Thursday, May 5, 2016

Governor signs airport takeover bill

 Read collection of posts about Jackson airport and its history.

Governor Phil Bryant signed the airport takeover bill yesterday.

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber  responded with this statement:

 The City of Jackson maintains its position that this unconscionable legislation hijacks the City's authority to operate its municipal airports. Gov. Phil Bryant's signing of the bill shows he has sided with the cell of lawmakers and entrepreneurs commissioned to commandeer the City's municipal airports. We will not yield to the legislation, but will challenge its constitutionality. Senate Bill 2162 is unconstitutional and not supported by either state or federal law. Be assured that the officials with the City of Jackson will continue to stand up for its citizenry when it comes to unconstitutional measures.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Yarber can pay for the legal bills out of the special 1 cent sales tax collections. He's just killed any prospect of future legislative help for Jackson. Terminal decline velocity in 3 ... 2 ... 1.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Yarber's statements to the Council Tuesday night, he probably assumes he can use what he considers to be his personal slush fund for this, despite the law allowing the sales tax to be enacted. Obviously his definition of oversight and the legislature's are coming from a different dictionary.

Anonymous said...

doubt the FAA approves this; if it does, good chance a court disables it.

Anonymous said...

The State of Mississippi created and has legal oversight over the cities. FAA has nothing to approve and courts as well.

Anonymous said...


The state has provided no help, so there's no theoretical golden goose to kill. Do you believe the present legislature would really help?

Rankpublicans rule!

Anonymous said...

Why do so many refer to this as a takeover? Jackson still has the MAJORITY say so and gets ALL the revenue. So what is being taken?? What I see as being taken are positions to many politicians use as pay back or favors for buddies.
Several major carriers have left the airport. I heard an interview with a lady from the board who had no idea what is going on out there. She could not answer any of the questions and made some comment about that is what other people are out there to do (answer questions).
What is the harm in having some say from Rankin, Madison and some one with avionic experience? Some correction needs to be made at that airport.
Yarber spending taxpayer money on a legal fight in this case is absurd and completely unnecessary.

David Boor said...

... doubt the FAA approves this; if it does, good chance a court disables it.

937th time you've posted that here.

Anonymous said...

1:14 PM The State gave the green light to the special sales tax collection. So much for "no help".

1:20 PM Another salient question is where does JMAA or CoJ conjure up the money to even begin and pay for the legal fight.

Kingfish said...

JMAA has $17 million in unrestricted cash. The board can continue this fight as long as it gets an injunction before July 1.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps JMAA does need help. Maybe we can appoint one of the people from Madison County who approved the Parkway East deal. And then we can appoint someone from Rankin County who approved the Trustmark Park deal.

Kingfish said...


Anonymous said...

Draining the unrestricted cash balance into a legal fight hiring more board friendly legal help. The legal battle will continue until there is, oh, about $1m remaining. Win, lose or draw, sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

1:20 - because the counties of Madison, Rankin and Hinds (except for Jackson) do not own this facility. You own your own trailer - albeit might be in a Pearl trailer park where you rent the land under it. But you have the right to manage your trailer in the manner you want (as long as it is not for an illegal activity) no matter if the folks in Brandon think it hurts their city.

The land surrounding the airport - which is not part of the airport itself - is owned by the City of Jackson. Why should some Rankin Countian get to determine how that land is developed, just because it will help the development around it?

If Jackson wants to develop the property surrounding the airport - and not part of the airport property itself - they should get to do so. If, however, they like other landowners choose to wait until the market is better for their purposes, they should get to let it sit idle. Just like you could do if your trailer was sitting on 4 acres of prime real estate in Florence. Just because someone else wants to develop the 3 vacant acres because it will help their adjoining tattoo parlor doesn't mean they have the right to do so, even if you reap some of the profits.

This is not about the operation of the airport Read the statements from the supporters of the bill. The rational they give is because it is "an economic driver" for the area, therefore they get a say-so in the development.

And just because some of the appointments come from Hinds County (not Jackson, the owner) the issue there is who appoints them. They are not appointed by the owner of the property, which is the City of Jackson.

I will be at the front of the line if the state wants to come in and take over "ALL" of Jackson - its current leaership is totally incompetent. But to take the operation they want because of the valuable assets it controls, and leave the rest to decay is nothing but crony capitalist greed done by the folks that sit in the kings chair.

Anonymous said...

@2:12- if someone wanted to take away your property, and you had the cash available to hire professional help to stop it (via the courts in this case) wouldn't you use your resources to do so - rather than just turn those resources over to the folks that want to take the cash, and the land, and the business away from you.

