Wednesday, June 4, 2014

McDaniel campaign issues statement on courthouse incident.

The Chris McDaniel campaign issued the following press release: 

Contact: Noel Fritsch
June 4, 2014

McDaniel Campaign Issues Statement on Hinds County Ballot Count

Laurel, MS - "Last night with an extremely close election and Hinds being one of the last counties to report, our campaign sent people to the Hinds courthouse to obtain the outstanding numbers and observe the count. 

In doing so, they entered the courthouse through an open door after being directed by uniformed personnel. They were then locked inside the building. At this point they sat down and called the county Republican chairman, a close Cochran ally, to help them get out. Eventually a Sheriff's officer showed up and opened the door to let them out. 

This was an honest mistake and the county sheriffs office has indicated as such. The Clarion-Ledger reported the following: "Sheriff's Department spokesman Othor Cain said today there was never a threat to any ballots or anything, all of those were already secured. Cain said the Sheriff Department filled out a report on the incident, but there's no investigation or anything."

Predictably, a close Cochran ally wants to make hay out of this. Sadly, the Cochran campaign wants to make this election about anything but issues. Mississippians deserve better than this sort of distraction politics. 

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Peter Gibbons said...

Three. More. Weeks...

Anonymous said...

might want to update with the latest from the C-L

Anonymous said...

Checking numbers at 2:00 am when the count stopped at 11:30 pm and the whole shop was closed up. Once again, I just don't buy their narrative of the timeline.

Anonymous said...

We'll, if he wins, he's already good at making excuses and blaming other people. This guy may be presidential material.

Anonymous said...

Did she think Rose was in there?

Anonymous said...

How exactly is it the fault of the "Cochran ally" that they were there at 2 am in an otherwise empty courthouse? All the Cochran ally did was answer their call and then call the people that had the keys (the Sherrif's office) so that the McDaniel crowd could get out. But how long were they in there before they realized their escape was blocked?

At best, they are clueless idiots that think they can do whatever they want. At worst, they are trying to commit election fraud. Or perhaps some combination of the two.

Anonymous said...

You rednecks REDNECKS are full of shift.

Anonymous said...

Something is amiss here. Lane and two women entering the courthouse to obtain outstanding numbers and to observe the count via an open door around 2 AM when the courthouse was completely empty? Are Brewster and Chambers both female or males? If they are males, do they appear feminine or were they dressed as females?

Ben said...

Why is there no overnight security at likely the largest courthouse in Mississippi? Especially on an election night?

Seems strange.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is beyond crazy that people are buying this load of malarkey.

These women who work for McDaniel, happen to leave the building at 11:30 and then just happen to go back up there at 2 and just happen to find a door propped open? And then they just happen to go in but OOPS, (karma is on the side of good and not the side of these fools who think that they are above the rules of normal society). This reeks of the same stench of the photographing Rose in her bed. The ends justify the means is the mantra of these crooks and sleezeballs.

You can not truly believe that they didn't prop open the door earlier when there. Why else go back and just happen to find the door open. Then when they got inside and got to looking around, you can not convince me that they did not commit a little voter fraud. Again, the ends justify the means. These people and the people who blindly follow them are idiots and truly lack any substance of education if they think this is acceptable. Wake up people, it is the tea party who is ruining America, not the current President.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Hattiesburg Mayortorial Election?"

Anonymous said...

Ben, Hinds County, home to Bennie Thompson, is one of the most dysfunctional screwed up counties in all of Mississippi.

Kingfish said...

At the very least, this is an example of poor planning and organization. Should have had someone there the whole damn night. So were they partying all night and then decided to watch?

Kingfish said...

At the very least, this is an example of poor planning and organization. Should have had someone there the whole damn night. So were they partying all night and then decided to watch?

Anonymous said...

With each passing day the HCSO under Tyrone Lewis looks more incompetent, not less.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of idiots and liars. Lane drops of ballots at 8:30 and leaves only to return at 2:00 to see how it was going. They get stuck in the courthouse and call they call pete for help. McDaniels then blames pete. They will probably say it was a set up by Thad next.

Anonymous said...

It all your fault Pete Perry. How would they have known you were a friend of Thads.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Chris, isn't it terrible when people assume the most paranoid motivation for every thing? Can you believe there are people like that?

Anonymous said...

I believe everything the McDaniel campaign says and the Tea Party gals say. I do...I truly do.

Signed........Sammy Stupid

Some People Need To Chill said...

Can this guy please just stop saying negative things about Thad for TWO SECONDS?! I don't know how anyone could vote for a guy who's whole campaign is "Don't worry about me, just know the other guy is OLD and he SUCKS!" I mean really. Tell us why we should vote for you other than "Let's Run off Thad!" Also, the Tea party is ruining the Republican Party. The democrats are going to keep winning if y'all don't put down your ridiculousness. Sarah Palin is not a good leader, y'all. Listen to H. Barbour.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm behind the power curve, but did anyone else notice Noel's DC phone number?

Seems everyone around Chris, with the exception of those recently released from Whitfield who do his "field" work, are all out of towners.....Jenny Beth of National TP fame requested that all TP persons from all over the US come to MS and help Chris....also, we have the wonderful non-Mississippi groups running ads non-stop telling us what we need to think and do.

They are desperate for a TP win, and once the TP have McDaniel elected, the damage it will do to MS, will be inconsequential to them. It's about the TP win for them nationally, not the governance and success of our state. We'll be left to pick up the pieces.

He just released a request for "AMERICA" to send him money.....this from a man who wants to CUT THE PORK. Methinks this is a train wreck.....stand back and watch. VItriolic venom (that's angry speech for those in Pearl River and Desota County, et. al. who voted for him) will soon ensue on anyone who would even DOUBT their story.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:48 PM The shop wasn't closed. The door to the courthouse was open. Why was it open? She called a Thad Cochran supporter about her predicament in the courthouse.

It was a close election so if the Sheriff's Office says all was ok, why not believe?

Petty distraction again. Why wont Thad debate?? DEBATE or WITHDRAW!

Anonymous said...

"They were directed to the door by uniformed personnel". Somehow that does make a difference. Along with the story changing time to 2:00 AM when before it was 1:30 AM. Just not sure what I think, but if I were going to tamper with voting boxes, this is not the group I would send.

