Monday, November 3, 2014

Was "baby" killed in a "high speed chase"?

Keisha Redmond accused JPD of killing her 15-year old daughter Keonna in a "high speed chase".  Keonna died in a stolen car that crashed into a tree after police stopped the car.  JPD states the driver drove off in the car after the police officer got out of the car and that there was no chase.  However, JJ obtained a picture of the deceased that casts "baby" in a different light.

Ms. Redmond screamed at the vigil "they killed my baby" and said the police should not have chased anyone over a "joyride".  JPD arrested the fourteen-year-old driver.   Here is the picture of the deceased that appeared on WLBT's website:

Lovely young lady.  Nice, sweet, sociable, a tragedy she died so young. Now here is the picture of Ms. Redmond's "baby" that didn't appear in the media:

Kingfish commentary: "My Baby"  brandishes guns, runs with the wrong crowd, rides around in stolen cars, and is out after midnight.  She is all of 15 years old.  However, mommy blames JPD.  It's all the fault of police.  

One final question: Did Ms. Redmond ever say anything about the driver of the stolen car, you know, the guy who actually killed her daughter?


Anonymous said...

She's wearing the same clothes in both photos. Did you ask WLBT if they had access to that second photo as well, and, if so, why didn't they show that?

Anonymous said...

Has she done anything that warrants her being killed in a high speed chase, if indeed that happened?

So KF, are you saying that some pics on a social media site in some way justify her death?

Kingfish said...

you are assuming there was a high speed chase.

Anonymous said...

Earth to 9:46 AM. There was no high speed chase.

Hope that the mourners in the WLBT video can overcome their grief just long enough tomorrow to get out and vote for Thad Cochran.

Col. Reb Sez said...

There was no high-speed chase. The police stopped the car for speeding and after the officer approached the car sped off and then crashed without pursuit.

Grieving parents often say really stupid things. It is supposed to be the duty of the news media to filter out things like this. Every ridiculous and outrageous claim need not be reported.

Police make mistakes, but in this case no mistake was made. Yet many people will think there was, and at some point a Ferguson-type event becomes more likely. A hundred darts for WLBT!

Anonymous said...

Keona oughta' not be ridin' in a $12'000. stolen ca'. Will there be an autopsy, that may reveal drugs or alcohol?

Anonymous said...

No , I'm not assuming a high speed chase happened, I am asking why the photos off of a social media site have any bearing of this case?

Do the photos show her stealing a car? Speeding down the street? the wreckage? no. They show here in various poses posted to a social media site. What does that have to do with the case?

Anonymous said...

Photos on social media sites contain many messages. Ask your HR Director.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy goes to the family. The root of the problem is teens feel they are invincible. Like it or not parents need to know where and what their kids are doing 24/7. This wasn't done! Her parent can't deny there was a lack of supervision!

Kingfish said...

Various fucking poses?

A 15 year old girl is POSING with guns, notice the finger on the trigger, probably flashing gang symbols. Nothing wrong with that, Just a pose. Damn, do you actually see the problem with these "poses" or do you excuse everything??

Anonymous said...

i would think the mother will find a lawyer and try to get the city to settle out of court for a payday.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day there was a 15 year old young lady who was out at a time of night that was inappropriate, with friends that were inappropriate, and obviously suffered the consequences of her choices and her mother's lack of supervision. What role JPD may or may not have played did not put her in a stolen car with a 14 year old driver. The outcome is unfortunate but the reponsibiltiy is with her and her mother.

Anonymous said...

I hope the mother finds a lawyer and sues the driver of the stolen car.

Anonymous said...

So the Mom has a 15 year old out very late at night, with other underage thugs out late at night, riding in a stolen car that gets stopped by JPD. Said thug driver then speeds off to get away from the police and crashes, and it's the fault of the police department?

She needs to get a grip and place the blame where it belongs. The blame falls on the face in her mirror. As said as it is to lose a child, you can't be blaming the police when your kids is out joyriding in a stolen car.

Anonymous said...

While she no doubt loved her daughter, she displayed less than minimal intellect in front of the cameras that night.

Unfortunately, that was surely the root cause of that poor young lady's upbringing.

Anonymous said...

If she were a white male posing with a shotgun or hunting rifle, and she were wearing camouflage, would you still make this post?

Because you admit that she was "probably" flashing gang signs, which obviously shows that you do not know.

Nothing excuses her actions. But nothing excuses yours on this website, either.

Anonymous said...

at least she'll never have the chance to shoot that gun at innocent bystanders...

Anonymous said...

@12:23 If a white male were posing with a handgun while sitting on the couch throwing up signs...I would think he was in the wrong crowd as well and up to no good. Please don't compare hunting animals to sitting on a couch playing with handguns and stealing cars at age 15. That is the most laughable comparison I have heard in a while.

Anonymous said...

@12:23, if grandma had balls, she'd be grandpa. You do recognize the difference between a handgun and a long gun, right?

If she was posing with a shotgun or hunting rifle and wearing camo, it would be very different. First of all, it would be legal for her to possess firearms of those types.

And if an underaged white male was posing with a handgun, that would still be illegal, just as it was for the choirgirl in that photograph.

It'd be so much easier if this could be a racial thing instead of a cultural thing, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

12:23 grow a pair, sissy.

