Sunday, September 6, 2015

Deal of the day

Found this great deal on the Smith & Wesson Sporter AR-15 online:

Click on image to enlarge

Shipping is FREE!  You can order hereS&W makes one of the better AR-15's that are priced under $1,000.  I've seen this particular rifle come already zeroed fresh out of the box.  If you wish to purchase, Thad McLaurin will handle the transaction for you.  There is a $26.75 fee per item transferred.  His email is  He can also order accessories if you decide to customize the rifle. 


Anonymous said...

What "sport" does one practice with this rifle?

Anonymous said...

10:49, these are made for the SPORT of protecting you and your family against thugs and mine!!! One thing, don't come a knockin' on my door unless you want to inspect mine ( the hard way)

Kingfish, keep up the good work!! It's time for the bleeding heart lies to leave if they don't like it!!!

toejangle said...

To 10:49
Actually any sport you want, varmints,small game,target shooting----It is a nice weapon fun,accurate and inexpensive to shoot and as an added benefit a great self defense weapon.

Anonymous said...

11:22, just how many times have you had to use it for protection? My! Here's hoping you and yours perfect mental health lest we have another mass murder. Never mind, we can just wait on a clinically psychotic person to just purchase the one Kingfish is peddling for the next mass murder.

Anonymous said...

10:49, if you are seeking enlightenment, then people who engage in shooting sports are very proud to share their positive experiences with you. In my own personal experience, shooters will assist each other with equipment breakdowns to the extent of lending a competitor a backup gun. Shooting is a bit like golf, in that we cheer great shots, even if (begrudgingly) made by our competitor.

If, on the other hand, you are engaging in derision of gun enthusiasts, then please familiarize your with loading magazines, and plan to stand behind me if difficult times arrive.

Chance Buckman said...

Your family's lives matter.

Anonymous said...

2:48 You can give up the fight. While we have always known this, recent studies show that the vast majority of gun crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms. Gun control won't stop that, and the folks on this page are at minimal, minimal risk of committing the crimes of which you speak. Additionally, there was a position paper from the current administration stating that such a minimal number of AR's are used for crime, that the authors didn't recommend the focus being on these types of weapons.

Anonymous said...

2:48 (and other Nancy boys):

You make your decision to defend you and yours with a candlestick. I made mine, something a bit more effective. and keep them inaccessible to those not competent to handle them. And don't bother with your whining, I don't care to respond.

KaptKangaroo said...

I"m always curious for those who are critical of gun owners. I personally only own a 22 for vermin - actually, the ex-wife bought it because she thought my son might enjoy shooting and I happened to wind up with it to avoid accidents at her house.

So to those non-gun owners; I wonder why you fear folks who own guns, have never shot them, but feel safe because they have them. Or in the same vain of thought, why would you be critical of those who own them and hunt non-GMO deer with them.

The liberal yakity-yak appears so trite.

Anonymous said...

2:48, becasue EVERYONE knows that only the "mean" looking guns can do harm! THOSE are the ones that need to be banned, right? You know, so you and the other leftists (ironically, the ones with the TRUE mental disorders) can pat yourselves on the back for "doing good" by banning the "automatic" weapons.

You truly have to have a mental deficit to believe that banning / collecting guns, from the people who will acquire them legally, will do anything to curb gun violence! Do you really think criminals will "do without" if they're made illegal? Do they do without drugs? Do they do without killing, robbing, raping, etc.? All of those things are, coincidentally, illegal as well.

No, just keep on following the idiots in whose eyes you want to look good by taking a stand against legal gun ownership. Unfortunately, like many have already said, you're just going to have to rely on someone else to protect you.....if it's not too late at the time you need protecting.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell the non-GMO deer apart - do they wear bright orange vests or something?

Sawed Off But Legal said...

Not sure why this would be advertised on this blog. I'm a gun owner and have them all over the house. Can't see the point here.

Regarding Kapteen Kangaroot's comments, he's been sniffing way too much high-octane gas at the distribution point. Good lucking shooting rats in the back yard. Fire the grill up!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about hunting today. You have electric feeders giving out food as scheduled. You have salt licks. You hide in raised deer stands so you can't be seen. You spread scent around to cover up your odor.. Use decoys, tec. And you bang racks around to attract bucks looking for sex and fight
T's. And you call this sport.