Anonymous said...

Average IQ of Cochran voter-130
Average 1Q of McDaniel voter-90

Anonymous said...

Why would Thad debate a criminal. The Mcdanial camp has shown on multiple occasions how much moral fiber they have, and quoting Jesus does not give one moral fiber, breaking into nursing homes, breaking into courthouses and messing with ballots, lying about experience...all that speaks volumes as to what integrity and moral fiber these people contain. Get a grip people, think for yourselves and stop being sheep for the national teafreaks.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is wandering around in that part of town at 2 in the morning? Just happened to be looking for some vote counts.....uh huh. Can you imagine the fun we would be having with this if it was on the democrat side? Some rednecks have their blinders in. CM will get impeached within 90 days if any of these clowns are on staff.

Anonymous said...

9:39 -- Debate??? .....Thad has a record. There is no need to can SEE what he stands for...and agree or disagree, you can attack it or refute it. His record, good and bad, reflects who he is and what he thinks. Debates are unnecessary, other than for Chris McD to have a forum to "look: Senatorial, he thinks. I believe what the TP wants is a DISTRACTION after this last debacle (Janis, Scottie, not a DEBATE. How long will you all carry water for him? Your guy may not have "ordered" this, but what he continually shows is poor judgment his choices of those people who surround him. We cannot afford that type of poor judgment, to put it kindly, and "lack of sophistication" in DC. Now -- I expect the standard TP attack.....I'm ready 9:39.

Anonymous said...

So...They get " directed in by uniformed personnel" ( a janitor perhaps) through " an opened door" and then get " locked in". And, so they are left in the courthouse without any escort to just wander around.
Cain , I would say, had appalling security and has reason to cover his butt and want this to go away as much as McDaniel does.
McDaniel further wants us to believe " the campaign" has no phone contacts to make but instead sends a woman and two men downtown in the middle of the night? Where were they when sent? In Hattiesburg? LOL? He's got the first campaign in state history with no way to get news about the vote count without a television?
So much for expecting efficiency in government from this bunch!
Who'd he get to run his campaign Krammer and George Stanza? ROFL

Anonymous said...

... but did anyone else notice Noel's DC phone number?

Really? Truly? You are freaked out about a phone number? Methinks you've already been in the trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Travis Childers sees his long shot bid for the Senate getting closer and closer to becoming reality.

Anonymous said...

I like how Noel didn't even bother to get a Mississippi phone number. Keystone Kope running McDaniels campaign? I think there are more shoes to drop here. Grab the popcorn sit back and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The truth about this has been exposed. There is nothing sinister going on in this courthouse matter
There are too many folks not connected with the CM campaign who have verified the reasons for the late night entry.

CM haters are grasping at straws here. Much ado about NOTHING. Sure, it may have looked suspicious, but remember, not everything is as it appears unless it is something you hope to see.
When you find yourself in a hole- stop digging.

Anonymous said...

I like these posts where folks regurgitate "SEVUNTEEN TRILLYUN!!!1!1! LIBERTY!!!1!!!" How about thinking critically and wondering why your candidate (who has provided 0 solutions on debt reduction, BTW) is attracting the derp brigade like Clayton and company, and now the B&E gang.

11:01 how are people "hating" on your guy? Having friends who break into courthouses accidentally on purpose on election night because a "door was open" is kind of a big deal.

Anonymous said...

If if looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck......

I think we are in a real pickle....on one hand Thad has been here way too long, and he is king of pork. Sure we get some funds, but if you ask yourself do things need to change you know they do. Everyone knows we need change, yet everyone always says the same needs to be the other persons politician that gets voted out not mine! We need to vote them all out except my guy. Wah Wah Wah.....Well, here's the skinny...your guy sucks and he needs to go too!

On the other hand we have McDaniel, who seemingly has already gotten involved (even if it is just his "Staff") in several shenanigans. I heard him on Gallo, and what concerns me most of all is he sounded like he was lying. Kept saying he was "asleep"...whatever man, it didn't really matter what you were doing. What matters is you lie about it. What do you think we expect you are going to do when you get to Washington and some of the professionals get some dirt on you?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't those "uniformed personnel" let them out?

Anonymous said...

Please 11:01 pm name a few of the " verified" folks who don't have keypad access and need the door left open? And, if YOU know who they are, why didn't the campaign call THEM to go check?

Who was bringing in boxes ( one explanation thrown out there by defenders) that late in a county with electronic voting and why when the only precincts with problems were already in? ( This question is for Mr. Cain)

If they could call Pete to be " let out", why couldn't they have called Pete to see what was going on or be let in!

Who on " the campaign" sent Tweedledee, Tweedledum, and Tweedledumber?

Why were the boxes locked in a room but the building not secured?

What's really sad is that the Mississippians being used by the money boys in the TP to do their dirty work have had their lives and/or reputations trashed. I feel especially sorry for Busby who probably dreamed of politics and now no one will touch him with a ten foot pole.

The TP had potential but got hijacked early on by those with the political savvy and money to see the potential !

Pugnacious said...

A common theme among Cochran supporters is that there is no need for a debate with Chris McDaniel, as Thad's voting record speaks for itself. Thad's voting record is just another of the proverbial albatrosses around his neck!

Thad's voting record is one of which supports the following:total amnesty for illegal aliens;so-called fast track free trade treaty agreements;perpetual warfare and military aggression in the Middle East. He has now become a supporter of more saber rattling in the Far East, mouthing the Pentagon's "Pivot-To-Asia" plans to "contain" China and encircle Russia. What's next from the Pentagon...a First Strike nuclear war?? All these voting choices have led to the exponential rise in the national debt.

Chris McDaniel could cast down his net with black voters and workers and gain a first strike against Cochran with his own version of Booker T. Washington's Cast Thy Net Down Speech delivered in 1895, aka as the Atlanta Compromise Speech. I suspect that BTW's words are his own, not spoon-fed him by in-house "speechwriter" from foreign shores.

Anonymous said...

Pug, where you been all your life?

There's no reason for a Congressional incumbent to debate a challenger. It's politically stupid . It gives the challenger air time and attention and name recognition he didn't have before EVEN if the incumbent can whip him in the debate. Even is considered a " win" by the challenger.

