Monday, January 21, 2019

Want to Do a Good Deed?

Want to help a furloughed federal worker? The Jackson Foodies and Jeff Good's crew are offering a way to do so.  Mr. Good posted this message on Facebook yesterday:

The Jackson Foodies have been amazing supporters of the restaurants in our capital city. There are more than 17-thousand members who visit, eat and share their experiences with the other members in the group.

Now they're doing something to help the furloughed federal workers in our area, and need your help.

The Jackson Foodies are hosting a gift card drive this week. They're asking people to donate gift cards so furloughed workers can feed their families, and buy essentials. Even if everyone just donated a $10 gift card to Target, Kroger or Walmart, it all adds up!

You can drop off those gift cards at BRAVO!, Broad Street and Sal & Mookie's during our regular business hours* by Friday, January 25, as they hope to hand out the cards this coming weekend.

If you know a federal worker in the Jackson area who could benefit from these cards, please email:

We appreciate everything the Jackson Foodies do for the restaurant culture in the capital city, and thank you for supporting their gift card drive!

-Jeff & Dan

Jackson Foodies posted this message on FB as well:

Know a federal worker impacted? Email us at or complete this quick form to send us their info:

Kingfish: Hmm.... Should JJ start an "Adopt a Federal Worker" program? ((Ducking)). 


Anonymous said...

I’m sure if I get laid off federal workers will rush to help me?

Anonymous said...

federal “worker”?? Hahaha that’s so funny.

Anonymous said...

Or just explain to federal workers that everyone should keep saved 3-6 months worth of living expense money for emergencies such as not getting paid or losing your job. I'll check back in 5 months.

Anonymous said...

If this were a test, 12:00, 12:21 and 12:26 - FAIL!
If you do not extend human compassion, perhaps none will be offered to you - though that should not be your motivation or lack thereof. Perhaps your generosity would motivate someone else to pay it forward.

Anonymous said...

Seriously 12:26? You’re suggesting personal responsibility? Then I won’t be able to pat my self on the back for being so noble.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people?

Anonymous said...

Federal workers can't help you. No one can help an angry, hate filled bigot.

But, hey, I'm sure your hero and puppet master Trump would give you a "small loan of a million dollars" like his Daddy did (for tax dodges) to tide you over. Well, no, he wouldn't but he'd stiff you too for your work if you had any.

'Federal "worker" ha ha?' You mean like the FBI that wouldn't hire you, or the air traffic controllers whose tests you couldn't pass, or the 50% combat vets they've been hiring?

Go burn some leaves around the trailer park.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the comments on this website are a bastion of kindness and sympathy. Get bent, you goons.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Nissan workers being laid off will get guarteed back pay much lime the federal workers will. This is a total joke. Way too many federal employees as it is. I laid off many people during the recession while new construction was slow. None of my guys ever received back pay. This is what's wrong with government.

Anonymous said...

1:04 - The 45th President of these here United States Donald J. Trump, living in your head 24/7 RENT FREE!

Cynical Sam said...

This is more proof that the federal government could be cut by 60% or more and it wouldn't make a difference.

It's not getting any smaller, but rather it grows bigger and bigger by the day.

No worries, their salaries are all subsidized by China and Japan.

$21 trillion and rising, but have you heard anyone in the Congress mention this fact in months? No! They would rather talk about a non-existent collusion, and a stripper, and the First Ladies dress, and ...

Donating gift cards is a personal choice, and if it makes you feel better, go for it. You can also give money to panhandlers if it helps you sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Most of you guys voted for Trump and support him according to Trump. Now he and his non Government workers who support him are turning their backs on them. That includes farmers who are dealing with a double whammy, tariffs and a closed Dept.Of Agriculture at a critical time for farmers.

Anonymous said...

And id be willing to bet my entire years salary some of you call yourself Christians...

Ephesians 4:32 - Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Galatians 6:2
Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.

Cynical Sam said...

@2:20 PM - you prove my point. Why the hell do we need a Dept. of Agriculture, let alone Labor, Interior, Education, yada yada yada?

These are all states' issues. Get the feds out of our lives.

Let Me Hold That Dollar said...

Call me heartless, but I can think of a million better ways to be charitable other than by giving money that I won't get back to a person that doesn't yet have money that they will soon be getting, all so a business can get some free viral marketing.

Anonymous said...

To the Mensa at 2:21: The Apostle Paul wrote these inspired instructions to the churches of Ephesus and Galatia. The author of the instruction is the Holy Spirit. The recipient of the instruction is the believing church. The instruction is focused on how fellow believers relate to one another. There are many other Scriptures that address how Believers are to relate to creation, humanity at large, governmental authority, pagans, enemies, Satan, fools, the wicked, etc. You might search those for something relevant.