Juan said...

@ 12:23,
This "white male" you write of, is he going to be hunting ducks, quail, deer, geese, or pheasant with said firearm?
What is the female in the above photo hunting with that semi-auto pistol?

Anonymous said...

Momma was sure quick with the Kelley Blue Book to value the car. Guess a chase would have been ok with a $90k Mercedes...

Anonymous said...


Most white males wearing camo with a shotgun or hunting rifle would not be doing so in a stolen vehicle... after midnight... with a 14 yr old driver... evading police.

Kingfish said...

12:23: I'm not apologizing for anything. Period. The only reason I'm posting this is because mommy went out accusing the poh-lice of killing her "baby". Funny, I showed that pic to several black people this weekend, asked them what they thought. They all shook their heads and were disgusted by it. Even said so.

Last time I checked, I haven't seen white kids posing with handguns that are not used for hunting either.

Anonymous said...

What language is that lady speaking? Where is the dad? I'm sure he wants to know who is 15yo daughter was with that night and why no supervision. I'm sure this kid has an involved father who... Oh nevermind

Anonymous said...

Sheeeeet people be slow to know what up.

If you are 15 years old you can be using that gun to be hunting stolen cars and people looking to loose their money and phones. Also works good if you want to hunt some convenience stores.

If the wrong set be up in your face then you can be standing your ground or driving by them to show them what up. Whichever you and your crew decides.

But any fool know she don't have much experience shooting that- best be turning that thing sideways to get a good spray pattern.

Ignore all this if she and her friends got proper NRA training to conceal carry and uphold their second amendment.

Anonymous said...

K.F. check this out.

Anonymous said...

12:23 That is definitely a gang sign.

Happy now?

Anonymous said...


A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous said...

White kids don't need guns; just a big truck, alcohol, molly and gas to travel from Rankin county to target African Americans in Jackson!

Perhaps the deceased needed that gun for protection from all the lighter complexion registered sex offenders or for the male driver from the Catholic priest of lighter complexion?

Anonymous said...

Will someone PLEASE put a sock in that ignorant womans mouth? Where in the hell do these retards come from?

Anonymous said...

12:23 - 4:07

You're wrong again.

They obviously do need them - with this element proven to be riding around in the wee hours showing their colors.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:13

Wrong how, which regard?

If I am not mistaken, was it not late at night that James Anderson was killed with no gun by lightly pigmented teenagers from Rankin county?

Wonder what gang Dedmond was signing for enroute to Jackson- Aryan, KKK, or Posse Comitatus?

But in defense of Dedmond, kids do stupid things like commit hate based murder; but NEVER EVER do they post pictures of dumb stuff on Facebook?

Food for thought! 😱

Kingfish said...

The parents of Dedmond didn't run around blaming JPD or the FBI. In fact, while Dedmond looked pretty defiant in court, the parents seemed pretty upset and remorseful for what their kid did.

Anonymous said...

Does JPD have dashcams? If so, should be pretty easy to confirm if there was a chase.

Anonymous said...

@KF 7:55

Difficult to misplace blame when it's on camera for all to see!

Wonder if any or all of the passengers riding with Dedmond knew his intentions to kill that night?

Equally so,one has to wonder if "baby" knew the car she was riding in was stolen or that someone would die that night?

My comments to your post are about a blogger's reckless abandon in trolling social media to disparage a deceased 15 YEAR OLD GIRL'S LIFE by re-posting a picture with nefarious commentary.

A mother's image of their child is never an accurate representation, sure yours could attest as much!😱

Food for thought!

Anonymous said...

She kept saying that the police chased these "children" because of one stollen car. How in the world could the officer know the age of the occupants of the vehicle? The driver sped off before he could get up to the window. The officer likely didn't even know how many people were in the car, much less their age. So I guess the police shouldn't ever pull over a speeding vehicle -stollen or otherwise - because the driver may be a teenager that will panic and speed off and hit a tree. Wtf?

Kingfish said...

I trolled social media? Did it ever occur to you that someone sent this to me and I verified it?

Anonymous said...

Here is her facebook profile:

WLBT actually had to go into her photos to find the one they used. The pic with the gun is her profile picture (smh).

Anonymous said...

If she is lucky enough to find a lawyer willing to take the case, it will be a bench trial and will probably be dismissed shortly after its filed.

Anonymous said...

Momma's gonna find a lawyer and sue the owner of the car for being so stupid as to allow the car to be stolen.

Anonymous said...

Her Facebook page, though from 2013 shows a wild, out of control teen. One response appears to be from a male that could be arrested for statutory rape. Mama spent too much time chillen after work. Mama says she's 15. Well mama you be bigger than her, you could've contoured her.

Anonymous said...

the mom will find a lawyer to sue the MANUFACTURER of the car for something stupid like faulty brakes, recall that wasn't serviced, etc. Rest Assured, the "parent" will get a pay out of some sort. In addition to the pay outs she most likely already receives from the gubment.

Fergy said...

The bottom line is who cares?

Anonymous said...

Just joining I hope this blog is better than that crap wapt got going they must have Phil Bryant as moderator!!!

BADMOTHER 1962 said...

Just joining I hope this blog is better than that crap wapt got going they must have Phil Bryant as moderator!!!

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