Friday, November 14, 2014

Chris Epps is...... the Untouchable

or so he thinks.  Indicted? No problem.  Wear gold Rolex to court.  Lose house and condo? No problem.  Lose cars? No problem. Just go get another Benz. Yup, the day after Mr. Epps appeared at his arraignment last week, he went out and got another Benz. Wife got to have a car, you see.  The Clarion-Ledger reported:

After the federal government moved to seize two Mercedes-Benz vehicles owned by former corrections commissioner Chris Epps, Epps walked out of a dealership on Friday with a third.

Epps and his wife visited the Jackson dealership to get a car for Catherlean Epps to drive to work the day after pleading not guilty to corruption charges in federal court, said Epps' attorney.

"Mr. and Mrs. Epps have obtained another vehicle so that Mrs. Epps could go to work every day. I don't know what make or model or year nor do I know whether the vehicle was leased or purchased," Epps' attorney John Colette said. "I'm assuming it was leased, but again, I just don't have any particulars."
 Mrs. Epps works at Mid-Delta Home Health.  


Anonymous said...

He's got lotsa" balls, or he's dumb as hell. I think it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

They need to give him a drug test, this is so stupid!

Anonymous said...

Probably another "Buuba Benz" those crap SUVs made in Tuscaloosa and sold to social climbers. I smell a gold digger.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how many black politicians have been indicted in Mississippi this year and how many white? This would be interesting info. KF I know you got that info somewhere.

Anonymous said...

He reminds me so much of the convicted republican consultant Scott Walker down on the Coast. Lives in million dollar waterfront home,drives new Mercedes and Rangerovers,probably wears $20,000 watch,attends all political social functions,has or had airplane,has condo in Oxford,attends all Ole Ms home games and sits with other uppity felons in a sky box and vacations several times a year.At his sentencing he convinces the federal judge he is broke an unable to pay any fines or restitution at that time.Judge waives fines and agrees to allow $49.99(or some low figure) per month to be paid towards restitution once he gets out of prison. At least up here in a different judicial district they seized Epp's assets first.Expect him to be broke also when its time to pay for his actions.

Anonymous said...

Omg, 9:09, who the hell cares? Corruption is corruption.

Anonymous said...

They see me rollin'. They hatin'.
Patrollin'. They tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty.

Who killed the mayor? said...

I guess that would be interesting 9:09, to a bigot.

It warms my heart to see a white crook (McCrory) and a black crook (Epps) working together. You wouldn't have seen this bi-racial thievery in Miss. 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

He's got lotsa" balls, or he's dumb as hell.

[OR] he knows that the next dominos about to fall will soon grab so many headlines and garner so many inches that his securing a new car for the wifey will quickly fade into a distant and quickly forgotten footnote.

Anonymous said...

9:09 BIGOT
Who cares, unless you're looking for verification of your bigoted views.

Anonymous said...

"It warms my heart to see a white crook (McCrory) and a black crook (Epps) working together. You wouldn't have seen this bi-racial thievery in Miss. 40 years ago."

Yeah, it's kinda sweet when you look at it that way. Progress in corruption may be the only progress we have to brag on.

Anonymous said...

Cue music: My name is Epps and I'm an OG....I kick, kick, kick it live at the MDOC. I make big money selling state contracts. I got gold Rollie and pimpin ass Benz with spinnin' ass rims.... what youz thinks about thats. Now 5-0 has showed ups and throwns me in jail, but im out on bond bitch so hows does that feel. I'm an OG bitch, you aint got shit on me, I bought a new ride.... Benz AMG. So all you punk ass FEDS you better listen to me, I'm BIG DADDY EPPS, the OG of the MDOC!!!! OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

If it's verification of his bigoted views how does than make him a bigot? Seems like it simply makes him aware of facts.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Chris Epps has the biggest balls in the world.

Anonymous said...

This may be the only rap music that I've ever found funny and enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

TBTF syndrome? Buddies with Geitner? Goldman Sux?

Anonymous said...

Where does she work

Anonymous said...

The new ride is Epps' way of giving all of us taxpayers the finger.

His ass ought to be in jail, instead of on the car lot.

Anonymous said...

