Sunday, December 13, 2015

If you see something, say something

Governor Phil Bryant issued the following press release:

Gov. Phil Bryant , State, and Federal Officials to Hold Press Conference
"If You See Something, Say Something" Awareness Campaign

JACKSON—Governor Phil Bryant will hold a press conference with state and federal officials on the Department of Homeland Security "If You See Something, Say Something" awareness campaign.

WHO: Governor Phil Bryant, Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, Mississippi Army National Guard, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Homeland Security Investigations

WHAT: "If You See Something, Say Something" awareness press conference

WHEN: Monday, December 14, 2015 at 10:15 a.m.

WHERE: First Floor, Department of Public Safety Headquarters, 1900 E. Woodrow Wilson Ave, Jackson, MS 39216



Anonymous said...

And after you say something, the ACLU and CAIR will sue yurass into bankruptcy

Anonymous said...

I have reported illegal immigrants working at construction sites in Ridgeland to the governor's office for several years.

I was ignored every time.

Another useless presser by a useless politician.

Anonymous said...

I see Feel! How in the hell did deputy feel get to be governor feel??

Anonymous said...

Be sure to say something. We will let you slide if it is a white person. If it is a minority or one of the imports you will be hounded to hell and back.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?... these people are coming for help and a fresh new start. No different than founding fathers did. We need to be more sensitive as a whole and show compassion as a nation. Please allow those who wish to enter in this welcoming country. No need for the nasty vetting and hogwash. Give it a rest fox news.

Anonymous said...

If you something, say something...

Greg Giraldo, how we need you now.

Anonymous said...

9:33 You are apparently ignorant of the fact that when my ancestors came there was no welfare, food stamps, EBT cards, Medicaid, etc - no entitlement programs whatsoever. Following the biblical precepts, which were reinforced in secular terms in Jamestown, VA in 1419 - you worked or you starved. Period.

It is a little known fact that 1/3 of the European immigrants to the USA in the 19th century found it too hard to succeed here so they went back.

And, of course, they respected US law and immigrated here legally. And there was no such thing as an anchor baby to start the never-ending flow of entitlements for those who never contributed anything to society.

If you see something, shoot it. said...

Department of Homeland Security is run by a Muslim. Don't expect them to take any preventative actions against any of their fellow Muslims.

Meaningless Presser Alert said...

'See Something, Say Something', is a do-nothing, Feel-Good gimmick. Just like Barbara Bush and "Just Say No". Nothing has ever been accomplished by 'say something'. If you 'say something' you will be met by "I can't do anything unless they actually break a law and you swear out an affidavit.

If you want to 'see something' take a pothole tour of the 'trailer park' in central, downtown-Canton and look at a hundred dilapidated trailer shells populated with illegals. You will not be able to drive over 3 miles an hour because of the craters in the roadway. And after you have 'seen something' you will indeed 'say something', like.....'Get me the hell back to civilization!'

Anonymous said...

Someone please report 9:33 to the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Give it a break guys, this is about more than reporting seeing a suspected Mexican waiting tables at El Sombrero. You may have missed the news, there is some bad stuff going on and we do need to take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

9:15 You asked how the deputy became governor. He was elected by the people, read that as the majority who voted for the Republican governor. If that displeases you, there are 49 other states that you can move to and from your comment, Illinois (around the Chicago area) would probably suit you just fine. Please "feel" free to move there.

Anonymous said...

The Jamestown settlement was in 1607. They had one Vicar. The had a governing elected council with Capt. Wingfield elected president. They were German and English and not a religious sect.

In short order, a Portuguese ship delivered 20 slaves to help them with the tobacco.

You are probably thinking of the Puritans at Plymouth but their religious order did not last very long once secularly inclined people came. Indeed, while they broke off into small groups, one of which settled in Salem and killed witches, the fact is the Puritans didn't last long as a religious sect.

And, you should look at the ship manifests of the Puritans and the Jamestown settlers. The were given tools and supplies to start colonies.

No there wasn't " welfare" but there was for both colonies , was sharing of what food did exist and living a communal life . Do you really think one man built the edifices? Do you think each woman did the sewing for just her family? Good grief , women made quilts together for a reason into the 20th century. You cannot efficiently do some work alone!