So,, if aliens were hunting you, they would: build a strip joint with big breasted women hanging out the door advertising free booze and 1" thick Ribeyes cooked to perfection. And after you get settled in at your table, the aliens shoot you in your arse.


/it's why I quit hunting. Too many sound shots....they here a sound and shoot.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettin' a couple of them. I can shoot the shit out of some deer and gators now.

Anonymous said...

The salient point being is to purchase this type of rifle before
You won't be allowed to do so. And it's coming my friends. Look at the writing on the wall. Walmart has stopped stocking Assault Styled Rifles. Walmart press media states their is not enough demand for ASR. Dicks sporting goods have none in stock also.

Anonymous said...

@10:00 I don't think there is enough demand for that specific rifle after the "He's a comin fur your guns" scare. The market favors hand guns and general hunting guns. This type of gun is for the super gun enthusiast covering a smaller market.
In short, I think people are already stocked up on this particular weapon. Why buy another one if you already have one, two, or three?
Not everyone wants an AR type weapon. Sorry. Oh, and btw, I hate to spoil your theory, but if they wanted to stop people, they would ban the ammo and not the gun(s). But, of course you know that because they've already tried to do that very thing and it failed because of a petition. NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Went to the website.

"Out of In-Stock Inventory. We do not reorder."

Man, If I just didn't write the comment @ 10:00 PM I could have ordered me one.

Anonymous said...

8:11, I'll see you at the party. I'll be the one with the modern sporting rifle and a big stack of singles. And, please do tell us more about these aliens. It's been a long time since I watched Star Trek, but I recall there being some pretty hot female aliens. Maybe you could hook me up? I'm down for some intergalactic.......

Kingfish said... has them for $539. Still a great deal.

Kingfish said...

I will disagree on the Walmart comment. The prices of these rifles online are coming down. There have been several episodes of panic buying. Now demand has dropped while supply was ramped up to meet the panic buying. Walmart probably wasn't making any money on them.

Kingfish said...

Go try to go through with it. I just did so and it seems they have inventory.

Ratchet Two Times said...

Since when is Wal Mark a measure of any-damned-thing? They're unreliable with every product they stock and are out of. Find another measure.

Those of you who use this corporation as a barometer on guns and ammo prolly also shop there for prime beef.

Anonymous said...

men who buy these guns seem like the exact same men who drive corvettes. Over compensating for something.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:20... I don't have a Vette, but I do have several of these, which according to accurate info from current and former military and current and former law enforcement, that when the Black Lives Matters and Isis join together hand in hand, you're going to need to protect your family, home, food and supplies. The Vette ain't gonna do ya' no good.

Anonymous said...

I protect my family just fine without an assault weapon. I work hard and live in a gated community. I keep all my firearms in my safe and rarely have thought about them for protection. Also Rarely lock the doors at night. The people who act all tough by saying we will have to stand behind them when the boogie man (or zombies or Obama) comes are really simple thinkers. Rest assured I will not rely on you for anything. Perhaps you can change the oil in my tractor at my farm or roof my house, but I won't need you for much else.

3:42. You read propaganda bullshit published by the NRA (run by gun manufacturers). The same bullshit that has led to the spike in gun sales since Obama was elected. The facts are that the mass shootings in Connecticut, Colorado and Louisiana were accomplished with legally obtained weapons.

Anonymous said...

men who buy these guns seem like the exact same men who drive corvettes. Over compensating for something.

Geez.....louise......please go away.

Charley Tango said...

I'll tell you what bullshit is, 7:45. It's the comfort you think you have with a (make believe) 'gated community'. By law those little enclaves are not secure but must have gates that open automatically. But, if it gives you comfort, go ahead and leave your doors open at night and your drawers hangin' on the bed post. Guns locked away in the safe are a good idea too, along with the flashlight so you can get the damned thing open at night, assuming your 'gate' fails. lol at your dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

To 7:45 am

In today's world if you don't lock your doors at night you are just plain stupid--and probably should not be allowed to own a firearm.I hope you never have a break-in and feel the need to protect your family as it will be a long wait for you to open that safe !!

