Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sheriff Mason Wants Another Term

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason announced on Facebook he will run for re-election this year. The announcement is posted below.


It’s hard to believe that three years ago, I was taking the Oath of Office as Sheriff of Hinds County. What an awesome experience it has been to serve the citizens of Hinds County.

As with each experience in life, we learn and we grow from them. I reflect back now to the start of my tenure as Sheriff. I went in thinking that I would be able to do so much more than I actually could. I made promises that protocol and oversight prevented me from being able to keep. The foundation for Hinds County was already laid. I had to go through a period of learning to understand just how the system works. Please know that it was never my intention to mislead anyone.

As I look back, I may not have handled things in the manner that some would consider as proper. However, I sought the guidance and handled them to the best of my ability. I also learned that personal friendships and business relationships have to be handled on an entirely different level. Through this time, I’ve actually lost some acquaintances along the way, some going back as far as 30 years. I’ve experienced some painfully unexpected encounters. I thank God that they have only served to strengthen my resolve to be a better person. I am stronger because of them.

I’ve always been a jovial and joking kind of a person. Most who know me can attest to that fact. I’ve never expected that some closest to me, would attempt to exploit that. However, in and through it all, I am thankful for everything that it taught me. Through the experience, I’ve been able to share with others in an effort to keep them from making the mistakes that I did.

The greatest joy now is when I realize the accomplishments that have been made since taking over the reins at Hinds County. We’ve seen improvements in our jails, and certainly there is even more that we want to accomplish. We’ve graduated classes of Deputy Sheriffs. All of our personnel are involved in various training courses to enhance their job performance. We are the first Law Enforcement Agency to institute a Human Trafficking Division. Community Relations are at an all-time high with our enhanced Neighborhood Watch program and our active involvements in activities throughout Hinds County.

Recently, several persons have qualified to run for Sheriff of Hinds County. Before it is over, there will probably be even more. This is democracy at its best. We all have the freedom and right to run for an office if we meet the minimum qualifications. I simply ask that you review my record over the past three years that I have served you. I am confident that you will find that restoration has taken place. We’ve risen from where we started in January 2016. We’ve accomplished so much with little or no resources.

I welcome your review of our story! You will decide if I am worthy of your vote and your support once again. That is all that I ask. I look forward to continuing to serve you as Sheriff of Hinds County. Thank you for your support.

Kingfish note: Ok, whoever the knucklehead was that wrote that funny letter of parody during the Mayor's race, write another one.  


Anonymous said...

May I have a tissue please?

Anonymous said...

It smells like ass in here...

Anonymous said...

He needs to campaign hard because ever since he held up the entire Bolton Christmas Parade to shake hands with everyone he has been on my bad side.

Anonymous said...

Is Mason still sheriff? Besides seeing his name on the trunks of the patrol cars, have not heard anything out of him in months....

Anonymous said...

Whoever is Hinds County Sheriff - they need a new jail and a bigger budget, which the county can't afford at this time.

Anonymous said...

Before I was elected, I thought I knew squat from shineola but I found out I really didn't, but boy have I learned. I didn't do all the stuff I said I was going to do but hell, I didn't know how to do it anyway so give me a chance to try and do some of that stuff this time around since I have learned so much. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I'm sharper than I was a few years ago. Hey, what the hell, vote for me!

Anonymous said...

What are the outcomes on sexual harassment suits?

Anonymous said...

@2:49 he hasn't worked much because he was out for cancer treatments.
I'd vote Tyrone before Victor.
Hell, having a random sampling of eligible Hinds County residents draw straws would give the same result as an election.

Anonymous said...

3 womwn with Lawsuits ..
Good luck buddy.
Just pass the baton to Spooner.

Anonymous said...

@321 didnt you read the release. It was not harassment he was just joking with his friends. lol

Anonymous said...

Victor is done!!! He is not and never was qualified to be Sheriff. He is a
liar and full of s###. He lied to too many people in order to get elected
then turned his back on friends after he was in office. Victor, file your
retirement papers with PERS and Pete call your buddy Dean Scott for
your next unqualified position. You are both out.

Anonymous said...

No news here.

Another deadbeat, do nothing, politician in Hinds County.

Anonymous said...

"We've graduated classes of deputies"? WTF?

