Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Turmoil at JPD

Allegations of police misconduct rocked JPD today.  These posts appeared on Facebook this morning.


JPD Chief James Davis held a press conference tonight.  He said several officers that were members of the SWAT team and K-9 unit searched a house on Jones Street.  They were looking for a suspect in the murder of Pastor Anthony Longino.  Witnesses said police struck Robinson in the head with a flashlight. Family members told WAPT that UMMC doctors said Robinson died of head trauma.  Chief Davis said he initiated an investigation due to the social media comments.  No one has filed a complaint over the incident.

 Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba issued the following statement:
The City of Jackson has been made aware of the death of a citizen after a field release arrest made by JPD. While no one has come forward and no complaint has been made at this time, we believe that the circumstances are serious  enough to warrant a thorough investigation.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, a triple shooting has left 2 more dead in Jackson. When will the Feds take over? We are waiting. The inept Mayor and Police Dept cannot handle this. Lean house on the judges and set up a tent city and corral ALL of the criminals.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, a triple shooting has left 2 more dead in Jackson. When will the Feds take over? We are waiting. The inept Mayor and Police Dept cannot handle this. Lean house on the judges and set up a tent city and corral ALL of the criminals.

Then they need to take over the whole freaking state. Day before there was a triple homicide in Artesia in Lowndes County. Joker was blown in the chest in Rankin County last night. For a state with less than 3 million people- the level of gun violence is high, but I'll guarantee you there will be a gun show ran in the metro area before the month is over with.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what the citizens of Jackson voted for

Anonymous said...

The last thing we want is the Feds taking over. More federal government control is a leftist goal.

While high crime rates and disfunction keeps fools like Chokwe, Stokes, et al in office (since low crime would revitalize Jackson (gentrification) and put them out of a job), we are much better off with idiots like them running a city than the damned Feds.

The “Feds” created this dependency fatherless family ignominious situation and there’s not much that would please leftist’s more than a police state…so forget hoping the Feds take over!

Anonymous said...


I've been saying this for months. If there were no necessary services in Jackson (State and Fed govt offices and hospitals) it would be a different story but people HAVE to enter Jackson to access these places. Either the Feds or State has to step up....soon. Democrats are in no way shape or form about law and goes against their base.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy arrested in 2014 for possession of crack cocaine? If so, any more info available on him?

Anonymous said...

This is great. I’ve been hoping for Jackson to have a riot like Ferguson for years. Will be very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why I saw the SWAT truck and the SWAT guys at Newk's sunday night... All that killin must've made them hungry.

Anonymous said...

Black social media is an entirely different world to experience. African American vernacular almost makes the trailer trash grammar on KF appear downright eloquent. Almost.

Anonymous said...

@7:03 AM...I agree. This is exactly what the voters in Jackson gleefully voted for. Dancing in the street as I remember....As former Mayor Johnson's wife screeched on WLBT the night of his first win, "It's our turn now". And what a turn it has been. Over & out from 39110.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Nation of Jackson: where the police are the bad guys, the District Attorney counsels defendants on how to win their cases, and the Chief Judge treats the convicted like they are her own errant children.

Anonymous said...


The riots in Ferguson were about enforcing the laws and taking a thug off the streets. Why would there be a need to riot in Jackson ?

Anonymous said...

Gut the City and Police Leadership. Fresh start is needed in Jackson with emphasis on including faith-based organizations to begin work in communities to decry violence, drugs, etc. OH and let's rock the system here. Don't have children if you don't have a support system in place to take care of them and raise them. Should start a free tube tying/b@ll snippin' clinic. SMDH.

Anonymous said...

6:52 AM, with the overwhelming evidence provided on a very regular basis right here on JJ that leftist judges won’t even enforce current laws against violent criminals…and said leftist judges they just loooooove a reason to catch and release violent criminal thugs…is your mental state really so out of whack that you believe these problems are due to guns, gun shows and the lack of more gun laws?

If so which category do you fall into?

A Leftist that knows better but also knows many of the masses are too ignorant to not fall for their “more gun laws are needed” scam?

Or part of the masses too ignorant to not fall for the Leftist propaganda “more gun laws are needed” scam?

It is amazing how easy it would be to make the masses believe 2 + 2 equaled 5; if you could only get enough of the sheep to say it is so.

Anonymous said...

Only answer is get out and try to do business if necessary in Jackson on phone or computer. You have no clue how bad is really is and will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

With a name like "Killa George", I'm going to hold off on judging this situation. I do think it sounds like an investigation is warranted.

It does look like we're going to need to explain to the people once again that it is clearly the access to guns that makes people do criminal things. Sheepishly, I have to admit that I think there must be something genetically wrong with my family because my grandfather had an open gun rack built into the wall of his den that was full of rifles and shotguns, but he never killed anyone with them. My father had a glass front gun cabinet in his den with lots of guns in it but he never killed anyone either. Now I've got mine in a steel gun safe and yet I've never robbed anyone or killed anyone either. WTF is wrong with us??? At this point I'm wondering if I should try getting different guns or go see a Dr. or what because clearly access to guns isn't making me a criminal.

Anonymous said...

January 17, 2019 at 8:23 AM


Anonymous said...

JPD is picking thugs up and locking them up from what I'm seeing. I'm not going to blame JPD for anything that's what they're suppose to do. I hate the guy dies from his injuries BUT if he chose to fight when they served the warrant then so be it.

Its the city of Jackson and Hinds county judicial system that has Jackson the crime ridden cesspool it is. There is zero consequence for breaking the law there.