Anonymous said...


The modern sporting rifle platform, the AR platform, is the single most popular firearm platform in the U.S. It's of modular design allowing for different caliber/uppers to be fired from the same lower providing for consistency weapon to weapon, whether using the same lower or multiple different ones.

Anonymous said...


Where were you in September of 2005? In Jackson, MS as well as many places further south, individuals had to protect themselves and their family with firearms.

Rodney King riots?

Ferguson, MO?

Now, if you are just one to bury your head in your ass.... sorry, meant to say "sand", then by all means just go buy some evil black rifles and go shoot them. Then you can dismantle them and store the parts in multiple undisclosed locations so that you only you will be able to have the enjoyment of firing such a weapon and only do so in a valley of flowers and rainbows while the birds are chirping.

Anonymous said...

8:39, if you think that gates have to open automatically, drive down Steed Rd to Bridgewater and see how far you get with that thought. About as far as most of your thoughts take you, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Thad is a great FFL. He also sells suppressors which are legal to own and hunt with in MS. Once you shoot with a suppressor, you will never want to shoot without one. Safer for your ears and less noise for complainers. Would highly recommend them. Note: they do not make guns "Hollywood quiet". They just reduce the noise to a tolerable level.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who thinks gated communities are a white thing - drive down that road where the NE Courthouse is located. There are about 500 apartnent complexes and they are all gated.

Don't Look Now.... said...

11:04 = another dickhead who believes the pictured rifle is an 'assault weapon'. Depending on your community and municipal regulations, some gates MUST, by law, be set to open automatically.

But, leave them doors open, Charlie! The people who rob your ass are likely living right down the skreet.

Anonymous said...

Is the strip bar serving the steaks inside a gated community? Never mind, it's the clubhouse at Reunion.

7:45am said...

I don't lock my doors because I'm not afraid of my neighbors. We've never had a break in here in my community. I was in Hattiesburg during Katrina and didn't need a weapon for the jerk that asked. I figured that while I was toting a chainsaw helping my neighbors unbury from the rubble, I wasn't in danger.

Most of you appear to be boys who need assault weapons to make you feel like a man, or to feel "safe" (from what I don't know because I've yet to read an example of when you actually used one of these to ward off the boogie man). You remind me of those teenagers who drive ridiculously sized 4x4s. Something's got to make them feel like a man.

Final thing, 99% of you are arguing from the same point as the racist punk at 7:40am who has it on good authority that ISIS and Black Lives Matter are joining forces to come get you. Morons.

Anonymous said...

7:45, you seem like you could use a hug.

Anonymous said...

"....toting a chainsaw..." You sound like Hillary Clinton adopting a southern drawl.

Anonymous said...


You lie and you lie to yourself, to what end.

Just because you won't admit to seeing the worst that humanity can provide, doesn't mean that you won't see it.

You live in fear. I have used an "assault rifle" to kill another human being. We use "assault rifles" when we have to serve no-knock warrants. We don't use them because they are more lethal, we use them because they are less lethal to others.

Now, for you educational purposes, a low-weight/high velocity round does not travel through normal building structures as much as a higher weight/lower velocity round. No, we don't use "frangible" ammo. No, we don't use FMJ, either. In the military, we employed the right tools for the right situation, just like when I'm building a fence around my yard.

Suggesting someone utilizing such a tool is somehow associated to an appearance to you or others or is some sign of inferiority is just plain ignorance and an attempt at logical fallacy.

It is because of slow-thinking individuals, to which one could attribute your hypothesis, that people can not take a more active role in their personal and family protection.

Good luck to you sir, and please, when you have to call on your local LEO who employs the tools you scoff at, please, just say thank you.

BTW, that statement was with purpose. Because a logical person sees that any tool a civilian law enforcement officer would need for defense, is also a good option for the common citizen. They are tools that can't be replaced when needed, but hopefully never have to be employed. Something that just seems to fully escape rainbows and unicorn farts at 3:29

Anonymous said...

