Thursday, July 28, 2011

Justice Court Judge Candidate on the hot seat in Madison County

A Madison County Justice Court imposed a $3,500 judgment against attorney Michael Louvier in December. Mr. Louvier is a candidate for Justice Court Judge District in Madison County.

Deanna Abdullah sought counsel in July 2009 to obtain a divorce from her husband. Mrs. Abdullah paid Mr. Louvier a retainer of $5,000. Mr. Louvier said he would meet her the next day at the courthouse to obtain a restraining order against her husband. Mrs. Abdullah said the attorney never showed up as she literally waited at the courthouse with her children until 4:30 after arriving at 8:00 AM. Mrs. Abdullah went to his office to see if he was going to appear at the courthouse but was told by his his secretary he was in court in Rankin County. A clerk took pity on her, contacted Judge Dale Danks and obtained for her an emergency hearing. Mrs. Abdullah. Judge Danks granted the restraining order.

The mother of three called Mr. Louvier the following day. She claimed the attorney said he was in court in Rankin County and "you got it done anyway. You didn't need me, good job." She went to his office several days later and asked for her money back. She said Mr. Louvier said "I'm sorry, I spent it." He volunteered to repay her in monthly installments of $500 but only paid three installments. She filed suit on October 10, 2010. She said Mr. Louvier told the court he kept the rest of the money because of "research" he had done but could not answer basic questions about the case. The court awarded her a judgment in full for $3,500 and court costs of $65. Mrs. Abdullah represented herself. She later reconciled with her husband. Mrs. Abdullah did not go past tenth grade and suffers from dyslexia. A simple woman, Mrs. Abdullah at times shook with anger as she nervously told her story. Mr. Louvier has not appealed the judgment nor has he paid Mrs. Abdullah her money.

However, the judgment is not the only brush with the courts Mr. Louvier has endured over the last year as a party. The bankruptcy court in Jackson dismissed his Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition in November 9, 2010 after filing a petition in September 2010. The bankruptcy reports are posted below.

Note: An apology is owed to Mr. Louvier for posting the wrong bankruptcy documents. It happens. For example, Susan Ridgway has two actions in bankruptcy court, one spelled Ridgway and the other spelled Ridgeway. The proper ones have been posted below. The erroneous sentences have been corrected.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I am really disappointed in him. He presented himself on the campaign trail as someone you can really trust. But after this...I don't know how he can look at himself in the mirrow each morning after he stole that money from Mrs. Abdullah. Just goes to show us that he certainly lacks the maturity and judgement to be a judge. I'm now voting for the other candidate..who I can't recall his name at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What a sorry bastard!

Ought to have his nutts cut off with a Prince Albert can.

Why in the F__K does the bar let these kind of lawyers practice?

Boarzombie said...

Maybe he and the Rankin County candidate Lindsay can start a support group. Call it "Candidates Running Against Past Problems." And I'm sure the acronym would be most appropriate for their little group.

Anonymous said...

4:35, almost got in a facebook foodfight with Lindsay today until I decided he isn't worth the trouble. Won't I feel like an ass if he wins. You should see the lies he's telling anybody that will listen. According to him, he did NOTHING wrong and it's all David Clark's fault....confession be damned.

Anderson said...

So, who's this work for? Bruce McKinley? I have no clue who any front-runner is ... seems like everyone wants to be a justice-court judge.

Anonymous said...

No sane, competent lawyer would want to run for or become a justice court judge.

Anonymous said...

wlbt just reported over $100k in tax liens--

Anonymous said...

Well it's pretty obvious that Michael was ran out of Louisana for the same reason he about to be kicked out of Mississippi.

Maybe he can move to Alabama or some other state before they find out something else on him.

Lord help us if he is elected.

Anonymous said...

I am late to this party, put why isn't there a website where you can simply type in a name of a attorney, doctor, real estate agent, or whatever and see what his pattern/history/complaints/finances or something that helps the public?? especially when that person is dealing with the public.

Louvier said...

