Friday, January 4, 2019

Vance Wants the Big Star

Richard Spooner, Les Tannehill, Lee Vance, and Sheriff Victor Mason qualified to run for Hinds County Sheriff. So much for March 1. 


Anonymous said...

Smells like ass in here.

Anonymous said...

Go Vance! Go Vance! Lock Tate Up! Lock Tate Up!

Louis LeFleur said...

Unfortunately neither Spooner nor Tannehill has a chance given the make up of the Hinds County voting public. Thus, go Vance go!

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that Tannehill is actually running again. He got beat by tens of thousands of votes last time and he worked his ass off. Not sure what he and Spooner are smoking.

Spooner's Record and Resume are Superb.. said...

Louie Louie: As usual, you have not a damned clue in hell what you're talking about. run to a black candidate right out of the chute, simply because he's black. Gourd-head!

Anonymous said...

If Hinds County needs a real man to appear on television every week reading a list of arrests and asking for the public's help, and Lieutenant Graham won't step up, Vance is your man.

Anonymous said...

I like Spooner and think he’ll do an excellent job but he can’t beat Vance. But Vance will clean up the jail and the department.

Anonymous said...

3:31 I will bet you my house that the next sheriff in Hinds will be black. Ease up on that poster. He speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

3;14 Did Tannehill run as a Democrat or Republican?

Anonymous said...

Count me in for Vance!!

Anonymous said...

4:10 I'll do you one better. I'll bet he's a Democrat. It's not the same thing. It's not.

Anonymous said...

Lee actually led a departement with a 50% percent larger budget. He is the most
Qualified of all the candidates. It’ll be nice to see how he runs an agency without interference from a Mayor. P

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lee Vance! You have my family's votes!

Anonymous said...

I believe Lee Vance will win. No one has more experience.

Anonymous said...

Lee has experience yes, but to say no one has more experience is not true. Lee has zero, and I mean zero experience in detention's. He has never worked a jail much less been in charge of one. And if you don't think that's part of the job as Sheriff then maybe you should ask the current and previous sheriff how that jail in Raymond will tear you up. A sheriff should have knowledge and experience in detention as well as enforcement. You also have to have some experience in politics, Lee has never run for anything, he's always been appointed. It will be an interesting race for sure, especially with all the upcoming lawsuits for mason and lets not forget vance. Oh yeah don't forget about his pending suit. the sheriff's office cannot successfully be ran like the jackson police department, two separate animals.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between a PD and SO is detention. You bring in someone who is experienced in detentions. Lee and Juan Cloy if he ruins are the standouts in this election.

Anonymous said...

It will be Vance and Victor in a runoff in the Democratic primary. And runoff turnout is so poor, no telling who will win. But one of those two will be sheriff.

Anonymous said...

anyone but the current sheriff

Anonymous said...

@ 5:03 agreed and it will either be the same sad shoe or same sad show with different players. Hinds County is following Jackson right down the drain.

Anonymous said...

1:16, specifics? The non-Jackson part of Hinds seems to be going in a polar opposite direction than the Capitol city.

Anonymous said...

Since my LAST post was censored due to me being brutally honest about the crime in Jackson and Hinds being perpetrated by a majority of blacks , then let me be honest. There is still a lot of influence that can bring a Hinds out of the gutter. But it will take a Sheriff who will not bow down to the population who wants to pray and somehow have silent protests. This will take some hard work.

Last time I drove through a Hinds it had some of the prettiest landscape I have seen. Now, when you go past the Pearl River that turns into the Piney Woods. Different soil, different landscapes. So, some are willing to pick up an move and sone have already, to move East. I’m not much on red sand hills and pine trees. If you want that move to Neshoba. We have a lot here to offer. We just need a good Sheriff to enforce and get some assistance on wrangling the crime that comes from inner city Jackson.

I had to go visit some in-laws this week in Rankin. Don’t tell me you have it better there. At Brandon, I had to dodge lots of potholes! Pearl... the same.... crime? It’s everywhere, but when you have multiple states sending their homeless to Jackson on buses and dropping them off then our capital will not ever overcome that.. it’s going to take some ballsy leadership to get this ship in order

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget about Donald Rhodes who will be running for sheriff as well. Will he be a contender?