Hope they fight this with every penny that it takes to put a stop to this land grab. For Republicans to think that eminent domain was a bad policy this shows their true colors - its ok when you are the one doing the taking, or profiting from the taking.

Anonymous said...

The coffee at the gates is horrendous. Can you imagine an airport with wretched coffee? If they don't care about that I doubt they care about anything else. My dream is just once, wretchedly hungover from client dinner the night before, heading to Dallas, and I get to the gates and there is fresh coffee from one of our local coffee houses, and maybe donuts from a local supplier - fresh and hot and all doughy - hmmmmmmmmmmm - what a way to start the day! But, we all just sit and drink crap because we have to. Shame!

Anonymous said...

Oh great! $17,000,000.00 in unrestricted cash for Uncle Tony to sling around. This reminds me of Blackmon & Byrd and the tobakee money. I can't wait to see who is the next generation of set aside millionaire lawyers are. I bet chokeweed,Jr. wishes that he had kept his mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember back in the day when Southwest furnished donuts at their gate for their passengers. Had to quit when American and United passengers started helping themselves to a fresh one.

Anonymous said...


So, your grand vision is to get a good cup of coffee? Why don't you get up 15 minutes early and stop by one of those local establishments? Anything else you need JMAA to do for you? Pick up your dry cleaning?

Anonymous said...

Damn what a concept for government. The state should take over the airport because one hungover drunk doesn't like the coffee.

Never mind that the airport doesn't grow, grind, brew, or sell any coffee. That is the job of the vendors. Why don't you and your clients that enjoy a big nighttime dinner invest in a (name your brand) coffeehouse to locate within the terminal? The JMAA would be more than happy to lease you some space.

Anonymous said...

With friends like 8:07 it is obvious that they'll accept turning JAN into a Greyhound bus stop instead of an airport.

8:07 here said...

No. I'd rather see it remain an airport. But, it is Jackson's to do with as it wants. If Rankin County, or the state, wants an airport let them build themselves one. Or they could negotiate a purchase.

If they want to talk about regionalism and important aspects to the area, take over the sewage treatment plant. It needs better management, and it does affect the state's environment.

Or, take over the entire city. Its leadership shows the need for someone else to come in and manage it - although with this legislature I'm not sure the state could do any better.

But if Jackson wants to turn JAN into a bus stop, who's business is it except for Jackson's?

Anonymous said...

4:09 must be Harkins flying to California again. I hope he gets some free peanuts or no telling what kind of bill he will file next time.

Anonymous said...

you say "Take over the entire city" but yet you want to let that same city run the airport into the freaking ground? You can not have it both ways. You see a problem and you present a solution. Am I the only one that has noticed that the only time that the airport has been so "proactive" has been since Harkins filed this bill. It is amazing how shining a light will make some get up and move..

BTW, this is not private property and they are not being financially harmed. If you think otherwise then put some proof up or shut your mouth!

Anonymous said...

To the coffee drinker:
I drink coffee too but am never hung over and have flown into other small airports. This ain't Dallas.
Go to the restaurant in our airport and if you don't like their coffee either, then have some " hair of the dog" and get a Screwdriver or Bloody Mary . If nothing else, it might improve your attitude!
You aren't a market that makes Starbucks want to open a kiosk!
Get over yourself!

Anonymous said...

This Governor has made it quite clear and for the record: In Mississippi what's right and wrong is relative depending on who's going to benefit. It's still us against them!

Anonymous said...

Capt. Hyperbole reporting for duty @ 1:40.

Anonymous said...

@10:52. Let me see if I can make it simple enough for you. Yes - I think Jackson's management of the city is poor. If it were possible for the state to take over the city and manage it better, then that would be fine with me.

Yes - I think Jackson owns the airport and whether it is being run to your satisfaction, or if the coffee is not up to your expectations, or if you can't buy a newspaper out there any time of day, or whatever - it is the property of the City of Jackson. And when the control of your property is taken away from you, it is the equivalent of taking your property.

The sudden 'proactive' stance you raise is actually in reverse. All this land that is now the reason for taking this property has been there for years. BUT, it was not developable until the last year - since the building of the road through Dogwood. A road that was built by Rankin County and by the JMAA. Until that road existed, there was not a great deal of green space that 'needed to be developed' for the good of the area. So - the apparant reason for the timing of the bill was that all of a sudden there was several thousand acres of commercial land. Land, that BTW, should be used for business development that is related to an airport, not another strip shopping center with barber shops, yogurt shops, and of course, a good specialty coffee shop.

