Monday, November 10, 2014

Mrs. Mayfield files charges against Madison police officers in Justice Court.

Robin Mayfield filed trespassing charges against three Madison police officers on November 3 in Madison County Justice Court.  She is the wife of now-deceased Mark Mayfield.  She accused officers Vickie Currie, Scott Dean, and Chuck Harrison of entering her home without permission after she reported her husband's suicide on June 27, 2014.

Mrs. Mayfield filed similar charges in Ridgeland, but Circuit Judge John Emfinger denied them at a probable cause hearing. A probable cause hearing will be held on November 18.  Earlier post on dismissal. Earlier post on original charges. 

Kingfish note: JJ is publishing, as the file became public record today.  The affidavits were reported in the media recently, but were leaked, as they were not signed by a judge. Readers can speculate as to who leaked them to the media.


Anonymous said...

This woman, perhaps from not being able to deal with her grief, is deluded. She needs strong meds and counseling.

Anonymous said...

mr. fish, i am really hoping and opraying that it ain't so....BUT....if you do happen to condone what those madison people, at the behest of butler-snow (clark, barbour, et al), did to mark mayfield and his family, you have changed a WHOLE lot (too much!) since you first burst onto the scene here in new jack city, aka lumumba-ville!!!

Anonymous said...

4:48 PM

I agree. I can only add "competent legal advice/representation" to the needs you mentioned.

Deceased Will Do said...

Other than being in the bag for Cochran, what is your point in using the phrase 'now deceased'?

Anonymous said...

6:28, I'd call that a pretty radical interpretation of the text. I don't think KF has done anything but express sadness about Mr. Mayfield's death and sympathy for his family.

Anonymous said...

Steroids make cops think they are beyond their jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

can't imagine what she has been through, but her atty should know better than file this sort of thing..

Anonymous said...

I don't think the issue is if anyone condones the actions of the MPD in the way they arrested Mayfield.

The issue is does the widow have legal grounds for these charges? The obvious answer is no, no matter what court she files in.

It is unfortunate that she has not found other ways to channel her grief, but talk is cheap when it's not you. Hopefully she will privately make closure.

Kelly Clayton said...

Her husband killed himself on their property KNOWING she would find him. How intelligent is that? He was out on a FELONY bond which gave MPD the right to be on their property AT ANY TIME up to and including verifying his death. Bet they drop this action when MPD begins to reveal some of the non-public facts of the case.

Anonymous said...

So it's ok to admit he killed himself but all these other folks are too nice to discuss the sudden death at young age. Double standard y'all?

Kingfish said...

Mark was a friend of mine and I do miss him. Having said that, I treat this as I do any other case. We haven't seen all the facts or the evidence. Its a developing story. We will learn everything at trial or if no trial, then I will submit a FOIA for the file, which is permissible. Then we can all pass our fully informed judgments.

I Smell Poor Guidance said...

if Mark was 'a friend of yours', don't you owe it to his memory to ease the heat off the widow (not the wife of the now deceased) and criticize, or at least state who is providing the legal guidance to her? This is being protrayed in a manner that causes readers to infer that she's off her rocker. I assume she is NOT an attorney and is being guided by someone who IS.

If someone is providing poor guidance that results in her being mocked and ridiculed, that's who the target here should be, rather than Mrs. Mayfield.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why Chris Epps and Cecil McCrory are released after posting a $25,000 bond for all they accused of and Mr. Mayfield was required to post a $250,000 bond?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clayton, as a retired LEO, I can tell you that in 25 years, I never went by to check on the death of a person I had an open case on, suicide or otherwise. The paperwork will make it's way to my desk in due time! Having said that, if in fact the MPD did go to the property, for the purpose of verifying Mr. Mayfield's death, why did it take three of them?

Oops, I forgot to say that in my career, I never had an occasion to visit a person's house, after I had arrested him/her and they made bond so, why would that happen? To harass the person or I did it just because I could?