I never meant any of it. I'm a joker, you know. I was trying to learn on the job and those wimmin got in my way and started trying to feel me up and it went south from there. I'll do better if given another chance. I swear. And I plan to hire a Madison County jailer to show me how to work the cell block.

Of course Vance won't be any better. By the time he gets a couple of more PERS years, trying to learn on the job, he'll be coasting toward retirement if elected.

Where are Perry Martin and Lieutenant General Grahams?

Anonymous said...

Bolton had a Christmas Parade? Did Bennie introduce Victor from the review stand?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So here’s the deal. I know I promised y’all I would be a good sheriff and all but I honestly didn’t know I wasn’t qualified until you elected me to office. I guess that means you guys are at fault to a degree. The good news is I’ve learned a few things since I took office 3 years ago and I promise not to make any more mistakes. First and foremost I learned not to make promises I can’t keep. (Edit last promise from final draft) I also learned that it’s not appropriate to use my position for the purpose of gaining sexual favors. I promise (dammit) I had no clue I couldn’t do that. Pete said I had Qualified Immunity. Anyhow if you’ll please give me a second chance I promise (dammit this is hard) to be a better sheriff. I know now if I just hide in my office and stay off the phone everything sorts itself out and everybody is happy. God bless you all.

Victor Mason 2019

Anonymous said...

"I've learned about plausible deniability, and how you don't have that when you commit your sexually harassing remarks to writing. I've also learned that this sort of miscalculation is nothing that taxpayer funded settlement payouts can't fix! In short - I'm experienced! Vote Mason!"

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well where do I start, first he promised people jobs before he got in office later to find out he couldn't hire them. That was about 25 or 30 people. They all met and had dinner, came up with all these special units that never got off the ground. As for as the Human Trafficking unit, that unit is a joke run by a person with no qualifications nor been to anybody's Academy or ever made any arrest. That also goes for the Major Luke, who has never been to an Academy other than Academy Sports but he really runs the department. Pete Luke has all his buddies in place they run the entire department, They're over enforcement details and anything else that calls for support. I guarantee Victor don't know that he has an all white DUI unit that arrest 90 percent of all blacks and 3 narcotics guys that aren't arresting nobody. I wonder is Victor answering the phone these days it was a time when you couldn't get him to answer your calls, well its to late fella game over as Nino Brown would say See Ya Wouldn't Want To Be Ya

Anonymous said...

After careful consideration I have decided to retract my previous statement. It would appear that my law enforcement career is dead so I am withdrawing from the Hinds County Sheriff election and will be qualifying for the position of Hinds County Coroner. I will be honest in saying that I know nothing about being a coroner but I have attended many funerals. Thank you for your support

Cynical Sam said...

Last year I couldn't even spell sheriff; today I are one.

sheriff ass man said...

What are the outcomes on sexual harassment suits?

Anonymous said...

Victor you have to be kidding, you think we forgot all of the things you promised would be different with you, but you have failed to deliver. Victor you would not even answered your phone, or call us back. Let alone be a man and admit i was wrong i just didn’t know I could not do what I promised i would do.

What has improved under your leadership? The jail is horrible, y’all never put anyone in jail unless it’s a violent felony, then they are mistakenly released back into society with the rest of us to run amuck and steal and rob us. You had a press conference with your bad to the bone tough guy division shortly after you took office. Where the hell are they? Crime is up everywhere. We are safe from criminals no where. Where are your tough guys now? They only come out once a year for a press conference? Y’all are a joke!!!

What about countless employees suing you in federal court for trying to hump them to keep their job. That your way of joking? Kinda like the old prison saying, 4 on 1 is a lot of fun, as long as you are not the one.

Let’s see Mcmillon usually had quite a bit of money on hand to run on at this time of his re-election bids, Tywrong had about $50k at this point in the game (you remember how it turned out for him), and lastly, how much do you have now? No matter how you do the math the 0 in your account times anything is still 0. Surely you are bright enough to do that math. We tolerate you coming to our churches because your the sitting Sheriff and it’s the polite thing to do, but we cannot stand your fake butt. If you think we are eating out of your hand you are stupider than you look.

We are done with your kind

Anonymous said...

Clearly, several JJ posters are in law enforcement because nobody else would have details about such "dinners" and discussions and frankly nobody else really cares about internal department politics. I think we are up to 6 candidates now and only 2 have a chance in hell of winning and I'm already getting fatigued at all of the internet that is being used up by deputies and former deputies and wanna be deputies talking about it.

