Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wilbert Running for Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State Gibbit Hosemann issued the following statement.

Long-time conservative businessman and Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann made official his bid for Lieutenant Governor today.

Hosemann kicked off a ten-stop, statewide announcement tour at KLLM Transport, a Rankin County business which has grown from a small entity to employing thousands in a matter of decades.

“I want to be a part of leaving a better educated, healthier, and more prosperous Mississippi to our children and grandchildren,” Hosemann said. “The next Lieutenant Governor will have a significant impact on your future and our future.”

Refocusing on small Mississippi businesses and helping them thrive will be a cornerstone of Hosemann’s campaign, along with education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

“Businesses have told us their biggest need is an educated workforce,” Hosemann said. “We need to start training our workforce of tomorrow today, and we need to recognize and value the leaders in this effort—our teachers in our classrooms.”

In three short terms as Secretary of State, Hosemann successfully delivered on all his promises to voters. Mississippi’s voter ID law, effective in 2014, is now supported by 81 percent of Mississippians and remains among one of the few in the nation which has never been challenged in court. Hosemann automated the formation of and filing requirements for businesses, and has helped raise $1 billion for public schools through 16th Section leases during his tenure.

“When we make promises, we keep them, and we intend to bring the same sense of commitment and follow through to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office,” Hosemann said. “We’re asking for your support to be hired for the job.”

Raised in Warren County, Mississippi, Hosemann spent the majority of his professional life as a businessman. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Notre Dame, a law degree from Ole Miss, and a Master of Laws in Taxation from New York University. He is a former partner of Jackson-based law firm Phelps Dunbar, LLP. Hosemann also served his country in the United States Army Reserves.

Hosemann is married to the former Lynn Lagen. Delbert and Lynn Hosemann have three children, Kristen, Chad, and Mark; and seven grandchildren, Grace, Nora Lynn, Carson, Charlie, Manse, Charlotte, and Howard Delbert (the newest—at four days old).

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Anonymous said...

I can't find my handy-dandy "next in line" cheatsheet, so help me out: who is next in line for Sec of State? What does give at least a small cause to pause is why he wants to be Lt. Guv. On one hand, public service, etc., etc., but on the other hand, it sure seems like he has plans beyond helping the good citizens of helping a few of the, er, "less good" citizens help themselves to whatever they decide they want.

Anonymous said...

I know all the money in locked up but he was be a better choice for governor than Tate.

Anonymous said...

No, just go to the house, Dilbert.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why a man with those credentials has to “wait his turn” for a Governor run. The GOP is underestimating the lack of support for Tate.

Anonymous said...

If elected, will he start a website titled "Y'all Senate"?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Repub establishment doesn’t have the sense to put him up for governor. Tate is an awful choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Delbert will make a fine Light Guv. But I agree with 10:41. He would be a much better governor and face for this state than Tate. But he has my vote for whatever he wants to do. He's earned it so far.

Anonymous said...

My biggest question is, "when did Delbert serve in the Armed Forces Reserves"/ Isn't this like joining the nation guard during Vietnam to get out of Going to war? Come on Delbert - let's see your service record!

Anonymous said...

“Three short terms....” Why didn’t he have regular-length terms?

Anonymous said...

He’s a control freak, micro-managing, know-it-all. He only listens to himself. He tried to make Autism a Secretary of State issue. Excuse me, but we have real problems that the SOS needs to work on-autism ain’t one of them. Leave autism to the experts. Having a family member with it doesn’t make YOU the expert...just like having surgery doesn’t make you a surgeon.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's a line for SoS, 10:41. Doug Davis and Cory Wilson might have been candidates, since both of them are former Chiefs of Staff for Delbert, but Cory's been appointed to the Court of Appeals and Doug isn't interested, at least as of now. Watson is a good choice, but don't be surprised if some other legislator jumps in.

On another note, what are you seeing that makes you believe that Delbert "has plans beyond helping the good people of Mississippi," as you so cleverly put it? No cryptic nonsense. Put up or shut up, please.

Anonymous said...

11:20 ,lots of Guard and Reserve Units were where shooting was and is going on.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty telling that he didn't make a point of letting everyone know how much he supports Trump and hates Mexicans. Clearly he is not cut out to lead this state if he can't even articulate his position on the most important issues facing our state.