Presidents running for re-election would avoid debates if they could! As it is, they do all they can to set the rules.

Why don't you know this? Don't you have a television?

Anonymous said...

When is McDaniel going to say how he would balance the budget? Just forgoing earmarks gets nowhere. He wants to cut taxes, of course, but that increases the debt. Defense, Social Security, and Medicare is where the money is. How much does he plan to cut them?

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that Cochran cozied up to the most corrupt elements of the Hinds County Democratic machine, starting with Derrick Johnson, to save his own skin. It's also no secret that Pete Perry knows every dirty Democratic trick in the book, since he spends every election night at the Hinds County Courthouse watching the sausage get made.

With all that in mind, McDaniel's people had every reason to be suspicious when they discovered a door left propped open on election night. That doesn't happen by accident, and we all know it. But now Cochran's crowd wants to turn reality on its head and accuse McDaniel of trying to tamper with ballots.

Cochran's campaign absolutely reeks of hypocrisy on this one.

Anonymous said...

Balanced Budget?
The question is not when Chris will state how to balance the budget, the question is what the hell has Thad been doing in Congress for the last 14 years without a balanced budget? If he is so senoir in leadership, why can't he get crap done?
Time for Geritol Thad to grab his walker and go!

Anonymous said...

What would you rather have? A senator who has "henchpeople" entering the courthouse to check on ballots and taking photos of bedridden ladies in nursing homes. Ethics?

a Democrat who is consevative? not radically conservative- so likely "liberal" to some of you

an elderly man who will likely use his last term to bring home the pork- probably the most "liberal" of the three

so- someone no one in dc will respect, someone who will be changing parties in about 6 months, or mr federal projects in MS

Anonymous said...

Does anyone understand the significance of this group ?
A TP nut, a McDaniel campaign worker, and ROB CHAMBERS---he's not just a consultant for the Baptist Convention....HE is the BABPTIST convention's LOBBYIST! Writes for their newsletter, takes positions on a wide array of issues, and attacks/informs legislators when their positions on issues displease him. He carries a big stick in the State Capitol, and knows how to use it.

Anonymous said...

Earth to 7:33. Earth to 7:33.

Anonymous said...

7:33 am Pete Perry was building a then non-existent Republican party in MS when you, apparently, were doing remedial reading!

The TPs are destroying any chance for conservatism to succeed with their total lack of understanding about how government functions well or why it fails to function well.

All the TPs can do is rant and rave and trying to bully just like two year olds having a tantrum!

As my Daddy used to say, having a car in the garage, doesn't make you a mechanic!

Anonymous said...

There was never any threat to the ballots because thank God they were locked in a vault. Remember the rumors of uncounted ballots in Hinds county Tuesday night? I see where the rumors were coming from now.

Anonymous said...

What in the hell did these nuts do in the courthouse for 2 1/2 hours before calling someone? They have to have cameras down there - check them out and see what they were doing. I have known Robbie Chambers for 20+ years - he went from having serious problems to a lobbyist Baptist? He will be bringing on his brother-in-law "Trial Lawyer" Dale Currie before it's over. Dale's wife Lynne is Chamber's sister.

Anonymous said...

Post of the day...If they could call Pete to be " let out", why couldn't they have called Pete to see what was going on or be let in!

This is a Federal election, seems like the FBI would want to take a look. I bet they are more skilled than HCSO to punch holes in the story.

Anonymous said...

Well duh. Because the freakin' door was open, which would lead a reasonable person to think Pete was still there. I mean, surely Pete wouldn't have left the building with uncounted affidavit and absentee ballots, knowing a door was still propped open.

Nobody had to "let them in" - they walked in through the open door, because that's what open doors are for. "Cat burglars" my aching ass.

Anonymous said...

Go see if the courthouse is open tonight at 2:00 am. First, no sensible person at all would show up in that part of town at 2 am for ANYTHING and second, the courthouse won't be wide open for any passer by. You might give them a pass were it not for all the other nutty stuff they have done the last few months.

Anonymous said...

9:32 am are you dense?

They could have called Pete BEFORE they trekked downtown!

And, it wasn't Pete's responsibility to lock up!

I'm wondering if when they were there earlier if they taped the door but left before ballots were locked up in another room. So they thought they'd have a shot but removed the tape so no one could stumble in on them without realizing getting out would be a problem.

That is FAR more logical that the lame stuff the defenders are trying to sell!

Anonymous said...

Clarion Ledger update says no deputy let them in or directed them in. Hinds County spokesman called McDaniel's claim a "fabrication" and "total misrepresentation of fact". Now lets call law enforcement liars on top of everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Can the CM crowd avoid self implosion for another 2 weeks? The more they say, the worse it gets. Keep the press releases coming.

Anonymous said...

The incident is now under investigation by the sheriff's department, and they have requested courthouse security footage. Cain said that regardless of what the McDaniel campaign is saying, inconsistencies in statements given by Lane, Chambers and Brewster led to the opening of the investigation late Wednesday.

"It's important to note that Janis Lane's story and the other officials' stories continue to change through the investigation," he said. "They changed within five minutes, which caused us to be even more deliberate and determined to find out what was going on.

Anonymous said...

"it wasn't Pete's responsibility to lock up!"

Last I checked, Pete Perry was still chairman of the Hinds County Republican Executive Committee, whose job it was to run this election and make sure there were no questions about ballot integrity. So yes, I'd have expected him to be the last man out of the building - and yes, to make sure the damned door was all the way shut. That's why they called Pete, of course - he was running the show down there for the Republican Executive Committee.

That's the door he would have gone through on the way out, BTW, so there's no way he didn't know it was still propped open. Hells bells, he'd have had to step over whatever was propping it open.

There are only two explanations for why that door stayed propped open - (1) they were EXPECTING additional boxes to be delivered in the middle of the night (in which case any campaign representatives had a right to be there, or (2)someone intentionally wanted to allow bad actors to sneak in and monkey with affidavit or absentee ballots. (Almost certainly not possible with the machines). Option (3) - stupid incompetence - does not apply to Pete Perry.