Anonymous said...

I find it real funny that most of the Sheriff’s inner circle from his last run are not only no longer with him, but are helping another candidate...yet he thinks he’s going back in. He’s been out

Anonymous said...

I want to be 25 again. Laugh....

Anonymous said...


You must not live in Hinds County, otherwise you would care about your tax dollars being completely wasted on frivolous and stupid situations that the current Sheriff leaves the tax payer on the hook for. Money that could be used to hire more or better personnel and equipment that would better protect and serve the folks of the county. And, you must not be from the surrounding counties either. They get a lot of criminal bleed over from Hinds County due to the mismanagement of the Sheriff office thanks to Victor. That said,hopefully you are not taken advantage of by the criminal element that he struggles to contain and control.

By the way, 6 candidates, but very few have a track record of containing and controlling the criminal element. I think the voters will pay attention to that this time. Tony Davis has been sharing quite a bit of details on his Facebook page about this race. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Not the proverbial chance of a snowball in HELL will we see Mason as Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Damn Victor, Pete, Rushings..
Sounds like the rulings in..
But you'll Run Again, because you're s ok egotistical and delusional, that you think you actually have a chance, even after you being found guilty in your Cival Cases.

Anonymous said...

Talked to a guy at the gas station at Sunset and Medgar Evers, just curiously asked him what he thought about Victor and his chances of getting back in. He laughed and said Victor Is a liar and was a snitch when he worked at JPD. He said no way will they vote for him this time. He said the only reason some of them voted for him last time was because he was the only other choice besides Tyrone. Looks like the folks are done with him

Anonymous said...

CL just reported one of his sexual harassment cases just settled and one more scheduled for trial in February. More money that Hinds County looses because hunch punch victor didn’t realize his employees don’t bend over for him just because he wants them to. I wonder How many of these suits are in the works?

I Jess Be Jokin' Y'all.. said...

Well....The rulings is in. Victor say he just be a joker and love joking around and errybaddy know he be a jokester and the fact that the front of his britches be poking out is only another joke. He can explains it!

Today's ruling say all is settled in one of them suits but no word on money exchanging hands or whether Victor's defense of just being a joker did prevail. But I doubt the hell out of that!

This clown needs to be selling deer-corn and bob-war at the CO-OP where there is no chance of running into women and let him approach a hunter with that bullshit approach. He'll be a gelding in short order.


Anonymous said...

Couldn’t have said it better myself @3:45...that’s what the whole department thinks of you Victor. When the people you work with think your a clown, I cannot wait for election night, i doubt you pull 5% of the vote...can you say “Tony pimping Yarber” This is going to be embarrassing for ole Vicky Loo

Mag Wheels said...

"I promise...You all gimme another chance and I'll quit all that shit!"

Yo Momma Victor said...

Even a drunken senator has the balls, courtesy and self respect to be a gentleman and resign. And this goober promises to keep it in his britches if we give him one more chance?

Anonymous said...

Well Well, all the rumors and comments over the past 3 years were not lies. Mason settles One this week, maybe another one this week and possibly a 3rd one on the way.

Doesn't want it to go to trial because all his raunchy, kinky, nasty, innapropiate proclivities will be exposed before his Re- Election.

We tried to tell you folks, ALL OF YOU thought all of us posting were just being angry at good ole boy Vic.
I guarantee you Now, all his minions are choosing sides for this election.

Spooners looking real good now isn't He!
One day, all of you in denial, will start liestening to folks who know.
Folks, this isn't about RACE! it's about putting someone in office who KNOWS THE OFFICE! who'll run it with INTEGRITY and answer your calls and have an OPEN DOOR POLICY.


Anonymous said...

Richard you're not man enough to be Sheriff of this county. You nor your running buddy. I wish you to Rin and Stimpy impersonators would stop bashing people.

Anonymous said...

How many sexual harrassment complaints will be made against Mason while he is soliciting voted.

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is that, assuming some miracle happens and we elect a competent sheriff (I know, big if), we still have that nutjob Robert Smith as DA and he's not prosecuting anyone. Until Hinds gets a competent or even a half-competent DA, the criminal justice system isn't going to work (and don't get me started on the judges).

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