on the Trial Lawyer", sponsored by State Farm.

There will be a hugging booth where in exchange for your young son, Frank Melton will give you a loooong hug. Trollfest will have a dunking booth where Muhammed the terrorist will curse you to Allah as you try to hit a target that will drop him into a vat of pig grease. However, in the true spirit of Separate But Equal, Don Imus and someone from NE Jackson will also sit in the dunking booth for an equal amount of time. Tom Head will give a reading for two hours on why he can't figure out who the hell he is. Cliff Cargill will give lessons with his .80 caliber desert eagle, using Frank Melton photos as targets. Tackleberry will be on hand for an autograph session. KIM Waaaaaade will be passing out free titles and deeds to crackhouses formerly owned by The Wood Street Players.

If you get tired come relax at the Fox News Tent. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both will entitle you to free drinks.Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required, just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '07 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS