Monday, January 14, 2019

Fitch Announces A.G. Run

State Treasurer and Master of Coin Lynn Fitch issued the following statement.

For seven years, Treasurer Lynn Fitch has applied conservative principles, a bridge-building mentality, and a solution-driven approach to serve Mississippi as State Treasurer. Today, she officially announces her candidacy to be Mississippi’s next Attorney General at a series of stops across the State.

“It has been such an honor and privilege to serve as your State Treasurer,” said Fitch. “We have successfully accomplished the work I was hired to do as Treasurer, and now I am asking the voters for the opportunity to serve as Attorney General.”

Fitch noted a number of goals successfully achieved during her first seven years leading the State Treasury, including:

· Saving taxpayers over $150 million by proactive management of State debt,

· Returning over $91 million in unclaimed property to families and businesses,

· Restructuring MPACT to make it cost-neutral to Mississippi taxpayers,

· Expanding access to College Savings for nearly 120,000 Mississippians employed at almost 200 payroll deposit partners,

· Providing access to financial education resources to nearly 95,000 students and personal finance training to over 1,400 teachers all at no cost to taxpayers or schools, and

· Drafting our State’s first bond rules for borrowing on the taxpayer credit card.

“Over my 34-year legal career, I have run complex state agencies, worked in private practice, and served as an attorney for the Legislature,” said Fitch. “ I even started my law career as a Special Assistant Attorney General. My broad experience and skill set in law, policy, finance, and administration have uniquely qualified me to be Mississippi’s next Attorney General.”

Fitch shared some of her priorities as Attorney General, including:

· Being a partner to law enforcement and first responders,

· Defending our 2nd Amendment rights and defending all Mississippi laws against outsiders who would substitute their judgment for ours,

· Supporting victims of crime and their families, and protecting Mississippians, especially children, elderly, veterans, and the mentally ill, from unfair and deceptive practices,

· Fighting the opioid crisis, and

· Protecting and support victims of human trafficking.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope she files timely legal documents better than she makes bond payments (plural).

Come on Lynn, you had one job, pay the damn bills on time. We have been a sovereign state for 200 years and NEVER missed a bond payment, until you took over.

Anonymous said...

A bridge building A.G. should pair nicely with a driveway...err road way building governor

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn Fitch, my third grader is half-way to the SIXTH GRADE, not college. I can only imagine what brilliance you might bring to the Office of the Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

Lets get some women elected to higher positions to clean up this mess made by the good ol, no backbone having, lockstep I was just following the talking points I was given, I can't use my own brain, compassion, nor empathy, if I had any a holes that seem to normally get elected in this state.

you low information gop voters cursed this nation with the traitor in the whitehouse

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She isn't running to be a partner with Mr. Trump and protect our Mississippi values? What the ...!!!

Radical Feminist I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

Always thought Fitch was a closet Dem.

Anonymous said...

Yall know this incompetent politician already has a six figure taxpayer funded salary and PERS retirement. She couldn't even do her job as State Treasurer.

Let that sink in.

Anonymous said...

wow check out jill ford and lynn fitch. lil blonde hotties running for office here in old assbackards mississippi. at least you can look at them without wanting to throw up.

Anonymous said...

RINO. Pass.

Anonymous said...

Her claim to have 'run state agencies' rings hollow. Anybody who knows her history, career and laps around the block of agencies knows Barbour positioned her in multiple buildings where she claims to have 'been in charge'.

As an example, she had no idea what the Employment security department did, what it's goals or responsibilities were, yet she shows up over there one day and claimed to be in charge. Three months later....she was gone.

We have got to stop this perpetual wheel-of-gerbils who are thrown into this mix and come out the other end thinking "It's MY turn".

Decorate THIS! said...

Don't forget her stint as head of the State Personnel Board. How memorable was that?

Anonymous said...

2:24, what the heck are you talking about?
And I hope she wins and stirs up all you good ole boy detractors that keep us last in every category that matters.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that all of you jack#sses got your ignorant comments out of the way....... Shut up with your stupid "RINO" comments and go create your own falling-off-of-the-right-edge party.
Lynn Fitch is factually qualified and has my support.

Anonymous said...

4:42, there's another one up and coming in the auditor's office. And of course there is deputy Fife in the mansion.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, have you ever noticed the pure vitriol hate that flows when you post anything about Lynn Fitch? What is it about her that scares the living daylights out of a small handful of small minded “men” (and I use the term loosely)? Lighten up guys (all 3 or 4 of you) you will soon have a strong-willed female who will shake things up a bit!

Anonymous said...

2:24, a third grader is usually 9 years old. Lots of kids start college at 18. Nine is halfway to 18.

Thanks for playing...

Anonymous said...

@9:50 please don’t baffle 2:24 with advanced mathematics. Let’s simplify it a bit:

2:24, if you had nine (9) cows and your goal was a herd of 18, what percent of your goal of 18 cows would you be at?



Anonymous said...

Yo Nine Fitty PM (9:50 PM): age is irrelevant in qualifying for matriculation in college. As a 3rd grader, a student must attain 9 more grade levels of education before he/she can go to college. That is not half. That would imply 18 grade levels before you get to your freshman year in college.

It would be more accurate to say that my 3rd grader is halfway to yo momma’s house. Burn!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK 9:05..Here's a simple challenge for you. Please list five positive things she has done in her entire career as a state employee. Actually it's OK if you list only three.

I mean, if Cindy Smith can go to Washington with a zero resume, surely Miz Fitch can advance in Mississippi with a blank list of accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

OK, so Fitch to AG, Delbert to Lt. Gov, Tate to Gov, etc. My beloved state is doomed to 50th place for the foreseeable future.

It is time for a drastic change, and no, I do not mean Trumpettes or Democrats, although a common-sense, real middle-of-the-road Dem could not possibly be worse than what the MSGOP puts forth. Damnit all, the people of this state need to get in front of this before they get further steamrolled by it. Please.

Anonymous said...

@9:05 "....who will shake things up a bit"? Lynn Fitch? ROFLMAO. She's window dressing for the idiots in Jackson (as a distraction) yet like them thinks she's entitled to keep a state funded job where she does NOTHING (like Jim Hood) and just goes to meetings everyday to appear she does something valuable. Pass on Fitch.....Mississippi has enough useless idiots with law degrees from OM that couldn't make it outside Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

One big question - did the state employees that were there at 10 am put in for personal leave time? I even saw a member of the State Parole Board there - Kathy Henry and she was going around the Capitol trying to get Capitol staff to come to the press conference. Kathy - you need to be at work at 10 am in the morning. I guess this means Phil Bryant's appointee (Kathy's husband Mark) to the Worker's Comp Board is also involved in the campaign? Remember Bryant and Mark Henry, the appointment has to be confirmed by the State Senate!

Anonymous said...

One person is the author of 4-5 comments above. Welcome to Trollville.

Anonymous said...

You attempt to smear detractors of Lynn Fitch as mysogonists (woman haters) is a weak argument in defense her public failings. You see, there are many competent women leaders in MS State Government (Melinda McGrath comes to mind) and you don't hear negative comments because they are getting the job done.

Your misandry(man hate), on the other hand, shows clearly though. Like most leftists/feminists you can't hide your jealousy and contempt for white men. You would rather destroy society than conform to the high standards set by those who granted you the rights to run your mouth without painful consequences.

Anonymous said...

As Phil rounds up the cardboard boxes and prepares his last meal menu, will he pardon his daughter for the disastrous guidance she's provided the Madison County Board of Supervisors?

Anonymous said...

10:49, we're both right. Is this a great country or what?

Anonymous said...

Geez......every time a read the comments on most posts, I think about Louis CK's standup about the pony.

Anonymous said...

The "boys" have decided. You just comply.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi will soon have a new business opportunity, Bobble heads of Lynn Fitch, Delbert Hosemann and Tate Reeves. Wait - they are real bobble heads already. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

The haters are out in force. Fear is and always has been a major driver of hate. And it is strong in the comments on this post. Clearly a couple repetitive commenters are driving the hate train.

Anonymous said...

The only fear is having Fitch as Attorney General! Can you imagin Tate as Governor, Delbert as Lt Governor, and Fitch as AG? OMG what a comic that could be.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the shoot yourself in the foot low information gop voters!

Anonymous said...

Fitch is an incompetent opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Hillary was right. The illegitimate "Russian Puppet" is a Russian Puppet!

Anonymous said...

Soon the folks who support these people who kowtow to Trump, will know your minority is getting smaller by the day.

Anonymous said...

Two, maybe three commenters on here are literally “shaking in their boots”. Loving it!

Anonymous said...

This Fitch-challenge was posted two days ago and, still, no response:

"OK 9:05..Here's a simple challenge for you. Please list five positive things she has done in her entire career as a state employee. Actually it's OK if you list only three."

Anonymous said...

"The only fear is having Fitch as Attorney General! Can you imagin Tate as Governor, Delbert as Lt Governor, and Fitch as AG? OMG what a comic that could be."

Hell, the REAL FEAR is Little Lord Fauntleroy a.k.a Triple Cheese Tater-Thot-maximus becoming our next Governor.

I could tolerate Fitch as A.G. and Delbert as L.G.

But no way in hell do you give Tate Reeves a got'damn promotion after the sh*t he's pulled off for the last 14 years. He f*cked up the PERS retirement fund as Treasurer. He ran the Senate like a dictator as Lt. Governor.

He's Mississippi's version of Mitch McConnell, who in their right mind would promote Mitch McConnell from the US Senate to the Presidency? Mississippi should think of that when it comes to Tate Reeves.

Anonymous said...

It’s amazing how the old guard that only wants their chosen to be elected. Of course their chosen are all male and from Rankin County. Just because Ms. Fitch doesn’t do want they want they put out that she’s a rhino, a demo and haven’t done this or that. She’s not the one with millions of $ in her campaign chest using it to try influence elections other than their own. MsFitch is the most qualified of any of the candidates running for AG.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:20pm

"She’s not the one with millions of $ in her campaign chest using it to try influence elections other than their own. MsFitch is the most qualified of any of the candidates running for AG."

Nah, homey! Don't get it twisted, she ain't hurting for money either. LOL!!!

I think she'll be an o.k. A.G. where she won't pander to that Tea Party rhetoric just to get elected to office. Tater will use that garbage to get elected.

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