A final note, I would be interested to know how many cases in the past, with similar circumstances, caused MPD officials to left their jurisdiction to check on the death of someone, that may or may not have been out on felony bond?

To me, it boils down to just one thing, they went by to see for themselves, like some stupid, rubber-necking, red-neck at a traffic accident on the highway.

BTW, most cops I know hate people that do that, I always did?

Anonymous said...

7:53 PM.

I truly am interested in seeing the legal authority that you rely on for your statement that the MPD had the right to be on their property AT ANY TIME (emphasis yours). If this is so tis something of a surprise to me.

Anonymous said...

Those who are encouraging Mrs. Mayfield in this effort to further their political agendas rather than encouraging her to seek grief counseling are contemptible.

It is unusually cruel.

In light of such tragedy, ignorance of the law is no excuse for those of you mouthing off conspiratorial nonsense. Rational people know better.

It takes very little thought to understand why the law requires confirmation of death by authorities in the jurisdiction where charges were filed. Nor does it take much thought to understand how this affects those who were simply doing their jobs.

Yet some of you imagine this huge conspiracy of entire law firms, entire police departments, city government, and court officials with Barbour and Cochran pulling the levers like the Wizard of Oz. And, yet you can't imagine one clerk, one secretary, one receptionist with a cell phone to photograph documents or record who would go to the press or the feds as a protected source!

If you,6:28 pm and 7:18 pm, don't have a political agenda, then you are in desperate need of psychiatric treatment. I feel pity, for you both, truly. Mental illness is a terrible disease, but you are inflicting your emotional problems on others and that is not ok.

Anonymous said...

the woman has used up her sympathy quota. she is now a public nuisance. her mitigation of having an idiot lawyer for a brother is eroded away. maybe the cops made a poor decision, but she INVITED law enforcement in general to come and view his bullet shattered brain.

harsh? yes. but realistic.

Johnny Weir said...

I really don’t understand the mindset of a suicide victim? Why didn’t he drive down a dirt road and kill himself? This way his poor wife wouldn’t have found him and the police would have never been on the property. I do understand loss. I served in Vietnam and saw young men lives destroyed, friends killed and maimed. I also been threw 2 divorces. Never made enough money to please women. At my age my parents have passed and all my kids have move off. I’ve also endured the dribble of many different blogs. Lost my freedom in jail for a couple of days for fighting in public (I lost the fight and got my ass kicked). But, I stood up to the bastard. Jail isn’t that bad. Not as bad as a war zone. Mark could have made it if he was convicted. I’ve sat across a supper table with Robin and Mark. He was a great guy. He was always 1st to extend a hand in a handshake. Not really friends with him. Also, I’ve learned (Lately) that GOD is in control and he never gives one more than you can handle. Look at all the law cases many Lawyers are bombarded with. Ton of paperwork from dysfunctional people and a dysfunctional justice system. YET, these lawyers persist and keep up a semblance of justice, law and order. So, you see the flaws in my tread. (Never gives one more than they can handle). In Mark’s case it was his own free will (choice). He was conflicted. He choose to end his life without regards of the effects on his love ones. This I hold against him. If you truly love someone you don’t intentionally try to hurt them. God give you free will so you can come to him freely and by your own choice. So the cold hard truth in the matters of the heart Mark didn’t love himself, family, friends enough to endure the pain and suffering of the conditions he found himself in. Oh, you ask how I endured the pain & suffering of Vietnam, being scared all of the time. Well, the answer is I was a stupid 20 year old kid that didn’t have enough imagination to understand the real danger I was being exposed to. Another observation, you really don’t see any real deep thinkers in a war zone. Thanks for reading this tread. Also, remember your Shakespeare from Hamlet: To be, or not to be: that is the question:(To live, or to die: that is the question)
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer(Is it more honourable in the mind to endure)
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
(The ongoing battle that is being waged on humans,)
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
(Or to fight against this sea of woe,)
And by opposing end them. To die: to sleep:
(And by fighting back finish them. To die: to sleep:)
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
(To be nothing; and by sleeping to end)
The heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks
(The anguish, and the many set-backs)
That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation
(That people inherit, it is the final ending)
Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;
(Greatly to be wished. To die, to sleep;)
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;(To sleep: and perhaps to dream: that is the obstacle;)
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,(For after we die what may happen,)
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,(When we have left the earth,)
Must give us pause: There’s the respect

Anonymous said...

"or at least state who is providing the legal guidance to her?"

Her attorney has been pilloried here, by name, numerous times in previous posts on this topic. You should check the archives before asking a dumb question.

Anonymous said...

Why did it take 3? Well, if you were up against the paranoid conspiracy theory Tea Party rabid lunatics, you'd take 30. as witnesses, apparently for good reason. The people are just nuts on their fringe (and this was peak nut season for them too at that time). (Now, note I didn't say everybody in the TP is nuts) Why go? If YOUR main subject in a case was reported dead in the midst of the most crazed election in history, during which numerous threats were made, you wouldn't go verify that it was a suicide and not a murder? You'd "wait on the paperwork?" Wow. Really. They barely passed onto curtilage. This is a ridiculous "case" to allege trespassing. 911 call by complainant. Death in a garage. Three cops show up to check the situation and leave. No evidence gathered, no search. No misconduct. No "expectation of privacy" or 4th Amendment issue. This is frivolous.

Anonymous said...

"A final note, I would be interested to know how many cases in the past, with similar circumstances, caused MPD officials to left their jurisdiction to check on the death of someone, that may or may not have been out on felony bond?"

OK Sparky - you tell me the name of someone "with similar circumstances" (including MPD involvement) and I'll tell you how it turned out. Start by looking through the Wash Post and NY Times, since they both reported on the case. Let me know what other Madison, MS cases they covered.

Retired LEO said...

When she called 911, any jurisdiction was free to respond.

Anonymous said...

6;41 if you truly have 25 years in law enforcement, it must be an area other that robbery/homicide. I have 35 years in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge. Police answer calls and investigate outside of their territorial jurisdiction every day. When you call 911, you waive your expectation of privacy within and around your home. Mrs. Mayfield made a mistake with the initial filing and has compounded her error with the present filing. No circuit judge is going to authorize an arrest of a police officer responding to a 911 call whether within their territorial jurisdiction or not. It is well established that police can carry out official functions outside their territorial jurisdiction as long as officers of the subject jurisdiction are also present.

But I do understand that you generally don't chase stray dogs across jurisdictional lines, so that my explain your erroneous beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I think most people miss the point, that Mark killed himself at home for a reason. Robin was always on him for more money, more this, more that, and I'm sure the embarassment had her on his back even more. Yes, it sounds ugly, but from what he told me a few years ago, I'm sure she didn't change.

I Smell Poor Guidance said...

7:47 is a nut case. He sees conspiracy theories where none exist and accuses others of being embroiled in them.

It's fair to axe who is providing the widow with this advice, since nobody can be certain of the origin of it. Or does the asshole at 8:19 really expect that people reading and replying here are going to search archives to see if their concern was answered at some point in the past. Since Reeves is in a position appointed by Queen Mary (and she could terminate him tomorrow), it's rather insane to assume he's providing guidance that would piss Mary off.

But, the point remains: The widow should not be the (continuing) target of you internet bullies. She's actually the victim. "Sympathy Quota"? Really?

Kingfish said...

5:23: Its a good thing I don't answer to you.

Pursuing justice is one thing. Playing media games is another. They can file the charges and let the process work its course. However, that is not what happens. Charges are filed and then immediately given to the media when they are not public and have not been approved by a judge. A judge throws them out. Then forum shopping occurs and they are filed in justice court. They are leaked again to the media. So the question is, are they trying to press charges here and engage a successful prosecution or are they playing games with the criminal justice system?