5:01 should be Trump's running mate!!!

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading at "now for you educational purposes." Who said anything about what police use? Who said anything about banning these weapons in this thread other than the gun nuts?

Anonymous said...

5:35pm stopped reading but referenced the rest of the comment that they say they stopped reading? rhetorical question

You said something about banning, 5:35pm. No one else, that I read, even hinted to banning in this thread.

Lastly, the comment at 5:01pm stated what police use, from personal experience.

Hope that answers your questions.

Anonymous said...


I'm not afraid of my neighbors either, but lock my doors when I go to bed because of the human scum you read about daily. Home invasions do happen. Armed robberies happen a lot. And please, don't insinuate you are a he-man so you don't need a weapon. A good friend has an advanced black belt but swears by a .45 given an option.

Chances are excellent, depending on where you live, travel, socialize etc., that you will never need one. I have had to display a gun to prevent something bad that was in the process of happening, and it was intense, uncomfortable, and I am glad not to have not had to have fired. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

8:39, you're the simpleton I'm speaking about. Can you read then write? Or shall I start with 'can you read?' 7:08 talked about banning guns. And 5:01 said he served no-knock warrants. I hoped he was po po or just a vigilante fool. I chose to take the high road.

7:45 said...

8:39, ironic that the gun nuts like you are the "fire, ready, aim". Read the posts before taking aim, numbnut

Kingfish said...

1. These are not assault rifles. Period. They are semi-automatic rifles. There are plenty of rifles out there that are not considered assault rifles and are no different. Just because they look like an assault rifle doesn't mean they are assault rifles.

2. They are popular because years ago they released the license for the AR-15. That meant manufacturers could build them based on the specs than could do so prior to the release. Think of it crudely as the reason why Android is popular: Google made the source code free. More manufacturers meant lower prices.

3. The rifle is great for target shooting and true shooting sports.

4. Plenty of people use it for hunting. One great thing about the rifle is it can be customized. Barrels, triggers, stocks, grips, hand guards and more. They can all be customized to your taste. Some women even "pink" them out. Its one of the few firearms that can be customized to a person's taste.

5. It is not a bad idea to keep one available for home defense. Here comes the huge dispute between the opposite sides on this firearm. Yes, dear opponents, there are some people who think an army of Mexican illegal aliens led by ISIS is going to hook up with an army of black panthers led by Bennie Thompson and Chokwe Lumumba, Jr. and invade Jackson while the Obama Justice Department will prosecute anyone who defends himself. I realize those people do exist but I am not one of them.

However, we have seen in the last 25 years events that left citizens on their own and at the mercy of their fellow man- and fellow man was not always nice. New Orleans during Katrina, Los Angeles Riots, Baltimore, and other similar events. There is something to be said for keeping one locked up along with a decent amount of ammo to protect yourself, your business, and your family in case something happens.

Yes, the odds of that happening are not great but it is like insurance. You don't need it until you need it.

7:45 said...

Good points, KF. I don't agree with all of them, but at least they are well reasoned.

Anonymous said...


Go back and read and see if you can figure it out. 9:16 even cops to it.

I, 8:39, simply did the same thing he did... just for exposure sake.

But you are right about one thing. I am, indeed, nuts about guns. I guess that makes me bad?

Anonymous said...

You prissy people who live in the aforementioned 'gated paradises' and leave your doors open at night surely know that half (or maybe just one)of your prissy neighbors' houses harbor teenagers who are very likely using designer drugs. Further, kids using designer drugs will appreciate your doors being left open or unlocked when they waltz in buck nekkid to stare at your acquarium.

And when the van carrying men with butterfly nets comes to collect this youngster, lets hope they can get past your gate.

Anonymous said...

I really don't give a shit if you want to own a gun of any caliber, make or model. To say that I own more than most would be an understatement, to include a Colt AR-15 over 40 years old.

If someone wants to leave their door(s) open at night that's fine with me. In my neighborhood that would be asking for serious trouble. Then, let's just say, to each his own.

However, I do own two chainsaws.

Anonymous said...

And it looks badass.

Anonymous said...

Bog admins with little peckers often post stuff about firearms and titty contests.

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