Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election night thread. Weill kicks ass. Skinner & Larita to runoffs?

This is the election night thread.  Will the Tea Party help Childers beat Cochran?  Will Ali and his barbarian hordes run Weill back to Lelia Drive? Can Skinner keep his seat and his tan? Will the Republicans take the Senate? Stay tuned.

CNN & AP called race for Cochran.
CNN calls Arkansas for Cotton. Good job to Justin Brasell and Brian Wilson. Local boys ran campaign. Ben Shapiro: Pryor becomes prior.
Chuck Johnson says the RINO hunt was suspended until tomorrow. 

Now the results start to trickle in for local races.

0 of 28 precincts reporting (0%)
Ali Shamsiddeen 1,628 57%
Jeff Weill 1,245 43%

0 of 47 precincts reporting (0%)
Malcolm O Harrison 804 45%
Johnnie McDaniels 511 29%
William Louis Skinner 466 26%

0 of 35 precincts reporting (0%)
LaRita Cooper Stokes 1,099 46%
Kimberly L Campbell 508 21%
Henry C Clay III 462 19%
Bridgett M Clayton 152 6%
William Walker 125 5%
Bruce W Burton 50 2%

0 of 28 precincts reporting (0%)
Ali Shamsiddeen 1,990 56%
Jeff Weill 1,533 44%

0 of 35 precincts reporting (0%)
LaRita Cooper Stokes 1,473 44%
Kimberly L Campbell 730 22%
Henry C Clay III 684 20%
William Walker 187 6%
Bridgett M Clayton 206 6%
Bruce W Burton 73 2%

0 of 47 precincts reporting (0%)
Malcolm O Harrison 1,114 39%
William Louis Skinner 932 33%
Johnnie McDaniels 779 28%

0 of 28 precincts reporting (0%)
Jeff Weill 3,405 57%
Ali Shamsiddeen 2,533 43%

0 of 47 precincts reporting (0%)
William Louis Skinner 2,648 42%
Malcolm O Harrison 2,213 35%
Johnnie McDaniels 1,416 23%

25 precincts. 10, 34, and 79 are out.

Weill is beating Ali 65% to 35%.


0 of 28 precincts reporting (0%)
Jeff Weill 5,586 65%
Ali Shamsiddeen 3,013 35%

4 of 28 precincts reporting (14%)
Jeff Weill 6,419 68%
Ali Shamsiddeen 3,053 32%


Anonymous said...

Well Thad won. That was quick.

Anonymous said...

Looks like before he left home to go vote for Childers, Chris McDaniel decided to plagiarize a Politico top ten list of Barbourisms on his FB page today.

Bruce Bancroft said...

Polls close at 7:00:00, Election called at 7:00:01.

Anonymous said...

Chris compares himself to William Wallace. Well, he 's been drawn and quartered. But he's never been hung. So at least he's got that going for him.

Anonymous said...

Oh you name dropper Kingfish. You are so connected.

Anonymous said...

Electing the same person SEVEN times is mind-boggling and lazy.

Anonymous said...

Night is starting off good for GOP taking the senate. McConnell re-elected in Kentucky. Cotton beats Pryor for a GOP pickup in Arkansas. GOP also picks up West Virginia.

Anonymous said...

7:41 When he is better than his opponent 7 times it is not mind-boggling and lazy it just makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

Childers wins Jackson Precinct 36 with 51.98%!!!

Anonymous said...

Jamie Whitten was elected 27 times and served 53 years. Insane is running an inexperienced talk show host with a track record of inflammatory remarks against that type of incumbent whose party is regaining power and he is due to take the Appropriations Chair. Or sending Big Talk your money.

Anonymous said...

Good news in these results tonight for Dorsey Carson.

Anonymous said...

Cochran winning big McDaniel counties: Jones, Lamar, Forrest & Desoto. Looks like the 185k was a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Childers wins Fondren.

Anonymous said...

GOP just picked up South Dakota, so party is officially halfway to the six seats it needs to regain senate.

GOP is leading 49-48 with 94% of votes counted in Virginia; leading 50-44 in Colorado with 57% of votes in; leading 59-39 in Georgia with 51% in and leading 49-47 in Kansas with only 18% in. Currently ties at 48 all in North Carolina with 68% of votes in.

Anonymous said...

From NY Times:
Louisiana is headed for a runoff election, as Senator Mary L. Landrieu, the Democratic incumbent, and Representative Bill Cassidy, a Republican, failed to capture 50 percent of the vote.

The Republican vote was diluted by the presence of Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel who is also a Republican. Mr. Maness benefited from the backing of Tea Party supporters who feel that Mr. Cassidy, a doctor, is not sufficiently conservative.

Ms. Landrieu, a three-term senator who turned to keg parties to generate support among young people, has been under pressure for her support of President Obama’s health law.

The second election will take place on Dec. 6.

Anonymous said...

There is good news for Dorsey Carson in the results tonight.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the link to Honds county election results?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please make sure the courthouse doors are locked when the counting is over tonight.

Anonymous said...

I would hope so.

Anonymous said...

Thad Cochran is an old, adulterous, senile crook. The State of Mississippi is sure enough going to pay for this in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

10:18, suck it. Tonight's results proved that the tea party and McDaniel's few supporters can't organize their way out of a paper bag--maybe because their Fearless Leader never said a word about his recommendations, and they can't think for themselves?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Jeff Weill has one kick ass GOTV machine.

Anonymous said...

Jeff whipped ali babba's ass in spite of ali babba's cheating and thuggish behavior. What about those retards clogging up the intersection of Old Canton Road and Ridgewood Road today SCREAMING and shaking ali babba signs at passing cars? I bet they feel real stupid about now!

Anonymous said...