Anonymous said...


You must have sucked at your job(s). You would have been better in politics with your attempt at obfuscation of the facts.

You don't waive your rights, nor protections by simply calling 911. A responding officer has a duty to make contact and determine (and be able to reasonably articulate) the situation.

This is not a jurisdictional issue for the civilian, nor is it a criminal one, but just like overzealous prosecutors, going for the trespass just means they are using kentucky windage in their hunt.

Anonymous said...

6:41 is probably just a lazy cop who sits at a desk and waits for the end of the shift. Don want to go poking around but just let the criminals come to him. JPD Captain most likely.

Anonymous said...

Some serious, loony tune nutbaggery going on here. But this is not nearly the best of it. Over at Chris's "MississippiConservativeDaily" site,they are openly discussing killing of Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Cops broke no law.

Mad Max said...

The suit will be dismissed forthwith.

Micah said...

Like one poster texted... Mark always 1st to extend a hand in a handshake. That is all I'm gonna say.

Anonymous said...

Jurisdiction does matter. Law enforcement officers have been prosecuted and convicted for acting outside of their jurisdiction. I know of two officers (and there are problably others) who went to prison in this state who acted outside of their jurisdiction

Calling 911 does not mean someone from Iuka or Biloxi can show up at your door with a badge because they heard it on a police radio.

Disclaimer: I am not a McDaniel or Tea Party supporter.

Anonymous said...

This is not a jurisdictional issue for the civilian

Anonymous said...

I did not realize Madison PD had become a statewide agency. Was that through one of those constitutional amendment thingies or what?

" waive your expectation of privacy within and around your home"

Anonymous said...

8:01 PM

You might as well be...

If you disagree (with anyone) you'll be accused of being just that.

Anonymous said...

Let see if I can help the jurisdiction screamers with a hypothetical.

A man is charged with drug dealing in an adjacent city where the " deal" went down and he is out on bond. The nearby city where is lives let him operate with impunity and he potentially can name higher ups in the drug ring.

He is reported to have committed suicide by a gunshot at his home.

Should the city law enforcement and court where he was charged accept death and by suicide on face value or confirm it themselves and make sure the death is being properly investigated?

If you are being honest, the answer is " yes". Everything regarding the criminal case is the business of the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.

And, you all have missed entirely that IF there had been a jurisdictional problem, and IF Mrs. Mayfield had complained at the scene, neither she nor the Ridgeland police were helpless.

It is not " trespass" to just walk up to someone's door. The door wasn't broken in by the Madison PD. Entry was granted.

Y'all really need to stop trying to muddy the waters with irrelevant, inapplicable nonsense. And, do try to actually THINK!

Theo said...

The lawsuit is silly and shows just how out of touch she is.

Anonymous said...

3:36 Don't you know to not confuse me with the facts , my mind is made up.

Anonymous said...

its not a "lawsuit". its a criminal affidavit.

if a property is posted or has a no trespassing sign, you cannot walk up and knock on the door. if you have a "no trespassing" sign on your house, but you call 911 for assistance, law enforcement or another responder is going to enter the property notwithstanding the no trespass sign because the call waives the expectation of privacy. the criminal charges are frivolous nonsense. those that want to heap crap on the three cops will not be convinced by any argument, logic or law. they are mentally challenged and afflicted with tunnel vision.

YOU'RE FIRED said...

5:23 back. I agree it's a good thing you don't answer to me (or anybody else apparently). Your lack of compassion (former wife of the now deceased) and ability to be a jerk are exceeded only by your desire to curry favor from the Barbourites and Cackrunites.

If you answered to me (or most anybody else) you'd have heard the Donald Trump ultimatum years ago.

Bergey Cotton said...

Mayfield's bond was higher because he was more of a flight risk.

Turuner Baxtere said...

The reason she was upset and standing in the rain was that her husband blew his brains out in their garage. How did MPD have ANY responsibility for that?

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