Anonymous said...

I don't see why Lee Vance would be good for Hinds county. What improvements did he make JPD? I've seen nothing about him to indicate he would be a good sheriff. Hinds county can not suffer another 4 year mistake. Victor Mason was supposed to fix everything by running the department with McMillan's old people. What has he changed? Please think seriously about who you place in the Sheriffs chair next election.

Anonymous said...

Hinds is being perpetrated? You had me at perpetrated. I don’t even have to read the rest.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff can’t turn Hinds around. A new DA and some real judges could help a lot. Sheriff can do a fine job and not make any difference at all.

Anonymous said...

4:47; You're nutty as a homemade fruitcake if you actually believe Jackson's problems are caused by out of state folks being dropped her via Greyhound. Where the hell do you come up with such lunacy? No wonder your other post was dumped in the can.

Anonymous said...

6:16 nails it. It doesn’t matter. DA is the only 2019 race that can turn around Hinds County. And Jim Hood made the incumbent invincible

Anonymous said...

No one is invincible! Not even our so-called DA. 100% right that a good DA and some Judges willing to convict in a timely manner would go a long way. Certainly have not seen an improvement in crime in Jackson with Vance's departure. Of the group running Vance is the best bet to win. Name is right; experience is right; and recognition is right. So what if he doesn't have detention experience? Surely a professional could be hired to run the jail. I know Hinds County is "broke" or at least says it is, but there should be enough to hire someone to run the jail and run it well.

Talking about pot holes, has anybody driven up Highland Colony Parkway? On both sides in Ridgeland? Really big and deep pot holes! Patched now but not very well.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff doesn’t need experience in detention services. The next Sheriff and any
leader is successful if they have the ability to surround themselves with quality, experienced
qualified individuals to manage the many different divisions of the Sheriffs Office. Then leave
those individuals alone to manage their respective divisions. McMillan was successful for that very reason
and that was the reason Tyrone Lewis failed, he was a micro-manager. Victor surrounds himself with
unqualified ass clowns (see Major Luke 😂 as example) and he too has failed, along with the fact that his behavior towards women
should have driven him from Office in the first year. (Jobs & promotions for sex) As Chief, Vance did
promote some good individuals to leadership positions. Sure there was political interference from the
Mayors Office at times but he was a good Chief. ABB(anybody but Victor!!!!!)

Inexcusable said...

Kingfish is in the can for Vance, obviously. Censors too many posts criticizing his boy Vance. Might as well run some free ads for him too. I won't try to reconstruct my shit-canned post here as it won't be published the second time either.

Anonymous said...

I agree 9:16, Don't know why Kingfish is so high on Vance. We don't need another JPD guy running the County.
How did that work out for Tyrone and Victor.

Spooners going to WIN this folks.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I thought KF had been pushing Spooner. Maybe your post sucked or was inappropriate.

I'm sick of this election already. Tannehill is already using up all of the internet with his dreams

Anonymous said...

Spooner is going to win. He’s the only candidate that has a proven track record getting things done with the county. Everyone else is JPD, I know everyone feels real safe in Jackson...end of sarcasm.

I checked out Tony Davis’s Facebook and he brought up some interesting perspectives in looking at the sheriff’s race. After looking at it not only can you see where Spooner is not out of it, but he’s in it to win it.

We don’t need anymore JPD type policing. We need proven winners like Spooner

Let's Get Serious said...

Every candidate, other than Richard Spooner, is an exact clone of Lieutenant Graham. Stooges who want four more years of PERS to jack up their retirement. They have no desire to make a difference. They only 'want the job'.

Still waiting for someone to tell me what the hell Lee Vance did to improve conditions in Jackson, MS. And stop with the Bull Shit about nobody being able to make a difference. Jackson has had 21 chiefs of police in the past sixteen years. None has made a difference, including Vance. But the white, pressed, Star-Laden shirts have been impressive. Even on the female traffic-cop from JSU.