Someone enlighten me please. He's only been indicted of crimes (not convicted). Feds seized houses and cars. He goes to get another car. Would you have rather them walk or catch bus? Or are you pissed because of the type of car? Would you rather him get a Ford or Chevrolet? Help me out here.

Anonymous said...

@4:42 PM

What business is that of yours? Nosey. Where does your wife work?

It's none of my business, either. She wasn't covered in the indictment.

Anonymous said...

Rankin County thugs

Pittpanther said...

To 5:0pm

His wife has to work, since he resigned from his position. She has the only income for the foreseeable future. And getting around Jackson and Mississippi is impossible without a car.

That being said, I don't understand why he would get the car in his name.
I don't understand why a dealer would sell him a car, given he has no job and no income and few tangible assets.
I don't understand why the wife didn't get a car in her name.

Given the situation they find themselves in, why not avoid the appearance of impropriety and get a more reasonable care? They had to know that getting a luxury car would seem completely inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everybody know she be innocent and needs to look real uptown. Don't matter where she work, her head be held high from all that cash she buried in her garden or personal check account. Sorry, she's as guilty as they are.

Anonymous said...

11:57. Epic.

Anonymous said...

11:57. Epic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she should have bought a ford or chevy. Used. For the same reason Epps should have worn a timex to his arraignment. You can't flaunt money when you are under indictment for embezzlement, etc...

Colette should have prevented this. But he probably got his large retainer up front and doesn't care. He is known for dropping the ball when the workload gets heavy.

Epps buying another Mercedes is the equivalent of a man posting pics of he and his girlfriend on Facebook while his divorce is pending. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Anonymous said...

@5:50. Haley co-signed. He has experience co-signing for criminals you know.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was probably Haley ("Tar Baby-but I didn't mean to offend the negro folk") Barbour. Or, I think it was Fil's boys (Josh) at Frontier that signed for it. Please wake up Mississippi! Epps & McDaddy are indicted, but this crap goes on EVERY day at the Capitol. Now, our "perfect" legislators are going to try to stomp out corruption in state agencies. Just happens next year is an election year. Frontiers & others will be wining, dining, & contributing all year to the crooks.

Black or White said...

Epps isn't a politician.

Anonymous said...

Epps isn't broke. He'll be making something like $80k a year in retirement. Not close to what he was getting before, but they aren't starving.

Anonymous said...

11:20 I guess the question most have is "Are all consultants crooks or are all crooks consultants?" Someone needs to go on Wikitionary and add that CON is now short for consultant,in MS anyway.

Victor Fleitas said...

@ 4:36 AM

Epps is the consummate politician. He may not be elected but you don't get appointed and last through three administrations as the head of the toughest State agency without excellent political chops, and the capacity to woo or wow legislators as needed.

I've sat across the table and the courtroom from Mr. Epps several times over the years. Personally, I found him arrogant, self-important, callous to the suffering going on in his prisons and (shocker) dishonest. I kinda liked him.

Though I wasn't buying what he was selling, he comes across as professional, knowledgeable, engaging, personable and (most importantly for a politician) interested about you and your concerns.

Not a politician? Sorry, he's a great politician!

[You can stop reading now as everything below this amounts to pure fiction for which I lack even the slightest factual basis.]

Make no mistake about it. After he successfully retired as the much lauded and highly respected longest serving Commissioner of Corrections, he was running for some office somewhere. With his manner, and the financial and political connections he forged, who was going to beat him as (for example) a candidate for the House in the Second Congressional District?

Young man from Tchula starts out as a prison guard and beats the odds to make good and make important friends from both parties along the way. My eyes are watering already. Hell, imagine the Hallmark movie, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Epps and the ghost of Sorrell Booke as Haley Barbour. Throw in Cooper Anderson for Musgrove and the ghost of Vincent Price for Phil Bryant and I smell an Emmy.

Once someone ghost wrote his autobiography and someone kick-backed some money to put it on some bestseller list (New York Times, Oprah Book Club), the man was a shoe-in.

Do you people think Bennie Thompson is going to live forever? The competing plans and machinations for that seat are going on now. So much ambition and so little time.

Somebody else must fill that seat one day. Anyone who thinks Epps wasn't part of someone's (even his own) plan needs to get their head checked. See Chris McDaniel v. Thad Chochran.

