Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking: Belvedresi resigns.

JJ just got word Chief Deputy (Madison County Sheriff's Office) Eddie Belvedresi retired today. Mr. Belvedresi was accused in a lawsuit filed earlier this week of refusing to hire an applicant because he was in the National Guard. Earlier post.


Anonymous said...


JJ got some clout around these parts. Did any other outlet even cover this?

Anonymous said...

I respect and appreciate Chief Belvedresi. I am grateful for everything he has done for me during my career and also for what he has done for Madison County. It's amazing to me that one mistake can override 40 years of devoted Law Enforcement to our state and Madison County. People want to be your friend during the good times but mess up and see who your real friends are. Chief you have my RESPECT and again Thank You. You will be missed!
Todd Wilson

Anonymous said...

He was a great leader. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

For those that did not know him - he is a great man and one hell of a leader. It's a tragedy that he ended an exemplary career under these circumstances. Enjoy your retirement Chief, you earned it.

Anonymous said...

If the definition of "friend" is someone who is looks the other way when you break the law, I hope that I'm never a "good friend". A true friend doesn't put others in a position to have to make a choice between helping them break the law or not.

That being said, this incident shouldn't take away from any good that he has done, but neither should it absolve him of accepting responsibility for what he's done and accepting consequences.

He chose his path out. Hopefully it will be a lesson to everyone, law enforcement included. When you break the law, you put yourself in a position to suffer consequences. I am concerned that all of the MCSO personnel who stand up for him are not more concerned about his law breaking. At the end of the day all the fired officer did was shine a light on something wrong, he didn't create the problem.

If you can put your "integrity" in a box and look the other way when your co-worker breaks the law, then I would say you don't actually have integrity.

Anonymous said...

Integrity is something you have and a two-faced,uneducated,no-good boy(doesnt qualify for a man)cant take away.You and Marsha enjoy your retirement and remember that the good guys love and respect you.

J. Kev said...

What does an appointment to head Phil Bryant's DPS cost? If you're Toby Trowbridge, 30 pieces of silver.

Eddie got words of encouragement from all over the county the last few days. Only one person offered no such support: the man whose back Eddie had for many years, Toby Trowbridge. As much as Eddie's done for that department, how hard would it have been for Toby to put his arm around him and say, "We've been through a lot, we'll make these last few months together"?

Too damn hard, if you're not through being a politician yet. Anybody care to guess what morale is inside the sheriff's department? Every guy who wears a badge has seen how loyal the guy at the top is when things get tough.

A couple of predictions:

1. This lawsuit will settle quickly now. I told a deputy friend of mine yesterday "Thompson will get some money, but Hobbes will get very little, if any." That just changed. Hobbes, the scumbag who wired up, then sat on the tape for months and months, will get paid. To paint him as some sort of crusader for the law is a pathetic joke. Ask anybody who worked with him. But get paid he will.

2. Toby will back the bus over Eddie, having already thrown him under it. He'Ll issue a statement saying "This was really unfortunate, let's move on & put it behind us." I hope Phil Bryant is watching how loyal Toby Trowbridge is to his people. And folks will NEVER know how many times Belvedresi saved Toby's hot-headed, cocky ass.

See, Toby was never Super Cop; he was over all the reserve officers when he challenged Hopkins a dozen years ago. Anybody who thinks he could run that department without Belvedresi is nuts.

The men in that department would, for the most part, walk through fire for Eddie Belvedresi. You'd be lucky to find any this morning who'd piss on Toby Trowbridge. The guy sold out his friend in hopes of a plum appointment. I feel like taking a bath for ever shaking Tody's hand. What a gutless jerk.

Todd Wilson said...

914 I wouldn't sign my name either. A friend is someone who is there through thick and thin whether he/she did the crime or not. Sounds as though if you have any people that thought you were their friend they better not look to you for support. I call you a coward because instead of dealing with something you rathole out of it. Again my name is Todd Wilson and I will be your friend

Anonymous said...

J Kev, You are a piece of work. If you knew anything about Phil Bryant you'd know he has promised every single job out there to about 30 different people. His word isn't worth squat. Toby Trowbridge has been a wonderful Sheriff for Madison County. I am glad he has been there for all of us, including your sorry behind.

J. Kev said...

Hey, uh, "Anonymous."

I first read about Toby's name being mentioned for head of DPS right here on JJ. I'm not even supporting Bryant in the primary.

Then, 3 different (current & former) deputies confirmed it -- without prompting -- yesterday.

You're free to assume I'm making all of this up. Find anybody in the MCSO to refute what I've said, and I'll kiss your ass & call it ice cream, "Anonymous."

Shadowfax said...

The resignation won't affect the lawsuit in the least. If he resigned because of the lawsuit, that makes no sense. The suit is against the department and move on regardless, AND will be successful. Read a little on USERRA and you'll realize the utter stupidity of anybody in a supervisory role doing what Eddie did. The other night, Phil was talking out of so many sides of his mouth I heard him promise the DPS job to Dupree and Williams both.

Anonymous said...

Typical cops. They will say He was a great guy and just because he suggested breaking the law shouldnt be held against him. They fly all over the area trying to bust people but if its one of their own they whine. So next time they have a road block they shouldnt hold being a little drunk against a motorist they should look at all the good things they have done and just let them go.

J. Kev said...

Shadow --

I have never once defended Eddie's statements or actions. They were dumb, and indefensible.

My problem is with (a) the utter lack of loyalty from the top guy in that office; and (b) the inappropriate portrayal of Josh Hobbes as some sort of crusading hero with an undying love for the law and what is good and just.

