Sunday, November 30, 2014

NYT posts evidence presented to grand jury in Mike Brown death online.

The New York Times was nice enough to post online all of the evidence presented to the grand jury in the Mike Brown case.  Testimony, police reports, photos, its all there.  Read it all here.


Anonymous said...

When will the movie come out?

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of hearing about this damn thug. The world is a better place without him.

Anonymous said...

AMEN..3:04. What worries me is how many police officers may hesitate when their life or the life of another is in danger because of Ferguson? It's a sad day when people have to live in fear of a segment of society that refuses to live like civil humans in the greatest nation on earth. Perhaps the blacks that feel so cheated, targeted and slighted can leave and go to another country? I for one would be happy to see my tax dollars used for that!

Collateral Damage said...

How will the ex-officer disguise himself for the rest of his life and where will his family wind up. He'll have to disguise his wife as well and his extended family, and hers. Meanwhile the false prophets still move around among us, stirring shit with a large paddle.

Anonymous said...

The previous posters haven't bothered and won't bother to read this.

Thanks for the transcript , KF

I'm not through with it but it's interesting so far...and surprising in places.

Some of us stopped to wonder how stealing cheap cigars ended up in assault and death and from that to rioting and looting.

Some of us discovered that 8 times more innocent bystanders are killed each year by law enforcement just in police pursuits and officers are killed because we bothered to stop and think before forming an opinion.

Others just took sides and assumed all cops are competent and all black teens are thugs or else all police are brutes that hate blacks.

The above posters are just as much a contributing cause to the racial problems we have as the looters and rioters! You are the ones who lead them to assume the worst and to assume Wilson held your attitude that day.

God save us all from our stupid, overly emotional trash in both races!

Anonymous said...

Agree, 7:44.

How many cops will now kill because they "can" instead of trying to use the least amount of force necessary. It seems the decision is subjective to the testimony of the cop, and helps when one out of many concur.

Anonymous said...

Over 12,000,000 arrest last year. Less than 400 deaths from interactions with the police. Pretty good safety record.


Anonymous said...

Over 12 million arrests? Doesn't that number bother anyone, in our "free" country?

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

10:00 AM... also helps when one does not physically attack the cop. Brown was a vile thug that got just what he paid for. Nothing more. Attack me and I'll drop your blood pressure to 0/0 with a 10mm Glock quicker than you can say " Sharpton". I have the right to protect myself and others. Why do you think a police officer has less rights? Wonder what the $$ cost on Ferguson is so far? What sickens me is the blatant hypocrisy. Let's face it, black life is worth nothing to blacks until a white person kills one. Hundreds murdered every week by other blacks. They could care less.

Anonymous said...

10:01 am Since the government doesn't keep stats on how many are killed by law enforcement each year and only those stats available are police pursuits which were 360 compared to 44 officers killed last year, what is your source? ( and those officers killed in the line of duty includes accidents while on duty), what is your source?

Doesn't it bother you( or didn't you stop to think what stats mean?) that 12 million arrests would be nearly half of our population between the ages of 16-50 if accurate?????

Anonymous said...

7:44 AM, did you copy your "comment" from some other blog and paste it here? I wonder, because what you wrote seems not to describe at all, the posts which preceded it.

OH, and twelve million yearly arrests, in a country of THREE HUNDRED MILLION people, does not seem out of line.

Anonymous said...

6:14 pm I didn't cut and paste. I read the posts.

Read the sentence on arrests again.

Learn how many of the 300 million in our country are under age 10 and over age 65 for starters. Perhaps you think infants and toddlers and those in nursing homes are being arrested?

Indeed, if you bothered to learn anything about a subject before opining, you'd know crimes are rarely committed by those over 50 and by those under 12. Even career criminals " retire" and hormones usually kick in before kids get pissy enough!

And, you'd have a clue about what is required for statistical research to be reliable! It starts with what is or isn't included in the data ! In arrest data, infants wouldn't be in the universal sample!

Anonymous said...

I googled it. There are more than 100 million people in the US between 15 and 65. Your figures are garbage, just as the other person pointed out.

Anonymous said...

6:14 am There are 4 posts prior to 7:44 am's.

The first is a poor attempt at wit on a subject that is less amusing by the minute.

The second is happy a young person who might have gotten more mature is dead.

The third suggests African Americans leave the country including those who clearly have done more to earn the right to live here than most...but they don't take note of the concern of African Americans with whom they can't find fault.

