Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chief Vance: Crime in Precinct 4 down over 22% YTD

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance and Precinct #4 Lieutenant Keith Freeman addressed the LeFleur East town hall last night.  Chief Vance said crime in Precinct 4 was down over 22% compared to a year ago. 

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Anonymous said...

We need this stability in the police department! Think about that when you are thinking of changing horses. Letting the police department do "its own thing" has paid dividends. Here's hoping the new Sheriff will work with JPD as Sheriff Lewis has done. Together they have made a difference in drugs which makes a difference in crime. Thanks to Chief Vance and Commander McGowan!!!

Anonymous said...

As you have well documented, the problem isn't JPD.

Anonymous said...

Aggravated assault up 13.2%
Armed robbery up 15.5%
Carjacking up33.3%
Rape up 23.1%
Business burglary up 29.1%
Keep up the good work!!!

Property crimes are down, but Violent crimes certainly are not.

Zach Blanton said...

10:11, the problem is, Precinct 4 covers not only Northeast Jackson, but parts of the city just west if I-55 North. Most of the violent crimes come from over there.

Anonymous said...

11:08, is this precinct configured differently than it was last year? If not, please explain your comment.

Anonymous said...

spin the numbers however you want but 215 less auto burglaries and 114 less house burglaries is a huge win. yes there are still a lot but you have to start somewhere. one homicide this year in precinct 4. that's one too many but ill take it.

you cant treat precinct 4 or 39211 or lefleur east like its own city when it comes to all the other problems of Jackson (schools, govt waste, streets) but you can when it comes to crime

Anonymous said...

Just wait... It's only going to get even better. Now that Sam's Club left Jtown and Costco is opening in Ridgeland, the crime will continue to shift north.

Anonymous said...

12:18 Make that 2 homicides after the drag racing murder this week.

Anonymous said...

Thugs shooting it out for control of a Fondren neighborhood corner. Yep. Things are getting better.

Anonymous said...

Not that it has anything to do with Jackson stats, but I read were Greenville with an approx. population of 35000 has had 14 murders this year. Jackson pales in comparison with Greenville criminally.

Anonymous said...

Behold white-flighters in MaaAAAaadison....The Fondren, The Meridian, The Westin, The District at Eastover. I guess you guys do have a brick-veneer Wal Mart...Blahahaha

Anonymous said...

People like you continue to reference "white-flighters". You leave out the Black-flighters, Asian-flighters, Indian-flighters, and anybody else that can get the Hell-out-flighters. I guess that makes you a raaciiiist.

Chester Goode said...

The original post as well as the congratulatory comments that follow are nothing but spin. However you spin it and whatever you want to say about Vance and the outgoing/incoming High-Sheruff.........we have this:

Aggravated assault up 13.2%
Armed robbery up 15.5%
Car-jacking up 33.3%
Rape up 23.1%
Business burglary up 29.1%

Another way to look at this:

The results of your physical are in. Good news...your blood pressure and cholesterol level seem improved on weekend days and the herpes and gout are not quite as bothersome, when you're on your meds. But, the cancer still persists. Overall, though, your report is average and seems improved. And we're all about averages.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:07.....'Stability'? WTF are you insinuating?

Stable This said...

"Stability" means leaving one person in charge for at least 15 months. Preferably some dinosaur who has been in the department (and was passed over) for about twenty years or more. That's what 'Stability' means.

Anonymous said...

Chester! you are doing the same thing spinning it your way which is obviously anti-Jackson. (no shock there) I know you are real proud of yourself for being able to read the stats though. I am too!

When rape jumps up 23% based on 3 more instances we have a small sample size. Same with carjacking going up 33% based on 5 more instances.

But when property crimes go down 377 instances year to date it doesn't matter how big the percentage decrease is (28.8%) its worth mentioning. Yes we know there are still lots of crimes but these things don't go to zero overnight. Trending in the right direction is a positive step.

Anonymous said...

I have had a couple of felonies committed against me and not reported either of them. Many people don't now.

Chester Goode said...

Anon @ 5:31: Please take your 'trending', stick it up your ass and enjoy the hood. People who demand safety, comfort and peace don't give a shit about 'trending'. If you don't understand that, re-read it again.

Alpha Storm said...

Welcome To Jackson where the sky is blue, The water is brown, and the pot holes stretches as far as the eye can see. Land is cheap and homes aplenty, anyone can own a home. You might see a crackhead on the streets, or become one. Welcome to Jackson where Whole Foods is the place to be.