Gregzilla said...

to quote Congressman Joe Wilson from SC ,"you lie!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

“By law, primary elections are run by each political party’s county or municipal executive committee with oversight from the state party executive committees. Circuit and Municipal Clerks also provide support.”

Anonymous said...

The Baptist Convention needs to ask Chambers to resign. What an bad mark on them.

Anonymous said...

Cain said:
"It's important to note that Janis Lane's story and the other officials' stories continue to change through the investigation," he said. "They changed within five minutes, which caused us to be even more deliberate and determined to find out what was going on."
Be admitted by uniformed personnel and accidentally locked in would seem to be an easy story to keep straight.

Jackie Johnson said...

Due to the volume of "mountain out of molehill" comments about this courthouse business, I would say to my Chris McDaniel supporting brothers and sisters, just hold the line because Thad is beaten. If the RNC machine in MS had wanted Greg Harper to take Thad's place, they should have had the gnads to run him against Chris. They thought they would have an easy victory with Thad and the plan has backfired. Now Thad's legacy will be that of a sad, tired, old man who could not put a campaign comment together at a podium for his supporters. And all you Thadites commenting here, you're pretty pathetic too...

Anonymous said...

... they should have had the gnads to run him against Chris.

They don't have 'em and we know that Gregg doesn't. Gregg don't do nothin' 'cept what he is told to do. As owned by the MSGOP as a teenaged Afghani bride.

Anonymous said...

There should be at least one more bombshell before the election is over.

Anonymous said...

757 Amen!

Anonymous said...

There is someone on these posts with severe OCD. his answer to everything is we are rednecks, uneducated, or our financial status is not of his status in response to the voters' comments. he definitely has Identity or insecurity issues. let's get beyond this and have an intelligent conversation. save those comments for kiddie blogs.

Anonymous said...

Chris needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with the TP

Anonymous said...

Jackie -- in all honesty, do you REALLY not see a problem here? Take out the vitriolic comments, and tell me there is not a problem with going into an empty courthouse at 2:00 a.m. and going into a Nursing home and taking pictures of a dying woman (in hospice). Both smack of illegality and at a minimum POOR JUDGMENT.

In addition, I see a lot of commentary about God, Country, Debt, etc. from McDaniel supporters, but PLEASE convince me by stating Chris' PLAN - not rhetoric - to handle all the issues he sees in DC. Not just the --- "I'm going up there and take care of business", "I'm going to handle the debt", "I'm going to cut pork"..........tell us HOW he will do it, because he's not been clear at all!

Since most of the debt surrounds entitlement programs to seniors, Defense, etc. --- how exactly is he going to cut this? Also, the "pork" that Senator Cochran brought in, built ships in Pascagoula at Ingalls, supported a Space Center in Bay St. Louis, kept military installations open in Columbus, Meridian, etc. In addition, we have a Corps of Engineer in Vicksburg..... the list goes on and on. I would lay odds the people who WORK these "pork" jobs, do not consider themselves as living off the largesse of the government since all of them "produce" something, pay taxes in our state, and are productive citizens normally. They are not prepared to give up their paychecks for the greater good of the USA. Give us one PORK project in MS that Thad Cochran has supported. The sadness from reviewing election results is that (1) people in Jackson County are not aware that they're giving up their jobs to Bath Iron Works in Maine if McDaniels is elected and better get their resumes ready, and (2) those Pearl River TP people have been really good at realigning that county -- and when their neighbors have no jobs at Stennis.....then they will have met their goal of government reduction. Don't be naive people -- the government spending that we have had in MS is NOT "shrimp on a treadmill" -- but jobs, jobs, jobs.......and McDaniel wants to slash and cut, IF HE FOLLOWS HIS RHETORIC. If not, he lied to get elected.

If he would have had to think "long and hard" about Katrina support, do you really think he'd have an issue cutting shipbuilding, research at Stennis and the Universities, BRACing our military installations....think, think, think.........or is that asking too much? Now - I'm prepared for the attack which local and out of state bloggers will start immediately.

Anonymous said...

I don't know either candidate but I served in the DC area. Maybe that's why I don't know Thad. I realize this forum is for grins and agree that the local TP could be better organized but that's America folks. What blows my mind is the fact that the sitting senator didn't show up to the dance and thank everyone for the balloons and hard work. If he can't do that then we SHOULD be worried.

Anonymous said...

2:47 -- At least he didn't show up at the Courthouse at 2:00 a.m.

Anonymous said...

f he would have had to think "long and hard" about Katrina support, do you really think he'd have an issue cutting shipbuilding, research at Stennis and the Universities, BRACing our military installations....think, think, think.........or is that asking too much? Now - I'm prepared for the attack which local and out of state bloggers will start immediately.

June 5, 2014 at 2:34 PM

Appreciate your sober comments. Regarding's the military service chiefs who make the decision about what they DO and DON'T need and that drives the initial BRAC process. They are planning billions on people, equipment and weapons systems to meet potential worldwide demands but they have to live with the interference by politicians who only worry about being re-elected. I've seen this happen the a Plans/Programs Division that dealt with the outcome of BRAC and the politicians. It's the biggest player in our budget. Why not spend a little time understanding how it works and what really happens. Ask the Air Force why Louisiana politicians hold on to B-52s when it costs more to maintain them than our newer bombers? Ask Thad why the 403rd wing at Keesler was forced to accept the WC 130J for the Hurricane Hunters and The Flying Jennies when the Chief of Staff correctly said we're not ready for them and they shouldn't be at that location? How would the Hurricane Hunters be able to track these storms with an experimental aircraft? Only to satisfy politicians who need votes. Maybe we really do need someone to swing a few bats in Congress. The services would sincerely appreciate it.

Kafka said...

9:44 PM, you little cock-bite

Average IQ of Cochran voter-130
Average 1Q of McDaniel voter-90

Actually, more like:

Avg penis length of Cochran voter (<= 5.5")

Avg penis length of McDaniel voter (>= 7.5")

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Kafka at 3:28 p.m. We know politics is dirty, but there are ladies in the room.

Anonymous said...

Meddling Is Underway in MSGOP Primary

Reports are coming in that Hinds County GOP Chairman and person who is not a lawyer but can read Pete Perry is recruiting black, Democratic-leaning voters in his home county to vote for Thad Cochran in next Tuesday's GOP primary. He is alleged to have said "You people will really be hurting if McDaniel wins."