Anonymous said...

He's 71. After 4 years, I doubt we want to elect a 75 year old Governor.

And ditto to the above "He’s a control freak, micro-managing, know-it-all. He only listens to himself. " He ran off all his good employees with his management type.

Anonymous said...

Politicians doing what politicians do. Always looking to move up to the front of the public gravy train.

He will get my vote as he is better than most. Tate will not.

Anonymous said...

The Secretary of State's office has the highest turnover of any state agency in the state. And people want to elect him Lt. Gov! Don't look for Tate to leave the state if Delbert is elected!

Anonymous said...

Does the establishment have someone running against Watson for SoS?

Anonymous said...

How the hell does he intend to run for statewide office and not run for partnership with Mr. Trump. How can we trust a man who won't preserve Mississippi values? Obviously he's a closet socialist and we will not be fooled. The people of Mississippi will not be fooled.

Anonymous said...

Delbert is certainly a know-it-all. He's always thinks he is the only smart one in the room. And he's better than you, just ask him.

I do think he is a smart and capable guy. He just needs to understand that he is not the only smart and capable person on the face of the earth. There are several billion people in this world, surely Delbert isn't the only one that knows anything (although you won't convince him of that).

And I have dealt with him a bunch, and will probably vote for him.

Anonymous said...

The year he's sworn in, he will be 73 years old!

Anonymous said...

10:41 AM again

January 9, 2019 at 11:45 AM wrote/asked, "On another note, what are you seeing that makes you believe that Delbert "has plans beyond helping the good people of Mississippi," as you so cleverly put it? No cryptic nonsense. Put up or shut up, please."


12:57 PM wrote, "Politicians doing what politicians do. Always looking to move up to the front of the public gravy train."

I readily admit I don't know him well, but just don't get why he is running for anything else. The Lt. Gov's salary wouldn't likely be it - he should be able to make more in the private sector. The old "public service" canard doesn't seem to apply here, either - I can't see him doing a whole lot in 4 years to solve the myriad problems MS faces but maybe he truly thinks he can do some (real, actual) good for average Mississippians. I can't cite anything in particular that makes me apprehensive about his motives, but I am.

Look, it isn't like MS was a middle-of-the-pack or higher-ranked state and 2-3 election cycles of ill-considered votes suddenly caused a plummet and big problems. Mississippi's problems have taken decades, even centuries, to create and at least 50 years of elected officials' mis- and malfeasance to get us where we are. Our problems weren't created by "Republicans"/"conservatives" or "Democrats"/"progressives" or whatever other such terms of art one might use, they have been caused by self-serving idiots, greed and racism, and by both whites and blacks. Whatever else he might be, Delbert isn't an idiot (and neither are Tate or Hood).

I think most sensible, thinking people are "conservative" on some issues, "liberal"/"progressive" on some issues and "middle-of-the-road" on many issues. As examples, I think most people do not consider pot and meth as remotely similar substances for legal purposes, that gay marriage and abortion aren't major issues (or at least can live with them being legal), that immigration ought to occur within the law and those who ignore those laws should face appropriate consequence just like any other lawbreaker, that entitlements have gotten completely out of hand (or if you will, that the "willing to work" cannot support the "unwilling to work" ad infinitum), that the state flag is not some holy relic that cannot be changed, that pandering to either whites or blacks is a very bad idea, that the past is the past and cannot be changed (but should not be repeated, either), etc., etc. Mississippi faces serious problems and thus far, not a single elected official of either party and of any skin color seems to be capable or even interested in addressing them head-on and this includes all of the currently-declared candidates for statewide office. What Mississippi needs is a clean sweep with a moderate, common-sense broom. It is plainly and painfully obvious it isn't going to get one. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

2:31, this is 11:45, and I thank you for your thoughtful reply, and I'm especially thankful that you used myriad correctly.

As far as your central point, lots of people like you describe - moderate with common sense - have tried, but it's hard for them to get elected over the bombastic idiots that the extreme progressives and extreme conservatives seem to prefer. It does indeed suck.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Delbert today on Gallo. I think he should be governor. In contrast to the megalo-egomaniac who holds that spot now. Delbert speaks in sentences and pauses at the end of each one and makes total sense when he speaks. Bryant strings together non-stop words at least 189 to each sentence as if he is trying to say everything he can think of before the bell rings.