And, the fourth assumes the worst but it's that the only false prophets he or she sees is the ones who question whether or not such force was necessary. That more than stuff spouted by those defending Wilson is invented out of whole cloth ( see your friend Mr. Johnson who made up stuff about the Cochran/McDaniel campaign) doesn't occur to the 4th poster.

Let me point out that by ALL accounts, Brown was moving away from the car and Wilson was still alive. His life was not in danger. Wilson then got OUT of the car. He has only the claim that the TWO people he stopped for ( at that point " walking down the middle of the road while black) aren't armed. He draws his gun and on the planet I'm on, you best not do that unless you are willing to pull trigger! So he thinks that he can down two guys without help if they are both armed?
And, remember, Wilson hasn't seen the video. He doesn't know this is the same guy who stole cheap cigars and manhandled someone in the process. All he knows is this is two belligerent teens one of whom may have fit the description , one of whom also gave him a few bruises inside his car where HE let him get close enough for that to happen.

I doubt seriously Wilson resigned " for the good of the force" but rather because his police work was less than brilliant!

And, if you don't know that some humans abuse even the smallest most insignificant amount of authority they are given on a job, you apparently are a recluse!

It's as wrong to assume Wilson has no responsibility as it is to assume Brown had none!

Instead of emoting based on your fear of " thugs", try thinking. Try figuring out how to deal with the problem of crime rationally!

Anonymous said...

'Try figuring out how to deal with the problem of crime rationally!"

I have an idea, how about we start trying to arrest thugs that commit robbery. On top of that, we should start shooting the said thugs that assault police officers and attempt to take their gun. Sounds like a great way to fight crime to me.

Anonymous said...

8:53 I notice you conveniently omit any mention of the fact that the deceased reached into the officer's car and tried to take his gun, resulting in the gun being fired; the deceased had gunpowder residue on his hands, according to the autopsy.

Apparently in your delusional wilderness a policeman who has just been shot at with his own weapon is supposed to let the perp just walk away from the scene. All the meds in the world can't bring you back into our world.

Anonymous said...

I just can't understand how people will not believe the autopsy and physical evidence. Fact--Brown was 'thugging it up' in a store. (Can't charge a dead person with crimes..) Fact-Brown reached in and tried to steal a police officer's gun. Fact--the police office, sworn to protect and serve the public, thought it necessary to arrest mr brown Fact--mr brown charged the officer, and given the fact that he tried to take a gun was likely coming to kill or attack the police officer. Fact--brown was never hit in the back. all in the front

too many facts that support the officer's story. why can't we accept that???

Anonymous said...

Have you read the grand jury report 12:00 pm?

And, do you think Wilson had no other options that would have still resulted in an arrest?

He was an inexperienced officer. I don't think he should have been indicted.

But I still think " innocent until proven guilty matters" and the death penalty for a few bruises and stealing cheap cigars seems excessive.

So while I need no convincing that the reaction before evidence was in was over the top and that looting and arson aren't useful and that too many try to make a living on inciting trouble, I don't think Wilson's actions were those of a seasoned police officer.

And, I can understand why the African American community did not react well to how this has been handled from start to finish.

Anonymous said...

How did this get to be our business?

We didn't much like all the outsiders who came in and caused trouble on our Senate campaign and spread misinformation, did we?

We didn't like that people chose up sides nationally without have accurate information.

But, we don't mind weighing in and believing what we want to believe.

RandomHero30 said...

Jesus Christ, you leave the door unlocked and Tom Head wanders in.

Anonymous said...

It's much much more than 'a few bruises and stealing cheap cigars.' It's assaulting a police officer and attempting to obtain his firearm. It's refusing to obey the police and instead charging the officer with god knows what intentions.

Out of all the honorable blacks that die senselessly every year, every day, IN YOUR HOME TOWN, you continue to rally behind this thug. Your logic baffles me.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the white person who was beaten to death by three teen thugs- two black and one Hispanic? Happened in St Louis on the 30th of November. Google it...why not the same outrage for this completely innocent person? Or do we only like the narrative of the media?

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between being killed by " thug" ( and let's face it, it's the new racial euphemism for some) and being killed by law enforcement.

Do list all the white teens killed by police officers.

Or you can google " criming while white".

Whites need to own up that they automatically see black teens as " suspect, and blacks need to own up to the problems in their community that reinforce that kind of stupid profiling and stereotyping.

Each race needs to focus on cleaning up their own backyards. Both races need to reject those in their race who pour fuel on the fire of racial conflict.

The good and decent people of both races who figured out that each of us has our fools need to band together.

We can't criticize others for not dealing with their terrorists and troublemakers if we don't deal with our own!

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