This is not private property. But it is property that belongs to the city of Jackson. If and when they want to develop these couple thousand acres of commmercial property should be up to them. Yes, it is exactly the same as one's private property. If you lose control over it, you have effectively lost it - individual, corporate, government, whichever. Please explain why the citizens of Jackson that own this property should have the citizens of Madison and Rankin manage it.

Anonymous said...

2:25 - Capt. Hyperbole is correct. what other reason can be given to support so many of his actions.

Anonymous said...

You people really want the airport to continue to be run like Jackson.
It is a regional airport which includes Rankin and Madison. That is a stupid
suggestion to say let them build their own airport. What do you think would happen to "Jackson's" airport? Where do you think people would prefer and feel safer flying into Jackson or Madison?
For Yarber and Stokes to be raising so much cain over simply putting a body from Madison and Rankin and someone with avionic experience (which seems like common sense to me) on the board and Jackson still gets the revenue and controlling interest shows exactly why it needs to be done.
Shouldn't Jackson be interested in making that airport much better? Jackson is the one who will profit--not Rankin or Madison.

Still noone here has addressed the fact that the airport is in NO way being "taken over". Once AGAIN the money and controlling interest stays with Jackson.

Anonymous said...

This Bill is only as good as the people appointed to the Airport Board. Phil Bryant needs to grab a broom and sweep the current board out!

Anonymous said...

Chicken Little agrees with Capt. Hyperbole and @3:02 PM barfs up what has already been puked here so many times before.

Anonymous said...

@3:14 - you can keep on saying it but it doesn't make it true. Jackson, the city, does not have controlling interest on the proposed new board. There will be five citizens from Hinds County, but that doesn't mean from Jackson. Even if they are from Jackson, they aren't appointed by Jackson's leaders. Would be the same as letting the Mayor of Meridian pick five people from Jackson to be on the board. It would not be Jackson's selection.

And besides - why should Madison or Rankin have anyone on the board of what is agreed to be Jackson's airport. Just because some people in Rankin want them? Hardly a reason.

And the money does not stay with Jackson. It stays with the airport, for the operation of the airport. The only money that "stays with Jackson" is the sales tax generated within the airport itself - that part of the property that is part of the city of Jackson.

Any profits from selling or leasing the land goes to the airport, which will be managed by people other than Jackson. Any sales tax generated from property that is not part of the land within the city limits will go to Flowood. The only part of the land that is within the city of Jackson is the land that the airport itself (terminal, runways, flight approach, etc) is located. The rest of the land - 2/3 of the total - is not in the city of Jackson but is owned by the city.

And for some reason you think you have the right to run it. No ownership, but because you live close to it, you have some 'right'. Hell of a concept of property rights you have, comrade.

Anonymous said...

Jackson can not even run their own city. Look at the cesspool. There are other people using the airport, not just people from Jackson. Not everyone enjoys being mugged, car jacked, or shot. Not everyone is looking for drugs or prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

@6:44 First, why not have someone from Rankin and Madison on the board? Why not try to get people on the board who will hopefully run it much better?

In your own statement the money will stay in Jackson. It seems you are saying nothing is changing from what is happening right now.

The board desperately needs to be changed. Again I heard a female board member being interviewed and it was beyond sad. She has no idea what is going on out there. She even said something like that is what other people can take care of.

Look at the decisions being made in Jackson. Stokes gets on tv to spout thugs in Jackson throw rocks etc at the police and comment crimes in the surrounding area and make it past the city limit sign back into Jackson and you will find safety and protection here. The mayor is doing whatever--not sure what--see nothing. Who is Jackson's leaders????
By the way I live in the city of Jackson for now. I can not think of one "city leader" who I think is capable of putting the best interest of the airport and the people using it at the top of their priority list. If they were able to do so it would have been done long before this bill was signed.

If a part of the land is in Flowood than Flowood should get the taxes.
OK Hinds county people will be appointed ok that is fine. Neither Rankin nor Madison is in Hinds county. So they will not have "controlling" interest.
It is what is considered a REGIONAL AIRPORT. If the "leaders" of Jackson's intent is to bring in more business and compete on a bigger scale than this
kindergarten attitude of it's mine mine mine needs to stop. I long for one "leader" to actually put the citizens interest first. Jackson needs to work with this new board to build up the airport. It could be the best thing to ever happen for the airport give it a try before you jump up and down screaming about how unfair and racist everybody is being.

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