Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Faces

Uh-oh.  Remember the fella who claimed he was beaten to a pulp by the police at the Ole Miss-LSU game and then denied medical treatment while in jail? Even posted pictures of his beaten face on Facebook (pun intended).  Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.   WREG posted the booking photo of Chris Barnes and lets just say it appears he looks much better in the jailhouse photo than he does in the Facebook photo. Judge for yourself.

WREG also reported:

The stark difference led WREG to call the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office. They told us Barnes had been involved in another altercation inside the jail. They wouldn’t divulge any other details. Rest of story.
Feel free to speculate in the comments on what really happened. 

Earlier post with video and pictures


Anonymous said...

Interesting wardrobe change. Jacket makes sense but not the shirt, not after getting your ass beat.

Col. Reb Sez said...

It had already been reported that he was beaten in the jail after first being punched in the face by a rogue cop. It does not change the fact that the rent-a-cop slugged him in the face. Nor does it change the fact that they didn't immediately call an ambulance to take him to the hospital after his beating.

Let's accept the fact that he was brutally beaten in the jail. Let's also put the cop who hit him in the face in jail for say 10 years. Let's also hold whoever is responsible for denying him medical aid responsible.

Anonymous said...

Put the cop in jail for ten years? Are you a student at Mizzou? Do you need Mommy to dry your tears and bring some hot cocoa into your safe space every time something doesn't go your way?

There was a day when a man took a punch that he was asking for and shook it off, cop or no cop. Now in our litigious asshole world, any touching results in calls to Richard Schwartz and double cheese bagels like Col. Reb up there demanding felony jail time.

I'm a long time Ole Miss fan and I've been around my share of obnoxious, liquored-up fans (more LSU Tigers and Tuscaloosa Tree Poisoners than others) and a lot of them NEEDED a punch in the face to shut them up. You sound far more like a limp wristed undergrad crying because her safe space was invaded than a grown man who realizes a butthole (who was so drunk and obnoxious that he was still pissing off people in the hoosegow, then hid behind his wife's skirt to make it look like the cops did the real damage) sometimes needs five across the lips.

The other guys in jail knew that and taught him well.

Go pull for MSU, home of the end zone hashtag, if you're that wimpy.

Anonymous said...

It's people like him that prevent so many, myself included, from going to sporting events with larger crowds. There seems to always be at least one in the crowd that can't handle their liquor. They make a complete ass of themselves and ruin what should have been a good time for others. His behavior prior to what was shown in the video is what instigated the problem and now he (and his wife) trying to get public sympathy. Pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

Not complying with police. Hmmm. It seems like some of you on here are fine with him being drunk and yelling profanities, and then not complying with orders from security. I wager that if his skin were a bit darker these same people would scream "thug deserved it."

we all saw the video. this is the result of his own actions. the us military should investigate this person. we don't need soldiers who disrespect police

Anonymous said...

Leave it too the diverse tolerant Ole Miss fans to advocate for acceptable levels of physical violence.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to wait for the real story. The black tee shirt is apparently the bottom layer of clothing even in the first shot. So, the layers were taken off prior to the booking photo. I don't recall ever seeing a booking photo with lets say a hoodie on. Anyway, why was he beaten in jail? Were the inmates running free to beat him? Did it occur prior to going into a cell? Did it occur in a cell? Lets get the facts first.

Road Block said...

Let's get something clear. Right or wrong, the officer who punched him was not a 'renta cop'. He was and is a sworn officer of a municipal police department. These off duty officers are trying to make a weekend buck and will return to duty at home the next day or on Monday.

Renta cops are people in uniform, usually unarmed (but sometimes armed), who are on contract assignment from an agency to which a fee is paid.

And to the guy who earlier claimed he saw a bus-load of officers heading to Oxford, yes, those are renta-cops, not sworn officers, but people hired to work traffic, gates and parking lots. They are NOT sworn officers. They have been contracted by the athletic department and are provided by an agency that employs guards and others.

Again, this is to clarify, not to argue right or wrong of the officer that has been suspended.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 6:16. Glad to know there are still a few real men left out there.

Arrest That Officer!!! said...

7:14 - Tolerance: the mantra of the weak-kneed, limp-wristed, everyone's-a-snowflake left.

Sorry, but I don't want people to be tolerant of this butthole and his behavior, and I do not consider unbridled tolerance to be the chief end of civilized man like someone who has spent too much time cloistered in a northeastern ivory tower.

Sorry, cupcake, but the safe space you have staked out in your parents' bonus room is not the real world. In reality there is often a legitimate and justified need for physical violence. Just look to San Bernardino for a prime example.

God, I weep for a society where a drunk asshole gets punched and a significant portion of the population are filled with bloodlust for the LEO over the jerk who's half in the bag, spitting out obscenities in front of children. If there's another war on American soil, the enemy should start at the nation's universities. There they will find legions of sissified, "tolerant" children whose reflexive response will be HANDS UP!

Anonymous said...

It can take hours or days for swelling and brushing to show up

Anonymous said...