Delbert is a bright fellow, knows the territory and loves this state. He has no future aspirations and should be in the race for Governor. Pull a McDaniel and throw your hat in the ring for Governor!

Anybody but Tater. Anybody to replace Goober Bryant. Delbert for governor.

Anonymous said...

2:31- Money isn't all politicians care about. Hell, it might not even be in the top 3. Power certainly is.

Great, well written, post.

Unfortunately we get stuck with the same self serving, greedy, idiots over and over. The sad part is when they get elected they think people really like them. Uh, no. We generally have two lousy choices in this state.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting for Jim Hood and Delbert Hosemann.

Unknown said...

This is not an endorsement, just interested in thoughts: what about Jay Hughes? He is running hard for lt. gov., has some money of his own. Will be a serious candidate. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Jay? Jay? Jay who....Hughes? Democrat? Really?

Anonymous said...

Yup, Delbert, Governor, please.

Anonymous said...

11:44, Delbert did for those families with autistic children what true leaders do-he used his talents and position to get the legislature to finally act to force insurance companies to do the right thing. And the odds are that at some point someone in your family will be affected by autism, as it is an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

Hoseman and Hood both have been acting like social workers and garden party photo-opportunists throughout the state for years now; They have accomplished ZERO for the state except to keep the status quo....WHY on earth would anybody vote for either of them? Oh, because the local media is in the bag for all the useless insiders.....

Anonymous said...

Everyone urging Delbert to switch to the Governor's race should quit wasting your time. He wanted to run against Tate last time, but the money folks who had backed him so enthusiastically for SoS - and who he believed would back him equally enthusiastically to run against Tate - told him no thanks. The line of succession has been set by the powers that be, and Tate is the candidate. As good an option as Delbert might be, he's not going to buck the system.

Anonymous said...

Delbert had only one short meeting with Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney in regard to autistic children. Contrary to what Hosemann is saying, it was Mike Chaney that told the insurance companies to insure the children. Hosemann put out this large press release saying that HE and Mike Chaney had worked on this for a lengthy time. Come on Delbert and tell the truth. Give credit where credit is due - to Mike Chaney!

Anonymous said...

Good point, 7:36. I would be way more interested in Chaney running for governor than Delbert if we were going to put an old guy up against Tate.

Anonymous said...

Delbert running for Governor would be a waste of his talent and leadership. The Lt. Gov. has a lot more power in this state than the Gov. Haley Barbour is the only Gov. who has ever (in recent years) been able to rule from the Gov.'s chair and that was because the Lt. Gov. at that time allowed it--whether from agreement or inability is up for argument.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:03. I can't speak for Jim Hood but if you think that Delbert hasn't done anything at the Secretary of State's office, you have not been paying attention. He took a moribund agency and moved it into the 21st century. He got rid of sweetheart lease deals on 16th section land making millions for the school districts. He updated all of the online filing systems, especially business filing which I deal with all the time. It is now pretty much the best in the country. Oh, and don't forget voter ID.

Anonymous said...

11:18 AM wrote, "[Hosemann] took a moribund agency and moved it into the 21st century."

I'm 10:41AM and 2:31PM, Jan 9th and if he can bring the rest of Mississippi, or even some significant part thereof, into even the early 20th century as Lt. Gov., he has my vote and support and I would not care if he wets his or his friends' beaks a little in the process.

Unfortunately, bringing a business filing system up to date doesn't, on its own, qualify him to fix the bulk of Mississippi's problems - such an accomplishment could only take one competent hire. But that does not automatically take anything away from the accomplishment - often, being able to make competent hires is much of what separates great managers from terrible ones. Look no further than who Mississippians have "hired" to manage the state for an example.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining. Isn't there is a party pecking order that pretty much determines the major candidates for statewide office. Hasn't this been true even when all the Republicans were Democrats? Just because Dilbert would make a better candidate for governor does not mean we should abandon the way things are done. What's more important? Hold your nose and vote.

Anonymous said...

If we were England, there would be a long line of royals waiting their turn to ascend to the throne; however, we're NOT England and we've run out of Barbours.

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