Anonymous said...

Loved these post. These post hit the nail on the head. Erh, I mean Hit the resistant, Hostel, perp on the head.
@ 7:03 AM
@ 7:11 AM
@ 8:07 AM
@ 8:23 AM
@ 8:40 AM
@ 9:06 AM
Jackson Public School should be proud of these yerts.

Anonymous said...

I was the first commenter and frankly, the state has no guts or they would step up. Gun shows are our right to have and attend. These morons can’t go into a gun show and buy a gun. One more thing, if you don’t think they will start going out into Rankin and Madison and doing this think again. While you’re busy working trying to provide, they are at your place robbing you. It’s coming to a town near you.

Anonymous said...

Argumentative fallacy @ 9:36 AM.

Anonymous said...

To 9:36...I think the comment about the gun shows is geared more toward the knowledge that those buying lawfully purchased guns in the metro area means more guns in the metro area, which means more guns to be stolen in the metro area, which means more guns on the streets.

Basically, there is a segment of the populous of Jackson that cannot stop stealing and using lawfully purchased guns.

Anonymous said...

State won't step in because they know they can't fix it. Just like the JPS thing. Bryant will talk big and play to his crowd, but he's gonna coast 11 more months.

Anonymous said...

"One more thing, if you don’t think they will start going out into Rankin and Madison and doing this think again."

Your statement has one thing wrong. Delete "will start" and replace with "are" and it will then be correct.
It has already started. Fortunately LEO in these counties do a good job of finding and arresting many of them, but more importantly the Judges do a good job of not performing "catch & release" as do the family and friend judges in Hinds County.

Anonymous said...

I found out a bit of info that I never knew before. Academy won't sell a gun to you if you get the dreaded "Delay" on your background check. I overheard the guy on the gun counter informing the Jackson Democrat that store policy prevents him from transferring the firearm without a clear "Approved" from NICS.

I guess he's going to have to get a female to come back and straw purchase it for him, as I so often see at Academy.

Anonymous said...

@ January 17, 2019 at 10:16 AM

6:52am here and all I want to say to you is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - THANK YOU!!!!!

This is all I am saying if we didn't wake up damn near every day to WLBT, WJTV, WAPT reporting a damn shooting - I would care less about this states gun laws. It's damn near easier to get a freakin' pistol than it is to get a nickel bag of weed? Now that's just ass backwards to me.

If our legislators would have the same sense of urgency to address the level of gun violence in this state in the same fashion they did the opioid crisis, we may see some changes.

But there has to be a way to hold the people accountable that are putting legally purchased firearms in the hands of people that are committing murder.

Anonymous said...

Why is he called "killa George"? What will he be called now? Perhaps "Kilt George"?

Anonymous said...

Ban car lots in the metro and we won't have to deal with carjackings and auto burglaries any more. Hip Hip Hooray.

Anonymous said...

I will appear racist, but that is not the intent. I will intend to point out a cultural thing that is relative to the black population that is more likely born, but certainly perpetuated by Democrats.

Guns are not the problem, just like cars are not the problem in most vehicle accidents and like alcohol is not the problem in DUI crashes.

The culture to blame everything else except for the person committing the crime is asinine to logic. Having had to line up sights upon human beings makes me unable to understand the ease at which people will kill one another. It's the culture people, not the guns.

Something has to be done to bring value to life, both of those you hate in the moment and to one's self. The vigor at which family and friends defend criminals when they are killed or are arrested for killing should be in place BEFORE those resort to killing.

The culture of parenting thugs because it's cool needs to be eradicated. I am poor and have had to raise kids but I've never been able to understand how parents praise the wrongs that some of the kids do. Shame needs to be recognized and put upon instead of the PC feel-good hurt feelings culture we have today.

Shame needs to be the culture and parents need to be ashamed when their kid commits these crimes, not excuse or ignore what they've done.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, 12:47! It would be great if some City Leader would have the guts to speak your post verbatim.

Anonymous said...

Name 1 county or city in MS where Democrats are in control that is flourishing! JUST ONE! Blaming someone else will no longer suffice.

Kingfish said...

Tupelo, Biloxi....

Anonymous said...

Kingfish I don’t know much about Biloxi but I do know about Tupelo and to say it is run by Democrats is a looong stretch. Are you speaking of the “fiscally conservative” mayor?

Anonymous said...

Oxford and Starkville have Democratic mayors

KingCotton said...

@418 they also have built-in multi million dollar economic drivers that will continue growing...without the university, both Oxford and Starkville are little rural no-name North Mississippi towns.

Anonymous said...

And Jackson has JSU. Why isn’t it like Oxford and Starkville? JSU has several off campus sites in Jackson but that does not improve the image of Jackson. I would think community pride would reflect itself more. And I live in Jackson by the way and I will make no excuses. We have lost our moral compass. It is not a culture thing but a spiritual problem and it is nothing short of demonic influences. Whenever God is pushed out of the arena, Satan automatically takes over. Blacks are no more culturally inclined to violence than any other race. But any race or nation or people that abandons God will do horrible things. Satan delights in degrading Gods creation. Most blacks in Jackson are law abiding but there is a minority —a criminal element—that is determined to instill fear in the citizens and take control. They do not care about its image. They are part of Satan’s army designed to destroy the souls of our youth. That is my two cents.

Anonymous said...

12:31 - community pride in Jackson...what's that?

Anonymous said...

12:31 It IS a cultural thing.

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