Col Reb, drunk and commenting at 3am standing up for the guy who showed his ass at a ball game, made the game miserable for those around him, lied about injuries so that he could get money from, among others, his own school. The fact you cling to your moniker is not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Shut down the Grove. Produces drunk obscenity spitting assholes.

Anonymous said...

Did he also get a haircut on the way to the hospital?

Anonymous said...

@8:24...Bulls*$t. Look closely at the pictures. The Officer in the stadium DID NOT inflict the injuries to the punk that his wife would want you to believe. She is playing the situation for sympathy and a lawsuit. I think the wife beat his ass afterward for being such a dumbass obnoxious drunk! Now she is trying to cover her tracks.

Anonymous said...

Funny how there's been no media coverage about the guy that was murdered by the Southhaven Police department. If you believe the Southhaven PD's story that he overdosed on LSD, then I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale. Noone has ever overdosed on LSD. The guy suffocated as a result of the police officers not following protocol.

Anonymous said...

Boy Holly, bet you feel like a dumb@@&. This clown was the total problem. If he had shut his mouth he wouldn't have gotten whipped in the jail and the police wouldn't of had to remove him with force.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he should have been bobbing and weaving.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some people think when cops arrest a mean drunk they get their own cell. This isn't Mayberry. Drunks are all thrown in the same cell together. A mean drunk can sometimes be taught a lesson by other drunks that just want to sleep one off.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

8:24 knows his or her stuff. No mystery here.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and sitting not too far from this incident. This guy was out of control and needed someone in authority to get his attention. I was raised that when a security officer/police tell you to do something you say "yes sir" and not get smart with them.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is a land shark supporter? He doesn't even have on a red/blue bow tie.

Anonymous said...

8:24 Oh, please. If the cop had beat him up like the wife claims, you could see bruises or cuts or something in his booking picture. Too many people who were near this incident at Ole Miss now say he was very drunk and causing problems. All he had to do was cooperate with the authorities and leave the stadium with someone who could get him home safely, and probably none of this would have happened. Don't know what happened in the jail, but you can bet he was still drunk there and showing out there, too.

Anonymous said...

"... Noone has ever overdosed on LSD. The guy suffocated as a result of the police officers not following protocol. ..." December 4, 2015 at 9:32 AM

Oh, REALLY? No such thing? From Wikipedia's LSD page ( "... Massive doses require supportive care, which may include endotracheal intubation or respiratory support. OVERDOSE has been recorded at 1,000 to 7,000μg per 100ml & 2.1 to 26 ng per ml in serum concentrations of the tartrate salt form. High blood pressure, tachycardia (rapid heart-beat) and hyperthermia, if present, should be treated symptomatically. ..."

Anonymous said...

How bad must Col Reb must have been tormented as a child to want to incarcerate someone 10 years for punching a belligerent, drunk asshole? Must have been hell growing up in his small loafers. Ease off the little man syndrome and learn some perspective, Col Reb.

Anonymous said...


Bully Bellard Bone Bowl said...

FINS up! Don't shoot!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit?

Anonymous said...

Cops have every right to put out an eye if the perp refuses any official request. He's lucking they didn't break his arms when they cuffed him. And the wife is just trailer trash. Go back to Alabama.

Billie Klubb said...

9:50; This is NOT about how YOU were raised and nobody gives a shit what you might do in this situation. It's about police training and why the officer failed to follow his training mandate.

Being drunk and unruly entitles one to be arrested and earns one a trip to the drunk tank. Being drunk doesn't suspend police protocol and give them a pass to punch-a-drunk.

The resulting severity of the blow(s) is not the issue here (for his employer to weigh). It's the fact that a trained police officer struck a guy in the face. Again, it makes not one shit how you were raised. If all police were told to 'just act according to how you were raised', we might have mayhem. Oh wait!

Anonymous said...

3 pain in the a$$ words come to mind. Duty of Care.

Anonymous said...

The clarion ledger has a picture of him smiling with a bandage on his eye. Guess that destroys the whole "denied medical coverage" she was telling us.

Looks like he lied, she blew it up, and now both are looking like petty liars.

And if you don't want to get your arse beat by the cops, don't go resisting and throwing elbows around while drunk. Typical ole miss fan

Anonymous said...

Some folks just need a good ass whipping.

Anonymous said...

Scenario one : he's been arrested before and this photo has been doctored with the date conspicuously placed to make it look like the night of the incident.

Scenario two: after being booked, he got his a$$ whooped even further in the drunk tank ( the jail/ police would still be on the hook for damages, presumably).

Scenario three: after getting out of jail, someone ( perhaps a friend) beat him and took him to the hospital in an effort win the ghetto lottery.

Pick one scenario or intertwine several to make it an NCIS night. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Never seen someone who was so deserving of an ass whipping. (Never seen the wife tho)

Anonymous said...

Ever seen NOPD at work during Mardi Gras? The have to move and move quickly to head off bigger problems, no questions asked. It may appear brutal, but it's necessary. Get drunk and elbow a cop? NOPD and UPD know what needs to be done before a situation gets out of hand.

Jack said...

You can't handle the truth.

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