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather pay the Nissan workers or the time world com workers went with lay offs. This is crazy. Guaranteed back pay for these gov'ment employees.

Anonymous said...

Viral marketing? Money you won't get back? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the state of Mississippi us going to forcast global yeilds of soybeans and corn, bridge loans to plant, disaster assistance, relief for ill advised tariffs. You don't have a clue. Talk to a farmer buddy most are in a pickle and don't know what to plant this year to just break even. If there was another way trust me farmers would have figured it out already.

Anonymous said...

How about everyone save their money and simply call their congressman and tell them to get off their ass and demand that the "leaders" act like adults, sit down together (like adults), talk (like adults) and solve this ridiculous pissing contest. But, no, each side will simply continue hurling insults at the other and doing nothing but acting like a pouting child.

Anonymous said...

Trump offered a compromise and the Dems said no.
We are talking about 0.12% of the Federal budget. The Dems are all for giving over 10x the wall money amount to Central America in foreign aid.

And you say this is Trumps fault. You live in an alternate reality.

PS: How about Obama shipping 120 billion in cash to a nation that is testing nuclear devices?

Anonymous said...

If you were laid off would or did the IRS care? Did they come to your aid? When the economy went flat during Obama’s turn, all I got was hassled by the State and Feds shaking me for more money.

Anonymous said...

Drill Deeper. Jeff Good never did a damned thing that was not motivated by personal greed and a notion that he would eventually profit for having done it. If it were summer time, he'd offer the furloughed workers 50% off on umbrella tables and a 35% discount on Pepperoni Pizzas. But only on Wednesday between 3 and 6.

The last time my corporation furloughed employees, including ALL management employees, we suffered a 20% reduction in pay and never got it back. It set us back years in 401k and other areas.

Anonymous said...

Buy some gift cards and drop them off at Jeff Good's business for distribution? That sounds pretty questionable to me. Typical Facebook Scam.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I have no more sympathy for the furloughed Federal employees than I do for any laid off workers such as the Nissan contract employees. Matter of fact, I am more sympathetic for the Nissan employees because they will not get back pay once the shut down is resolved. Any half wit should have known the shut down was probable and more likely inevitable. If you don’t have emergency/rainy day funds, shame on you. Maybe they need to go to the Private Sector where the the job security and benefits are better!?

Anonymous said...

Cadence Bank is offering Zero percent lines of credit for furloughed govt enployees. A bit of a stretch, I know—but its gotta be better than a payday loan. Not many braches here-only bank I came across online while looking.

Anonymous said...

Getting paid for NOT working...Now that's a novel idea!

Anonymous said...

No fed. "workers" are going to lose a single penny.

They'll probably even end up with some sort of "hardship" bonus.

Anonymous said...

How many of these federal employees worked on federal policies that resulted in the unemployment, loss of homes, and going on welfare of millions of ordinary Americans living ordinary lives working in manufacturing jobs? Let these federal employees experience what these ordinary Americans experienced – take their homes; send them to the welfare office; put them on Medicaid and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

^^^12:26 & 6:05 ^^^ YUP

Anonymous said...

So the compromise was to give back temporary Status to the DACA kids, something Trump is trying to take away and he rightly was blocked from doing. All Obama gave Iran was it's own money that had been held in escrow. I am sure you know this already but go on with your fake facts.
The majority outside of this god forsaken place know better. I said Trump would destroy the GOP and his 40% approval is going to do him in. Once he doesn't get funding for a wall the likes of Rush & Coulter will destroy him.

Anonymous said...

Working for the federal government = welfare with honor.

Anonymous said...

8:56 - Obama gave us DACA through Executive Order.

Why can't Trump issue an Executive Order to rescind it?

I'd rather not give in on DACA. Agree with Ann Coulter on this one.

Anonymous said...

10:21 pm: I think Trump tried to do exactly what you proposed but was blocked by a Hawaiian judge - seriously. The judge said he had no right to reverse a previous executive order. It will apparently take a few years to appeal this up to the Supreme Court, which is expected to agree with Trump.

Anonymous said...

11:56 seriously more misinformation, courts in San Francisco, New York and D.C.have blocked Trump.
Trump is saying, Support my plan or the government stays shut. That isn't a compromise or a negotiation — it's simply more hostage taking.

Anonymous said...