But mark my words: This litigation will settle sooner rather than later. Because a certain sheriff has it in his head that he could be head of the MHP. Very easy for him to go to the board of supervisors (and the insurance carrier) and say "Make this go away now."

If I'm wrong, "Waiter, one order of Crow, well done."

But I don't think I am.

I've probably said way too much on this forum. But I'll be filling in for Jerry Lousteau on Canton's WMGO (AM 1370) Monday morning. If you want to tune in,

Anonymous said...

People, have none of you never made a mistake in your life? Maybe not? The Chief Deputy made a mistake, it was trying to look out for the guys that have to work all of the extra hours when someone is out. I guess he let his heart manage instead of his head this time. This man has served the citizens of this State for many years and during that time has missed a lot with his family. How many of you have made that sacrifice? No, he is not perfect and he made a mistake. I am sure he is hurting more than any of us will ever know. And he won't say because he is just that kind of man.

Ironghost said...

Almost isn't good enough in law enforcement.

Micah said...

I'm glad Mr. Belvedresi is gone. That man accused me of being a drug dealer, and all I was doing was taking a picture on the side of the road. I question one of his officers actions and he told me if I press the issue anymore there would be major repercussions against me. That was 10 years ago. I've been waiting along time for something to happen to Belvedresi and he got what he deserved. Now, I can live in peace knowing this guy dosen't have that kind of power to intimidate law abiding citizen like me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an honorable man!!! Great leader! Fine, fine man, done so wrong by a dude looking for Revenge! The emotions of all this are so heavy, but stay strong to all they shall pass with grace for all! We all know what a true man is...

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many serving National Guardsmen have been turned down by this pos over the years. hopefully they will all come forward and sue him jointly and severally and get his retirement both state and city and get his social security attached and he has to pick up trash on the side of the road and get eaten up by the fire ants. and the next time a natural disaster hits canton or madison county i hope you idiots who support this piece of trash have to work 24 on and 24 on because the national guard refused to come to your aid.

Anonymous said...

Every dog gets his day, including law dogs. How funny!

Shadowfax said...

Is this thread about Belvedresi or Trowbridge? If Lousteau and his fill in have a ha*d-on for the sheriff, air it somewhere else. I don't put much stock in rumors that a potential, wannabe governor might or might not appoint a soon to be ex-sheriff to some position or other that could be filled by any number of people. And associating the resignation of a chief deputy with the imagined promises of a candidate for governor seems a stretch.

confused said...

I am reading things like "law breaker", "no respect for our military" and "hypocrite" in the posts here. I decided to read the USERRA 4301-4333 as this is what the suit states was violated. There is only one problem with the alleged "discrimination". Mr Thompson never filed an Application for Employment with Madison County. So, if ne never applied for a job how was he discriminated against? Can someone answer this for me?

Anonymous said...

Because he is black. Oh lord did I write that out loud!

shadowfax said...

Religious discrimination is also a violation of federal employment law. However, an employer, although required to attempt to accommodate, is NOT required to hire an individual whose religion will not (ever) allow them to rotate shifts or work schedules similar to others similarly employed. Same applies to National Guard members.

While it is a violation to 'refuse to hire an individual because of his status as a veteral or guard member, or to return him to his job after having served active duty (with procedures properly followed) it is not a violation to consider the situation and decide that the request cannot be reasonable accommodated. USERRA does NOT require that an employer grant veteran's preference or totally upset his rotation apple-cart.

I had no idea the complainant was black; however, this fits right into the 'Canton Mentality' of opposing all things Trowbridge.

Kaiser Sosae said...

Listen up,
What has happened, has happened, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it now.
NOW, you Deputies are the finest in Madison county, and the best Deputies in the state of Mississippi. You are highly respected by all the citizens of Madison County ( and I should know because I am a citizen of Madison County ).
The Deputies at the M.S.O. that sit behind desk do everything in their power to constantly improve the security of our citizens here and to investigate and apprehend criminals.
The Deputies on the street at the M.S.O. are wonderful and the most dedicated in the world. It is as if when they begin their shifts, they silently say " you live in my county, you will remain safe, and nobody is going to hurt you or your families on my watch, and thats a promise ".
You have proven yourselves over and over that you are the best, and no one can dispute this.
Therefore, I am asking all Deputies and supporters of the Madison County Sheriffs Department to stop this petty bickering amongst yourselves, and concentrate on electing one of your own to the position of sheriff.
If you Deputies do not come together, and get the word around, then the " thing " called Jimmy Houston is going to slither his way into the S.O., and then all of you will suffer and be looking for another job.
If you do not start supporting each other, believe me, the S.O. will be a shithole, and it will be filled with Deputies who do not even live in Madison County.
Please come together and forget about the past couple of weeks there.
We law-abiding citizens love our Sheriffs Office, and we love and think the world of our Deputies, so we we will be very hurt and upset when you are forced to leave the S.O. because of some sheriff who does not, and will not care what happens to you.

Anonymous said...

So if ole milton trowbridge gets to head up the dps, will he take all the troopers to strip clubs like he did the deputies when he got elected sheriff?

Anonymous said...

For those of you that want to criticize, so be it. This MAN and every other MAN in law enforcement gives my family comfort. If your not from a law enforcement background you don't and WILL not understand how emotional and how stressful the job puts on the officer and his family. I happen to know the respect Mr. Belvedresi had from his deputies and the respect he had for them. He will truly miss the job! The countless hours he worked as a MHP trooper and Chief Deputy was times he enjoyed. Its time now to enjoy his time with family and no one should take that away from him, he's earned it.

Love you Dad

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