Bad trending for dorsey carson based on tonights results. Charles Barbour should win in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Childers takes Precinct 44.

Barbour will struggle to make the runoff.

Anonymous said...


Maybe the tea party simply refuses to vote democrat? The tea party is the majority of republicans in Mississippi. For some reason you rinos can't grasp that.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! Our 'republican' senator has been elected to six more years by the democrats! And you old dipshits are too dumb to realize it.

Elsie said...

Childers said in his TV ad that a gallon of milk was 35 cents in 1972. Actually, it was $1.20 which would be $6.83 in today's dollars. I pay $3.99 a gallon nowfor house-brand milk so the actual price is lower now than it was then.

Cassaday said...

Republicans take the Senate. Louisiana does not matter now so thousands of Republican voters will now vote for Landrieu - good for Louisiana and Mississippi where it borders Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

4-5 negative comments. I guess Scott Brewster had time to post several times since Thad won 2 minutes after polls closed.

Hey Scott, hahahahabahahahahahHhHhhhHhhhHhaaaaaaaaa!!!!
I am sure you were sitting at your computer typing during a multi-level Nerium snake oil break, typing up a myopic missive about how your self-righteous ass will vote for Childers and all of the "millions and millions of fans" will be doing the same. How did that work out for you?

Scott, you and your minions of few are a mile wide and an inch deep. By the way tell yo boy Kiiiim Waaaade haha, as well.

Anonymous said...

" McDaniel's few supporters can't organize their way out of a paper bag--maybe because their Fearless Leader never said a word about his recommendations,"

Actually he endorsed Democrats in MS and LA (nb: endorsing someone who siphons votes from a Repub is the same as endorsing a Dem).

Anonymous said...

"Woohoo!!! Our 'republican' senator has been elected to six more years by the democrats! And you old dipshits are too dumb to realize it. "

What's wrong with Democrats? Chrissy told us all to vote for Childers.

Anonymous said...

Stokes to a runoff. Seriously folks?

Anonymous said...

I wonder IF Cooper-Stokes wins will she be allowed to wear a different lamp shade hat in the court room for each case she hears?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ali Sham will have his followers remove all of his campaign signs (over-sized and otherwise)? Or will he pull a LaRita and say they will remove themselves since they are biodegradable?
Brilliant folks, these ...
It does seem as though they have a ready answer for everything whether anyone else understands it or not!

Anonymous said...

Weill wins! Thank God! I heard some person that sounded like he had mouth full of golf balls make a 5 minute radio spot begging me to vote Ali Shamsid-Deen for "jurge" Yea.. "jurge" over and over. One has to laugh.

Anonymous said...

She'll look like a Harry Potter character......

Anonymous said...

mdanial will be back and he runnin under a dem ticket. He gone teach all yall a lesson

Anonymous said...

Weill indeed has a GOTV system that produces results. Apparently he cobbled it together from the organizations of current and previous office-holders in NE Jackson. Between the City Council and the Judge seat, he has run enough that it should be efficient. This year, he was aided by the Thad race being on the ballot and again by Ali Shams being a third-tier candidate. That judgeship seat will eventually be unwinnable by a white and then the black community will put up a serious black candidate, not Ali Shamsideen.

Leland Slow said...

Jeff Weill is biggest thug of all.

Anonymous said...

9:41 that is about the silliest thing I have ever heard. Leader at Covenant Presbyterian, 3 sons all Eagle Scouts, respected arbiter and attorney, no criminal or civil lawsuit record, various boards in the city. Sounds like a real thug.

Anonymous said...

Cobbled together? Weill put together the operation the very first time he ran for City Council when he won the special election outright without runoff. He's only fine tuned it since then.

Sgt, Friday - just the facts please said...

Hey Dorsey - your comments at 8:19, 8:45, 9:05, and 11:01 all are just like the rest of the stuff underneath a bull. You can try to spin these numbers however you want to, just as you tried last week saying that NE Jackson voted for Obama.

Unofficial returns for NE Jackson precincts in Ward 1:

Cochran 5,053
Childers 2,322

Cochran 69%.

Don't know if it was you commenting at 8:59 as well 'bragging' about Fondren voting for Childers. But again - wrong. Fondren 62% Cochran.

Statistics and facts can be a terrible thing. Sorry you don't have the ability to read or repeat them with honesty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chump Friday, when Dorsey has posted here over the years he has always done so under his own real name.

J said...


The absolute worst thing that can happen to1 the state of Mississippi would be for the most overturned biased judge wiell to be
placed on the court of appeal.

Anyone thinking will should be on the Court of Appeals obviously has no clue as to what his record is in his current courtroom.
There is one other candidate David McCarty who has a much much better judicial record.
If anyone truly cares about the judicial system you would more likely vote for McCarty.

J said...

10:06 am
Weill is totally a fug in that courtroom. Actually most of the people in his church do not support him.
Not sure what his 3 sons have to do with how weill conducts himself in that courtroom.
I don't believe we're voting one of his sons into this serious judge position.
He has himself and kids taken with an alligator which makes you believe he and his sons are rough and tough man out there killing gators---- that is not true they did not get that Gator someone else did and the fake judge is just taking his picture to mislead people.
I have no idea what attorneys you are speaking to because I spoken to dozens and dozens of lawyers and people in that Courthouse and have not found one say they like him they are ready for him to be elected to any place but there so they will not have to deal with weill.
So my guess is whoever wrote that must work directly for weill and are trying to save their job.

J said...

10:52 am
Really you think because someone can run a campaign that makes them the right person for the job?
I could name you a few that that's just not so examples Stokes Obama Lumunba Musgrove
Danks and many more.
He's advertising that he is a prosecutor
If I remember correctly he prosecuted two cases and one of those was overturned.

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