Tiny Trump’s ego would be too damaged to open the government now. The only end to this is an impeachment or resignation. It’s up to Muller now to get government running again. Hopefully once he gets imprisoned, we can return to normalcy. LOCK THEM UP! Lock THEM up!

Anonymous said...

Y’all are rooting on a shutdown that has all of the elements of a disaster waiting in the midst. It affects Airline Traffic Controlers and TSA.

One of the worlds busiest airports is projected to deal with A LOT of people flying in & out for the superbowl. Along with commercial airliners, alot of private jets will use the same airspace to land elsewhere- making it even more difficult to manage. If this goes on until then and after then, it’s going to be a fiasco. The FBI already picked up one radical in ATL recently.

You dont think they’ll use a situation like this? *rolls eyes*

If something horrible happens, no amount of spin or Fox News talking points will take away from the fact that Caligula and his enablers own this shutdown, of course thats really no consolation.

Anonymous said...

God help us!
Those of you who haven't " noticed" the role of the federal government must think the entire country is like your little cocoon!
You don't have a company and employees that contract with the federal government.
Your business isn't providing lodging and food and other services to tourists at federal parks all over the country.
You think the empty hotels and restaurants in DC don't impact anywhere else or impact all the national companies that provide them services?
You haven't needed information from a federal agency to do your business.
You haven't travelled outside of MS and had to return from a major airport.
And, thank God, as yet, a fishing business or tourist ship hasn't needed the Coast Guard rescue and we aren't in hurricane season.
The world does not revolve around you or even around Mississippi. We are not as populated as some cities so you don't know what it takes to make this country work.
You people who think this shut down is anything but a disaster that can, if it continues too long , destroy our economy are clueless, self centered nuts who are destroying this Nation by believing those who are making money off your ignorance and selfishness and laughing at you all the way to the bank.

Suck it up Snowflakes said...

Do I sense a snowflake above? Please go to your safe space and hug your teddy bear and comfort dog. Thanks in advance.

Continue the partial shutdown. We will not be held hostage by a bunch of socialist progressive spoiled brat/career politicians. Per the Constitution, the president's #1 duty is security of our nation, and that definitely includes our frontiers.

Suck it up cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

8:08's obviously a Fed employee with all the time in the world (during "work" hours) to fill up a blog with their dribble.

While there are some mandatory workers at that level, it's being exposed now that we'd function just fine if we were to eliminate 50% of the bloated Federal... and State employment agencies.

Charity Begins at Home said...

Asking for money from your neighbors is another form of welfare or panhandling.

Charity begins at home.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It must be nice to be like some of these Daddy Warbucks' who can go 2 or 3 paychecks and not miss a beat. The rest of us unwashed, working class joes are struggling to keep food on the table, the mortgage paid on time, and put our kids through school. A few unexpected expenses like medical bills can wipe out those hard earned savings. And most of us don't have a dad who can lend us $60 million or so when we're in a jam.

Anonymous said...

@9:36 thanks for the insights into this issue. You are clearly a well respected and highly educated individual and the readers are now much more informed after reading your thoughts. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Can we use thoughts and prayers to protect the border? After all, its what we use to protect our schools from ACTUAL threats. But seriously though, border wall is a non-solution to a non-problem.

Cynical Sam said...

@3:13 PM - Don't tell me that Obama-Care isn't taking care of your medical needs. But Obama promised.

@3:14 PM - Thank you. You are too kind, cupcake.

Food for Thought, Snowflakes said...

The partial shutdown scares you, but terrorists coming across our border doesn't? You're a special kind of stupid.

Anonymous said...

My bet is for the Senate to open the government on Thrusday with the 1week CR. With no wall funding. It's checkmate for Trump at that point.He either signs it or he gets overridden.

Kingfish said...

There is a reason no one believes or trusts online polls. They are all rigged. Period. A campaign paid people to rig the polls? Wow. That is earth shattering news right there.

Anonymous said...

@9:15, very few if any terrorists have ever been apprehended at the southern border. They attempt to enter primarily through airports. The wall and the shutdown it caused will do nothing to curtail the threat terrorists pose to our country. In fact, the shutdown has increased the threat. Thanks Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

A shut-down is not a layoff. In a layoff employees receive unemployment checks; therefore, they can pay some bills on time. In a shut-down employees receive no money whatsoever; therefore, they may not have the ability to pay any bills. Some federal employees are paid not much above minimum wage, so there was no money to save. You people criticizing should step out of your paradise and visit the other side of the island. I'm praying that Trump will visit a church one day and get familiar with Jesus.

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