Source: CottonMouth Blog, May 28, 2014,

Anonymous said...

Sorry 4:37 pm but there are no big feet at a McDaniel rally and the ole boys look like they have to buy it.

Jackie Johnson said...

@2:34-> I can give any Thad Cochran supporter SEVENTEEN TRILLION reasons why he should be retired. By your reasoning, we had better find eternal earthly life for Thad Cochran so that he can continue to keep the Industrial Military Complex building and sustaining their war machines in MS. Are you saying that Ingalls is not the best, most efficient place to build ships and that if it weren't for Thad's muscle, the contract would go to someone better? Sorry Ingalls workers, 2:34 thinks your lazy and incompetent. There are no such things as ENTITLEMENTS!!! That's liberal-speak for FEDERAL government payoffs. The only business the FEDERAL government should be in is spelled out SPECIFICALLY in the CONSTITUTION!
2:34 you sound like a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT! (Thadite) Where's Thad's outrage over the debt, deficit, ILLEGAL ALIENS, failing education system, crime... We give BILLIONS of dollars a year to countries who HATE US and want to KILL us. (I'm not sure Thad & Kay visited any of those on their 33 TAXPAYER funded junkets) I don't even want to go into the destruction of the greatest medical system ever in the world. And THAD has presided over that for over FORTY YEARS! Good Grief!

Anonymous said...

June 5, 2014 at 2:34 PM makes no pretense. Demand McDaniel identify spending cuts so they can be refuted and shot down.

But in doing so 2:34 PM makes the emerging Cochran supporter argument that there is nowhere to cut the budget and that all the money the Appropriations Superman Cochran is bringing to Mississippi is all good regardless of what it costs the country.

Therefore 2:34 PM supports continued deficit spending (and higher debt), Cochran's favorite approach, or higher taxation or both.

So go ahead Cochranites, make the argument that government spending-beyond-our-means is all good all the time. Let's see how that debate plays out from our senior Senator who can't debate anything without a proxy Asst. Senator directly at his elbow.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many other courthouses McDaniels crew was wandering around in at 2:00am but not caught?

Anonymous said...

The Lt. speaks per the C/L

District 1 Supervisor Robert Graham said there's absolutely no reason the three McDaniel staffers should have been inside the courthouse at that hour.

"There is not a circumstance where any individual that doesn't work for the county should be in a county building not accompanied by a county employee after hours," Graham said. "Specifically, not accompanied by an election commissioner on election night. If you're in the building and you have to do with elections, you should be with a commissioner."

Anonymous said...

There is an exit under the staircase in the courthouse. If I spent 2 1/2 in there, I think I would have found it. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Tyrone Lewis needs to file trespassing charges against all three - they do not live in Hinds County and they trespassed in my Courthouse. If you live in hinds County, call Tyrone and tell him you want him to file charges now!

Anonymous said...

328p and 437p- thank you gentlemen but I agree with you. 944pm probably has a big truck too to make up for indeficiencies and I aint just talkin' about his lack of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

525p and 526p. Thank you-I agree!!!! some of these Cochranites are oh so passionate! it would almost make you think Thad is fattening THEIR wallet directly...... or indirectly? oh but then it would be quite personal wouldn't it ? Oh and to 234p there are a lot of wasteful programs out there besides what you have listed. Research it too many to list. and the problem with these other programs is that their expenses/overhead are not monitored by any agency in Mississippi. these grant recipients give contracting, developer, and consulting jobs to their buddies and are bids accepted? - you do the research. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Jackie and 5:26 --- you did not answer my question. Where will he cut the budget.......its' simple. Tell us everywhere the man would cut and what he would cut. I ask that question and the people of MS deserve to know, since that is his and the Tea Parties entire agenda. Simple....simple..... simple. We're all waiting. Attacking me, which I projected would happen and did, does not answer the question. Give us his plan. Ingalls, et. al. all deserve to know what he considers pork.

Milteer said...

The rumor mill in Adams County says there should be another blockbuster late next week.

Anonymous said...

Cochran is not responsible for the $17 trillion debt. He hasn't been a deficit hawk, but whatever spending he has added to appropriations bills is negligible in the big picture. Reagan and G.W. Bush own most of the debt. They are the ones who slashed taxes while increasing spending.

McDaniel talks about the debt but has offered nothing specific. He said the government should get rid of buildings it isn't using. That is not much of a long-term deficit reduction strategy. He implied that defense would not have to be cut because he thinks it is a relatively small portion of the budget. He is content to rely on the ignorance of his base who seem to believe that food stamps and foreign aid are 75% of the budget.

Anonymous said...

8:41 -- Well said! I would only add that Democrats have also not helped the situation in the past 6 years. The TP masses are clueless on how the Federal Acquisition strategy is conducted inside the Federal Government, how budgets are developed, how spending is constructed......they just want to attack based on Rhetoric not facts. I believe they really think that when Chris is elected and sent to DC, we will no longer have to pay taxes. Much like the viral video of the Obama supporter who was so excited when Obama was elected and stated she didn't have to pay her mortgage and he was going to give her gas, the McDaniel supporters feel strongly, that taxes will disappear, and we'll not have to pay anything else, based on his super charismatic abilities to sway Congress. That deficit will disappear, but none of them can actually tell us EXACTLY what he'll cut and HOW he'll cut it, to achieve reduction. Sadly, they give little substance, but a lot of smoke. One silver lining -- they'll OWN the unemployment in MS if McDaniel's is true to his rhetoric......if not, he was a liar who lied to get elected. Be prepared -- in and out of town bloggers will now descend on you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, where would McDaniel cut. That is the question.

Then we have Cochran, and Wicker for that matter, who say campaign in and campaign out that they also support deficit reduction -- though they themselves also never say where.

No further questioning of those two are needed though because after years in DC we have actual bonafide legislative records to review and, [drum roll], Cochran and Wicker haven't achieved anything.

Get real.

P.S. Nobody is attacking you 7:58 PM. You are an anonymous nobody. Can't attack an anonymous nobody but if it makes you feel good and big go ahead and pretend that you are under attack.

Anonymous said...