Early immigrants were also given free land and later on there were land grants.

None of the early settlers made those who became ill or infirm work but rather took care of them. Neighbors looked after neighbors.

Yes, it was a harsh existence but so was living in Europe if you were not wealthy.

Even during the Depression, the descendants of my early settlers , fixed large meals at midday and those in the immediate area who didn't have enough food were welcomed. Neighbors joined together to raise barns and repair neighbors homes. The joined together to make ditches where needed, and clear land.

If your ancestors were actually FFVs, I am stunned you don't know this.

Anonymous said...

Did some of you miss that this is about Homeland Security and you should be on the alert for terrorists not illegal immigrants?

You are to report suspicious activity or radical rants or alarming behaviors/ erratic behaviors/behavior changes.

If you see someone carrying pipes and wiring into a house and there's no plumber's or electrician trucks or bags of fertilizer into an apartment, there's your hint of something to report.

If you are at a gun show and someone who seems crazier than 10 yard dogs is buying assault weapons, maybe you should say something!

God save us from !

Anonymous said...

It is a little known fact that 1/3 of the European immigrants to the USA in the 19th century found it too hard to succeed here so they went back.


Buys Pressure Cookers On Ebay said...

7:34; Please give two example of what I might see that I should report? But, let me guess:

Somebody in the checkout line at Wal Mart with eleven pressure cookers in his basket.

A guy in Mulsim Garb at Ace Hardware asking them to cut three twelve foot pipes into 11 inch sections.

Somebody buying gun powder, primer and boxes of nails at Bass Pro Shop.

Hell.........I'll just wait for YOUR list.

PS: Every March I buy a dozen huge bags of fertilizer and quietly carry them into a shed in my back yard. Please don't report me. I'm Baptist.

Anonymous said...

I believe that was Nancy Reagan that termed "Just say No".
Not 100% sure but I think that's right....

Anonymous said...

Dorset Carson please stop posting. You should be busy with the Banks recount.

Anonymous said...

When did the U.S. become the dumping ground for rejects from other countries? Now we not only welcome the trash, we will go and get them. What do the people of America expect. The politicians find the rejects in other countries, use tax payers money to ship them to the U.S. use the tax payers money to support them, and set back and wait for the votes that pour in with guarantees of another term.
Results are life long politicians who know nothing about life other than spending tax payers money while stuffing all they can in their own pocket.

Anonymous said...

7:25; Might have been Nancy who initially said it, or was told to say it, but it was Miss Barbara who popularized it. Regardless, it was as totally meaningless as Fordice's "Litter Free by 2003!"

Anonymous said...

This is what I see: an idiot career republican politician (I know, all that's very redundant) preying on the fears of the gun tottin Bubbas in our state. All the while the politician is filling his pockets with donations & getting richer by the minute off the fears of people who don't know any better.

Ok. I reported it. I've done my service.

John Dough said...

I see a governor whose DFA minions are posting "no guns" signs on all "their" state buildings, in spite of the fact that guns are legal there. That makes state employees and visitors doing business with the state very soft targets for terrorists, and makes the governor and agencies complicit in any such attack. So I'm saying something - the governor, DFA chief and AG are all wrong in trying to help the terrorists instead of following the law.

Anonymous said...

This campaign has been in use by US Homeland Security for over 10 years, and has been around in Mississippi since at least 2008. Looks like Barnes and Santa Cruz are trying to stay relevant and useful -- nice try!

Anonymous said...

Is this another unnecessary $1million campaign given as an emergency contract to the boys at Frontier? I can see them producing some goofy commercials with Phil, Albert and other impotent people talking about how great Phil's wife is and how she deserves to be protected from the Syrian refugees.Are we going to be told to hitch up our britches and strap on our gun belt each morning in order to protect our great state from those who want to do us harm?

Anonymous said...

some redneck, somewhere ( if not a mob of rednecks) is going to turn this 'campaign' into a 'isa gonna report the peepul I don't like' and cause one hek of a headache for law enforcement. Not to mention the dramatic soccer moms. Oh boy.
Fox News ( CNN, MSNBC et al) has got the fear a pumpin' and trump is fanning the flames.