Dump the race issue and elect a man who can do the job, Richsard Spooner.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly well said @ 6:00
August will show, Spooner will win and put all of this to rest..

People are ready for a change...
Just that Simple.

Simply Put said...

"Lee actually led a departement with a 50% percent larger budget. He is the most Qualified of all the candidates."

Think about that post. What a contradiction! A man in charge of a department with a 50% increase in his budget and not one positive result. How does that equal 'qualified'?

All of you know that Vance would make zero difference in the S.O. spot. Just as Tyrone made zero difference and they're of the same JPD mold. And just as Victor made no (positive) difference. All he did was F-up the jail and chase skirts.

When you elect the 'same old', guess what? You get the 'same old'.

~Spooner will make a difference. Turn your caps around~

Victor Apologizes For Being Incompetent said...

Meanwhile: Victor Mason has just had somebody write a glowing letter of self praise for him...and posted it to Facebook. He moans about the fact that he made mistakes and had to learn the job after being elected. And he talks about jail improvements that he's made and more are planned. He thinks his friends have turned on him and he promises us he's a friendly, jovial and joking-around kinda guy.

Whoever wrote that for him should have just said, "I realize I totally screwed up, took advantage of my position, was in way over my head, put the wrong people in critical positions and let 'my other head' sometimes lead my thinking. So, give me four more years and I hope I can change my ways".

Anonymous said...

I would love to know how many of the opinions given on this subject actually have any LEO experience. I have worked at HCSO for 20 of my 30 years I have seen folks come and go trying to build a better mouse trap. The most important thing I have seen is the amount of people that think they can come from JPD to HCSO and run things they all believe HCSO is a put your feet on the desk and let the good times roll. HCSO and JPD are as different as night, and day from the budget to the politics if you believe that I am wrong then burn your voter card and stay at home on election day. I have known Spooner, Vance, Cloy, Tannehill, and Rhodes for at least 15 years each I have a lot of respect for Cloy a man I am proud to call my friend, and Vance they both are capable LEOs. As far as Tannehill, and Rhodes well I will save those stories for another day. I am sure by now the more observant readers of this have figured out I am pro Spooner I am, BUT not because of the color of his skin, his political affiliation, or the fact that I have known him so long it’s because he is the smartest man in the room for this contest. First off Spooner has worked in numerous divisions of HCSO jail, patrol, warrants, and narcotics just to name a few so he has an in depth working knowledge of how HCSO operates this is something that neither Vance, nor Cloy bring to the table. This intimate knowledge of HCSO my fellow voters take more than four years in office to learn you have to cut your teeth at the department to truly understand it. I feel like people are voting for the color of a person’s skin, and not their abilities which in my humble opinion is why Jackson is spinning down the proverbial toilet bowl. Let me break it down like this for you: If you suddenly find yourself in need of major brain surgery, and they give you the option to have a doctor that has hundreds of these procedures under his belt, or a doctor who knows how to do the procedure but has never done one which would you choose? I believe that history should teach us to learn from our mistakes in the past eight years we have had two black Sheriffs both with deep JPD roots that have brought a countless number of JPD LEOs to HCSO and both have failed on a level that cannot even be described. The HCSO personnel I stay in contact with give me the impression that between Victor Mason, Pete Luke, Juan Chapa, and a few others Deputys are afraid they will fall victim to one of their now famous witch hunts that have run off so many good LEOs. This folks has driven moral so far down that 95% of the Deputys have become reactive instead of proactive. The bottom line people is if you want to know who could do this job best ask someone who has been at HCSO for a while ask them who they like then make an educated decision don’t knee jerk vote the guy who has the color of skin you like. Well that’s my two cents, flame away all you want to be scholars of the internet. Spooner for Sheriff

Anonymous said...

I like your post and your facts, 9:11. Obviously only one man running has the proper credentials to tackle the job without On Job Training...But, please use paragraphs. You can do that by holding down the 'shift' key and clicking 'enter enter' on your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, Kingfish, instead of this thread with the VANCE TITLE buried down here in the toilet, how about running one with a generic title that doesn't seem to favor the JPS Golden Boy.

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