June 5, 2014 at 9:23 PM = appeals to an authority not in evidence

Anonymous said...

uh oh

Anonymous said...

"Reagan and G.W. Bush own most of the debt. They are the ones who slashed taxes while increasing spending."

Sorry - data shows federal revenue collections INCREASED after Reagan cut taxes because the economy was so stimulated by tax cuts. The debt grew because Reagan didn't have the guts to veto the increased spending that the Democrat-controlled Congress voted for when the revenues went up; they raised spending even higher than the increased revenue.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, more like:

Avg penis length of Cochran voter (<= 5.5")

Avg penis length of McDaniel voter (>= 7.5")"

oh - you know Janis Lane too, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

"The only business the FEDERAL government should be in is spelled out SPECIFICALLY in the CONSTITUTION!"

THANK YOU! Finally, one of CM's supporters explains exactly where he will reduce spending.

Let's see - I see no mention of the words "Social Security" or "Medicare" in the US Constitution (yes, Virginia, these are "Entitlements"). I also don't see any section authorizing the federal government to specifically give money/medical care to people just because they are over 65. When these programs disappear the debt will shrink dramatically.

Thank you for clearing this up, and I look forward to hearing CM repeat this point in the next three weeks.

And I hope Senator Childers sends you and CM fruit baskets or something after Childers is sworn in in January.

Anonymous said...

June 5, 2014 at 9:50 PM = too willfully blind to see evidence plainly in view to everyone else

Anonymous said...

9:36 -- Your P.S. WAS the standard attack, and please note that I have not attacked you all personally, at any time.

Note also that we are still waiting for an answer -- where will he cut?

What is his CONCRETE plan?

People of MS deserve to know. Especially if their jobs are on the line. Let's veer away from the salacious things attached to the TP like Rose Cochran and the Courthouse -- and please start giving us FACTS.

We're waiting on the list. If he's going to be a US Senator, then he should have already been analyzing the budget, and know his position on how to reduce the deficit. It's easy to attack the incumbent who has a record -- but we, as voters, should have full disclosure on how Mr. McDaniel will "FIX" things.

TICK - TICK - TICK --- the clock is running.

Anonymous said...

Chris McDaniel will be happy to explain in great detail where he will support cuts in the upcoming debate between him and Thad Cochran. By the way, which of the many media invitations to debate has Cochran decided to accept?

Anonymous said...

This is a good article complete with screen shots:

Anonymous said...

Here is what is crazy about the Free State of Jones anti-government vote (85% for McDaniel:

The 2nd largest employer is the hospital that gets most of its revenue from Medicare & Medicaid and the 3rd largest employer is Ellisville State School, a state mental health facility with a $90 million budget of mostly federal funds. The county and Laurel schools and government and Jones Junior College are other large employers. The private sector is Howard and chicken processors and Wal-Mart. The social safety net was invented for places like Jones County.

Anonymous said...

11:21 P.M. and all all others -- clock still ticking..ticking...ticking....what is his position? He needs to speak directly to the people with his DEFINITIVE plan.

What will he cut? Simple question.

People who have jobs that are federally dependent, have the right to know before election day.

Give us the plan. No rhetoric -- just the plan.


Pugnacious said...

Let's see - I see no mention of the words "Social Security" or "Medicare" in the US Constitution (yes, Virginia, these are "Entitlements"). I also don't see any section authorizing the federal government to specifically give money/medical care to people just because they are over 65. When these programs disappear the debt will shrink dramatically.Anonymous

So, Cochran is for privatizing SS and ending Medicare? Talk about words coming back to haunt you! Obviously, you must have been "text messaging in civics class" during a reading of the Preamble to the US Constitution?

I suspect what McDaniel had in mind is the foreign aid that is lavashied on favored nations directly as "gifts and forgiven loans." Is it any wonder that Thad has become Israel's Favorite Son?

Anonymous said...

6:58 -- What is the MCDANIEL plan? Specifics please.

Anonymous said...

To all those TP persons wanting a Debate.

What I am hearing is that McDaniel REFUSES to give us a definitive plan on WHAT HE WILL CUT in the federal budget, which will affect Mississippi, UNLESS he gets his way, and gets a debate. He's holding the state voters hostage, and we cannot make a decision based on his POSITIONS, unless he can debate.

Seems to me, he's all about debating, which is a form of posturing and is limited to sound bites, but really provides no substance. He has not to date, produced a thorough written document, covering EVERY Federal program in Mississippi outlined and paid for in the last federal budget, and his position on continuing to support that program.

For clarity -- federal jobs which produce things, also pay taxes, and the trickle down of spending, from the corner gas station to the grocery store and paying the plumber, is evidenced through the spending of federal employees and those in positions like Ingalls, etc., who have PAYCHECKS. To think that the loss of those jobs, will not affect EVERYONE in a community is ludicrous.

What's the McDaniel plan for cutting the budget?

Specifics please based on the last approved budget.

Written document would work.

Pugnacious said...

6:58 -- What is the MCDANIEL plan? Specifics please.~ Anonymous(sic)

Is it so difficult to create a

As to your demand for "a plan." I suspect the genesis of any sort of future tax, immigration and foreign policy reform can be found in the writtings of Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts.

There is no one real solution as Congress has gone "foreign" on all three of these domestic issues;and there is no silver lining in the gathering storm clouds of economic collapse and anarchy that are sure to come.

Maybe McDaniel's claim to fame, if he goes to Washington, will be to stand up in Congress-- as did former Congressman James Traficant(Ohio) with his famous one-minute speeches-- and say ",I told you so!" Maybe add a little humor to the speeches holding pictures of Trent Lott in one hand and Thad Cochran and Kay Webber in the other.

Btw, today is the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Thad Cochran.

Anonymous said...


Preamble? Really?

Courts will not interpret the Preamble to confer any rights or powers not granted specifically in the Constitution itself.