Of course, once in Congress, he could really direct some contracts his friends' way. Shame this indictment messed up all of those plans and dreams . . . . So much ambition, so much greed, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Epps should be careful because the IRS is watching. Wonder how much of the love money he received from McCrory he actually reported.

To buy or lease a Benz after being indicted is giving the Feds the middle finger. No doubt the US Attorneys office is watching this.
His attorney should have cautioned Epps about extravagant spending after being inducted. Isn't Colette the same attorney for the dog beating guy?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what color they chose?

Anonymous said...

pure speculation on my behalf. But I seem to believe that Epps was an honest man who was tempted by a real criminal and fell prey to a
Proof being the white man turned snitch... like most real criminals do.

Anonymous said...

It shows--Have no fear if you have friends in high places!! Check the cash flow!!!!

sue jones said...

does anyone know how Epps started out a guard at the Parchman prison & ended up the commissioner? I do & that should have been a red flag from the start. He is a arrogant man, who was in control of lots of lives & he didn't care about any of the inmates( I know they are inmates, not human beings or some people feel that way), buying the Benz shows he is not worried about anything, he will likely end up in a prison where he plays golf & goes where he wants to.

Anonymous said...

Hello?? Stacey calling for you!! Where are you?? Still trying to cut deals to destroy Chris??

Anonymous said...

If Ms Epps is working why didn't she lease or buy her own car?

Just a total lack of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Epps is, by all accounts, a bizarre human being. He won't be in a prison with a golf course. He will most likely be in a medium to maximum security facility doing laundry 8 hours a day for $0.05 an hour. Sharing a room with 7 other outstanding citizens. Sharing a bathroom with 32 other outstanding citizens. What is galling, however, that he will be able to buy from a commissary that charges fairly reasonable prices.

Anonymous said...

"If Ms Epps is working why didn't she lease or buy her own car?

Just a total lack of common sense. "

A more important question is - do she and her husband file jointly for their taxes? Did she sign that "under penalty of perjury" statement at the end of the form? I know Queen Mary skated when her husband got nailed for tax evasion after fleecing that widow on her property but I doubt Mrs Epps will have that clout with the feds.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Epps is a nurse

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I know Queen Mary skated when her husband got nailed for tax evasion after fleecing that widow on her property..." November 16, 2014 at 8:27 PM

People like you should really be ignored. However I cannot allow your LIBELOUS assertion to stand, unchallenged, lest the gullible accept it as fact. My understanding is that Butler's refusal to be a party to the "fleecing", and his subsequent REPORTING of the "fleecing" to authorities, caused him to run afoul of one of Madison County's powerful cabals. Apparently, Butler's troubles were orchestrated as REVENGE for his reporting the "fleecing". However, is seems that those defending him eventually were able to appeal at a level ABOVE the local corruption, and he was cleared.

We love our Queen, and moved to Madison because of her. If not for what she has been creating here, we would have relocated to Seattle or Austin, well over a decade back. She has kept us, and plenty of job-makers like us, from leaving the region. In seeking to destroy her, you are seeking to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

I believe that you are being short-sighted, self-defeating, and irrational, by continuing with your little smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

I bet even the poor black people that can't afford to send their loved ones money for commisary would like to kick him a new one. He should have to eat bologna and old bread for Sunday dinner. or some of the not fit for human consumtion chicken

Anonymous said...

You people sitting here talking about my family like you know him. He fucked up and will pay the cost. Since I was a kid I thought he was the most successful black man in the state of Ms. He started off on the right note at Parchman Ms. Working hard as a guard and moved all the way to the top. I don't know when he fell to the left and forgot about growing up in Drew MS. I looked up to this man and he let the whole family down. I'm shocked and hurt of these criminal action. Guess he didn't listen to the words from the Cotton fields of Ms. . There is a 1st Sunday in every month. Mean you can't do the same shit and not expect to get caught. Again on behalf of the Family I'd like to say I'm sorry Chris let you all down and our family.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!! He was dirty all the dam time! When he was screwing Dr Liddell and she got caught he requested Hiuse arrest. Now that he's gotten caught you want to say he was a honest Co. Hell you took bribes too but as he did at first was didn't get caught! MDOC needs a complete overhaul. Epps wasn't the only dirty black bastard. All them farts that resigned or retired was in the chicken house with him. Now he telling on every tom dick and Harry!

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