Anonymous said...

@ Chester... I'm enjoying my "hood" just fine. Probably more than you enjoying wearing your "hood." I'm also enjoying seeing someone who doesn't even live in Jackson spend time getting this worked up over the crime stats here--almost as though you have some point you're desperately trying to prove over and over again. Whatever. Please return to your Civil War re-enactment fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Jackson Public Schools have more students than Madison has citizens. Of course crime is low where there are no people. However, if you keep building, they will come.

Anonymous said...

I laugh when I hear " white flight" I'm about as black as your car tires and I loaded up myself and mine and "flighted" out of Jacktown long ago for the same reasons everybody else did. Thugs and crime.
We went South rather than North. I can relax here because I don't have to worry if my sons will get shot for their sneakers or my daughter thug raped while walking to the store.Now they might get bitten by a ' possum out here in the country but we like it JUST FINE! Let's just call it FLIGHT. We don't want to live around thugs and trash any more than white people do!
Peace` OUT, God bless!

No Re-Enactor Here said...

What's up with 8:18 slinging around all those unrelated insults? Hoods? Civil War? Fantasies?

People like that just can NOT deal with the fact that anybody who can leave Jackson, regardless of their social status or race, have either done so or soon will.

I spent my time there, contributed when and where I could, for decades. Time to move on came and I did.

Anonymous said...

I am a tax-paying resident of Jackson, was at the LeFleurs East forum earlier this week for the presentation posted above, and am very grateful for the hard work Chief Vance and his team are doing.

Anonymous said...

1:37 am, I'm glad you moved out of a high crime area and got your children into a good neighborhood and school district if you could not afford private school or better neighborhood in the city.

There are high crime areas and bad schools and bad neighborhoods in every city. The suburbs are have less crime as they have fewer people with higher incomes.

I have friends who lived safely and raised children successfully in NOLA even before Katrina and who have lived in Buckhead in Atlanta for generations. The same is true as well as friends in smaller urban areas up with far worse kinds of crimes up and down the east coast.

Do read newspapers if you travel to cities. The nature of the crimes elsewhere make our crime look penny ante. Cities , even those the size of Jackson, have serial killers and well organized crime on the east coast rather than just gangs. Population density is a factor.

As for me, I enjoy spending less time in a car and having a variety of conveniences and major hospitals close by. I also like not being in a tornado alley anymore like I was in Madison.

I felt that I could better protect myself against crime than a tornado, but when a tornado struck the neighborhood adjoining mine years ago in Madison. That was a scary event to hear that tornado nearby as I cowered in a closet with my small children. So I moved to Jackson and have never regretted it!

No place we humans choose to live is perfect.

I respect your decision and feel you have a right to choose what is best for you and yours. What I can't understand is why you and others need to criticize those of us who choose to live in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Tornadoes are no respector of neighborhood. My parents' block in Lefluer East was hot by a tornado several years ago.

Anonymous said...

What tornado hit "LeFleur East"? Do you even know the boundaries of the area?

Anonymous said...

7:57 - let me disabuse you of your new found tornado security now that you live in Jackson. Do you hear that very loud siren going off at noon on the first of each month? That is the tornado warning siren monthly check throughout Jackson. Why? Because we have tornados in Jackson! I watched one go right by my house in NEJ about 6 years ago and hit my neighbors house. Took off their roof. We had a tornado tower sitting very close to our houses but the siren failed to go off. They could always get it to work during the monthly check but that "real emergency" thing threw them. The towers were installed because Jackson has been hit by...you guessed it, tornados.

Now the good news is you do live close to a trauma one unit and if you are shot and robbed in your driveway or the tornado hits your house you are only 5 minutes from the ER!

Anonymous said...

There won't be a team over there at JPD in due time. Those Officer have just been told no matter how hard they work they won't be eligible for a promotion for a few years. The morale of that department is not what the head portrays to the public. Detectives are swamped with work at the same pay they received as a patrolman. The structure of that department is too heavy and there is a exodus of police leaving. Crime may be down but it will increase when the level of officers drops as the year begins. It's hard to ask a person to give their all when they know nothing but stagnation is in store for them. Next time they release the number of police that work at JPD someone needs to release the number of patrol officers. The ratio of supervisor and above to each officer is 1:3.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend tell me he knows a man living in Belhaven who no longer locks his doors so criminals will not tear his doors off.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is quiet about the State Fair Patrols. Maybe they feel that if nothing is said, citizens will assume (which means making an ass out of U and me) coverage is provided. A private security firm has no commission to arrest anyone. Local media will be ordered to keep the truth under wraps, just as the fights, drug arrests and handguns being pulled out, inside the gates are conveniently not reported. I've witnessed each of these in a 3 year period.