Anonymous said...

as far as a plan.... the first person that will vote to start cutting things.... I don't care what it is... just start cutting and will not vote for any new laws until we have gone through and revised every aspect of the federal government and the over-reach that has occurred since FDR, actually since the first Roosevelt, and does not see government as a way to mold social more's, seek "social justice", and does not propose to legislate people's actions that have no bearing on the rights of others while removing all of our pre-crime laws and getting back to simply punishing those who break the social contracts of law not contrived to prevent the breaking of more serious laws by the few...... will get all of my life's savings to run for office for 2 terms.

we have created more criminals by simply attempting to (ignorantly) stop criminals through creating precursor laws.

the more we remove individual responsibility, the less responsible our society has become

government is a black hole. the more mass you feed it the larger it becomes, the more mass in starts to consume... up until it implodes upon itself.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous Cochran staffer who keeps asking for a plan is disingenuous at best.

But, that's at best. What they are is like every other political operative in modern politics, an Obfuscationist. For he knows an individual plan from an U.S. Senator is simply diversion from reality. No individual wishes can be brought to fruition without support of many others, from many other states.

A candidate that ascribes to be an obstructionist doesn't need to have a plan (McDaniel doesn't fit this bill, his pseudo Tea Party affiliation is an attempt to ride on the 3% coattails).

Anonymous said...

Pug --- I"m as anonymous and innocuous as Mr. McDaniel's plan.

1. Don't really care about Ron Paul or Paul Craig Roberts since they are not the PERSON I'll have to represent me. I need Mr. McDaniel's ideas and Mr. McDaniel's plan for cutting the budget. SPECIFICS!

2. In addition, don't think I'd use James Traficant as a role model. We know how that ended.

3. Also, we're willing to overlook the nursing home incident and the Courthouse incident -- why must each of you continue to smear as you did through innuendo and directly, in your last paragraphs? Stick with FACTS and SPECIFICS on your CANDIDATES PLAN (OR LACK THEREOF).

4. Last -- just give us the detailed MCDANIEL writing preferably, for the current federal budget that is in place and how he would cut expenditures.

Voters deserve to know.

Especially if his support directly affects them.

Anonymous said...

To all: Not a political operative. I'm actually responding from my home computer in the privacy of my WAR ROOM (aka my MISSISSIPPI home). Good try!

Can't convince any of us to follow him if he doesn't know where he's going. Guess the only reason he has this many following him is out of curiosity.

NOW --- WHAT'S HIS PLAN? We keep waiting.

P.S. -- I actually wish someone locally would join in - I'm getting awfully tired of asking and you out of state people are responding for him.

Anonymous said...

3. Also, we're willing to overlook the nursing home incident...

Nope.......that set a new low for sleaze. No overlooking that stunt...ever.

bill said...

Plan Person, you don't understand elections. McDaniel has already convinced nearly half the voters that he's the right candidate. Better still, he's convinced them to the point that they're still excited enough about his candidacy that most of them will be back at the polls on June 24. He doesn't have to disclose any plan he may have to reduce federal spending. One, if elected he'll be one of a hundred who all think their plans are swell, just like Senator Cochran and Senator Wicker, so his plan probably will have the same impact theirs will. Two, he's busy campaigning and could frankly care less what his opponents supporters want to see. Nothing he could give you would convince you anyway. The next two and a half weeks will be spent on getting his supporters back to the polls, and if he's successful that will be more than enough to win. Don't vote for him, but please give your demand for a plan a rest. We get it.

Anonymous said...

He will push for the same tax cuts (repeal estate tax, new tax credits for things that Republican donors do) and the same fiscally insignificant but politically motivated spending changes (more work requirements for welfare recipients) as every other blowhard Republican that runs against the government.

Anonymous said...

Bill -- I appreciate your analysis and agree with 99% of it, with the exception of the part where I don't understand elections. I do.

What I wanted to point out is (1) there is no plan (pointed out ad naseum), and his supporters have refused to educate themselves beyond God, Country, the Constitution, Slash the Federal Deficit, Cut Spending, etc and cannot in reality tell us REALLY what he'll do since NOT ONE PERSON gave us a concrete answer, and (2) if there are undecided voters out there, they deserve to have a "plan" to review. There was a large group in Desota county that apparently didn't vote, and people who live in Jackson, Harrison, Pearl River, and other counties, where there jobs might depend on it, MIGHT, just MIGHT want to rethink their position, based on having NO CLUE what this guy will do if he's elected.

The saddest part of this is, it will probably be a moot point in November, when centrist, Senator Childers is elected. Sad Sad day, and then I really wonder what the TP PLAN will be and what their explanation will be over the loss....all Childers has to do is peel of 1 of 4 Republican voters and he wins, since he goes into it with 40%+ of the vote.........have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

his supporters have refused to educate themselves

That must have given you a real good big man rush.

There was a large group in Desota county that apparently didn't vote

Prove it Mr. Factual.

Thanks for confirming that RINOs are unreliable and can't be trusted to support their party's nominee.

Anonymous said...

3:22 -- in all honesty

(1) I didn't get a "real good big man rush" since I'm a woman. Course to hear Janis tell all of us, I guess I shouldn't even be having this conversation since women are not supposed to be voting.


which states that only 15k showed up for the primary, and there are over 94k registered voters in Desoto county. This seems to be a FACT, unless you feel the newspaper and their Election Commission are lying,

(3) I vote my conscious. With all the issues surrounding your candidate (from Rose Cochran, to no plan beyond rhetoric and no validation of what he'll cut, to the Courthouse debacle) I will probably just NOT check a box for Senator, if McDaniel is elected in the primary, and he is my only Republican Senatorial choice in the general election.

You cannot force me to vote, even though I'm sure you wish you could. TP people pride themselves on individualism - well, that's my option, to be an individual and vote or not vote, on the candidate I feel best representatives Mississippi. I don't have to vote for a candidate I don't agree with and let me state -- I have voted Republican in EVERY election since I was in college in the 80's and cast my first ballot, so RINO I am not.

That too can be an issue for all of you TP people in November -- maybe Childers doesn't get our vote, but you all don't either. How you gonna square that little issues??

Have a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Photos of those Courthouse T Party folks are kinda scary. One of them looks like an Oompa Loompa.

bill said...

Good points, but the only place you can go from here is voter intelligence requirements. The information is there. You've obviously researched it and found it lacking, so you're going to vote to reelect Senator Cochran. Other people have decided to try and change things up, for reasons only they know. That's the problem with your approach - everyone who is registered gets to vote and doesn't require a plausible reason for their choices.