The facts as reported are WAY off...the good news is: Ms. Abdullah and her husband Tawfik are still married. Despite your opinion of me (which has been warped by this report), I am not at liberty to reveal the underlying facts of the nature of her case against her husband. I provided a service to the client, she used that service and my expertice in the field to gain leverage against her opponent, decided not to go forward with the matter once the opponent agreed to conform to her requests, and she demanded a FULL refund. Do you really believe that she decided to not be divorced because of ME? If she was not satisfied with my services, why then did she not seek the services of another attorney? The answer is: she got what she wanted from her husband and she is still married to him.
Ms. Abdullah does, indeed, have a judgment against me in Justice Court, a ruling from a NON-LAWYER judge. I have made 2 mistakes regarding Ms. Abdullah: 1) refunding ANY of her retainer and 2) not appealling the Justice Court decision. (Perhaps 3...responding here...).
I am many things, but a thief and a coward are not amoung those things. I understand that my response will open the flood gates of haters: so be it. The way this matter is reported here is NOT the way it happened. Michael M. Louvier

Louvier said...

As to the bankrupcy document, check the spelling....there is no "e" at the end of my last name...those documents do not pertain to me. MML

Anonymous said...

Michael...the fact of the matter is that she trusted you to represent her and you didn't even show up in court after she paid you the $5,000.00. Is that not correct? or do you have another version of the story you want to share?

What about the other tax liens you owe the government to the tune of $100,000 that was reported on WLBT tonight? It looks as you have problem with finances and money.

Anonymous said...

I remember in law school how concerned I was when I found out people could be justice court judges WITHOUT a law degree. Now that I've been practicing for around a decade, I get really concerned when I see someone running for justice court judge WITH a law degree. Why would anyone elect a lawyer who, often, failed at practicing law (or never started). Alcoholics, busy bodies, wannabee politicians, people who flunked out of seminary school and a few good, old fashioned sociopaths. There's 90% of your crop of candidates for justice court judge, statewide.

When you go to the polls, just try to vote for the person you think has the most common sense. Some experience with conflict resolution, negotiating, etc. is a plus. Counselors, social workers, etc. can sometimes make good justice court judges. Retired HR people can be another good option. But don't vote for someone just because they have a law degree. Those things, as we have seen time and again on this site, do not confer any common sense on the holder.

(That is not to say there aren't some really exceptional justice court judges out there with and without law degrees. I've met a few over the years, and I'm pretty sure there is a VIP entrance into heaven they will get to go through.)

Anonymous said...

well, sir, you can reveal the details. your former client waived the privilege when she made her public accusations.

so, lets hear your side.

but, I won't be holding my breath waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

No notice to the client who sat waiting all day? Unless he or a loved one were in ICU, nothing he has to say matters to me after he left his client holding the bag.

You sir, have my nomination for Douche Bag Of The Year.A pox on your house and woe betide you.

Anderson said...

"well, sir, you can reveal the details. your former client waived the privilege when she made her public accusations"

That is an interesting theory, but if I were Mr. Louvier, I would hesitate to embrace it, lest my client sue me again.

But yes, if there was a defense to the justice-court suit, he should've appealed the judgment if he was going to run for J.P. (can we still call them that for short?).

... The idea upthread that no decent lawyer would be a J.P. is one that the Bar has actively sought to correct, given the embarrassments on the present bench. IIRC, J.P.s are the only judges allowed to practice law in state courts, so one needn't accept penury to do the job.

And all the stuff about "good old common sense" in place of a law degree just plain terrifies me. One person's common sense is another person's arbitrary whim.

Having a J.D. cannot make someone a good judge, but if you're going to adjudicate whether someone is legally at fault, shouldn't you have studied the law first?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anderson. I find your comments on common sense ironical considering they are full of, ahem, common sense.

Anderson said...

Common sense is like that.

"Good sense is mankind's most equitably divided endowment, for eeryone thinks that he is abundantly supplied with it." -- Descartes

Anonymous said...

"Having a J.D. cannot make someone a good judge, but if you're going to adjudicate whether someone is legally at fault, shouldn't you have studied the law first?"