Anonymous said...

9:37 here. On April 9, 2008, around noon, several houses on Brecon Drive in LeFleur East were severely damaged by tornadic winds.(Officially, this part of the storm was classified as "straight line winds." Only one path, from County Line/Watkins to Northpointe was apparently described as a tornado. http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jan/?n=2008_04_04_tor_jackson) My parents sustained a downed tree and power lines but were spared damage to the house. Other neighbors were not as fortunate.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the person who supposedly has moved back to Jackson, in order to avoid tornadoes, is the same person who made a reference to the "brick veneer Walmart" in Madison. (I don't think there are ANY bricks on that Walmart, AT ALL. At the time of it's construction, it was the nicest Walmart that had ever been built. It's still amazingly posh-looking. But if there's any brick, I haven't seen it.)

When we lived in FNEJ, it seemed as if there was a tornado heading up Lakeland, every time we turned around. I think some expert confirmed that there was a bit of a mini 'tornado alley' through there. And wasn't there a tornado in FNEJ, a few years ago? I remember it left a long trail of destruction, that cut through Pear Orchard Road. And then, there was the tornado that cut through the industrial area bordering I220. That was in maybe 2010?

And as for what COULD happen again, there's the historic Candlestick Park tornado: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z833m0wkrnM It even has its own Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966_Candlestick_Park_tornado

But really, following Kingfish's coverage of the Oxford House scandal, JJ seems to have attracted a number of bitter, destructive, dysfunctional men, who seem not to have much experience with the actual world. They seem to have 'been away'. Maybe they're STILL 'away'. Prison? Psych wards? Halfway houses? Living under a bridge, and using the computers at the Library?

Anonymous said...

Correction to my last post. The storm was April 4, 2008.

Anonymous said...

So you exaggerated. There was no tornado in LeFleur East. It was farther north.

Anonymous said...

nope brecon drive in LE. but if you moved to Jackson to avoid tornadoes then... I really don't know what to say. anyway glad you are here

Anonymous said...

There was no tornado on Brecon Drive.

Anonymous said...

JPD had an Officer arrested today By the FEDs for bribery.

Anonymous said...

yes, there was tornado damage on brecon drive

There was one in 1976, but more pointedly, the damaged caused on 2008-4-4 was most certainly caused by a tornado.

the damage caused north of meadowbrook road from I-55 east was caused by the tornadic storm that traversed the NE corner of Hinds co.

it's akin to saying that the wind damage caused by hurricane katrina was not hurricane damage because it was on the skirts of the storm and was only 68mph winds.

or you can continue to attempt a semantical argument without purpose and do your best to be "right" without any concern for being correct

Kingfish said...

JPD is doing its job for the most part. Its sad how some of you like to bash JPD no matter what they do right or wrong. Other departments have problems too. Currie or Soto anyone? Lampshades? Animal control officers who kill way too many animals?

They bust their ass, they deal with the hard cases, crimes that aren't seen in the burbs. How many rapes, murders, and carjackings does a Madison or Brandon cop handle in his career as compared to Jackson? In case you haven't noticed, they are grabbing the bad guys. Few crimes are going unsolved. Their problem is repeat offenders and a criminal justice system (Judges and DA) who turn them loose or don't prosecute them. Yet some just love to bash JPD and its for only one reason: because the majority of JPD is black. Period.

RE: The Meterological Ignoramus said...

Beginning Point: near the intersection of Livingston and County Line Roads in extreme southern Madison county at 1229 PM CDT 4/4/08

Ending Point: along Vine Drive between HWY 25 and HWY 471 in Rankin County at 1242 PM CDT

Rating: EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale with maximum winds of 115 mph

Path Length: 13.5 miles

Maximum Width: 900 yd (1/2 mile)

"It should be noted that extensive straight line wind damage was also observed by the survey team, particularly just to the south of the path of tornadic damage.

The same survey team examined damage in Ridgeland, and found all of that damage to have been caused by straight line winds estimated between 80 and 90 mph."

Anonymous said...

8:57. Thank you!

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