If it will make you feel any better, those people on the coast are going to be okay. Did they lose their jobs when Senator Eastland and Senator Stennis or Congressman Whitten retired? McDaniel might not be on the conference committee for the next farm bill, but Mississippi isn't in danger of losing Ingalls unless they start building crappy ships. Like I said on another post, Warren and Markey are 95 and 98 in Senate seniority, and Massachusetts still has its post offices.

Anonymous said...

Bill -- I can only hope you are right, but under each of the men mentioned, we had a different Congress, a different "tone", etc. Time will tell.

Just a side note -- there are only 2 major shipbuilding facilities in the US. One at Ingalls, the other at Bath, Maine (Bath Iron Works). Senator Collins of Maine sits on ....... Appropriations. It will be interesting to see, since Mr. McDaniel will not be seated on Appropriations, if the Senator from Maine becomes a formidable foe for jobs on the coast.

Anonymous said...

Bath and Ingalls both build destroyers and Taylor and Cochran had a lot to do with convincing the Navy to build more DDG-51s. The amphibious assault ships (LHA, LHD) have to be pushed because the Marines need them but the Navy puts them behind carriers and subs for the dollars. Taylor, Cochran, and Murtha made sure the Marines got what they wanted. New subs are coming that will take more of the shipbuilding budget. Newport News will get its nuclear carriers. The dollars are going to be much tighter going forward. Even just a one year delay in the next LHD lays off hundreds of workers.

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like the "woman" is getting desperate. That is good news and confirms that TCs staffers are growing horns. They are getting n-e-r-v-o-u-s. Hey I voted for CM not aware of his plan, and that tells you how desperate I AM for Mr Thad to go bye-bye, stay home, and eat crackers in bed. and by the way I have always voted for TC until now. his time is over and he needs to go on a long vacation and enjoy all that money in his bank account.

Anonymous said...

Chris McDaniel needs to stop this waste of federal money! It is not in the Constitution!!!

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The City of Laurel has received $400,000 in federal grants to begin cleaning up nearly two dozen former industrial or commercial properties in the city which may have been contaminated with hazardous or toxic substances.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given the city a $200,000 assessment grant for petroleum and a $200,000 assessment grant for hazardous substances as part of the Brownfields program.

The money will be used to pay for professional companies to assess 19 properties for any types of pollutants or contaminants before they can be re-developed.

The properties could include the old Lamar School, the former Harrison Lumber Co., the old Halliburton site on E. 18th St. and the site of the old South Mississippi Charity Hospital on Buchanan St.

MadMother said...

This election is showing the rest of the country why Mississippi is always ranked last. McDaniels success can be attributed to the need for term limits. Cochran has served us well. For every $ we send to Washington, we get $$$ back. If we lose the federal help, how will we compensate? But, we want change and our only other choice is McDaniel. There is another scenario. Cochran wins, soon retires and the Governor appoints his successor. I promise that Gov. Bryant can find someone better than McDaniel.

Anonymous said...

Come on McDaniel. Give us a plan -- so our willing accomplices at the Clarion Ledger can denounce it and mischaracterize it. You and your followers are supposed to be unintelligent and unsophisticated, so give us a plan.

You want a debate? We'll give you a debate. You versus Gregg Harper. Of course, if Gregg says anything impolitic, we'll disavow it promptly with a spiffy press release -- just like we did last week after Thad praised ObamaCare. Heck, we'll even promise to let Thad read the release before we send it out. He's good at reading. Have you seen his speeches lately?

Anonymous said...

From the Washington Post:

During his campaign stop at the hospital, Cochran had not mentioned the Affordable Care Act, a flash point for Republicans in this campaign year. In his brief interview after that event, he was asked about the law — how he evaluated the state of play over it and what he would do about it in another term.

“I think we need to monitor any federal programs that provide services and assistance to people who need help, and this is an example of an important effort by the federal government to help make health care available, accessible and affordable,” he said. “We have probably one of the best health-care systems in the country, in the world, and we’ll need to continue to work to make sure it meets the expectations and needs of the American people. I’m glad to be involved in that effort.”

The Washington Post, May 30, 2014

Anonymous said...

MadMother (see above at 10:41 PM) says we should vote for Thad Cochran so that after he is reelected, Thad can screw all the lobbyists and DC interest groups who funded his campaign by resigning. And to what end? All so that Phil Bryant can nominate some unspecified suit to take his place.

Even assuming Cochran might stab his monied friends in the back and merrily give up the perks of being a US Senator (including Kay Webber's $150,000 per year salary and the junkets they take together), and even assuming Mississippi doesn't really need to retain Thad's seniority after all, what makes a Bryant pick necessarily better than the democratic process? To put it another way, what person at peace with Chris McDaniel serving in the US Senate would ever argue that the Governor should select our U.S. Senators?

Why do establishment Republicans dislike democracy so much?

Anonymous said...

I admit I didn't think it would make it to a runoff. I figured Thad would take it by 10%. I underestimated the enthusiasm of the McDaniel supporters. They remind me of the Obama fanatics. They've been whipped into a frenzy by a handful of desperate tea party leaders who see MS as their last shot to remain relevant and keep some of the limelight. I feel caught between a rock and a hard place. No confidence in McDaniel. He can't run a respectable campaign, and no doubt he will be a failure and an embarrassment (as his campaign already is) to the state of MS. As for Cochran, it appears he really isn't interested and has lost any passion for the position. I'm almost certain neither candidate is worthy of a vote from someone who wants what is best for this state.

Anonymous said...

4:07, I'm not sure you are "conscious."

Anonymous said...

DA: Employee let tea party members into courthouse

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 9:20 AM EDT

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - A Mississippi prosecutor says a county employee let three tea party members into the Hinds County Courthouse after everyone went home election night.

A staffer for state Sen. Chris McDaniel's U.S. Senate campaign and two other McDaniel supporters were locked inside the county courthouse the night of the June 3 primary election night.

Scott Brewster, Janis Lane and Rob Chambers were found inside the courthouse. They reportedly entered sometime shortly after 2 a.m. and, after realizing they were locked in, called for help.

District Attorney Robert Smith would not identify the employee involved.

Smith says he is not looking to file criminal charges, only to resolve security issues at the courthouse.

Smith says his investigation is almost complete.

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