Today I heard, " they're letting Muslims in the country!" Newsflash. They're already here and have been here for quite sometime.

Anonymous said...

3:38-you are exactly right. I can see Josh running up to Gubner Feel saying, "hey look at this snappy new plan...we use the Mrs. Gubner Feel to show we like women. What ya thank? Ya like? Or what about you jumping out of a phone booth with a big superman cape on to save our state? What ya thank? Ya like? It'll only cost $2 million. That's $1.8 fer me and then $200k for someone else to do all the werk. What ya thank? Ya like?" Most corrupt state in the nation. Sorriest excuse for leadership. A bunch of dumba$$ Bubbas who keep re-electing the same bullshit. The bullshit keeps saying the same rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

10:32am. It was Nancy. She was the one who did all the PSA's with celebrities and lead the entire "Just Say No" campaign. Barbara may have continued it (maybe), but that was Nancy's baby through and through.

Anonymous said...

8:45, Grow Up!! Bottom line. This is a serious issue. Your little cutesy comments and play on words might be best suited for kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

8:45.. Please by all means if you feel our great State is the most corrupt and our Leaders are the worst.. GET THE HELL OUT..

Anonymous said...

"7:25; Might have been Nancy who initially said it, or was told to say it, but it was Miss Barbara who popularized it. Regardless, it was as totally meaningless as Fordice's "Litter Free by 2003!" "
December 14, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Well, apparently Nancy popularized it, because....

Anonymous said...

Someone said this was only for terrorists and not for illegals. I'm confused. Who are we supposed to be afraid of this week? Are we sure this isn't a government plot to get you to spy on your neighbors? Which group am I buying more guns to fend off? Terrorists, illegals, or the government? Have new groups been added that I should also be terrified of that I'm not aware of?

Anonymous said...

Phil Bryant became State Auditor after Steve Patterson pleaded guilty in court for a felony. His wife was driving a Range Rover with an undercover tag that had been issued to the Department of Audit for investigative use. Patterson signed a statement that the SUV had been in a garage in Greenwood being worked on. The "garage" turned out to be a "fire apparatus" company. No balls AG Mike Moore refused to do anything about it until Kim Sweet from WLBT and Liz Carroll from WAPT started turning up the heat in early 1996. When Patterson cut his deal to resign, Cowboy Phil went to Kirk Fordice (who must have been dementia early on" and asked to be appointed as State Auditor. So you have a Deputy Sheriff who ran for supervisor in Rankin County against Larry Swales and got his ass beat! He then ran for the House and was elected riding Trigger, then was appointed Auditor. We really have Kirk Fordice to thanks for Cowboy Phil! Remember that Bryant always said that Mike Moore was the best AG he ever worked with!

Anonymous said...

Phil spoke on this the other day at DPS and the irony was lost on all who attended. They have turned the first floor of DPS into a museum to the past. It contains items from the "good ole days" of the highway patrol but nothing about the future of law enforcement. The leadership was in the museum where they should stay. They have no clue about fighting terrorism. There is no "Terrorism" check box on the troopers ticket book.

sam hilliker said...

The teacher in Texas said something about the clock boy..and how well did that turn out??? He got invited to the Whitehouse.

Anonymous said...

9:13 am Are you really that clueless?

Are you like the mother of the San Bernardino terrorists who should have been concerned but chose to be blind or their next door neighbor?

Are you like the mother whose son killed all those children in Sandy Hook who thought a gun hobby would be good for a mentally ill child?

Are you like the countless people who didn't report Facebook posts that should have been warnings?

I am so sick of those who couch all issues in the absurd extremes as if there is no rational middle ever!

And, your worry about your fertilizer purchases putting you in the crosshairs borders on paranoia so maybe you do bear watching!

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned about who is going to answer the phone and decide how the information is handled -- will it be some idiot at DPS who is being punished for screwing someone's wife in the stairwell and doesn't give a shit; or will it be a person with a brain who knows what to do when there is a real threat.

I have ZERO confidence in the troopers ability to do this correctly.

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