In theory, yes. In practice, though, it often signals a candidate who has run out of other options.

And I don't buy that they actually "adjudicate legal fault" in justice court. My experience has been that the judges often just try to resolve disputes the best way they can, without regard for what's required by law. They split a lot of babies, they calm a lot of people down, they try to be the voice of reason. But application of law to fact usually requires an appeal. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as long as the parties are satisfied (or equally upset) with the ruling.

Anderson said...

"My experience has been that the judges often just try to resolve disputes the best way they can, without regard for what's required by law."

That sounds like a bug, not a feature. "Splitting babies" is the exact opposite of wisdom, as the original story demonstrates.

But, as is usually the case, we get what we pay for.

J. Kev said...

There are two minimum requirements to be a Justice Court judge:

1. Be a registered voter; and

2. Have at least a GED.

FYI, the incumbent is Judge Carole Davis.

Anonymous said...

Louvier sounds like a slimeball. Even his justifications posted above are pathetic. Between a slimeball lawyer and someone with no law degree, I'd go with the candidate lacking the law degree. And I'm a lawyer.

Anderson said...

... Saw some Louvier signs while out at lunch, and while I really hadn't thought about it, you can't fault their claim of "COURTROOM EXPERIENCE." Fo' sho.

Anonymous said...

WOW! After reading all of these comments it really saddens me to know that so many people could be so reliable on information they receive via media. Of course some of what they have said is true, however, it is a reporters job to "twist" a story to make it more interesting for the idiots out there that rely on it! I applaud you Louvier for not acting out in a negative manner about the information being discussed... All is irrelevant to your ability to serve as a Justice Court Judge. I know without a doubt that you will make a remarkable Justice Court Judge and wish you the best of luck with the election. Those that know you or know anyone that knows you is very aware of the TRUTH of who you are. I have heard nothing but good things about you until of course election time. You will always have those candidates though that do not have the "goods" that you bring to the table so they feed off any negative information about you that they can find. Again, I applaud you for the professional manner you have maintained through out this garbage! With that being said, GO LOUVIER!!!! You've got my vote as well as many others I've spoken with!

Anderson said...

1:44, like any lawyer with two neurons to rub together, I don't rely on the C-L to report any legal matter reliably.

It is however a fact, as demonstrated by the document KF posted, that Mr. Louvier had a judgment entered against him in the court he is running to preside over, and that he evidently did not see fit to appeal it.

I take the lurid details with a grain of salt, but even so, it's not exactly a recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Boy does the "manure" spread as tuesday approaches! I am sure other politicians even those advertising on this site hopes not to be hit with it! I am certain louvier is the front runner. What's amazing is all the stuff front runners get hit with just b4 election day! I saw Louvier out campaigning and he is still out in the neighborhoods working as hard if not harder than the other candidates. Personal attacks are part of politics and always will be BUT I tend to meet the person face to face when I can and be the judge myself and that's what I did when I stopped and talked to louvier. I am convinced he is a much better caring individual wanting to do a better job as judge! Do what I did and ask louvier-call him or seek him out. Until then don't pass judgement on what you read/hear!

Kingfish said...

Then there are the friends of mine who went to Mr. Louvier a few months ago to get a restraining order on a family member. Mr. Louvier quoted them $1,200 then said he had to do research and raised it to $1,600. They needed to get it done and asked me what to do as they were stunned by the price even though they could easily afford it. I referred them to one of JJ's advertisers. She quoted them $500 but told them she would be taking their money and then told them how to go to the courthouse and get it done themselves, which they did. Mrs. Abdullah said he pulled the same bait and switch, quoted her $2,500 and then raised it to $5,000.

My only question about Mr. Louvier stating he should've kept the $5,000 is what exactly did he do if he never appeared to get the restraining order and no divorce complaint was apparently ever filed although if one was, I can see charging for the drafting, filing, etc.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the civil suit against Ridgway/Ridgeway and/or her bankruptcy fraud?

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